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脱口而出英语0句 -- 19:5: 来源: 1.Any day will do? 哪一天都可以? Any messages me? 有我的留言吗? Are you by yourself? 你一个人来吗? All right with you? 你没有问题吧? Are you free tomorrow? 明天有空吗? Are you kidding me? 你在跟我开玩笑吧? As soon as possible! 尽可能快!Back in a moment! 马上回来! Believe it or not! 信不信由你! Better luck next time! 下次会更好! Boy will be boys 本性难移! Come to the point! 有话直说!Do you accept plastic? 收不收行用卡?Does it keep long? 可以保存吗?Don't be so fussy! 别挑剔了! Don't count to me! 别指望我! Don't fall it! 不要上当! Don't get me wrong! 你搞错了! Don't give me that! 少来这套! Don't let me down! 别让我失望! Don't lose your head! 别乐昏了头! Don't over do it! 别做过头了! Don't sit there daydreaming! 别闲着做白日梦!Don't stand on ceremony! 别太拘束! Drop me a line! 要写信给我!Easy come easy go! 来得容易去得也快!First come first served! 先到先得! Get a move on! 快点吧!Get off my back! 不要嘲笑我! Give him the works! 给他点教训!Give me a break! 饶了我吧!Give me a hand! 帮我一个忙!Great minds think alike! 英雄所见略同!I'll treat you to lunch. 午餐我请你!In one ear, out the other ear. 一耳进,一耳出!I'm spaced-out! 我开小差了!I beg your pardon! 请你再说一遍!I can't afd that! 我付不起!I can't follow you! 我不懂你说的!I can't help it! 我情不自禁!I couldn't reach him! 我联络不上他!I cross my heart! 我发誓是真的!I don't mean it! 我不是故意的!I feel very miserable! 我好沮丧!I have no choice! 我别无选择了!I watch my money! 视财如命!I'll be in touch! 保持联络! I'll check it out! 我去看看!I'll show you around! 我带你四处逛逛!I'll see to it! 我会留意的!I'm crazy you! 我为你疯狂!You make me jump! 你下了我一跳!Make up your mind. 作个决定吧!Make yourself at home! 就当在家一样!My mouth is watering! 我要流口水了!Never heard of it! 没听说过!Nice talking to you! 很高兴和你聊天!No doubt about it! 勿庸置疑!No pain no gain! 不经一事,不长一智!None of your business! 要你管?There is nothing on your business! 这没你的事!Now you are really talking! 说得对!Please don't rush me! 请不要吹促我!Please keep me inmed! 请一定要通知我!She looks blue today. 她今天很忧郁!She is under the weather. 她心情不好!So far, so good. 过得去 Speaking of the devil! 一说曹操,曹操就到!Stay away from me! 离我远一点!Stay on the ball! 集中注意力!That makes no difference. 不都一样吗?That's a touchy issue! 这是个辣手得问题!That's always the case! 习以为常!That's going too far! 这太离谱了!That's more like that! 这才象话嘛!The answer is zero! 白忙了!The dice is cast! 已成定局了!The same as usual! 一如既往!The walls have ears! 隔墙有耳!There you go again! 你又来了!Time is running out! 没有时间了!We better get going! 最好马上就走!We'll discuss it later! 回头再说吧! We'll find out shortly! 我们很快就知道了!We are all it! 我们全都赞成! We've been expecting you! 我们正等着你呢!What a good deal! 真便宜! What a let down! 真令人失望!What do you figure? 你有什么想法?What happened to you? 你怎么了?What should I do? 我应该怎样做?What's would you recommend? 你有何意见?what's come over you? 你怎么了? What's it to you? 这跟你有关吗?What's on your mind? 你在想什么?Which would you prefer? 你要选哪个?Wouldn't you say so? 你说不是这样吗?You are most understanding! 你真体贴!You asked it! 你自讨苦吃!You can't be serious! 你不是认真的吧?You can't miss it! 你不可能找不到的!You have my word! 我保!You must be joking! 你在开玩笑!You set me up! 你出卖我!You want a bet? 