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One Los Angeles woman didn#39;t have to hold her breath while she waited for her girlfriend to answer her marriage proposal - but that#39;s because she had her scuba diving equipment there to supply her with oxygen.洛杉矶一位姑娘等待女友答应她的求婚时不需要屏住呼吸,但这是因为她有水肺潜水装备给自己供氧。Markie Miller, 28, popped the question to Sarah Hu, 27, underwater, bringing along romantic signs so she could ask her girlfriend to marry her in the Atlantic Ocean.28岁的玛基·米勒(Markie Miller)在水下向27岁的女友萨拉·胡(Sarah Hu)求婚,她还随身带了一些浪漫的字牌帮助自己在大西洋“问”女友愿不愿意和她结婚。But while Sarah is an avid scuba diver and marine biologist, Markie, who works in film, told BuzzFeed that she didn#39;t know a thing about diving - so she had to get secretly certified to pull off the unique proposal.在接受BuzzFeed网站采访时玛基表示,她的女友萨拉是一名狂热的水肺潜水爱好者、海洋生物学家,而她则从事电影行业,之前对潜水一无所知,因此她必须悄悄地考到潜水资格才能完成这个独特的求婚。The California couple had been together for six and a half years when Markie asked Sarah to be her wife.玛基终于向萨拉求婚时,这对加州情侣在一起已经有六年半的时间了。Markie had been planning to learn to scuba dive for a while in order to join Sarah, who had been doing it for eight years, on a dive, but she just hadn#39;t gotten around to it yet.为了能和有八年潜水经验的萨拉一起潜水,玛基计划学习水肺潜水很久了,但一直没能抽出时间。That is, until she had her brilliant proposal idea. But Markie still wanted it to be a surprise, so she secretly attended classes to get her certification. She would leave all of her equipment at a friend#39;s house, pick it up before class, and head back there to shower before going home.直到她想到这个绝佳的求婚计划。但因为玛基希望给女友一个惊喜,所以她偷偷地报班学习以考取潜水资格。在这期间,她将全部潜水设备都放到一个朋友家,上课前去取,回家前再到朋友家冲澡。Sarah is used to Markie working long hours on short notice, so she wasn#39;t at all suspicious of her suddenly busy schedule.萨拉已经习惯了玛基总是临时加班,因此对于玛基突然忙碌的日程没有产生一丝怀疑。Then, on June 13, Sarah was set to go for a dive at LA#39;s Redondo Beach with her brother and some friends.于是到了6月13日这一天,萨拉准备和哥哥还有一些朋友去洛杉矶雷东多海滩(Redondo Beach)潜水。She had no idea that Markie was aly there, prepared to give her the surprise of her life.她完全没想到玛基已经在那里等候多时,准备给她人生中最大的惊喜。#39;I was nervous that it wouldn#39;t work out exactly as planned, but I tried to be calm and be y for anything,#39; Markie said.玛基说:“我很紧张,害怕事情不会按照计划进行,但我尽力保持冷静,准备好应对任何意外状况。”When Sarah was 20ft underwater, Markie - unrecognizable under all of her gear - swam up to her and held up set of signs that : #39;I told you I#39;d go to the bottom of the ocean for your love… but right now I#39;m only certified to 60 feet. Will you marry me?#39;当萨拉潜到水下20英尺深的时候,全副武装的玛基向她游过来,萨拉完全没有认出,玛基手中拿着一些牌子,上面写着:“我说过为了你的爱我愿意深潜海底,但我现在只能下潜到60英尺,你愿意嫁给我吗?”Sarah, clearly ecstatic, held her hand up to her face and nodded her head. The two embraced before swimming back up to the surface, where a giddy Sarah chastised her brother for not following safety protocol - which mandates that everyone diving know the plan before the dive.萨拉显然欣喜若狂,将她的手放到自己脸上并点了头。两人深情相拥,游回水面后,兴奋的萨拉责怪哥哥没有遵守安全协议。安全协议规定所有人在下水前都需要知道潜水计划。She said: #39;It wasn#39;t in my dive plan to surface with a fiancé!#39;她表示:“我的潜水计划里可没有带着未婚妻浮上水面这一项!”#39;I was so blown away by how Markie was even underwater and how my brother and some of my best friends were also witnessing this!#39; said Sarah. #39;It was an amazing surprise. I am still as surprised that she can dive as I am that I am engaged!”萨拉说:“我简直惊呆了,玛基居然潜在水下,而我的哥哥以及我其他的一些好友也见了整个求婚过程。这个惊喜实在太棒了,我还没有缓过来,玛基竟然可以潜水了和我居然订婚了同样让我惊讶!”Once they were back on solid ground, Markie went down on one knee and gave Sarah a ring.她们一回到陆地,玛基便单膝跪下给萨拉戴上了戒指。The U.S. Supreme Court legalised nationwide marriage equality for same-sex couples just two weeks later.