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Right now, youre probably sitting down to watch this 现在,你可能坐着看这个视频,and staying seated for a few minutes to view it is probably okay.花上几分钟坐着看完这个视频好像没什么问题。But the longer you stay put, the more agitated your body becomes.但是你坐得越久,你的身体就越焦躁不安。It sits there counting down the moments until you stand up again and take it for a walk.你的身体坐着数倒计时,直到你重新站起来带着你的身体走两步。That may sound ridiculous. Our bodies love to sit, right? Not really.这听起来可能很荒谬。我们的身体喜欢坐着,不是吗?不是的。Sure, sitting for brief periods can help us recover from stress or recuperate from exercise.的确,短时间地坐一会能帮我们从紧张的情绪中中恢复过来,或在运动后恢复体力。But nowadays, our lifestyles make us sit much more than we move around,但是如今,我们的生活方式使我们坐的时间远远大于我们活动的时间,and our bodies simply arent built for such a sedentary existence.然而我们的身体并不仅是为了久坐而构建的。In fact, just the opposite is true.事实恰好相反。The human body is built to move, and you can see evidence of that in the way its structured.人类的身体生来是为了运动。并且你能从人类的身体构造的方式中找到据。Inside us are over 360 joints, and about 700 skeletal muscles that enable easy, fluid motion.我们全身有超过360个关节,还有大约700块骨骼肌,这让我们能够轻松流畅地做各种动作。The bodys unique physical structure gives us the ability to stand up straight against the pull of gravity.人类身体独特的构造使我们能够对抗地心引力,笔直地立在天地之间。Our blood depends on us moving around to be able to circulate properly.我们的血液需要我们活动才能合理地循环。Our nerve cells benefit from movement, and our skin is elastic, meaning it molds to our motions.身体活动同时也会给神经细胞带来好处。而且我们的皮肤是有弹性的,它会随着我们的动作而变化。So if every inch of the body is y and waiting for you to move, what happens when you just dont?所以,我们身体的每一寸都准备好了并期待着你去多活动,但如果你偏偏不动,我们身体到底会发生什么事?Lets start with the backbone of the problem, literally.让我们先来看看脊椎部分。Your spine is a long structure made of bones and the cartilage discs that sit between them.你的脊椎是一个长形的结构,骨骼和软骨交错其中。Joints, muscles and ligaments that are attached to the bones hold it all together.附着在骨骼上的关节,肌肉和韧带把它们紧紧地连结在一起。A common way of sitting is with a curved back and slumped shoulders,最常见的坐姿是弯着的背和下榻的肩膀,a position that puts uneven pressure on your spine.这个姿势往往给你的脊椎施加了不平均的压力。Over time, this causes wear and tear in your spinal discs, overworks certain ligaments and joints,日积月累,它会磨损你的腰间盘,使一些关节和肌肉过度劳损,and puts strain on muscles that stretch to accommodate your backs curved position.肌肉也紧绷着去迎合弯曲的背部。This hunched shape also shrinks your chest cavity while you sit,驼背坐着同时也缩小了你胸腔的空间,meaning your lungs have less space to expand into when you breath.这意味着,呼吸时肺部舒张没有足够的空间。Thats a problem because it temporarily limits the amount of oxygen that fills your lungs and filters into your blood.这样就形成了一个问题,因为它暂时性地限制了填充肺部和滤进血液里的氧气容量。Around the skeleton are the muscles, nerves, arteries and veins that form the bodys soft tissue layers.骨架的周围都是肌肉,神经,和动静脉,形成了人体的软组织层。The very act of sitting squashes, pressurizes and compresses, and these more delicate tissues really feel the brunt.这种坐姿,无时无刻不在向身体施加压力,而这些更为精细的组织真实地感受到了这种冲击。