你敢赌吗?You are pulling my leg! 你在开我玩笑吧!You won't be lonesome! 你不会寂寞的!You've got the picture? 你明白了吗?You are really killing me! 真是笑死我了! www.sonicchat.com1.I’m an office worker. 我是上班族.I work the government. 我在政府机关做事3.I’m happy to meet you. 很高兴见到你.I like your sense of humor. 我喜欢你的幽默感5.I’m glad to see you again.很高兴再次见到你6.I’ll call you. 我会打电话给你7.I feel like sleeping taking a walk. 我想睡散步8.I want something to eat. 我想吃点东西9.I need your help. 我需要你的帮助.I would like to talk to you a minute. 我想和你谈一下.I have a lot of problems. 我有很多问题.I hope our dreams come true. 我希望我们的梦想成真.I’m looking ward to seeing you. 我期望见到你.I’m supposed to go on a diet get a raise. 我应该节食涨工资.I heard that you’re getting married. Congratulations. 听说你要结婚了,恭喜!.I see what your mean. 我了解你的意思.I can’t do this. 我不能这么做18.Let me explain why I was late. 让我解释迟到的理由19.Let’s have a beer or something. 咱们喝点啤酒什么的.Where is your office? 你们的办公室在哪?1.What is your plan? 你的计划是什么?.When is the store closing? 这家店什么时候结束营业?3.Are you sure you can come by at nine? 你肯定你九点能来吗?.Am I allowed to stay out past ? 我可以十点过后再回家吗?5.The meeting was scheduled two hours, but it is now over yet.会议原定了两个小时,不过现在还没有结束6.Tom’s birthday is this week. 汤姆的生日就在这个星期7.Would you care to see it sit down a while? 你要不要看坐一会呢?.Can you cover me on Fridayhelp me tell me how to get there?星期五能不能请你替我个班你能帮我吗你能告诉我到那里怎么走吗?9.Could you do me a big favor? 能否请你帮我个忙?30.He is crazy about Crazy English. 他对疯狂英语很着迷31.Can you imagine how much he paid that car? 你能想象他买那车花了多少钱吗?3.Can you believe that I bought a TV ?33.Did you know he was having an affaircheating on his wife? 你知道他有外遇了吗?欺骗他的妻子吗?.Did you hear about the new project? 你 知道那个新项目吗?35.Do you realize that all of these shirts are half off? 你知道这些衬衫都卖半价了吗?36.Are you mind if I take tomorrow off? 你介意我明天请假吗?37.I enjoy working with you very much. 我很喜欢和你一起工作38.Did you know that Stone ended up marrying his secretary? 你知道吗?斯通最终和他的秘书结婚了39.Let’s get together lunch. 让我们一起吃顿午餐吧0.How did you do on your test? 你这次考试的结果如何?1.Do you think you can come? 你认为你能来吗?.How was your weekend ? 你周末过得怎么样?3.Here is my card. 这是我的名片.He is used to eating out all the time. 他已经习惯在外面吃饭了5.I’m getting a new computer birthday present. 我得到一台电脑作生日礼物6.Have you ever driven a BMW? 你有没有开过“宝马”?7.How about if we go tomorrow instead? 我们改成明天去怎么样?8.How do you like Hong Kong? 你喜欢香港吗?9.How do you want your steak? 你的牛排要几分熟?50.How did the game turn out? 球赛结果如何?51.How did Mary make all of her money? 玛丽所有的钱是怎么赚到的?5.How was your date? 你的约会怎么样?53.How are you doing with your new boss? 你跟你的新上司处得如何?5.How should I tell him the bad news? 我该如何告诉他这个坏消息?55.How much money did you make? 你赚了多少钱?56.How much does it cost to go abroad? 出国要多少钱?57.How long will it take to get to your house? 到你家要多久?58.How long have you been here? 你在这里多久了?59.How niceprettycoldfunnystupidboringinteresting.60.How about going out dinner? 出去吃晚餐如何?61.I’m sorry that you didn’t get the job. 