美国最高法院在两周后就宣布了全国范围同性恋婚姻的合法化。The gorgeous couple plan to get married next year.这对让人羡慕的情侣计划于明年结婚。 /201508/394219南方医科大学北滘医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱There#39;s more evidence of a turning point in China#39;s property sector. But developers won#39;t rush to start new projects just yet. 又有据表明中国楼市的拐点正在到来,但开发商暂时不会匆忙开建新的项目。 June#39;s property data from the National Bureau of Statistics shows prices rising 0.02% month-over-month, the first increase since September 2011.国家统计局发布的数据显示,6月份房价环比上涨0.02%。这是2011年9月份以来首次上涨。 That jibes with numbers from private property agency Soufun, which also showed a turnaround in prices in June. It reflects a creeping increase in sales, which have been improving steadily since February.民间房地产中介搜房网(Soufun)的数据也显示6月份房价出现反弹。房价反弹是房屋销量缓慢上升的反映。从今年2月份以来,房屋销售状况就一直在稳步改善。In 2009, the last time a slowdown in overall economic growth forced the government to abandon its controls on real estate, the turnaround in property prices triggered a rapid rebound in investment by developers keen to cash in. 2009年,也就是上一次政府因为经济增长整体减速而被迫放弃房地产调控的时候,房价的回升刺激急于从中获利的开发商增加投资,投资数额迅速反弹。This time it might take a little longer.这一次可能需要更长时间才能看到投资反弹。For starters, inventory levels are high. Property aly under construction is equal to 3.7 times total sales in 2011. Developers will want to clear some of that overhang before breaking ground on new projects.首先是库存水平高。已经在建的房屋达到了2011年总销量的3.7倍,开发商将会先清理掉一部分库存,然后再开建新楼盘。 Also, though policy controls are not as restrictive as they were at the start of the year, the government is not about to allow another binge of speculative purchases. Earlier this month, Premier Wen Jiabao was promising #39;unflinching#39; and #39;long-term#39; controls on speculators.其次,虽然政策调控没有年初那么严厉,但政府不会允许再出现一轮投机性购房热潮。本月早些时候,国务院总理温家宝还在承诺要“坚定不移”地抑制房地产投机,并将这作为一项“长期”政策。 Finally, there has been no surge in new loans like the one that funded the rapid turnaround in investment in 2009. In the first half of that year, new loans tripled on-year. In the first half of 2012, they grew only 16%.最后,新增贷款并没有像2009年那样急剧增加,当年新增贷款的飙升为迅速反弹的投资提供了资金。2009年上半年,新增贷款达到上年同期的三倍;而2012年上半年,新增贷款只同比增加了16%。 Rising sales and prices will put a floor under falling investment, so China#39;s property sector should not be a drag on growth in the second half. But it won#39;t be a major boost to the economy either.房屋销量和价格的上升会阻止投资下滑,所以中国房地产行业应该不会拖累下半年的经济增长。但它也不会给经济带来重大提振。 /201207/191454佛山治疗不孕不育医院NOTHING drives an elected official to indignity faster than the promise of something for nothing. When Google announced that it would build a fibre-optic broadband network capable of delivering one gigabit-per-second internet-roughly 150 times the average American internet speed-to residential users in an American city, mayors lined up to debase themselves. Duluth#39;s jumped into a frozen lake, Sarasota#39;s into a shark tank. The mayor of Topeka changed his city#39;s name (for a day) to Google. Ultimately Google decided on Kansas City, and next month it will start providing its blazing-speed internet for a month.不劳而获的美事最能使官员们卑躬屈膝了。谷歌公司欲在美国的一座城市部署1Gb光纤宽带网络以供居民使用,消息一出,市长们便竞相申请,屈身事人,要知道美国的平均网速还不到它的1/150.德卢斯市使尽浑身解数,争取名额,萨拉索塔更是亮出了杀手锏。托皮卡市市长将市名改为;谷歌市;(仅一天时间)。最终堪萨斯城中选,下个月该市市民便可以享用月租70美元的极速网络务了。But that service will not be available to all Kansas Citians. Instead, Google has divided Kansas City into 204 districts (which it annoyingly insists on calling ;fibrehoods;), has invited consumers who want the one-gigabit service to register in advance, and will deliver service to the 46 areas with the highest concentration of interested consumers. Only one American city offers one-gigabit internet connections to every resident, and it is not tech-savvy San Francisco or university-laden Boston, but Chattanooga, Tennessee#39;s fourth-largest city, nestled in the Appalachian foothills.