Have you ever experienced numbness and swelling in your limbs when you sit?当你久坐的时候,你有过四肢肿胀或者肢体麻木的感觉吗?In areas that are the most compressed, your nerves, arteries and veins can become blocked,这是因为在那些被挤压的最厉害的部位,你的神经,动脉和血管会慢慢堵塞,which limits nerve signaling, causing the numbness, and reduces blood flow in your limbs, causing them to swell.这阻断了神经信号的传导,引起麻木;并且这种堵塞减缓了你肢体中血液流动的速度,使你四肢肿胀。Sitting for long periods also temporarily deactivates lipoprotein lipase,同时,长时间的坐着会导致脂蛋白脂肪酶暂时性失效,a special enzyme in the walls of blood capillaries that breaks down fats in the blood,这是一种存在于毛细血管壁中降低血液中脂肪含量的一种特殊酵素。so when you sit, youre not burning fat nearly as well as when you move around.所以当你坐着的时候,你的体内几乎没有像你活动时那样分解脂肪。What effect does all of this stasis have on the brain?这种停滞和郁积对人的大脑又有什么影响呢?Most of the time, you probably sit down to use your brain,在很多时候,你大概都是坐着去思考问题,but ironically, lengthy periods of sitting actually run counter to this goal.但是讽刺的是,长时间的坐着却让你和你的初衷背道而驰。Being stationary reduces blood flow and the amount of oxygen entering your blood stream through your lungs.坐着不动使血液流动放缓,使通过肺部进入血液中的氧气减少。Your brain requires both of those things to remain alert,你的大脑需要所有这些东西去保持灵敏,so your concentration levels will most likely dip as your brain activity slows.随着你的大脑活动减慢,你的注意力集中程度有很大的可能性会降低。Unfortunately, the ill effects of being seated dont only exist in the short term.不幸的是,这种不良影响在短期内并不会发生。Recent studies have found that sitting for long periods is linked with some types of cancers and heart disease近期研究发现,长期坐着与某些癌症和心脏病存在特殊的联系,and can contribute to diabetes, kidney and liver problems.并且可能促成糖尿病,引起肾脏和肝脏的病变。In fact, researchers have worked out that, worldwide, inactivity causes about 9% of premature deaths a year.事实上,研究者已经发现,每年世界上过早死亡的案例中,不活动占据了9%的死因。Thats over 5 million people.总数超过5百万人。So what seems like such a harmless habit actually has the power to change our health.这个看起来并没有多大害处的习惯,实际上却有影响我们健康的能力。But luckily, the solutions to this mounting threat are simple and intuitive.幸好,解决这个威胁的方法非常简单。When you have no choice but to sit, try switching the slouch for a straighter spine,当你只能坐着的时候,试着去抬头挺胸,and when you dont have to be bound to your seat, aim to move around much more,当你不需要被绑在座椅上时就更不用说了,试着去到处走走活动活动。perhaps by setting a reminder to yourself to get up every half hour.或者你可以给自己设一个提示,每隔半个小时起来一下。But mostly, just appreciate that bodies are built for motion, not for stillness.更多的时候,我们要感激人类的身体是为运动而生,而不是寂静。In fact, since the s almost over, why not stand up and stretch right now?其实,这个视频也快到尾声了,为什么不趁现在起来走走?Treat your body to a walk. Itll thank you later.把走一走当作对你身体的小奖赏,它会在日后感谢你的。201706/515085。

栏目简介:Several retired members of the US womens national soccer team watched a girls match at a primary school in Putuo District today. Yuan Chenyue brings us the story.201705/507179。