很遗憾,你没有得到那份工作6.I’m afraid that it’s not going to work out. 我恐怕这事不会成的63.I guess I could come over. 我想我能来6.Is it okay to smoke in the office? 在办公室里抽烟可以吗?65.It was kind of exciting. 有点剌激66.I know what you want. 我知道你想要什么67.Is that why you don’t want to go home? 这就是你不想回家的原因吗?68.I’m sure we can get you a great good deal. 我很肯定我们可以帮你做成一笔好交易69.Would you help me with the report? 你愿意帮我写报告吗?70.I didn’t know he was the richest person in the world. 我不知道他是世界上最有钱的人71.I’ll have to ask my bosswife first. 我必须先问一下我的老板老婆7.I take it you don’t agree. 这么说来,我认为你是不同意73.I tried losing weight, but nothing worked. 我曾试着减肥,但是毫无效果7.It doesn’t make any sense to get up so early. 那么早起来没有任何意义75.It took years of hard work to speak good English. 讲一口流利的英语需要多年的刻苦操练76.It feels like spring I’ve been here bee. 感觉好象春天到了我以前来过这里77.I wonder if they can make it. 我在想他们是不是能办得到78.It’s not as cold hot as it was yesterday. 今天不想昨天那么冷热79.It’s not his work that bothers me; it’s his attitude. 困扰我的不是他的工作,而是他的态度80.It sounds like you enjoyed it. 听起来你好象蛮喜欢的81.It seems to me that be would like to go back home. 我觉得他好象想要回家8.It looks very nice. 看起来很漂亮83.Is everything under control? 一切都在掌握之中吗?8.I thought you could do a better job. 我以为你的表现会更好85.It’s time us to say “No” to America. 是我们对美国说不的时候了86.The show is supposed to be good. 这场表演应当是相当好的87.It really depends on who is in charge. 那纯粹要看谁负责了88.It involves a lot of hard work. 那需要很多的辛勤工作89.That might be in your favor. 那可能对你有利90.I didn’t realize how much this meant to you. 我不知道这个对你的意义有这么大91.I didn’t mean to offend you. 我不是故意冒犯你9.I was wondering if you were doing anything this weekend. 我想知道这个周末你有什么要做93.May I have your attention., please? 请大家注意一下9.This is great golfing swimming picnic weather. 这是个打高尔夫球游泳野餐的好天气95.Thanks taking me the movie. 谢谢你带我去看电影96.I am too tired to speak. 我累得说不出活来97.Would you tell me your phone number? 你能告诉我你的电话号码吗?98.Where did you learn to speak English? 你从哪里学会说英语的呢?99.There is a TV show about AIDS on right now. 电视正在播放一个关于爱滋病的节目0.What do you think of his new job this magazine? 你对他的新工作这本杂志看法如何? 脱口而出 英语 0新宾县医院割包皮手术英语口语句:“我想跟你谈谈”的种表达方式 -- :9: 来源:   1. Can I talk to you right now?  我现在可以跟你谈一谈吗?  . You got a minute?  你有空吗?  3. Can I have a word with you?  我可以跟你谈一下吗?  . I need to talk to you  我需要跟你谈一谈  5. May I have a little talk with you?  我可以跟你谈一下吗?  6. Can we sit down and talk it over?  我们可以坐下来好好谈一谈吗?  7. Can we talk?  我们可以谈一下吗?  8. Can I bend your ears a minute?  可不可以借我一分钟?我有事要跟你说  9. May I have a conversation with you?  我可以跟你谈一下吗?  . Do you have time now? I've got something to tell you  你现在有空吗?我有事要跟你说 方式 表达 谈谈 英语口语抚顺妇幼保健医院地址查询Yoga and You  瑜伽与你  When you hear the word “yoga,” do you think of a person with his legs twisted up like a pretzel? If so, it may seem like yoga is very complicated or just adults. Not true!   Kids and teens can do yoga the same reasons grown-ups do because it feels good to stretch(伸展) out your body, slow down your breathing, and relax your mind. Yoga can help you feel calmer when life is busy and stressful.   