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THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody! (Applause.) Oh, it is good to be in L.A.! (Applause.) It is colder in D.C.at the moment, colder in Chicago, and 70-degree weather is something to bethankful for. And it is great to be atDreamWorks Animation. I would like towork here. (Laughter.) I have asked Jeffrey. The only concern I had was the lights werekind of dim in the offices and -- (laughter) -- I’m pretty sure I’d fallasleep. But there’s a natural connectionbetween me and DreamWorks. I don’t knowif you know this, but my ears were one of the inspirations for “Shrek.” (Laughter.) That’s true. True story.Mellody was being very modestwhen she said she had a front-row seat. Mellody was one of my earliest supporters back when nobody couldpronounce my name. And her and JohnRogers at Arial Capital helped to co-chair some of my first fundraisers. Andthey’d have to drag some straggly group in, kicking and screaming, and write acheck and listen to this young senator who had a lot of ideas but notnecessarily any realistic prospects to win. And she went through a lot of ups and downs with me and my career and isjust a great, great friend. So I want tothank her publicly for all the support that she’s given us. (Applause.)We’ve got some folks here who arefighting for the people of Southern California every single day and I just wantto acknowledge them. We’ve got the Mayorof Glendale, Dave Weaver. (Applause.) We’vegot three of your outstanding members of Congress -- Brad Sherman, Adam Schiff,Karen Bass. They are all doing a greatjob. (Applause.) I want to thank all of you forbeing here. And I want to thank yourCEO, Jeffrey Katzenberg, for inviting me. (Applause.) Jeffrey, like Mellody, has been a friend and a supporterthrough thick and thin. And I think hisplace in the entertainment industry is legendary -- I don’t need to puff him uptoo much. (Laughter.) He has a healthy sense of self. (Laughter.) But he is a great friend and somebody whose counsel and advice I value.And I’m incredibly grateful to be here at this wonderful institution that hehelped to buildAnd I’ve come here today becausethis is one of America’s economic engines. Not just DreamWorks, but this whole cluster of companies thatgenerations have grown up knowing -- Disney and Warner and Universal andothers. When you think about it, whatfinance is to New York, what the auto industry is to the Midwest, what technologyis to Northern California, entertainment is to this part of the country. And most of us have spent a lotof time thinking about our favorite movies or TV shows, but we don’t oftenthink about the entire infrastructure and industry behind the scenes. Hundreds of thousands of middle-class jobs --they’re not always on the marquee -- jobs for electricians, and carpenters, andsound mixers, and makeup artists, and designers, and animators depend on thisincredible industry here in southern California. Entertainment is one of America’sbiggest exports. And every day, you sella product that’s made in America to the rest of the world. Every time somebody buys movie tickets, orDVDs, or distribution rights to a film, some of that money goes back to thelocal economy right here.And believe it or not,entertainment is part of our American diplomacy. It’s part of what makes us exceptional, partof what makes us such a world power. Youcan go anywhere on the planet and you’ll see a kid wearing a “Madagascar”T-shirt. (Laughter.) You can say, “Maythe Force be with you” -- they know what you’re talking about. (Laughter.)Hundreds of millions of peoplemay never set foot in the ed States, but thanks to you, they’ve experienceda small part of what makes our country special. They’ve learned something about our values. We have shaped a world culture through you. And the stories that we telltransmit values and ideals about tolerance and diversity and overcomingadversity, and creativity that are part of our DNA. And as a consequence of what you’ve done, youhelped shape the world’s culture in a way that has made the world better. They might not know theGettysburg Address, but if they’re watching some old movie, maybe “Guess Who’sComing to Dinner,” or “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” or “Will and Grace” and“Modern Family,” they’ve had a front-row seat to our march towards progress,even if their own nations haven’t made that progress yet. And young people in countries all around theworld suddenly make a connection and have an affinity to people who don’t looklike them and maybe originally they might have been fearful of, and nowsuddenly they say, oh, this person is like