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Nikki:I said, “Word.” It means, “I fully agree!”Wen:Oh. Im not too good with slang. Go easy on me, alright?Nikki:Aight. Try this out...kill that set so we can hop over to Angles Hair Design. We gotta look fly while we gettin our groove on tonight. You down?Wen:Uh...is there a dictionary I can use or something?Nikki:Ha-ha! I said, “Turn off the TV, so we can go to a salon. We have to look good while were dancing tonight. Is that OK with you?”Wen:Word.参考译文:妮琪:我说,“西底”意思是“我完全同意!”小雯:喔我对俚语不在行别为难我,好吗?妮琪:厚啦那妳听听看这个……关掉电视,我们就可以去美容院我们今晚去跳舞得看起来美一点这样好不好?小雯:呃……有没有字典之类的东西让我查?妮琪:哈哈!我说,“关掉电视,我们就可以去美容院我们今晚去跳舞得看起来美一点这样好不好?”小雯:西底重点词汇:salon (n.)(专供美发或美容的)沙龙Angles Hair Design则是文中某家美发沙龙的名字A: Where are you going?你要去哪里?B: To the salon to get a hair treatment.去美发店做头发slang (v.)俚语本篇常用的黑人俚语,都可以在pp. 38-1的说明页找到更详尽的解释A: I have no idea what this actor is saying.我听不懂这个演员在说什么?B: Me, either-- Movies these days are filled with too much slang.我也是——现在的电影充斥各种俚语 37183

Andre: Three gallons of water.安德烈:3加仑水Dana: Check.德纳:已核对Andre: A quart of lemon juice.安德烈:一夸脱柠檬汁Dana: Got it.德纳:知道了Andre: A tablespoon of bleach.安德烈:一汤匙漂白剂Dana: Bleach?德纳:漂白剂?Andre: Bleach. A pint of vinegar.安德烈:漂白剂一品脱醋Dana: It’s in there.德纳:这里已记录Andre: A cup of baking soda.安德烈:一杯小苏打Dana: Okay.德纳:好的Andre: A teaspoon of liquid detergent.安德烈:一茶匙洗涤液Dana: Done.德纳:已记下Andre: A pound of bath salts.安德烈:一磅浴盐Dana: A pound?德纳:一磅?Andre: A pound. Three tablespoons of chlorine.安德烈:是的,一磅三汤匙氯Dana: Okay.德纳:好的Andre: An ounce of perfume.安德烈:一盎司的香水Dana: Done. Do you really think this is necessary?德纳:完成你真的觉得这个有必要吗?Andre: Have you smelled your stinky dog?!安德烈:你难道没有闻到你身上臭烘烘的味道吗?!译文属 368

get the candy, jewelry or romantic weekend in the country. In Japan, Valentine's Day gifts that are a little yucky, are all the rageAh! Valentine’s Day, flowers, diamonds and bugs. Maeko Miola can't contain the giggles thinking about giving her husband this, these confectionary critters are all chocolate, shaped into bugs and worms. It's the hot item in Japan Valentine’s Day, these buyers traveled an hour just to buy the bugs because everywhere else were sold out. “I want to surprise my boyfriend with something unusual.” Says Haruka Azuma. “Unusual is what drives Valentine’s Day sales in Japan.” says FCON, the makers of this chocolate. No fruits, no both. “So it looks like a strawberry, but there's chocolate inside.” “Yes. We sucked out the air by vacuuming. Then we pushed the chocolate in. First time eating banana like this, right?” What may explain all this is that in Japan Valentine’s Day is a day when women buy gifts men. So that may explain why those gifts that are kind of strange and a little creepy, are so appealing. But is this what men really want? Yoshihiro Tsukihashi says he’ll pass on the creepy chocolate. “I think it’s horrible.” He says. “I'd be scared to get this.” He warned his girlfriend. A few hours later, the store shelves said empty, the goods bought up by devilish wives and girlfriends. So maybe in Japan, women don’t receive Valentines. But these ladies will tell you. “The pleasure really is in the giving”. Kyung Lah, CNN, Tokyo. 5856

35  About Alzheimer Disease  Dementia is a brain disorder that seriously affects a person ability to carry out daily activities. The most common m of dementia among older people is Alzheimer disease (AD), which involves the parts of the brain that control thought, memory, and language. Scientists think that as many as .5 million Americans suffer from AD. The disease usually begins after age 60, and risk goes up with age.  AD is named after Dr. Alois Alzheimer, a German doctor. In 19, Dr. Alzheimer noticed changes in the brain tissue of a woman who had died of an unusual mental illness. He found abnormal clumps. Scientists also have found other brain changes in people with AD. Nerve cells die in areas of the brain that are vital to memory and other mental abilities.  Scientists do not yet fully understand what causes AD. Age is the most important known risk factor AD. Family history is another risk factor. Scientists believe that genetics may play a role in many AD cases. Scientists still need to learn more about what causes AD. In addition to genetics, they are studying education, diet, and environment to learn what role they might play in the development of this disease.  AD begins slowly. At first, the only symptom may be mild getfulness. In this stage, people may have trouble remembering recent events, activities, or the names of familiar people or things. They may not be able to solve simple math problems. Such difficulties may be a bother, but usually they are not serious enough to cause alarm.  However, as the disease goes on, symptoms are more easily noticed. People in the middle stages of AD may get how to do simple tasks, like brushing their teeth or combing their hair. They can no longer think clearly. They begin to ae problems speaking, understanding, ing, or writing. Later on, people with AD may become anxious or aggressive, or wander away from home. Eventually, patients need total care.  AD is a slow disease, starting with mild memory problems and ending with severe brain damage. No treatment can stop AD. However, some people in the early and middle stages of the disease, some dugs may help prevent some symptoms from becoming worse a limited time. Developing new treatments AD is an active area of research. Research has shown that vitamin E, estrogen, and ginkgo biloba slow the progress of AD. 183

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