一听到“瑜伽”这个词,你是否就会联想到一个人将自己的腿扭成椒盐卷饼那样呢?这样想来,瑜伽似乎很复杂,更像是专门给大人练习的其实并不是这样!   儿童和青少年也有和大人们一样的练习瑜伽的理由:因为伸展身体、放缓呼吸以及放松精神的感觉很棒当你感觉生活紧张、压力重重的时候,瑜伽可以让你平静下来   What You Need 你需要——   Any time you start a new exercise routine it's a good idea to check with a parent. A yoga class can be a great way to get started because the instructor can teach you how to get into the poses.   Find a large enough space with few distractions. No TV or people, if possible. Wear comtable workout clothes and no shoes or socks. A yoga mat(垫子) can be helpful because it cushions(缓冲) a bit and keeps your feet from slipping. Yoga should not hurt, so go slow and ease into position. Go only as far as you comtably can.   无论任何时候,当你要开始一项新的锻炼安排,和父母谈谈总是好的上瑜伽课程是个不错的开始,因为导师会教你怎样做动作   找一个足够大而且没有什么干扰的地方,最好没有电视或人穿上舒适的健身,不要穿鞋袜瑜伽垫很有用,因为它起到一定的缓冲作用,并防止脚部滑动瑜伽不应该让你感到疼痛,所以你要慢慢地、舒地摆姿势尽量做,舒就行  Why Yoga Stress? 为什么选择瑜伽减压?  When you get stressed or nervous, many things can help you feel better. Talking with someone—a parent or friend—is a great idea because they can help you figure out what's wrong and start coming up with solutions.   In addition, you can ease(减轻,放松) stress through exercise. You probably know exercise is good your health, but it's also a proven way to put you in a better mood. So it makes sense that yoga is a favorite activity among people who want to feel stronger and more relaxed.   Yoga includes a lot of stretching, but that's not all—yoga also focuses on breathing and meditation(沉思,冥想), which means thinking calm thoughts. Practicing yoga is a chance to learn stretchingbreathingthinking skills that you can use to calm yourself down the next time you feel worried. In other words, yoga can help your body stay loose and relaxed when things heat up!   感到有压力或紧张的时候,很多事情可以让你放松下来跟家长或朋友聊聊就是一个不错的方法,因为他们可以帮你发现问题所在,找出解决办法   另外,你还可以通过体育锻炼减轻压力你也许知道体育锻炼对身体有好处,但人们已经实运动还可以令人心情更加舒畅顺理成章,瑜伽备受那些希望变得更强壮和放松下来的人士喜爱   瑜伽包含大量伸展动作,但它远不止如此——瑜伽还注重呼吸和冥想,也就是冷静思考练习瑜伽让你有机会学习伸展、呼吸以及思考的技巧下次当你感到忧虑的时候,便可以通过这些技巧使自己镇静下来换句话说,在事情一团糟的时候,瑜伽能够让你的身体保持舒展放松 763抚顺曙光医院生殖

抚顺市高湾特区医院医院男科抚顺市顺城妇幼保健院包皮手术多少钱Obtaining Fresh water from icebergs.Obtaining Fresh water from icebergs The concept of obtaining fresh water from icebergs that are towed to populated areas and arid regions of the world was once treated as a joke more appropriate to cartoons than real life. But now it is being considered quite seriously by many nations, especially since scientists have warned that the human race will outgrow its fresh water supply faster than it runs out of food. Glaciers are a possible source of fresh water that has been overlooked until recently. Three-quarters of the Earth’s fresh water supply is still tied up in glacial ice, a reservoir of untapped fresh water so immense that it could sustain all the rivers of the world 1,000 years. Floating on the oceans every year are 7,659 