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Too late to pick up the air ticket取票过晚Good aftemoon.I come here specialty to pick up my tickets.I booked it last month.This is my reservation note.下午好,我是专门来取票的我上个月订的票,这是我的订票回执I am terribly sorry.You didnt come to reconfirm hreoantly.You should have come to pick up your ticket three days ago since it an intemabonal flight.any reservation without reconfirmation within 7 hours will be canoelled.非常抱歉,您最近没有及时再确认您的预订您应该在三天前就来确认预订的由于这是国际航班,如果您没有在飞机起飞前7小时内再确以预订您的预订将被取消But I have been so busy all these days.Well,is there any other ticket available want the next one.但我最近一直很忙啊算了,还有没有其他的票呢?我要最近的一班 398533Making Bed Service铺床务House keeping.May I come in?客房部的我能进来吗?Come in please.请进Good eveninig,sir.I come to make the bed. Shall I do it now or later?晚上好,先生,我来铺床我现在做还是等一会?Well,since you have come,do it now please?既然你已经来了,就现在吧That aII.Have a nioestay here.好的,祝您在这里住的愉快Thank you.Please get some soap us.谢谢,请给我们取些香皂Just a moment.l will do it right now.稍等,我这就去 36658

采购数量与采购时机order quantities and timingA: Henry,what do you think matters the most in purchasing?B: Order quantities and timing.A: Why are they important?B: How and when to buy is a big concern in reducing cost.及时采购Just-in-time (JIT) purchasingA: Just-in-time purchasing seems to be quite popular now,isnt it?B: Yes.You know one goal of modern purchasing is to maintain supply continuitywith the minimum inventory investment.A: I think the goal of JIT purchasing is zero inventory.B: Theoretically speaking,it is.But in practice,that is rarely achieved.市场调查conduct a market researchA: I am thinking of doing a new business.B: What sort of business will it be?A: Ive been thinking about opening a supermarket.B: The business will be good if you choose the right location.Youd better conduct a market research first.市场定位 market positioningA: What is the market positioning our new products?B: We focus on the teenagers,their consuming power is increasing day by day.销售战略 selling strategyA: Have you predicted our position?B: Well be the market leader in the near future.Our selling strategy is the high quality of our products.市场会变得更规范The market will be standardized.A: What are the opporties the next five years?B: The market will be standardized.A: And?B: The government may announce more positive policies to promote the international business.市场营销策划 marketing planA: How is the marketing plan the new product going on?Dont get to analyze the basic four aspects.B: Dont worry;weve aly finished the part about product and promotion.分销渠道 distribution channelsA: What are the distribution channels you have found our products?B: Nowadays,the direct marketing is very popular,such as the internet,telephone,mail, etc.A: What are the advantages of direct marketing?B: The most prominent one is reducing the cost.中间商 intermediaryA: Do you think we should use the intermediaries to help us with the sales?B: Absolutely.They have knowledge of customers and their needs.定价时所定的战略目标strategic objectives in pricingA: What are the strategic objectives in your pricing?B: Im not sure about it.The least is survival,but we are trying to achieve profit maximization as well.特许经营权 franchiseA: Are you planning to go with one of those big chain supermarkets?B: Yes,that is probably reliable.A: But a franchise from those big supermarkets must be very expensive.B: Yes,I am thinking how to avoid investing a great deal of money.开设海外分公司Open an overseas branch companyA: Recently,we are preparing to enlarge our business scale further.B: You mean?A: We are discussing opening an overseas branch company in the US.B: Great,that a big market us to make the profit.我们可以把这里的经验运用在分公司的发展上We can apply the experience we have here to develop the branch company.A: Do we need to hire all the managers and staff in the US?B: No,the new company cannot be operated by all local people.A: So we need to send some managers and engineers from the headquaters to help them?B: Yes,thus we can apply the experience we have here to develop the branch company.当地的商务文化local business cultureA: We also need the local managers,because they know the local business culture.B: Would you please raise an example?A: example,when they negotiate with the American clients,they know better about the difference.B: It seems we need help from each other.调整管理风格adjust the management styleA: Our management in China is traditional,but in America,we need to adjust the management style to the local culture.B: That right,the management approach in American culture emphasizes independence.A: So we have to adjust to the different management when we are developing the new market.B: En,only by doing this can we get the market share in the local market.没有涉猎到的市场an untapped marketA: It time us to develop a new market now.So far,Vietnam is an untapped market our product.B: So wed better find an intermediary in Vietnam to help us begin our business there.潜在市场 potential marketsA: This year we are going to find more potential markets.B: That means well sell our products to more places?A: Yes,but we need to remember that some countries dont welcome the aggressive sales.B: Youre right.犯规 break the rulesA: We have to prepare well bee we enter into the new market.In addition to the culture,we need to understand their law regulations.B: Yes,it easy to break the rules if we are not familiar with them.开发新市场看重的是市场份额emphasize the market share when developing new markets.A: You must remember we emphasize the market share when we develop the new market.B: How about the other benefits?A: Of course,profit is what we want,but we need to get the customers first in the fierce competition.B: Ill take your advice.短期short-term planningA: What the short-term planning of your company?B: We are preparing to enter new markets in Europe.A: How do you define your term?B: Our planning is within next year.长期long-term planningA: The long-term planning of our company is to compete with the tune 500 corporations.B: When do you plan to enter into tune 500?A: I hope we will be on the list in .那些都是不可避免的挑战Those are all inevitable challenges.A: Can you imagine the challenges the next 5 years?B: Those are all inevitable challenges.A: Can you list some?B: Like the increasing price of raw materials,fierce competition and over capacity of the industry. 3587Team-working小组-工作A: Tell me about how you work here.A:说说你怎么在这里工作B: We work in teams. There are about four to six people in each team. Im training to be a team leader. Each team member is responsible the quality of the goods we produce. We are multi-skilled so we can rotate jobs. I like that. It stops the work getting boring.B:我们分小组工作每个小组四到六人不等我在接受小组长培训每个组成员对其生产的产品质量负责我们对于多项技能非常娴熟,我们可以轮流工作我喜欢这样停止了工作感到无聊的局面 969

