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Famous Chinese wine中国名酒Many famous Chinese wine of present day developed from ancient times-mainly from the Ming and the Qing dynasties.现在的许多中国名酒都是从古代--主要从明清发展而来。On the 1 st National Wine Appraisal Conference of 1952 ,eight brands of famous Chinese wine were awarded a prize:Guizhou Maotai,Shanxi Fenjiu,Shaanxi Xifeng, Luzhou Laojiao,Shaoxing Jiafan,Red Rose Grape Wine, Weimeisi and Special Fine Brandy.在1952年第一届国家评酒会上,八个中国酒品牌获奖:贵州茅台,山西汾酒,陕西西凤酒,泸州老窖,绍兴加饭酒,红玫瑰葡萄酒,味美思和张裕金奖白兰地。On the 2nd National Wine Appraisal Conference of 1963,eighteen brands of wine were awarded a prize:Maotai,Fenjiu,Xifeng,Luzhou Laojiao Twice Fully-fermented Liquor, Shaoxing Jiafan,Red Rose Grape Wine,Weimeisi,Special Fine Brandy, Wuliangye, Gujinggong,Quanxing Twice Fully-fermented Liquor, Chinese Red Grape Liquor,Zhuyeqing,White Grape, Dongjiu,Special-Made Beijing Brandy,Chengang Liquor and Qingdao Beer.1963年第二届国家评酒会上,共有18个品牌获奖:茅台,汾酒,西凤酒,泸州老窖特曲,绍兴加饭酒,红玫瑰葡萄酒,味美思,金奖白兰地,五粮液,古井贡,全兴大曲,中国红葡萄酒,竹叶青,白葡萄酒,董酒,北京特制白兰地,沉缸酒和青岛啤酒。On the 3rd National Wine Appraisal Conference of 1979, another eighteen brands of wine were awarded a prize:Maotai,Fenjuiu,Wuliangye,Gujinggong,Yanghe Twice Fully-fermented Liquor, Jiannanchun,Chinese Red Grape Wine,Yantai Weimeisi,Qingdao White Grape Wine, Special Fine Brandy,Dongjiu,Special-made Beijing Brandy,Luzhou Laojiao,Shaoxing Jiafan,Zhuyeqing,Qirlgdao Beer, Yantai Red Grape Wine and Chengang Liquor.1979年第三届全国评酒会上又有十八个品牌获奖:茅台,汾酒,五粮液,古井贡酒,洋河大曲,剑南春,中国红葡萄酒,烟台味美思,青岛白葡萄酒,金奖白兰地,董酒,北京特制白兰地,泸州老窖,绍兴加饭酒,竹叶青,青岛啤酒,烟台红葡萄酒和沉缸酒。 /201606/445310The ancient practice of yoga is undoubtedly a human invention - but these furry creatures prove that animals can get in on the action, too.瑜伽这项古老的运动无疑是人类的发明,但这些毛茸茸的生物明了动物也能做这种锻炼。Take a look as a bulldog, lemur, lion, sloth and even a polar bear give human yogis a run for their money.看看斗牛犬、狐猴、狮子、树懒、甚至是北极熊都来跟人类瑜伽大师一较高下。The resemblance between their poses and a few popular yoga poses - including the triangle, half lotus, plank and tree pose - is uncanny.它们的姿势和一些流行的瑜伽姿势——包括三角式、半莲花单腿独立伸展式、平板撑式和树式——有很多相似之处,真是令人难以置信。And while the spiritual context may be lost on them, these flexible furries sure appreciate a good stretch.虽然它们可能没有达到那种精神境界,但这些有弹性的毛茸茸的身体确实能好好放松一下。 /201609/464677How many legal papers might the average Chinese need from cradle to grave? More than 400, says an official study, about a quarter of which are used frequently.普通中国人一生中需要多少个具有法律效力的件、明?一项官方调查显示,是400多个,其中常用件约占1/4。According to China#39;s E-Government Yearbook (2015), the average Chinese citizen will be issued 103 necessary papers - from birth to death certificates.根据《中国电子政务年鉴(2015)》,从出生明到死亡明,普通中国公民会被签发103个必需的件、明。The focus point of China#39;s document system is the hukou, or household residence permit.中国的资料系统的焦点就是户口,或称为家庭居住。The report said citizens will be requested to produce their hukous an average 37 times during their lifetimes to dozens of bureaus. They will receive around 100 officially sealed documents, yicai.com reported last Tuesday.调查报告称,办理这103个常用件、明,中国公民一生平均需要向几十个部门提交户口簿37次。根据《第一财经网》上周二的报道,公民们需要盖大约100多个章。Take the case of a man surnamed Yu who, while attempting to purchase a house in Guangzhou, was shuffled back and forth between agencies due to a lost document.以一位余姓男子为例,他打算在广州购买房子,但却因为丢失文件而在众多机构之间来回奔波。Yu said he was first required by authorities to prove he was not married in order to buy his home. Yu was baffled. ;What is the point of the certificate?; asked Yu.