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淮安第四人民医院打胎多少钱淮安人流手术安全妇科医院So Im banging out my story and I know its good,我要大声地说出我的故事,我知道很好笑and then I start to make it better - by adding an element of embellishment.为了让故事更生动我会加点油、添点醋,Reporters call this ;making shit up.;记者们称之为“瞎掰”。And they recommend against crossing that line.他们建议不要逾越那条线,But I had just seen the line crossed between a high-powered dean and assault with a pastry.但我刚看见糕点飞过那条线砸在院长大人的脸上。And I kinda liked it.我还挺开心的。OK, so now lets look into your brain and see whats happening when you listen to these kinds of stories.好,我们接下来看看当大脑听到这类故事会怎样反应。And lets start simple -- lets start with one listener and one brain area:先从简单的开始,一位聆听者和他大脑的一块区域:the auditory cortex that processes the sounds that come from the ear.也就是处理耳朵接收声音的听觉皮层区块。And as you can see, in this particular brain area, the responses are going up and down as the story is unfolding.如你所见,这特定区域的脑波会随着故事的进展而上下波动。Now we can take these responses and compare them to the responses in other listeners in the same brain area.接下来,我们拿此波形与其他受测者同区的脑波做比较。And we can ask: How similar are the responses across all listeners?我们会问:所有受测听众的反应有多相似呢?So here you can see five listeners.各位可以看到这五位受测者的脑波。And we start to scan their brains before the story starts,故事开讲前,我们已经开始扫描他们的大脑,when theyre simply lying in the dark and waiting for the story to begin.当时他们正坐在黑暗中等待故事开讲。As you can see, the brain area is going up and down in each one of them,如你所见,此时五人的脑波上上下下,but the responses are very different, and not in sync.各不相同,毫不同步。However, immediately as the story is starting, something amazing is happening.然而,就在故事开始后,奇妙的事情就发生了。201609/468708淮安中山妇科医院治疗妇科多少钱 淮安如何治疗男性龟头炎

洪泽县妇幼保健院体检多少钱16.The Democratization of Education---Commencement Address by Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll at Oxford University16.教育的民主化——哥伦比亚女歌手夏奇拉在牛津大学的演讲I have a fantasy about this future that I want to share with you today.我有一个对未来的幻想,在此我想和在座的各位一起分享。Let me put it this way, if civilization were a car, we would have been cruising at 20 miles per hour for millions of years only to hit light speed in the last hundred.让我这么说吧,如果把文明比作一辆汽车,那么数百万年以来我们一直在以每小时20英里的速度平稳行驶,但在最近的一百年里,它却飞驰如光远。So I wonder what made us accelerate so quickly recently and how can we continue this pace? There is only one explanation to me, and thats the democratization of education.所以,我在想:是什么让我们的文明在最近这些年迅猛发展,我们又该如何保持这个速度呢?于我而言,只有一个,那就是教育的民主化。I strongly believe that the best is yet to come, with universal access to education to feed our collective intelligence, with our commitment to meet and organize in places like this, with students like you-we could be so close to create a network of intellects, an enormous think tank devoted to sharing the best ideas and inspiring each other to keep learning, keep informing and keep advancing our world, and finding solutions to our common issues. Wouldnt that be great?我深信最好的日子还没有到来。通过普及教育来丰富我们集体的知识宝库,通过我们的努力把大家召集到类似今天这种地方,通过像你们这样的学生建立起一个人才网络、一个巨大的思想宝库,然后通过这个知识网络和思想库来分享最好的思想,激励彼此不断学习,不断增长知识,以及让我们的世界不断发展前进,并为我们共同关心的问题找到解决方法。这该有多么美好啊!We have evolved so far in history, with so many technological advances in just the past century, so, how will we evolve in the next ten years, or twenty years, or fifty years-now that we know that the world has shrunk and has become just one big neighborhood.在人类历史的长河中,我们繁衍生息。在过去一个世纪中我们取得了许多科技进步,那么在未来的十年、二十年、或五十年中我们又将如何发展呢?我们知道现在世界已经变小了,演化成了一个大社区。You are the architects of change. So tell me, how many things that seem inconceivable today will be obvious tomorrow? How long will man live? How will society be structured? Will we still be organized in couples, in communities with very nice governance? Sadly, at the current pace of change, we wont have universal access to education in a hundred years, let alone five. That is unacceptable.