New and improved treatments are helping HIV patients live much longer.最新和改进的治疗方法帮助HIV患者活得更长。According to a new study, the life expectancy for people in developed nations living with HIV has gone up for about a decade.根据一项新的研究,发达国家HIV感染者的平均寿命已经上升了约十年。And researchers say its thanks to improved HIV medications, along with better screening, prevention and treatment for other health problems associated with the virus.研究人员表示,这得益于改进的HIV药物,以及更好的筛选,预防和治疗与病毒相关的其他健康问题。A team of researchers at the University of Bristol studied data from more than 88,000 people who had HIV in Europe and North America.布里斯托大学的一组研究人员对来自欧洲和北美88,000多名HIV感染者的数据进行了研究。All of the patients were treated between 1996 and 2010.所有患者均在1996年至2010年间接受治疗。The researchers found the life expectancy for 20-year-olds undergoing HIV treatment increased by nine years for women and 10 years for men.研究人员发现,20岁的女性接受HIV治疗的预期寿命增加了九年,男性则增加了10年。And the study predicted 20-year-olds who started therapy after 2008 and survived the first year could live to be about 78.这项研究预测20岁人群在2008年以后开始接受治疗的,第一年存活下来的可以达到78岁左右。Thats pretty encouraging news, considering the average life expectancy in the U.S. is 79 years.这是相当令人鼓舞的消息,考虑到美国的平均寿命是79岁。These findings are a big milestone in the fight against HIV and AIDS. But its important to note that HIV-positive patients can face other life-threatening obstacles.这些发现是抗击HIV和AIDS的一个里程碑。但要注意的是,HIV阳性患者可以面对其他危及生命的障碍。For instance, some patients dont have access to the consistent, high-quality care needed to keep the virus in check.例如,有些患者没有获得一致的、高质量的护理需要保持病毒检查。And life expectancy in the U.S. can vary by as much as 20 years, depending on where someone is born.美国的预期寿命可以相差20年,这取决于某人出生的地点。But internationally, theres still a lot of room for improvement. The World Health Organization says over 36 million people worldwide live with HIV but less than half are on antiretroviral therapy.但在国际上仍有很大的改进空间。世界卫生组织表示,全世界有超过3600万人感染艾滋病毒,但只有不到一半的人接受抗逆转录病毒治疗。译文属。201705/509627。

原味人文风情:In the comments section of a YouTube called, ;Can Video Games be a Spiritual Experience,; user 00WARTHERAPY00 told this story. These are his exact words.在一部叫作“电动可以是场心灵体验吗”的 YouTube 影片留言区中,用户 00WARTHERAPY00 说了这个故事。这些是他本人的话。Well, when I was four, my dad bought a trusty Xbox. You know, the first ruggedy, blocky one from 2001. We had tons and tons and tons of fun playing all kinds of games together, until he died when I was just six.嗯,四岁的时候,我爸买了台可靠的 Xbox。你知道,2001年推出,耐用结实的第一代那台。我们一起玩各种游戏玩得好开心、好开心,直到他在我才六岁时去世了。I...couldnt touch that console for 10 years. But once I did, I noticed something. We used to play a racing game, Rally Sports Challeng—actually, pretty awesome for the time it came. And once I started meddling around, I found a ghost...literally.我……有十年没办法碰那台游戏机。不过当我去玩时,我发现一件事。我们以前常玩一款赛车游戏,《越野挑战赛》——就它发行的年代来说,真的是款蛮不赖的游戏。然后当我开始随便玩玩时,我发现一个幽灵……真的幽灵。You know when a time race happens, that the fastest lap so far gets recorded as a ghost driver? Yep, you guessed it. His ghost still rolls around that track today. And so I played and played and played until I was almost able to beat the ghost. Until one day I got ahead of it, I surpassed it, and...I stopped right in front of the finish line, just to ensure I wouldnt delete it.你知道计时赛开始时,目前最快的单圈成绩会被纪录成幽灵车手吗?没错,你猜对了。他的鬼魂如今仍在那条赛道上游走。所以我一直玩、一直玩,玩到我差不多要能击败幽灵了。直到有一天我领先它、我超过它了,然后……我停在终点线正前方,只是要确保自己不会删掉幽灵车手的纪录。Bliss.喜悦。201606/449688。