trillion metric tons of ice encased in 000 icebergs that break away from the polar ice caps, more than ninety percent of them from Antarctica. Huge glaciers that stretch over the shallow continental shelf give birth to icebergs throughout the year. Icebergs are not like sea ice, which is med when the sea itself freezes, rather, they are med entirely on land, breaking off when glaciers sp over the sea. As they drift away from the polar region, icebergs sometimes move mysteriously in a direction opposite to the wind, pulled by subsurface currents. Because they melt more slowly than smaller pieces of ice, icebergs have been known to drift as far north as 35 degrees south of the equator in the Atlantic Ocean. To corral them and steer them to parts of the world where they are needed would not be too difficult. The difficulty arises in other technical matters, such as the prevention of rapid melting in warmer climates and the funneling of fresh water to shore in great volume. But even if the icebergs lost half of their volume in towing, the water they could provide would be far cheaper than that produced by desalinization, or removing salt from water.从冰山中获取淡水把冰山拖到世界上人口稠密的地区和干旱地带,再从中获取淡水,这个想法曾一度被认为是一个笑话,更适合于卡通画,而非现实生活然而现在,许多国家正相当认真地考虑这件事情,特别是在科学家们发出警告之后科学家们认为人类将在耗尽粮食之前首先耗尽淡水资源冰川是一个直到最近以前一直被忽视的可能的淡水源全球四分之三的淡水还锁在冰川的冰块中冰川就是一个蓄水池,其中未开发的淡水量是如此巨大,足够持全世界的江河00年每年有7,659万亿公吨冰漂流在海洋中它们包含在,000座从极地冰帽中断裂出来的冰山中这些冰山的90%以上来自南极一年四季里,覆盖在浅层大陆架上的巨大冰川生成了众多冰山冰山和海水的冰不同,后者是海水自身结冰形成的,而冰山则完全是在陆地上形成的当冰川伸展到海水中时,冰山就断裂下来当漂离极地地区时,冰山有时会在底层洋流的推动下颇为神秘地逆风移动由于冰山比小块的冰融化要慢,有的冰山在大西洋中向北飘到了赤道以南35°的地方把冰山蓄拦起来并拖到世界上需要它们的地方将不会太困难有困难的是其它的技术事宜比如,如何防止冰山在较暖的气候中迅速融化以及如何把大量的淡水收集到岸上去但是,即便在拖的过程中冰山失去了一半体积,这样做也远比从海水中脱盐取得淡水便宜 677日常英语口语对话 -- :: 来源: 日常英语口语对话  日常英语口语对话_英语日常对话、习惯语500句(高级)(之一)  1. Hold on 等一下 (口语中,人们不太用wait a minute)如果两人辩论,吵架,抬杠,你要别人“打住”,可以说,hold it right there.  . I hate his guts. 我最讨厌他也有说I hate him guts. Guts 是肠子,相当于“恨之入骨”的意思He doesn’t have much guts. 他是个胆小鬼 ut feeling 直觉  3. Nuts, 果仁,核,为复数时,意为“疯子”,He is nuts他有神经病He went nuts and killed a guy.他发疯了,结果杀了一个人You are driving me nuts. 你真是要把我逼疯a tough nut to crack, 一项艰巨的任务,一个难解之题  . How is everything? (还好吗?) I am just stuck in a rut, doing the same things every day. I wish I could do something different. (烦死了,每天都是干同样的活,我真想换个活法) rut 日常的,每天都如此,get in a rut,日复一日,天天如此  5. I have totally sold out to your idea. 我0%地赞同赞同你的意见类似的话还有If you are not careful enough, you will buy into his bad idea. 如果你不小心的话,你就会采纳他的这馊主意  6. I am just ecstatic about going to visit you soon. 马上要见你,我高兴死了  7. A dap and dip 打个照面,露下脸就走  Matt: Are we going to Jon’s party?我们去琼的聚会吗?  Darryl: Yeah, but I don’t want to stay long, so let’s make it a dap and dip.那就去吧,不过我可不想多呆,顶多就打个照面就走人  8. I would like to get a job within couching distance. 我想找个不用走路就可以上班的工作Couching distance,沙发距离,就是坐在沙发上不起身也能够得着这是那种 couch potato喜欢做的美梦  9. Yukky 难吃,说这个词时还要做一个难吃的表情Where did you get this food? It was yukky. 