你们是这些变化的设计师。那么请告诉我,有多少在今天看来不可思议的事情会在明天成为现实?人类将会活多久?社会将会如何构架?我们还会实行夫妻制吗?我们还会在管理有序的社区生活吗?悲哀的是,按照目前发展的速度,我们再用100年也无法普及教育,更别说五年了。这个事实让人难以接受。Especially, when the world has the resources to feed itself several times over, then, why are children starving? Latin America, alone has 3 times the necessary abundance to feed its entire population.尤其是,当这个世界有成倍的资源用来养活自己的时候,为什么还有孩子在挨饿?例如,拉丁美洲,它拥有能够供给其三倍人口的充裕食物。These children cant wait; they cant wait a hundred more years.这些孩子不能再等了,他们不能再等一百年了。They need us to cure a child with Leukemia or AIDS with a simple pill or with a breakthrough vaccine. We need to live in a world in which together we can find a solution to global warming so we dont have to worry every time a single storm begins to form on the horizon. We need to find new ways to distribute food so no child goes to bed hungry.他们需要我们用一粒简单的药片或一种突破性的疫苗来治好孩子的白血病或艾滋病。我们需要生活在这样一个世界里,我们可以共同寻找全冻变暖的解决方案,这样我们就不用担心随时可能有风暴发生。我们需要找到新的方法来分配食物,让孩子们不会饿着肚子睡觉。And I know that education is our ticket.而教育,我知道,就是我们的方法。201706/511942江苏省洪泽县中医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱 53. I'm looking forward to... 我盼望着······ 用法透视 表示满心欢喜的期待某样东西时用该句型,"to"是介词,后面跟所期待的东西。 持范例 1. I'm looking forward to your visit. 我盼望着你来拜访。 2. I'm looking forward to your new book. 我盼着你的新书。 3. I'm looking forward to your friendship. 我期待着成为你的朋友。 会话记忆 A: I couldn't wait to meet you in person. 我都等不及跟你见面了。 B: Me, too. I've heard so much about you. 我也是。我久仰你的大名。 A: Same here. 我也是。 B: I was looking forward to your arrival. 我盼望着你的到来 /200705/13332淮安那家医院治疗软下疳效果好

淮安中山医院做一次人流大概要多少费用VOA流行美语 86: HANG IN THERE / STRESSED OUT今天Larry到Li Hua的宿舍去串门,Li Hua会学到两个常用语:hang in there和to be stressed out。LL: Li Hua, you look exhausted. Is everything OK?LH: 哎哟, Larry, 我得在星期五以前赶出两篇论文,星期五还有一门课要大考,你说我能不累吗?I AM exhausted!LL: Hang in there, Li Hua! After Friday it will be all over, and then you can relax.LH: Hang in there? 那是什么意思呀?LL: Hang in there. Hang in there just means "to keep enduring" or "to persist through a difficult situation."LH: 噢,hang in there的意思就是,在困难的情况下再忍一忍,或者坚持下去。HHang in there - Hmm...这个说法很有意思。不过hang这个词本意不是"悬挂"吗?LL: That's right, but "hang in there" can also mean "to stay the same" or "to not give up".LH: 噢,我明白了,hang in there就是要"坚持下去,不要放弃"的意思。LL: Exactly! Remember last semester when you had two tests and a term paper due the same week, you hung in there and even managed to get good grades. When things get tough, you just have to hang in there.LH: 我当然记得上学期的那个礼拜。一个星期里,我有两门课要考试,还要交一篇学期论文。我当时咬紧牙关坚持学习,结果还得了好分数。所以你说,这就是hang in there的意思吧?LL: You're right! Let me give you another example. If someone is having an emergency and calls the 9-1-1 emergency hotline, the operator might say, "Hang in there, an ambulance will be there in a few minutes".LH: 噢,你说要是遇到紧急情况打911电话,接线员可能会说,Hang in there! 也就是说:"别着急,坚持一下,救护车马上就到"的意思。LL: So, just hang in there, Li Hua. You'll finish the papers before Friday and get good grades for the test too!******LH: 嗨,Larry, 我刚考试考完。现在好了, 我可以轻松一下了。LL: Well, I'm glad to see you so happy now that your test is over and those papers are done. You were really stressed out last week!LH: 就是啊,我现在好高兴。可是,你说我上星期怎么了?Stressed out?LL: I said you were "stressed out". Stressed out means that you were under so much stress and pressure that you barely made it.LH: 噢,stressed out意思就是"压力太大,几乎承受不了"。Hmm, 这话一点没错,我上个星期还真是有点顶不住了。Larry, 你倒是好像不太容易stressed out.LL: That's because I know that to be stressed out usually makes things worse. I find that I do better on a test when I'm not stressed out about it.LH: Hmm, 我也有这种感觉,你越是感到压力大,越会坏事。在这种情况下,考试都是考不好的。LL: Last week, you appeared a little bit impatient, but I understand it's because you were really stressed out about your papers. So I encouraged you to HANG IN THERE.LH: 我上星期显得很烦躁呀!