me -- which is one of the powers ofart, but that’s what you transmit. And that is a remarkablelegacy. Now, it’s also a bigresponsibility. When it comes to issueslike gun violence, we’ve got to make sure that we’re not glorifying it, becausethe stories you tell shape our children’s outlook and their lives. Earlier this year, leaders from this town satdown with Vice President Biden to talk about what Hollywood could do to helpkeep our kids safe. This was in the wakeof Sandy Hook. And those conversationsneed to continue. The stories we tellmatter. And you tell stories morepowerfully than anybody else on the Earth.But I want to make clear, even aswe think long and hard about the messages we send, we should never waver fromour commitment to the freedom that allows us to tell those stories sowell. Protecting our First Amendmentrights are vital to who we are. And it’salso good business, because in the global race for jobs and industries, thething we do better than anybody else is creativity. That’s something that can’t be copied. It’s one of the reasons why even with newmarkets and new technologies, there’s still no better place to make movies andtelevision and music than right here in the ed States.Entertainment is one of thebright spots of our economy. The gapbetween what we can do and what other countries can do is enormous. AUDIENCE MEMBER: Woo!201501/352446

Hi, everybody. 大家好。In my State of the Union Address, I talked about the idea of opportunity for all.在我的国情咨文里,我谈到了为所有人创造机会的理念。Opportunity is the idea at the heart of this country-that no matter who you are or how you started out, with hard work and responsibility, you can get ahead.机会是本国当前的核心理念,无论你是谁,来自哪里,只要你辛勤工作敢于担当,你就可以取得成功。I ran for President to restore that idea, and Im even more passionate about it today. 我正是为了重建这一理念才竞选总统的,今天我对此的与日俱增。Because while our economy has been growing for four years, and those at the top are doing better than ever, average wages have barely budged. 因为经济保持增长已经四年了,成功人士比以前更成功,而平均工资却基本没有变化。Too many Americans are working harder than ever just to get by, let alone get ahead-and thats been true since long before the recession hit.有太多美国人比以前更努力的工作却只能勉强度日,更别说取得成功了,在经济衰退冲击之前,长期以来,现实就是如此。Weve got to reverse those trends. 我们必须改变这一趋势。Weve got to build an economy that works for everyone, not just a fortunate few. 我们的经济必须惠及所有辛勤工作的人们,而不仅仅是富裕的少数人。And the opportunity agenda I laid out last week will help us do that.我上周提出的机会这一施政方案将帮助我们实现这一目标。Its an agenda with four parts. 这一方案包括四个部分。Number one: more new jobs. 第一:更多的就业。Number two: training folks with the skills to fill those jobs. 第二:为大家提供培训以适应这些工作的就业要求。Number three: guaranteeing every child access to a world-class education. 第三:确保每个孩子都能接受世界级的教育。And number four: making sure that hard work pays off, with wages you can live on, savings you can retire on, and health insurance thats there when you need it.第四:确保辛勤付出得到回报,有足够的工资可以生活,退休后有储蓄可以依赖,当你需要的时候有医疗保险的保障。I want to work with Congress on this agenda where I can.我希望与国会在这一事情上尽可能合作。But in this year of action, whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families, I will. 但在今年的工作中,无论我能否在立法机构那里取得进展进而为更多美国家庭带来更多机会,我都将全力以赴。Ive got a pen and a phone-a pen to take executive action, and a phone to rally citizens and business leaders who are eager to create new jobs and new opportunities. 我有一笔,一部电话:笔用来签署命令,电话用来倾听期望创造新的就业和新的机遇的公民和企业领导的声音。And weve aly begun.而且我们已经开始这么做了。In Wisconsin, I ordered an across-the-board reform of our training programs to train folks with the skills employers need, and match them to good jobs that need to be filled right now.在威斯康辛,我签署了一项培训计划全面改革的行政命令,用以为人们提供雇主所需技能的培训,让他们现在就具备新工作所需要的能力。In Pittsburgh, I directed the Treasury to create “my-RA,” a new way for working Americans, even if youre not wealthy, to start your own retirement savings.在匹兹堡,我指示财政部设立“我的退休金”计划,这对于美国工薪阶层这是一种新的方式,即便你不富裕,你也可以为你的退休生活开始储蓄。In Maryland, I rallied the leaders of some of Americas biggest tech companies to help us make sure all our kids have access to high-speed internet and up-to-date technology to help them learn the skills they need for the new economy.在马里兰,我召集了全美最大的几家技术企业的领导一起来帮助我们,确保所有的孩子都能接入高速互联网,跟上最新的技术发展,帮助他们掌握新经济所需要的各项技能。And at the White House, I brought together business leaders whove committed to helping more unemployed Americans find work, no matter how long theyve been looking. 在白宫,我找来承诺帮助失业人员找工作的企业领导,无论这些人失业多长时间都要帮助他们。And I directed the federal government to make hiring decisions the same way-based on whether applicants can do the job, not when they last had a job.我还指示联邦政府对招聘规则进行同样的调整,招聘基于应聘者是否适合该工作,而不是他上一份工作是什么时候。So when you hear me talk about using my pen and my phone to make a difference for middle class Americans and those working to get into the middle class, thats what I mean. 我说我要用一笔和一部电话为中产阶级和努力争取成为中产阶级的人们带来改变,就是这个意思。And Im going to keep asking students and parents and business leaders to help-because there are millions of Americans outside Washington who are tired of stale political arguments, y to move this country forward, and determined to restore the founding vision of opportunity for all.我还将继续寻求学生、父母和企业领袖的持,因为还有很多很多身在华盛顿以外的人们厌倦了一成不变的政治争论,他们时刻准备推动这个国家向前发展,对为所有人创造机会这一美好前景充满信心。And so am I. 我也同样如此。Thanks, have a great weekend, and to our Olympians in Sochi, go Team USA!谢谢,祝大家周末愉快。此外也祝参加索契冬奥会的运动员取得好成绩,加油,美国队! 201402/275683

