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外教带你学地道口语 第53期:节假日快乐 Its Christmas! 圣诞节了!Seasons greetingsHappy holidaysBest wishes to you and yours!To get caught up in the celebrations!送礼的一些今本礼仪什么时候拆开礼物? 送什么合适? /201510/402583。

  • Lindsay: So if you buy a game, how long does it take you to beat the game? One year or fifteen hours or what?林赛:如果买一个新游戏,你用多长时间能通关?是一年还是15个小时?Jake: Well, maybe the shortest one are only about six hours but it all depends on how much youre playing it. If its something I really like, sometimes I cant put it down and I just keep playing it and I finish it in a few days and sometimes, well, its alright but I cant get myself to keep playing it so sometimes it can take me a few months to finish a game.杰克:我最快的通关记录是6个小时左右,不过这要取决于玩游戏的时间。如果是我特别喜欢的游戏,那我就会停不下来,一直玩,基本上可以在几天内通关,如果我不想一直玩的话,那通关就需要几个月的时间。Lindsay: Oh, OK. So do you think youre a very skillful game player?林赛:好。你认为你是高手吗?Jake: No, Im pretty bad sometimes, especially at the newer games. Im better at the old ones.杰克:不是,在玩新游戏的时候我很糟糕。一些老游戏我玩得挺好。Lindsay: Oh, Ok, but one final question, do you think its more important to beat the actual game or when youre playing with someone to beat the person that youre playing with?林赛:最后一个问题,你认为玩游戏是通关更重要还是击败对手更重要?Jake: What do you mean?杰克:你是什么意思?Lindsay: So, you know, when youre friend comes over and youre both playing the games together and youre competing against one each other, or is it better to actually like beat the game itself? Does that make sense? Dont you usually against your friend?林赛:有时会有朋友过来和你一起玩,你们会在游戏里互相竞争,游戏通关更重要吗?你明白我的意思吗?你会经常和朋友一起对战吗?Jake: Yeah, sometimes I play against my friends, but it seems like theres less goal to it when youre playing against someone else. You win sometimes and you lose sometimes, but once you finish the game, then you can feel like youve accomplished something.杰克:有时我会和朋友在游戏里对战,不过在和别人对战时,赢的目标不是那么强烈。有时会赢,有时会输,不过一旦游戏通关,你会有种成就感。Lindsay: Oh, OK. Have you ever been so addicted to a game, and then you finished it and you were disappointed because you liked the game so much?林赛:好。如果你特别痴迷于一个游戏,通关后你会不会感到失望,因为你特别喜欢那个游戏?Jake: Actually, that happens a lot. Sometimes you finish a game that you really like and you wish there were more games that you could keep playing it.杰克:这种情况经常发生。把特别喜欢的游戏打通关后,你会希望还有更多的游戏,这样你就能继续玩了。Lindsay: OK, that happens to me but thats when I am ing a book, or yeah, usually when Im ing a book or finish a long project but I cant imagine that happening with a game.林赛:好,我也有过这种感觉,我在看书和完成一个长期项目后会有这种感觉,不过我无法想象通关后也会有这种感觉。Jake: Its exactly the same as with a book or with a TV series or something else that you really enjoy. When its finished...杰克:这和看完一本书或电视剧完结或是你特别享受的事情结束是一样的感觉。当完成时……Lindsay: Its bitter sweet, right?林赛:有种苦涩的甜蜜,对吧?Jake: Yes, exactly.杰克:没错。译文属 /201603/432956。
  • 昨天我朋友跟我说,她打算去佛罗里达墨西哥湾的海边渡假!大家都还记得去年墨西哥湾的原油泄漏事件,结果让原本是旅游圣地的佛罗里达游客量锐减。不过我朋友告诉我,现在清理工作已经完成,那里的旅游业正在慢慢复苏。这让我想到了一个习惯用语,那就是:bounce back.Bounce, 这个词本身是“弹回”的意思,而bounce back作为一个词组意思是“恢复原状,复苏”。我们可以说,this region starts to bounce back after the oil disaster. 这个地区在漏油灾难之后渐渐恢复过来。Bounce back 也可以用来形容人。我们来听听下面这个例句:例句-1:Grandmas fall on the ice last winter resulted in a badly broken leg. She spent months in a cast. Then she underwent weeks of physical therapy. Now her doctors say she can resume normal activities. Nobody could be happier than Grandma that shes finally bounced back.这段话是说:我奶奶去年冬天在冰上把腿摔骨折了。她带了几个月的石膏,之后又做了好几个星期的理疗。现在医生说她能恢复正常活动了。奶奶终于恢复健康了,她比所有人都要高兴。是啊。老人身体恢复健康不容易。去年我爷爷得了感冒,足足过了两个月才痊愈。My grandpa finally bounced back after two months of coughing. 我爷爷的咳嗽足足两个月才好。******其实,bounce back除了指身体恢复健康以外,也可以指情绪上,情感上的恢复。在下面这个例子里,我们来听听Carlos跟女朋友分手后做了什么:例句-2:Some guys have a hard time getting over a break-up with a girlfriend. Thats not the case with Carlos. He doesnt get depressed or become withdrawn. In fact, no sooner does he end one relationship than he begins another. He bounces back quickly.这段话是说:一些人在与女朋友分手之后一蹶不振。但卡洛斯可不是这样。他绝不会抑郁或者就此变得沉没寡言。实际上,每当他结束一段恋情之后马上就会开始新得恋情。他很快就能恢复过来。这也太快了吧! 或许是卡洛斯提出分手的。He doesnt need a lot of time to bounce back after the breakup, 他分手之后很快就能恢复过来。我们看到,bounce back可以用来形容很多种情况,比如说: 财政困难之后的经济恢复,身体复原,或者情感上的恢复。 /201609/463160。
  • A: Good morning, I am here to register.A: 您好,我是来报到的。B: You must be Xiao Li. Welcome.B: 你一定是小李吧,欢迎欢迎。A: When should I start my work?A: 我什么时候正式开始工作呢?B: Take it easy for a while. You should have a good rest today. Tomorrow I will take you to visit the village to get some general information.B: 别着急,你今天先好好休息休息。明天开始,我先带你到村里转转,熟悉→下这里的大概情况。A: Fine. Its my first time here. All the things I need to learn from you.A: 好的,我初来乍到的,有很多事情不懂,还请您多多指教。B: It doesnt matter. You know, the village is longing for high educated young people like you.B: 太客气了。你不知道,现在农村就需要你们这样有知识的年轻人。A: I will do my best here.A: 我会努力的。B: Ha-ha, I even dont know where you are from.B: 哈哈,我还不知道你是哪的人呢。A: My hometown is in Liaoning Province.A: 我老家在辽宁。B: Doesnt your family worry about your leaving?B: 一个人离家这么远,家里人不担心吗?A: A young man should broaden his horizon. And all my families agree to my decision as a village official. They think I can gain more practice here.A: 年轻人就应该出来见见世面。况且我家人都很赞同我选择当村官这个决定,他们认为我在这里能更好地磨炼自己。B: Well, just make yourself at home. Should you encounter any inconvenience, just tell us. We will help you out.B: 既然这样,就把这里当成自己的家吧。有什么困难直接跟我们说,我们会全力解决的。A: Thank you very much.A: 非常感谢。 /201506/379668。
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