但是这项务并不对所有的市民开放。相反,谷歌将堪萨斯城划分成204个区(谷歌坚持使用别扭的;网区;称谓),并且诚邀需要1GB网络务的用户提前登记,只有关注度最高的46个地区中感兴趣的用户才能获得该项务。目前,美国只有一座城市为每一位居民提供1Gb的宽带连接,它既不是高新技术城旧金山,也不是大学城波士顿,而是位于阿巴拉契亚山脚的察特怒加市(田纳西州第四大城市)。EPB of Chattanooga, the municipally-owned electricity company, branched out into telecoms service a little over a decade ago and soon afterwards decided to modernise the city#39;s power grid. Starting in 2008, with the help of 1.5m in federal stimulus funds and another 9m raised through bonds, EPB laid over 6,000 miles of fibre-optic cable. The network became fully operational last spring; it covers EPB#39;s full service area, roughly 170,000 homes and businesses in urban, suburban and rural areas, and it delivers and telephone service as well.EPB是察特怒加市的一所市营电力公司,大约一年前,公司开始拓展经营范围,着力发展电信务,不久便将实现全市电网的现代化提上了议事日程。08年伊始,依靠1.115亿美元的联邦政府刺激基金和1.69亿美元的债券资金,EPB公司铺设的光纤电缆总长度达到6000多英里。去年春天,这套网络才完全投入使用;它覆盖了EPB公司所有的务区域,包括城市,郊区和乡村近17万所商、民用住房。But even though in practice someone in a trailer park on the side of a mountain could enjoy Palo-Alto-like internet speeds, relatively few Chattanoogans subscribe to the full gigabit service. EPB estimates that nine residents and two businesses pay the hefty 0-per-month charge. Most use a 30-megabit-per-second (mps) connection, which is still far faster than the American average of 6.7mps.尽管从理论上讲,住在阿巴拉契亚山下家庭拖车停车场的居民可以享用如同帕洛阿尔托市般的高速网络,但相对来说,在察特怒加市,鲜有市民办理1Gb网络务。据EPB公司估计,只有9名市民和两家企业交付了每月高达350美元的网络使用费用。大多数人都还在使用30兆每秒的网络,可是比起6.7兆每秒的美国网络平均值,已经很快了。Even so, Harold DePriest, EPB#39;s boss, estimates his company#39;s and internet division will become profitable this year. Mr DePriest#39;s case for building Chattanooga#39;s fibre network (and the reason EPB received its stimulus funds) had nothing to do with residential users; instead, that network forms the backbone of one of America#39;s most extensive municipal smart grids. And Chattanooga, a little manufacturing city that 40-odd years ago had America#39;s filthiest air, is reinventing itself as a haven for tech entrepreneurs—a ;Silicon Holler;.即便如此,EPB总裁哈罗德#8226;迪普斯特仍认为今年的视频和网络务有利可图。迪普斯特部署光纤网络(这也是EPB公司能够获得政府刺激资金的原因)的初衷并不是供居民使用;相反,这个网络是美国现在范围最广的市政智能电网的核心组成部分。40多年前的工业小城察特怒加市,曾经是美国空气质量最差的城市,如今却摇身一变,成为科技企业家择善而居的理想之地——所谓的;硅召;。This suggests that the true benefits of municipal high-speed networks are not the consumer-friendly baubles such as high-speed downloads, HDTV and the like, but the vast range of possibilities they open. Over the fibre network is a wireless mesh that allows government, so often wary of innovation, to try new approaches. Police in Chattanooga have vastly expanded their communications and mobile data analysis. Traffic lights will soon be able to respond in real time to changing traffic patterns. Rubbish can be collected more efficiently. EPB can avoid, or minimise, power cuts during storms, and can charge its customers more accurately and transparently. This sort of network can improve a city#39;s operations while broadening its tax base. Results like that are well worth a dunk in a shark tank.这表明市政高速网络真正的收益并不是以顾客利益为重的低值务,诸如高速视频下载,高清电视等等,而是随之带来的无限可能性。光纤网络之上是交错的无线网络,这使得时常为创新所困的政府能够尝试一些新路子。察特怒加市的警察已借此大规模拓展了通信和手机数据分析。交通指示灯能够及时地调整交通路线,垃圾的收集效率提高.EPB公司也能避免,或者降低在暴雨天气下输电的电力损失,消费者也可以花得精确,花得明白。极速网络可以改善城市管理,也拓宽了征税基础。这样一来,冒着危险尝试一把又有何防。 /201208/195607顺德中医院割包皮


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