Markhor gather for their annual rut.捻角山羊正在举行年度聚会Males must fight for the right to breed,公羊必须为争夺生育权而战斗but on these sheer cliffs, any slip by either animal could be fatal.在如此峻峭的崖壁上,哪一方滑倒都有可能直接送命A snow leopard, the rarest of Himalayan animals.雪豹,喜马拉雅地区最稀有的动物Its a female returning to her lair.这是只母豹,正要返回巢穴These are the first intimate images of snow leopard ever filmed in the wild.这是在野外环境中第一次近距离拍摄雪豹She greets her one-year-old cub. Her den is well chosen.它在向自己一岁大的幼崽问好。它的巢穴选址不错It has exceptional views of the surrounding cliffs.非常适于观望周围崖壁的情况On these treacherous slopes,在这些变化莫测的悬崖上no hunter other than the snow leopard would have a chance of catching such agile prey.没有其它掠食者能和雪豹一样,有机会逮住这些羸弱的猎物A female with young makes an easier target.一只母羊和几只小羊羔是最容易下手的目标Her large paws give an excellent grip and that long tail helps her balance.它那宽大的脚爪具备很好的抓地力,长尾巴能保持身体平衡Silently she positions herself above her prey.它静悄悄地来到猎物上方。201704/501988。

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201612/481058。

【视频讲解】Super Bowl Sunday is almost here and theres one question on everyones mind: How can I tackle a plate of chicken wings without adding yardage to my end zone?超级碗星期天马上就要到了,所有人都在想这样一个问题:我怎么能吃掉一盘鸡翅而又不会增加体重呢?Tackle1. 处理 gt; 抢断The first reason to tackle these problems is to save childrens lives.解决这些问题的首要原因是为了挽救孩子们的生命。2. 坦率地与某人交谈I tackled him about how anyone could live amidst so much poverty.我坦率地与他谈论哪有人能在如此的极度贫困中生活。Yardage 〔美式橄榄球中〕将球向前推进的码数End zone 〔美式橄榄球的〕球门区Well, Charles Platkin is the director of the New York City Food Policy Center at Hunter College. And he thinks that to make smarter, more splurge-worthy snacking choices we should consider what it would take to burn off the calories we take in.查尔斯#8226;普拉特金是亨特学院纽约市粮食政策中心的负责人。他认为,为了在选择零食时做出更明智、更超值的决定,我们应该考虑一下我们要怎样消耗掉所摄入的卡路里。Splurge 挥霍We splurged on Bohemian glass for gifts, and for ourselves.我们花了很多钱买了波希米亚玻璃制品,用来送人和给自己用。splurge-worthy 超值For most people, the prices are still splurge-worthy, with, for example, a 0 purse running for 0对于大多数人来说,这个网站提供的价格简直是超值。 比如,600美元的钱包只卖200美元。To that end, Platkin has come up exercise equivalents for some of our favorite couch-side canapes and other nibbles.为了这个目标,普拉特金提出了等量运动的概念,即消耗掉我们喜爱的开胃点心和其他小吃所需要的运动。to that end 为了那个目的Canape 开胃小菜Nibble1. 名词,小吃2. 动词,小口地吃Linda lay face down on a living room couch, nibbling popcorn. 琳达趴在客厅的一张沙发上,小口吃着爆米花。3. 消耗:一点点地耗尽或减少:“If you start compromising too early . . . they nibble you to death”(People)“如果你过早妥协,他们会一点一点地把你吞噬”(民族)Lets kick things off with a foot-long meatball sub. This marinara-soaked monster, which weighs in at around 900 calories, would take more than an hour-and-a-half of running up and down the stadium steps to work off.我们先从一英尺长的肉丸三明治开始说起吧。