余先生表示,一开始他被相关部门要求提供他没有结婚的明,以此来购买他房子。他对此很困惑并发问道:“这个明的意义在哪里?”An elderly couple from Northwest China#39;s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region ran into a similar situation in Guangzhou when they were co-signing on a home loan for their daughter. Like Yu, the couple was also asked to provide a marriage certificate, which they had lost years earlier.而来自中国新疆维吾尔族自治区的一对老夫妻在广州也遇到了类似的问题。当时他们正在为女儿购房而签署一份房屋贷款。和余先生一样,这对夫妇也被要求提供结婚明,但是该明已遗失多年。Instead of traveling the 4,000 kilometers back to Xinjiang to have one reissued, the couple of 40 years took advantage of a loophole. Authorities advised them to simply get married again - for a new certificate.之后,这对结婚40年的老夫妻并没有跋涉4000公里返回新疆重新再件,而是利用了一个漏洞。有关部门建议他们二人再简单的结一次婚、再办一次结婚。 /201607/456076Victoria#39;s Secret Perfume Repels Mosquitos, According to Research研究表明维多利亚的秘密香水可驱蚊Could the trick to dodging mosquitos this summer be sitting on top of your dresser? Maybe not, but it comes close.今夏躲闪蚊子的玩意儿可能会放在你的梳妆台上吗?也许不会,但是接近了。A study from New Mexico State University (NMSU) found that Victoria#39;s Secret Bombshell perfume is moderately effective at repelling two types of disease-carrying mosquitos: Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti (aka the species sping Zika).新墨西哥州大学的一项研究发现维多利亚的秘密性感香水对于驱赶携带病毒的两类蚊子有中等效果:白纹伊蚊和埃及伊蚊(又叫做传播寨卡病毒的物种)。Unsurprisingly, the researchers found that products containing DEET as the primary ingredient were the most effective in keeping mosquitos away for the longest period of time. (Only one DEET-free repellent produced effective and long-lasting results: Cutter Lemon Eucalyptus Insect repellent.) What they weren#39;t expecting to find, however, was that the sweet, floral scent of Victoria#39;s Secret Bombshell kept the pests at bay for two hours.不出所料,研究人员发现以避蚊胺作为主要成分的产品对长时间驱蚊效果最佳。(只有一种不含避蚊胺的驱虫剂产生了长期有效的结果:卡特柠檬桉驱虫剂。)然而他们没有预料到会发现:维多利亚的秘密性感香水的芬芳,香甜的气味能够使蚊子两小时都近不了身。;We tested VS Bombshell because one of our test subjects had gotten it as a birthday present, so it was a completely random pick,; study author Immo Hansen, PhD, said in an interview with Today.;我们测试了维多利亚的秘密性感香水,是因为我们其中一个测试主题是拿它作为生日礼物,所以这完全是随机挑选的,;研究作者Immo Hansen士今天在接受访问时说道。;There was some previous literature that said fruity, floral scents attracted mosquitoes, and to not wear those,; co-author Stacy Rodriguez, a research assistant in NMSU#39;s Molecular Vector Physiology Lab, explained in a press release. ;It was interesting to see that the mosquitoes weren#39;t actually attracted to the person that was wearing the Victoria#39;s Secret perfume -they were repelled by it.;;有一些以前的文献上写到果香味会吸引蚊子,不能佩戴这些东西。;合著者Stacy Rodriguez在媒体发布会上解释道,她是新墨西哥州大学分子矢量物理实验室的研究助手。;看到喷了维多利亚的秘密香水的人实际上并不会吸引蚊子--而是驱赶蚊子是很有趣的。;Mosquitos use their sense of smell to detect their hosts. The researchers speculate that the perfume may have provided a ;masking odor,; temporarily keeping the mosquitos from picking up common human scents.蚊子利用嗅觉去勘测他们的主人。研究人员推测:香水可能会有;遮蔽气味;,暂时使蚊子无法获得普通人的气味。But the researchers note that they used a high concentration of the perfume, and that lower concentrations might produce different results. They caution against using the fragrance as an insect repellent, and instead recommend products that have high concentrations of DEET.但研究人员提醒道他们使用的是高浓度的香水,低浓度的香水可能会产生不同的结果。他们警告不要使用香味作为驱虫剂,而建议使用含有高浓度避蚊胺的产品。译文属 /201606/450005

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