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Adidas launching new running shoe created just for women阿迪达斯新发布专为女性设计的跑鞋 To keep up with the demands of the modern female runner, adidas is set to launch an innovative new running shoe on Monday, PureBOOST X.为了满足女性跑步者的需求,阿迪达斯准备在周一发布一款全新的创意跑鞋,PureBOOST X。After hearing feedback from female athletes requesting ;a running shoe with looks to keep up with the energy of its performance,; adidas set out to design a running shoe specifically with women in mind, and one that would combine both style and performance.在听到女性运动员要求“一款外表与其性能一致的跑鞋”的反馈后,阿迪达斯决定专为女性设计一款既时尚又耐穿的跑鞋。And so rather than adapt a shoe made for their male counterparts, adidas PureBOOST X has been developed with the help of Aramis, state-of-the-art motion-tracking technology that studied the specific movements of the female foot during running.阿迪达斯PureBOOST X并未沿用此前男士跑鞋的同款设计,而是独立开发,运用艺术级的运动追踪技术Aramis,研究女性跑步时的足部运动。The result is a running shoe that not only fits perfectly to the contours of the female foot, but also offers the flexibility and protection needed. PureBOOST X works with the natural movement of female feet, but also supports the foot no matter how far or hard you run with its first-of-its-kind floating arch across the upper.研究的最终产品是一款跑鞋,它不仅完美适合女性足部的轮廓,并且提供所需的灵活性和保护。PureBOOST X适用女性足部的自然运动,但同时无论你跑的多远多用力,其创新的灵活足弓设计都可以完美贴合你的脚部轮廓。Other sleek design features include a stretchy, mesh upper for flexibility, and an energy-boosting foam cushioning formed with the brand#39;s unique BOOST foam capsules. These capsules absorb shock and impact as you pound the pavements, and provide your feet with ;more energy return than any other foam cushioning material in the running industry.; 其他特别的功能还有,富有弹性的网状鞋面颇为灵活。以及用阿迪达斯独特的BOOST泡沫胶囊组成的加速泡沫缓冲。这些胶囊可以在你重踏地面时吸震,并给你的脚提供“比任何一款跑鞋减震泡沫材料更多的能量”。And to give a further #39;boost#39; to the collection, Stella McCartney has also added her design skills, with an adidas by Stella McCartney PureBOOST X version. Following the functional elements that are so important to adidas, but adding in her own unique details, the adidas by Stella McCartney PureBOOST X is a running shoe that ;allows female athletes to perform with a relentless determination without sacrificing on style.;另外,为了“画龙点睛”,Stella McCartney还为这款由其设计的PureBOOST X增添了她独有的设计技巧。这款跑鞋保留了阿迪达斯非常重要的基本元素,但增加了她自己独特的细节,让女性运动员可以在不牺牲款式美观的基础上有完美表现。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201603/430196Drinking alcohol in moderation is beneficial to the heart, a new study has revealed. Those who drink wine, spirits or beer regularly are less prone to heart failure and heart attacks than people who rarely or never drink.一项最新研究表明,适度饮酒对心脏有益。那些规律饮红酒、烈酒或啤酒的人与从不或极少饮酒的人相比,患心力衰竭和心脏病发作的几率要小。Three to five drinks a week are part of a heart-healthy lifestyle, scientists concluded.科学家对此做出总结:每周喝三到五杯酒是对心脏有益的健康生活方式。Drinking a little alcohol every day can be part of a healthy lifestyle, Imre Janszky, a professor of social medicine at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology said. When consumed in moderation, alcohol does more good than harm, he added.挪威科技自然大学社会医学教授伊姆勒·央斯基表示,每天少量饮酒是健康生活方式的一部分。他还补充说道,只要适度饮用,酒精就会利大于弊。It#39;s primarily the alcohol that leads to more good cholesterol, among other things,#39; he said. But alcohol can also cause higher blood pressure, so it#39;s best to drink moderate amounts relatively often.#39;“最主要的是,酒精能够产生更多有益胆固醇。”他说。“但酒精同时会造成高血压,所以,最好是规律饮酒,且每次适量。”There is a general consensus among the scientific community that three to five drinks a week can be good for the heart.在科学界一直都有一个共识:每周三到五杯酒是对心脏有益的。The relationship between alcohol and heart health has been studied in many countries, including the USA and southern European nations,#39; Professor Janszky said.“包括美国和南欧一些国家在内的很多国家已经研究了酒精和心脏健康的关系。”央斯基教授说。 /201602/427702If you struggle to know when it is appropriate to give someone a hug or even simply pat them on the arm, help is at hand.如果你不知道何时与人拥抱或轻拍对方手臂比较合适,这里就有现成指南帮你解决这一难题。Oxford University scientists have created a series of body maps that show just where we are comfortable to be touched.牛津大学的科学家制作出了“身体地图”系列,告诉人们别人碰我们哪些部位会感觉舒。The #39;touchability index#39; provides colour-coded information for everyone from our nearest and dearest to extended family, casual acquaintances and complete strangers.该图表通过不同的颜色来显示“可触碰指数”,范围包括最亲密的人、家人、点头之交以及陌生人。Not surprisingly, the study of five European countries found that buttoned-up Britons were the least touchy-feely.