这种“大型”食物含有大量番茄酱,其热量值约为900卡路里,在体育馆的台阶上来回跑一个多小时才能消耗掉这些热量。Kick off 开球gt; 开始The concert was to kick off a nationwide voter registration drive.这场音乐会旨在开始全国性的选民登记运动。Marinara (意大利烹饪用的含西红柿、大蒜、洋葱等调制成的)海员式沙司Soak 浸泡Soak the beans for 2 hours. 把豆子泡上两个小时。And three pieces of KFC at 740 calories would take some 680 touchdown dances. Almost certainly leading to a celebration penalty. A single tortilla chip, a mere 20 calories, with a scoop of seven-layer dip, another 70 calories, would require a solid 25 minutes of boogying down to Lady Gaga!三块肯德基炸鸡的热量值为740卡路里,需要做680个触地得分后的庆祝动作才能消耗掉,这就是“冲动的惩罚”!吃一片只有20卡路里的墨西哥玉米片,加上一勺70卡路里的7层蘸酱,消耗这些热量需要坚持跳25分钟的Lady Gaga舞蹈!Penalty 罚球Referee Michael Reed had no hesitation in awarding a penalty.裁判迈克尔#8226;里德毫不犹豫地判了罚球。Tortilla 玉米粉薄烙饼Boogie (合着摇滚乐)跳舞 》 boogyingAt night, a good place to boogie through till sunrise is the Pink Panther Bar.到了晚上,一个快舞到天明的好去处是粉红豹酒吧。Even two handfuls of Chex Mix, which racks up a surprising 280 calories, calls for 30 minutes of jumping up and down after your team scores. And a 450-calorie slice of pizza? Do the wave 2,194 times. But you could get called for interference—by others trying to see the TV.甚至两把Chex Mix饼干的热量都有惊人的280卡路里,要消耗这些热量,需要在你持的球队得分后,上下跳30分钟。那一片450卡路里的批萨呢?要做2194次人浪。但是,其他人可能会觉得受到了干扰而要求你停下,因为他们要看电视。rack up 大量获得 (利润); 严重遭受 (损失); (体育中) 多次赢得 (比赛)Lower rates mean that firms are more likely to rack up profits in the coming months.更低的费率意味着各公司更有可能在未来的几个月里获得大量利润。calls for 需要To be a nurse calls for endurance and patience. 作一名护士需要有毅力和耐心。Now, if youre still thinking about piling on those wings, each one weighs in at a hefty 95 calories. Add blue cheese dip and 10 wings can hit 1,400 calories. Which would take 149 trips up and down the field to run off.现在,如果你还想吃一堆鸡翅,你要知道,每个鸡翅的热量值高达95卡路里。加上蓝纹奶酪蘸酱,10个鸡翅可达到1400卡路里。这些热量要绕赛场跑149圈才能消耗掉。Pile on 把…堆上;成群地挤上:Pile more coal on the fire; it is going out.在火上多添点煤,它要灭了。Hefty 庞大的; 沉重的She was quite a hefty woman. 她是个相当高大的女人。up and down上上下下;到处;前前后后;来来往往But before conceding defeat, Platkin does offer some pointers to help you beat the Super Bowl sp. Stock up on popcorn, and skip the butter. Drizzle hot sauce on the wings instead of dollops of dip.但是,在承认失败之前,普拉特金提供了一些帮助大家对付超级碗小吃的建议。准备一些爆米花,但是不要加黄油。在鸡翅上放一点儿辣椒酱,而不是涂抹厚厚的一层蘸酱。stock up on 大量贮备;囤积;The authorities have urged people to stock up on fuel.当局已经敦促人们储备燃料。Drizzle 毛毛雨 》 蘸一点The drizzle had now stopped and the sun was breaking through.细雨已经停了,太阳露出了脸。Dollop 一大勺的量 ...a dollop of cream. ...一大勺奶油。And do not huddle with your snacks—keep them far enough away so that getting at them makes you put your backfield in motion.不要把零食放在身边,把它们放得远一些,远到你想拿点零食吃就得起来活动一下。Huddle1. 挤在一起的一群人或东西We lay there: a huddle of bodies, gasping for air. 我们躺在那儿,挤作一团,大口地喘着2, (悄悄地或秘密地) 凑在一起商讨The president has been huddling with his most senior aides.总统一直在和他的顶级高级助理们秘密地聚到一起进行商谈。Backfield 后卫区201706/515763。