哟,我自己还没有察觉呢。Larry, 我要是对你显得不耐烦, 对不起哟!下次再遇到压力很大的情况,也就是我stressed out的时候,我一定会记住,要坚持下去,要hang in there.LL: Oh, don't worry about it. The last thing I want is for you to stress out about making me upset. By the way, did you call Michael last night?LH: 对,我打了。他说他还不太习惯那儿的生活,我让他hang in there! Try not to be stressed out. 他还让我向你问好呢!LL: That's nice!今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是hang in there, 表示"坚持下去,不放弃"。另一个是to be stressed out, 意思是"压力太大"。 /200602/3161 英语日常口语 27:The hungry cat本单元是关于饥饿猫的对话Tim: I don't believe it! Kitty's just eaten my dinner. I was putting the kettle on and I turned round and there she was, eating my chicken. That cat's a pain in the neck.Alice: Oh calm down. Tim: It drives me mad! I'm starving, I've been slaving away in that dusty old stockroom all day. I hate work just now and then this happens! The cat's got to go or be put down.Helen: Don't be horrible. You can buy something else to eat. Tim: We're not all as rich as you, you know, daddy's girl! Helen: How dare you Tim! I didn't eat your chicken. You drive me up the wall sometimes.Alice: Hey guys, chill out.Vocabulary:to fly off the handle (v, informal): to be very angry 发脾气It's a pain in the neck (idiom): It's very annoying 惹人嫌,让人很受不了的麻烦I'm starving (informal):I'm very hungry 饿极了To put an animal down: To kill an animal, usually because it is old or ill 把(老弱病残的)动物杀掉A daddy's girl: A woman who isn't independent but is spoilt and looked after by her father (or other father-like figure) 乖乖女本单元的语言点是与愤怒有关的习语,习惯用语得以隐喻的形式去理解,而非从字面上的意思去理解。如果有人说“see red”,意思是指某人发怒,冒火(这里用的是隐喻),而不是指某人看到红色(字面上的意思)。Idioms of anger 与愤怒有关的习语 Idioms use language metaphorically rather than literally. If you 'see red', it means you are very angry (the metaphorical meaning) not that you look at something or someone and see the colour red (the literal meaning). Idioms are also fixed groups of words so you can't change the wording of an idiom. For example, you can say 'I'm at the end of my tether' to say you have reached the limits of your tolerance but you can't say 'I'm at the end of my rope? 习惯用语通常是固定的一些词语,人们不能随意改变习惯用语的词语组成。比如,可以说‘I’m at the end of my tether’来表示山穷水尽,或智穷力竭(tether是栓牛、马等的系绳,系链),但是却不可以说‘I’m at the end of my rope’。Idioms - losing your temper (发脾气):I lost my rag when the traffic warden gave me a ticket. I blew my top when the traffic warden gave me a ticket. I lost my temper in a dramatic way when she gave me a ticket.(当她给我开出罚单时,我立刻火冒三丈。)Idioms - getting angry (发怒,冒火):I saw red when he refused my request for a pay rise. I got angry. (Red refers to the blood rising in your eyes!) (当他拒绝我的加薪要求时,我立刻火冒三丈。我非常气愤。)Noisy children make the teacher hot under the collar. Noisy children make his blood boil. He gets angry when children are noisy. (Both these idioms refer to the idea of being angry and getting hot.) (当孩子们吵闹时,他变得很愤怒。在这里,上述两个习语指的都是愤怒和火冒三丈的意思。)I'm at the end of my tether. If those children don't shut up, I'll ... I have reached my limit, I am about to lose my temper. (我已忍无可忍,快要发脾气了。如果他们还不住嘴,我就要......)Right! That's the last straw. Be quiet now! Something has happened to finally push me over my limit. I won't tolerate this noise anymore. (The last straw是指一系列重压、打击中,终于使人不能忍受的最后一击;终于使人不而垮下的小事。)Idioms - being annoyed or irritated (恼火或烦躁):He is such a pain in the neck (惹人嫌,让人很受不了的麻烦). He's always asking for money. He really winds me up (让人烦). He's always asking for money. He drives me up the wall (把人搞得心烦意乱). He's always asking for money. He irritates or annoys me, usually because he does something repeatedly. (他不断地做某事,让人感觉很烦恼) /200707/16029涟水县治疗痔疮多少钱淮安市中山医院割包皮



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