So a little unknown secret is --那么, 一个不为人知秘密是 --did you see the one with the guy, hes got the Web cam?你有没有看到一个带着网络摄像机的家伙?The poor PC guy. Theyre duct taping his head. Theyre just wrapping it on him.这个可怜的PC男孩, 头上带着管子, 他们给他包装成那样儿.Well, a little unknown secret is his brother actually works on the Virtual Earth team.好, 一个不为人知的秘密是他的哥哥,其实在虚拟地球研发团队工作.(Laughter). So theyve got a little bit of a sibling rivalry thing going on here.(笑声). 那么, 那里表达一些兄弟之间对抗的东西.But let me tell you -- it doesnt affect his day job.但我告诉你 -- 这没有影响他每天的工作.We think a lot of good can come from this technology.我们想像这个科技带来很多的好处.This was after Katrina. We were the first commercial fleet of airplanes这是在Katrina飓风之后. 我们曾是灾难区域里的to be cleared into the disaster impact zone.第一个商业飞行队.We flew the area. We imaged it. We sent in people. We took pictures of interiors,我们飞到那个区域,拍下照片, 发给大家. 我们在灾区深入拍摄图片.disaster areas. We helped with the first responders, the search and rescue.我们帮助应急救生员, 搜索和营救.Often the first time anyone saw what happened to their house was on Virtual Earth.常常是人们是首先通过虚拟地球看到他们房屋的情况.We made it all freely available on the Web, just to --我们通过网络把这些免费提供给所有人, 是为了 -- 你知道,it was obviously our chance of helping out with the cause.这明显是我们为灾区人们提供帮助的机会.When we think about how all this comes together,当我们思考它时, 你知道, 这些东西如何组合到一起的.its all about software, algorithms and math.全是关于软件, 算法和数学.You know, we capture this imagery but to build the 3-D models你知道, 我们捕捉图像,但是为了构建三维模型,we need to do geo-positioning. We need to do geo-registering of the images.我们需要做地理定位. 我们需要做图片的地理标记.We have to bundle adjust them. Find tie points.我们必须收集调整他们. 找到联结点.Extract geometry from the images.完全是图像的几何学.This process is a very calculated process.这个过程完全是个计算的过程.In fact, it was always done manual.实际上, 几乎都是通过人工去计算的.Hollywood would spend millions of dollars to do a small urban corridor好莱坞愿意花上百万美金去计算电影中的一个小市区走廊for a movie because theyd have to do it manually.因为他们必须用手工计算.Theyd drive the streets with lasers called LIDAR.他们用激光扫描探测技术在街道上驾驶.Theyd collected information with photos. Theyd manually build each building.他们收集图片信息; 他们手工建造每个大楼.We do this all through software, algorithms and math --我们做这些完全通过软件, 算法和数学.a highly automated pipeline creating these cities.一个高度自动化的流水线来建造这些城市.We took a decimal point off what it cost to build these cities,我们在建造这些城市的费用上加一个小数点.and thats how were going to be able to scale this out and make this reality a dream.这就是我们为什么能把规模做大并且将现实转化成虚拟.We think about the user interface.我们考虑用户界面.What does it mean to look at it from multiple perspectives?采用多视角意味着什么?An ortho-view, a nadir-view. How do you keep the precision of the fidelity of the imagery一个鸟瞰视角, 一个垂直俯视. 你要如何保持图像的精度的同时while maintaining the fluidity of the model?保持模型的流畅性?Ill wrap up by showing you the --我会给你展示 --this is a brand-new peek I havent really shown into the lab area of Virtual Earth.这是个全新的俯视图我还没有放入虚拟地球的实验室区域.What were doing is -- people like this a lot,我们要做的是 -- 人们喜欢这个this birds eye imagery we work with. Its this high resolution data.我们要做的鸟瞰图. 是高度的数据.But what weve found is they like the fluidity of the 3-D model.但我们发现他们像三维模型的流畅度.A child can navigate with an Xbox controller or a game controller.孩子们可以使用Xbox或游戏机去探索.So here what were trying to do is we bring the picture and project it into the 3-D model space.这里,我们正尝试将图片映射到三维模型空间中.You can see all types of resolution. From here, I can slowly pan the image over.你可以看到所有的分辨率. 从这里,我可以慢慢平移图像.I can get the next image. I can blend and transition.我可以看到下一张图片, 我可以结合和过渡.By doing this I dont lose the original detail. In fact, I might be recording history.做这些操作时,我不会损失任何细节. 实际上,我有可能在记录历史.The freshness, the capacity. I can turn this image.新奇,能力. 我可以转动这个图像.I can look at it from multiple viewpoints and angles.我可以查看多视点和多角度.What were trying to do is build a virtual world.我们正在做的是, 打造一个虚拟世界.We hope that we can make computing a user model youre familiar with,我们希望可以计算出一个你熟悉的用户模型.and really derive insights from you, from all different directions.可以从你的角度,从所有不同的角度浏览.I thank you very much for your time.谢谢.201409/329840

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