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抚顺市第三医院皮肤科抚顺市顺城人民医院医院肛肠科In this step by step guide professional potter Ricky Grimes shows you how to make a large salad bowl using an electric pottery wheel. All you have to do after this is decorate and fire your bowl.本期手把手教学陶工格兰姆斯将会演示如何使用电动陶轮制作水果沙拉碗,之后你所需要做的就是上釉和烧制。You Will Need所需材料:2.5 kg clay;1 pottery rib;pottery wheel;1 bamboo tool;1 pottery needle;1 sponge;1 cut-off wire2.5公斤泥土,陶器肋陶轮,竹具,陶针,海绵各一,一截电线Method方式Slightly wet the wooden bat and slap the clay in the middle. Turn on the wheel and slap it to get it centred on the wheel.将木质手拍涂湿然后拍击中间的泥土。开动陶轮然后将泥土的位置调整到陶轮中间。Put a bit of water on the clay, then turn on the wheel whilst squeezing upwards, then downwards. This will centre the clay and get rid of any air bubbles that might exist.在泥土中放入水,然后随着陶轮的转动将泥土的形状拉高压低,以摆正位置、去除气泡Once you have made a flattish circle, press down near the edge with your fingers to open up the pot.做成一个扁平圆的形状之后,用手指给模型扩展形状。Press on the outside of the pot where the clay meets the wooded wheel head using the side of your finger, at the same time, press the inside of the bowl with the fingers of your other hand. Squeeze and move your hands upwards with the wheel turning to create the sides of the bowl. Run the sponge along the rim of the bowl to get it level.一只手在外侧用手指背抵在泥碗底部与木质陶轮结合部,另一只手在里侧用力挤压,双手同步上移,塑造陶碗碗边的形状,使用海绵保持碗边的水平程度。Sponge out the water from the inside of the bowl. Run the wooden rib along the inside of the bowl with your hand on the oustside to smooth and stretch the bowl.从碗内侧底部使用海绵吸出多余的水,同时使用陶器肋使陶器表面平整舒展。Finish it off by smoothing the rim with the sponge, and trimming off any excess clay around the base with the bamboo tool.最后用海绵修整碗沿儿,用竹具将碗和剩余的泥土隔开。Use the wire cut-off wire to cut the pot free from the wheel.使用细线将成型的陶器与陶轮分开。Thanks for watching How To Make A Pottery Bowl谢谢收看本期“自制陶碗”教程,我们下期节目再见。201208/193742东洲区人民医院泌尿科咨询 Australia brides plan weddings on a budgetWhen it comes to the big day, almost all brides want their weddings to be perfect, whatever the cost. But in an economic crisis, money could be tight, even for fairytale weddings.Many girls dream of meeting Mr. Right and walking down the aisle for the perfect wedding. But making it the happiest day of her life is easier said than done.Bride-to-be, said, "I'm finding that anything to do with weddings is quite expensive. So I am going to shop around and try and get the best value that I can."During the economic downturn, second hand shops in Australia report a surge in demand for wedding dresses.Bride-to-be, said, "I'm trying to do things that are not too expensive, like expensive invitations, cars, that sort of thing I think is a bit of a waste."Few stores can compete with the value afforded by buying goods second hand.Wedding planners have to flex their creative muscles and take a new approach to their businesses.Kathy Apostolidis, Wedding Planner, said, "It's a great opportunity to clean it out, freshen it up and make it look better than ever before."But brides may be watching their dollars and cents a little more closely, they still want to be a princess for one day.06/74601抚顺市矿务局职工医院正规吗怎么样

抚顺男子医院专家预约Scott and his men sought the glory of discovery斯科特和队员们在无人涉足的荒原里in an untouched wilderness,追寻探索的荣耀and died in the attempt.却命丧途中But he, and those who followed him, were the first to reveal但他和队员们 是将南极壮丽美景the splendour of Antarctica to the rest of the world.呈现给世人的第一批人The lure of adventure still draws intrepid travellers today.今日 探险依然引诱着无畏的游客Like the first explorers,如同第一批探险者一样most modern visitors come during the brief summer大多数现代游客都趁短暂的夏天来到这when the cold relents enough for the toughest icebreakers这时候严寒缓和 最坚固的破冰船to reach the edge of the continent,才可以到达南极大陆but most still need a helicopter to go further.但要想走远 大多数人还需搭乘直升机The scenery in Antarctica is magnificent and dramatic,南极的风景壮丽宏大 变幻无穷but what really attracts people here is the wildlife.然而真正吸引游客的是野生动物An emperor penguin colony is a particular highlight.特别是帝企鹅聚居的地方Because human beings didnt人类在几世纪前arrive in the Antarctic until the past few centuries,才首次出现在南极大陆the animals have never developed a fear of man.这里的动物从不畏惧人类But very strict regulations govern但人们接近野生动物的范围how close people can approach any wildlife.受到严格规定And when visitors leave,而且当游客离开时they must take every trace of their visit away with them.必须将所有物品随身带走 /201212/214256抚顺清原县输卵管再通术哪家医院好的 创意之源何处寻觅?对好莱坞/宝来坞双栖导演谢加·凯普尔(执导影片《伊丽莎白》,《印度先生》)来说,创意来自于纯粹的焦虑的紧张感。他和我们分享了释放我们每个人心中故事盒的途径。201208/194807抚顺县做人流多少钱

新宾满族县不孕不育哪里好It was a disaster for France,对法国来说是场灾难it was a disaster for the French monarchy.对这位法国君王来说是场灾难For a king whose greatest hope对于一位最大愿望是保存was to live up to the glory of his predecessor,祖先荣耀的君王来说this was almost too much to bear.这已无法忍受The main thing that a King of France was supposed to do,法国国王要做的最主要事情which is sometimes forgotten, Le metier du roi,有时候可能被遗忘 那就是;王者之道;was the conduct of foreign policy.是外交政策的指导Now, he wasnt really supposed to mess around他本不应该去干涉with things like the Parlement, internal politics.最高法院和内政That wasnt his job. It was foreign policy.那不是他的职责 他的职责是外交政策And, if you cant even get that right,但如果你连本职都搞不好youre going to be hated.恨你是理所当然的Badly shaken by the assassination attempt,为这次的刺杀行动而大为震动and widely blamed for a each fresh military disaster,为每次的军事惨败而广受责难Louis hid himself away at Versailles.路易在凡尔赛宫深居简出The Seven Years War was, undoubtedly, the nadir for Louis XV.七年战争无疑是路易十五人生的最低谷He withdrew into himself,他开始离群索居and instead of doing what he had done during the Austrian War,没有像他在奥地利战争中所做的of getting to the front and leading his troops,去前线指挥军队instead he spent his time hunting, and if he wasnt hunting,而是一直在打猎 如果不在打猎he was with the girls in the Deer Park.就在鹿宛与女人们嬉戏201205/183577 抚顺第一人民医院大便出血医院哪家好抚顺人民医院预约



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