你从哪里弄了这吃的?那么难吃  . 与yukky相反的词是yummy,好吃极了说这个词时,要不然就把音拖一下,要不然说它两次,表示你真的喜欢主人做的这道菜  日常英语口语对话_英语日常对话、习惯语500句(高级)(之二)   I cannot take it any more. 我再也无法忍受了前面还可以加上一句:don’t push me. 不要再逼我呀 同样意思的句子还有:I cannot stand him any longer.   Don’t take it out on me! 不要把气出在我身上   You have my word. 我向你保(是这样)   Look, I have got going. 就这样了,我还得干活呢(还得赶路)这是向人告辞的说法   You talk crazy. 你满嘴胡言相当于you talk nonsense之意 从语法上看,将形容词放在动词后不是很正规,但人家都这么说,也就可以将就了   I don’t mean to cross the line. 直译是“我不想越界”这句话的意思是,我并不是想管闲事呀,只是随便问问“I don’t mean to cross the line, is she your new girl friend ?”   Thank you .....(the tea, and so on), and everything else. 谢谢你的(茶水款待),以及一切当你向人道谢时,你一下只想起了一件具体的事,但又接受了不止一项的好处,就加上一句 and everything else,这样就不会漏谢什么了  18 I won’t take that crap.我才不会信那套鬼话也可以说:I won’t buy that beef.同样的意思  19 Calm down. 不要激动好不好?   sick 恶心 you make me sick. 你叫我恶心 People do sick things to young girls nowadays. 现在总有人对小女孩做那些恶心的事 He is sick. 如果你把sick一词念得很重,意思就是“他令人恶心”如果念得不重,意思就只是“他病了” 所以要小心  英语日常口语,日常英语口语速成、习惯语500句(高级)(之三)  1 You look concerned. What’s on your mind 你看上去有点心思沉沉,在担心什么呢?   I’ve got to quiet down and get focused. 我该冷静下来,集中注意力  3 I know he has the blues(He is feeling very down!), but it doesn’t mean he can vent his anger on me. 我知道他心情不好,但他也不能把气发在我身上呀the blues 心情不好,If a girl is sad, an ice-cream cone can normally chase the blues away. 如果女孩心情不好的话,给她一个冰淇淋,她就会转哭为笑了也可说,an ice-cream cone can normally help shake off the blues.   I’m up to my neck in work.这句话的意思就是I am quite busy. 我太忙了,这工作把我忙得晕头转向I have got a pretty tight schedule today. 我今天的日程安排得很紧  5 Easy! 悠着点;不要性急;轻一点;也可以说:Go easy. Go easy on it(省着点用). Easy-going, 很容易相处:She is caring and easy-going.  6 Crush 原意为“粉碎”,现常指“暗恋”,又常指青涩少年的那种爱,并不稳定,例如,小女生对老师的爱恋,过一阵就烟消云散Peter has a crush on Jenny.  7 Ask somebody out 与人约会,谈恋爱:He doesn’t have the guts to ask her out because he is afraid she will turn him down. 他不敢告诉她他爱她,因为他生怕会遭到她的拒绝类似的有go out with somebody: I heard you’re going out with Jane. 我听说了你在与Jane谈恋爱   Mr. Right: 白马王子,He’s gentle, patient, successful, and MATURE. I think He’s my Mr. Right! 他温柔体贴,有耐心,成功又成熟我知道他就是我的意中人(我未来的丈夫非他莫属;也可以说是真命天子)(白马王子的另一个说法:prince charming)  9 Jack 对朋友John说,他刚刚与Esther拜拜了,(I just broke up with Esther.)John 安慰Jack说, I don’t know what to say to comt you, but cheer up! There’s plenty of fish in the sea and you’ll find your soul mate, your perfect match!  30 My relationship with her is aly a history.我与她的关系早已成历史了  31 我们赞扬儿童时最常用的话有:Isn’t he cute He is so cute. He is adorable. Beautiful baby! 逗一两岁的小孩时,人们常说:Peek-a-boo, I see you.给小孩说再见:See you later, alligator!  3 Yes, 这是现在的小学生都会的单词但是大学英语专业的人有时也搞错,例如,对于对方的否定句表示赞同时,很多时候,很多人仍旧会回答yes,而不会说no英语中表示同意的词很多,如果实在无法立马反应过来,不妨用其他的词Absolutely, OK, you are right, exactly, certainly, yep, aye, just so, sure, right, correct, you said it. I agree with you, 常用的还有sweat, you bet或者你可以说:I hear you.