Im on a raft in the Pacific Ocean.我乘着木筏在太平洋中漂流Ive collected some freshwater,but its full of bird droppings, and its rancid.我取到了些淡水 但是夹杂着鸟粪 令人作呕Drink this, and youd probably vomit and risk worsening dehydration.如果喝下去造成呕吐的话 可能会引起更严重的脱水But there is a way of using it to gain life-giving fluids,but only as a last resort.不过还是有办法 来吸收这生命之泉 但这是万不得已之法Im gonna give myself an enema.我要给自己灌肠Not expecting this to be particularly pleasant,这滋味绝对不会好受but there are stories of this saving peoples lives.但这法子的确救过不少人的命Theres one particular family who was stranded in a life raft.曾经有一家人 困于救生筏上And all this water had gathered in the bottom of it,他们所有的水都是从where theyd been feeding off turtles,and it was mixed with turtles blood, it had gone fetid.食用海龟后剩下的 混合着海龟血液的臭水中获取And the only way they managed to stay hydrated为了不脱水 只能这么做was by using that fetid water and giving themselves an enema.用那些臭水给自己灌肠The Robertson family survived 38 days adrift because they were willing to do anything to stay alive.罗伯森一家在漂流了38天后获救 因为他们为了生存 可以不顾一切The mother was a nurse and knew that the colon can absorb fluid.这家人中 母亲是个护士 她知道结肠能够吸收水分 By performing an enema,you bypass the gag reflex, rehydrating your body without the risk of vomiting.通过灌肠 就避免了反胃和呕吐的危险 还使身体重新获得水分And now, once its in I guess all you can do is lie back and think of England.现在 管子去了 你能做的就是躺着 然后尽可能想着美好的事情This must only ever be undertaken as a last resort.Please.这真是不得已而为之 救命啊As the sun drops, I face my next challenge a long, uncomfortable night at sea.随着太阳的落山 我又迎来了新的挑战 一个难耐不安的海上之夜201607/453288。

Im Bear Grylls.Ive traveled to the most dangerous parts of the planet to search the most extreme challenges,or, to show you have to survive.我是贝尔·格里尔斯 我前往地球上的危险之境 只为挑战生存极限 并教你们如果险中求生Ive been to the edge.Thats where the fun starts.我曾游走在生死边缘 好戏就要开始了But now Im back to the countdown of my 25 favorite moments.如今 我凯旋而归 奉献给各位我最爱的25个片段Okay, lets go.Ive taken on the toughest tests the natural has to offer.好 我们走 我接下大自然最严酷的挑战书Ive pushed my mind and body to the absolute limit.考验生理与心理的极限Its often being painful.Gonna coming fast.Im getting a devoured.艰难险阻是家常便饭 动作快点 我的手被咬住了And hasnt always gone to plan.That tastes like raw goat testicle before.意外也时常发生 羊骚味太重了Ive been chewed up and spat out.Very hot.险恶的环境 近将我生吞活剥 热死人了Come along for the ride. Its gonna be a blast.做好准备 享受一场惊险大回顾Ive traveled to the ends of the earth,taking on the worlds wildest places.我的冒险之旅遍布天涯海角 远至那荒无人烟之地Come on. Keep with me, keep with me.加油 跟上我It has been one hell of journey both for me and the huge diligent team of people,who were with me every step the way.这样艰险的旅程 对于我 及一路随我而来的摄制组来说 都是不小的考验The team and I were always asked about our favorites moments from the show.大家一直问我们 最喜欢的时刻有哪些So weve put together the top 25 countdown of the very best.因此 我们挑选了25个精片段 绝对够刺激There are so many moments for me to remember in ;Man vs Wild;.《荒野求生》中让我记忆犹新的时刻太多了Its always been hard to narrow down to 25.只挑出25个着实不易But on a kickoff, 9000 feet up,in a helicoptor, looking down at a little desert island.Magic.从飞翔于2.7千米高空的直升机上 看着底下渺小而荒芜的岛 再一跃而下 绝对排得上201612/481459。