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Part 3. A radio debate.Keywordsmoral, aborted fetal tissue, medical.Vocabularyabort, fetal tissue, Reverend, graft, alleviate, abortion, fetus, grave, flip side, full-fledged, condone, legality, Organization of Physicians Responsible Research.A. Listen to a radio talk show which is on the topic of using human fetal tissue medical experimentation.The debate takes place between a leading scientist and a religious leader. As you listen the first time, try to answer the following questions.Good morning, and welcome to today broadcast of ;Seeing both sides.;Today we have something very interesting you, a very controversial topic.Is it a moral use of technology to take advantage of aborted fetal tissue medical experimentation?Our guests today are Dr. Jasmine Farnazeh, head of the Organization of Physicians Responsible Research, and the Reverend William Cooper.They are here to discuss the moral and medical implications of this new area of research.Good morning, Doctor and Reverend. Good morning.Good morning. Dr Farnazeh, Let begin by hearing the arguments in favor.Well, scientifically speaking, it clear that aborted fetal tissue is quite a gold mine.It is been proven to be extremely successful in grafting new tissue use with burn victims.Research is being done into other potential uses as well.Reverend Cooper, how do you respond to that? What about these benefits?Well, of course I see the doctor point, and it is extremely important to do everything possible in terms of research to alleviate human suffering.however, you cant ignore the fact that fetal tissue is a product of abortion, which many consider to be an act of murder.Just as we hope you would not kill another person to benefit yourself, it is immoral to use the life of a fetus in this way.Yes, Reverend Cooper, I suppose some people could say abortion is an act of murder, but it really important to clearly seperate issues here.You cant ignore the fact that abortion is legal in this country at this time.Certainly while we can recognize that as a grave human tragedy, it is a fact that it happens frequently, thousands of times every day.If this is the case, it makes good medical sense to derive any benefit from it that we can.Isnt the tragedy perhaps minimized if this tissue can be used to further human life?And, indeed, in terms of using this tissue to create new, living healthy skin burn victims, are we not in some small way allowing that life to continue?That one way of looking at it.However, another way of looking at it is to say that the life of that fetus deserves every opporty to grow and develop as an individual, that using these victims is simply adding insult to injury.And really, Dr. Farnazeh, can you seriously mean to imply that the benefit this tissue provides skin grafts burn victims balances the fact that a human life and all its potential has been taken without its consent?Maybe you have a point there, and Im sure many people would agree with you.But the flip side of the tissue is that our greatest moral obligation is to the living.As long as abortion is legal, as long as those fetuses are not developing into full-fledged human life, it seems we must devote our energies to concentrating on and helping in every way possible those who are alive and suffering.What exactly do you mean, Dr. Farnazeh? Are you condoning abortion?It doesnt matter whether or not I condone it.On one hand, we could spend a great deal of time arguing about the moral implications of abortion.On the other hand, this would be a waste of time since our opinions dont change the fact that it legal. We may as well simply accept the legality and go from there.Youve both raised a number of very interesting points.Im sure youve given our listeners a lot of food thought about this complex and controversial issue.Let take a short break now and when we return, well take some calls from our listeners. 5537

Bean: Not bad. Hed probably make a better model than president.Jess: We were thinking the same thing. How about using those images your new line of T-shirts?Bean: What do you mean? Wouldnt that be kind of controversial?Jess: Yes, but think of all the free advertising that will bring-with world politics as they are, the shirts will market themselves!Bean: Yes, yes, that perfect! I always knew sending out all those wards would help. Im going to send out even more!Three: NO! STOP, PLEASE!参考译文:炳:不赖啊或许他当模特儿会比当总统好洁丝:我们也有一样的想法你的新款T恤用这些图样如何?炳:你是什么意思?不会太具争议性吗?洁丝:会呀,不过想想它所带来的免费广告——随着世界政治局势的状况,这些T恤自己就可以行销自己了!炳:对、对,太赞了!我就知道寄这些转寄信会有帮助我未来还要寄更多!三人:不!别寄了,拜托重点词汇:controversial有争议的A: Why did Madonna not release her latest music ?玛丹那为何不发行她的音乐录像带?B: She was worried that its anti-American themes would be controversial.她担心反美主题会引起争议politics (n.)政治(固定加s)当「政治学,策略」解释时,做单数;做「政治现状,政治局势」时,单复数均可It a good idea not to talk about politics with strangers.不要跟陌生人谈政治是一个好主意 37

dine吃饭,appetite食欲, scurry急匆匆地走He’s A Club MemberWhile dining in the club in the Philippines, my wife and I lost our appetites when a rat scurried past up. “Waiter!” I said, pointing to the rodent. “What are you going to do about that?” “It’s all right, sir,” he said unfazed. “I’ve aly confirmed he’s a club member.”他是俱乐部会员我和太太在菲律宾的一个俱乐部里吃饭,看到一只老鼠从身边窜过,顿时没了胃口我指着老鼠问侍者:“你准备怎么处置?”他毫不在意地说:“先生,这没什么我已经确认过他是我们俱乐部的会员”1.dine吃饭也可以指“请客”: Our school dined the famous scholar.我们学校宴请了这位有名的学者 .the Philippines菲律宾注意说到菲律宾这个国家时要加上冠词the以及复数形式3.appetite食欲 The baby has a good appetite.这个婴儿食欲很好 .scurry急匆匆地走 It began to rain and we scurried shelter.下起雨来, 我们急忙找地方躲避5.rodent啮齿目动物在这里指上文提到的那只老鼠6.unfazed不苦恼的源自动词faze,指“使担忧” 90

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