你说的我明白说no的词也有好几个:nope, I don’t think so,等等  33 有个人说:A 8 year-old man married a year-old woman. That is the most bizarre thing that has ever happened recently. (一个8岁的老头娶了岁的姑娘,这是近来最为离奇的事)另一个人蛮有同情心,他可能会说:Well, age shouldn’t be something that comes in the way of a person’s marriage. As long as they love each other, age is not an issue.(嗯,年龄在婚姻中应该不是障碍,重要的是他们爱着对方,年龄不是问题)bizarre是一个美国人喜欢用的词,意思是“稀奇古怪,不正常的”;That is a bizarre story.(这个故事太荒唐) The nine-head-bird is really bizarre.(九头鸟是不可能有的事)这是一句中国俗话,上、下联是什么呢? comes in the way of 的意思是“成为绊脚石”   有个朋友要我每到一地就给她写几个字,这英语的表达法可以用“drop me a line”: Don’t get to drop me a line when you visit a new place. 我则可以回答:“Trust me. I won’t. I’ll keep you posted.”(没问题,我不会忘记的,我会随时让你知道我的近况)post当动词用,则是“邮寄,转递”,keep someone posted意思是keep in touch with someone, or touch base with someone often只是很可惜,现在的中国邮局大部分都不办理邮政业务,而是成为了,所以信也没法寄Drop by的意思是,顺便访问(没有计划的那种访问)Please drop by sometime a drink. - I dropped by my best friend’s house to see if he was home. 不要朋友写信,就叫朋友打电话好了:Give me a buzz. or Give me a ring. 都可以  英语日常口语,日常英语口语速成、习惯语500句(高级)(之四)  35 上一篇中提到了一个词soul mate,是那种心灵感应的朋友,也可以用heart,例如说,sweat heart,但这指恋人或关系特别密切的人a heart to heart chat很诚恳的沟通I tried to have a heart to heart chat with him on this issue, but it didn’t work. 我费了一番力气想与他坦诚沟通,但没有什么用  36 他喝醉了英文有好些说法,很口语化的是:He is loaded. 就是drunk的意思"When I talked to the president, he was loaded." Kissinger said about Nixon. 基辛格谈到尼克松时说:“我跟总统谈话时,他已经喝得烂醉”under the influence of alcohol也是喝醉了的意思,但这是个法律词汇,意思是犯法了,尤其是在开车时,如果查出了司机是under the influence of alcohol则可能要坐牢而drunk, loaded虽是醉酒,但不违法很书面语的词汇是“intoxicated, intoxication”写到这里,我想起了昆明巫家坝机场的一副广告:令人陶醉的地方--云南(大意),旁边的英语是:Intoxication: Yunnan. 这是典型的中式英语,外国人看了不知所云,听上去好像是云南人都是酒鬼一样正确的英文应该是:The most attractive place: Yunnan;也可以说:Breathtaking scenery:Yunnan.  37 He is a little bit punchy. 如果一个人晚上睡眠不足,早晨起来睡眼惺忪的样子,我们可以说他punchy.所以可以接着说:He needs a cup of coffee to wake up. 一个人看上去云里雾里的样子都是punchy,与喝醉酒貌差不多  38 与load还有一个相关的口语词:freeloading, 揩油,滥用别人的慷慨My roommate won’t pay anything the grocery. I end up feeding him three meals. I am really fed up with his freeloading.(他这样揩我的油我实在是受不了)揩油的人就叫“freeloader”,就是那种喜欢免费的午餐的人(those who enjoy free lunch)  39 市场上有很多关于学英语诀窍的书,但实际上,学英语就是一个背单词、与遗忘作斗争的过程好的人总是少数I cannot think of these English words off hand. One of the effective ways is to brush up on grammar rules a little bit everyday. There is simply no short cut. Off hand,我无法一下子就能想起这些英文单词 Brush up on 常常复习,short cut,捷径学英语最好是每天学一点,坚持不懈,集腋成裘:“Precept upon precept, here a little and there a little, idea by idea,”(一次学个概念,这里学一点,那里学一点,一次接触一个思想)或者我们可以说 A little at a time, we can eat up an elephant eventually.(一次吃一口,我们最终可以把头大象给吞了) It is a big job, but we can get it done. 这个工作巨大,但我们可以把它做好所以不要相信那些0天就可以把英语学好的广告如果有学生或一位网友0天可以学好英语的话,那我不就要失业了?  0 堵塞看到“堵塞”二字,人们一般会想起“jam”,如果是交通堵塞,用jam是没错的但是如果是下水道给堵塞了,最好要用clogIt is too bad, my sink is clogged up again.“堵塞”还有一个英文词“clot”: The street was clotted with traffic. 街上交通阻塞血栓堵塞:blood clot“堵塞”正式的名词是Congestion, 如果吃东西给咽了,则是choking (food clogging in the throat.)  