Last Breakfast最后一顿早餐Evan and Mrs. Van Helsing sit next to each other at breakfast.艾凡和凡·赫尔辛太太早餐时坐在一起V:So, today you are leaving, Evan?老板:那么,艾凡,你们今天要走了,是不是?E:Yes. After three weeks, it time to hit the road again.艾凡:是的在这儿住了三个礼拜,是再上路的时候了V:How nice you to be able to pack up and leave whenever you like!老板:你们真好,可以随时想离开就收拾行李上路!E:This is the best trip of my life. Kathy doesnt want to leave at all.艾凡:这是我这生中最棒的一趟旅行凯西一点都不想离开V:Where is the darling girl? Isnt she hungry?老板:那亲爱的女孩到哪儿去?她不饿吗?E:She washing up. Shell be here in a minute.艾凡:她在盥洗一会儿就来V:I have your favorite breakfast you two today: 老板:今天我为你们两个准备了你们最喜爱的早餐:eggs easy over, waffles with maple syrup, yogurt, orange juice, and tea Kathy, coffee you.两面嫩煎的荷包蛋、加枫糖的松饼、优酪乳、柳橙汁,还有凯西的茶和你的咖啡E:I cant get over how you remember what all your guests like to eat, Mrs. Van Helsing.艾凡:凡·赫尔辛太太,我很讶异你怎么记得住所有房客喜欢吃的东西V:I only remember the preferences of those whom I like, Evan. 老板:艾凡,我只记得我喜欢的那些人的喜好You and Kathy have been ideal guests. Youre both so polite and considerate of others.你和凯西一直都是很棒的客人两个人都很有礼貌又体谅别人E:It been a real pleasure to stay with you, Mrs. Van Helsing. 艾凡:凡·赫尔辛太太,住你这儿我们一直都很愉快Anyway, after we return from Sweden, well be back next month to say hello bee we go back to New York.不管怎样,下个月我们从瑞典回来,返回纽约前会来打声招呼V:You two are welcome to stay with us anytime. Now, hurry up and finish your breakfast while it still hot!老板:欢迎你们两个随时来住我们这儿哦,趁早餐还热时赶快吃吧!重点单词查看全部解释minute['minit]想一想再看n. 分钟,片刻,备忘adj. 微小的 联想记忆X联想记忆:min小+ute→一分钟,微小的,细微的 waffle['w#596;fl]想一想再看v. 闲聊,胡扯 n. 废话,无聊的话 n. 华夫 联想记忆X联想记忆:wa哇,ff,le乐:两个人在哇哇的乐,因为在胡扯Charging 收付款S: Salesclerk 售货职员 C: Customer 顾客实用句型 Practical Key Sentences一. 收找钱 S: Here your change of 65 Yuan. Please double check it.找您65元请点一下S: Please pay the money over there and then come back to get your purchase.请到那边付款,然后回来取货S18: We dont accept tips here, thank you all the same.我们这里不收小费,不过还是谢谢您S19: Sorry, sir, would you mind exchanging this note please? (Maybe it is a ged note.)对不起,先生,如果您不介意,把这张钞票换一下好吗?(也许是一张假币)S: In order to show deference to our customers, I will dispense with the odd five.为尊重顾客起见,我会把5元零头减去S1: It very kind of you, but we dont take tips. It our store rule. Thank you anyway.您真好,但是我们不收小费这是我们店里的原则,不过还是谢谢您C1: I need some change.我需要零钱C: Keep the change.零钱不用找了C3: Im out of quarters.我零钱不够C: Are you sure you gave me the right change?你确定你找我的零钱是对的吗?C5: There is an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) nearby?附近有自动提款机吗?C6: Running short of cash.我的现金不够了C7: I didnt bring very much money with me.我身上没带多少现金C8: I was going to pay in cash, but I havent enough cash on me at the moment.我本打算付现金,但现在我带的现金不够C9: Originally I want to settle my bill in cash. But now I dont have enough cash on me.我本打算付现款,但现在我身边带的现金不够 975

Wake-up Service叫醒务What can I do you?有什么需要帮忙的吗?Id like to be waken up tomorrow moming.我明天早上需要一个叫醒务OK sir. At what time?好的,先生,请问是几点钟?Well, how long is from here to the train staton?从这里到火车站需要多长时间?If you take ataxi.n will be minutas.坐出租车需要分钟Then please wake me up at 7:OO.Thank you.那7点叫醒我吧,谢谢 369571

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