1. 如果有人无所事事,你就可以说:Get a job. 去做点正事吧  .No need to panic. Don’t panic不要慌张  3.You made your point. 我明白你的观点(意见)了或者:I heard you.  .You are nasty. 你真是可恶nasty weather; a nasty trick nasty是个常用词,表示厌恶  5.Stay cool, man. 老兄,多多保重相当于Take care.  6.That is a wishful thinking. 想得美也可以说是day dream白日梦You are day dreaming. "He lives in a dream that has nothing to do with reality"  7.Let us keep it that way. 还是原样吧就这么办吧  8.Can you drop it? 能不能不谈这事了?  9.What is there me (you)?两个人谈合作,你看了半天,都是对方得益,于是你就可以说这句话了:我的好处在哪里?也可以说:Where is my cut? 日常 英语口语 对话抚顺轻工局职工医院治疗龟头炎哪家医院最好英语口语每天说上半小时0() -- ::8 来源: . Excuse高速下载 1) Well, the thing is you didn't ask leave.) I mean I came but you are not in.3) Let me explain. You see many people are illiterate.) But the point is that most insurance companies make profits.5) It's because I don't want to be late class.6) The reason that he doesn't come is that he is ill.7) I can't accept your excuse.8) Well,ah... ,it's hard to tell you.9) Hi, Lily, I've come to say "sorry" to you.) No one will be convinced by your excuse.Dialogue 1W: Gordon, you're ever so late.M: Yes, I am sorry. I missed the bus.W: But there's a bus every ten minutes, and you are over 1 hour late.M: Well, I missed several buses.W: How on earth can you miss several buses?M: I,ah...,I got have late.W: Oh, come on, Gordon, it's the afternoon now. Why were you late really?M: Well,I...I lost my wallet, and I...W: Have you got it now?M: Yes, I found it again.W: When?M: This morning. I mean...W: I am not convinced by your explanation.Dialogue M: I am not convinced by your explanation. Could you explain it?W: Sorry, I really can't do that. There's little time left us.M: I can't accept your excuse. It's five o'clock.W: But I have an appointment with Ann.M: Ok, sounds good. But I think it's your trick.Dialogue 3W: What's the matter with you then? You look miserable.M: It's us.W: What do you mean by "us"?M: Well, you always say you're busy.W: That's right.M: And you often go back to live with your parents and leave our son in the room by himself.W: I...I...I miss my parents, also they miss me.M: Oh I remember, I cut terrible calls, and you didn't say anything about it.W: You mean I am groaned a few words?M: Totally not. Perhaps it's about our marriage.I have an appointment with Joans. But I'm terriblly sorry I'm late. She simply says,"that's all right, and it doesn't really matter". But in fact she is serious. She asks me to explain. So I just answer," please don't be like that. Just let me explain. I tried to get here in time, but just after I left home, the car broke down." Untunately, she doesn't believe it. I only say that,"yes, and...well... luckily, there was a garage near me, and it took them a while to repair. To tell you the truth, I met an old friend on the street, so we had a chat a while. 小时 上半 每天 英语口语抚顺哪家医院治早泄治的好

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