这个针对五个欧洲国家的研究发现:不出所料,沉默寡言的英国人是最不喜欢被别人触碰身体的人群。It also showed – again, unsurprisingly – that the less we know someone, the less comfortable we are to be touched by them.该研究还显示,同样在意料之中的结果还有——越不熟悉的人触碰我们,越让我们感到不适。However, there was one noticeable exception.然而,有个例外值得引起人们关注。Men, it seems, have no areas which would be completely off limits to a touch from a total stranger – as long as the stranger is a woman.对男性而言,只要对方是女性,即使是陌生人也没有触碰禁区。Working with Finnish scientists, Oxford University psychologist Professor Robin Dunbar set out to investigate where we are comfortable to be touched and just how much the answer depends on who is doing the touching.牛津大学心理学教授罗宾·邓巴与芬兰科学家合作,调查何种程度的触碰可以被我们所接受,以及触碰人身份不同对这一行为的影响有多大。Almost 1,500 men and women from Britain, Finland, France, Italy and Russia were given a series of outlines of the human body and asked to colour in which parts they would allow someone to touch, front and back.他们给来自英国、芬兰、法国、意大利和俄罗斯等国家约1500名男性和女性发了一系列人体图谱,让他们将可触碰区域用颜色进行标记,包括前身和后身。Each person created touchability maps for 13 members of their social network, including their partner, their parents, their siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and acquaintances.每位参与者针对13种不同社会关系制作了可触碰身体图,包括配偶、父母、兄弟、阿姨、叔叔、表亲和熟人等。They also coloured in two more shapes, one for a stranger of each sex.受访者还标出了针对同性与异性陌生人的可触碰图。In general the closer the relationship, the fewer areas of the body that were taboo, although people tended to be uncomfortable about letting anyone except their nearest and dearest touch their erogenous zones.通常情况下,关系越亲密,可触碰的雷区就越少。但人们普遍不愿意让最亲密的人以外的人触碰自己的性感带。This meant that while a woman might be happy for her uncle to stroke her back, her front would be off limits. And male strangers should note that almost all parts of the female body are to be avoided, other than the hands.这意味着,一名女子可能乐意让自己的叔叔拍她的后背,而前身则为禁区。男性陌生人应注意,除了手,女性几乎所有部位都是碰不得的。Interestingly, the men studied had a different viewpoint.有趣的是,受访男性对此持不同观点。They didn#39;t want another man touching them, with even the head and the feet no-go zones.男性不希望同性碰触他们,甚至连头和脚都是禁区。However, almost the entire male body was up for grabs to a female stranger or acquaintance, with no part considered taboo.然而,几乎所有男性都愿意让陌生女性或熟人触碰身体的任何部位,没有禁区一说。In fact, for men, a woman they barely know has similar #39;touching rights#39; to a parent and more than a brother or sister, the journal Proceedings of the Royal Academy of Sciences reports. Although the reason for this is not clear, the study did find that the more pleasurable a touch was believed to be, the larger the body area that person was allowed access to.英国皇家科学院(Royal Academy of Sciences)在《论文集》(Proceedings)杂志发布的报告称,事实上,对于男性而言,一位几乎不认识的女性拥有与其父母和兄弟几乎等同的“触碰权利”。虽然原因尚不明确,但研究发现,触碰令人越愉悦,此人被允许触碰的区域就越多。Despite their tactile reputation, the Italians were only slightly more comfortable with touching than the British. The Finns were the most relaxed about being touched. However, the differences were small and the results were broadly similar across all the countries studied.撇开触觉方面,意大利人的可触碰程度只比英国人稍高,而芬兰人是最愿意被触碰的人群。但这种差别很微小,且几乎所有国家的研究结果都非常相似。Professor Dunbar, a leading evolutionary psychologist, said touch helps maintain relationships by triggering the release of endorphins, the feel-good brain chemicals usually associated with exercise.顶尖进化心理学家邓巴教授称,人们在触碰时会促使内啡肽分泌,可产生愉悦情绪,有助于维系人际关系。内啡肽这种物质通常与运动有关。He said: #39;Touch is universal. While culture does modulate how we experience it, generally we all respond to touching in the same way.他表示:“触碰是非常普通的动作。虽然文化使人们对感触的感觉不同,但通常我们会通过相同的方式来回应别人的触碰。”#39;Even in an era of mobile communications and social media, touch is still important for establishing and maintaining bonds between people.#39;“即使在移动通讯和社交媒体的时代,触碰仍是建立和维持人际关系的重要方式。” /201510/406272

UK visitor visas for Chinese tourists will be valid for two years - four times the usual six-month limit for a standard visitor visa - from January, British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Wednesday.英国首相卡梅伦于周三宣布,中国访客从明年1月起可享受有效期延至两年的英国访客签,是现有标准下六个月有效期的四倍。He also announced plans for a new 10-year multi-entry visa for Chinese tourists at no extra cost.他还宣布了针对中国旅客的一个10年多次入境签的新计划,而且不需额外费用。New arrangements being piloted will offer better value in both cost and convenience as the UK mobile fingerprinting service to capture the biometrics needed for visa applications is extended from nine Chinese cities to 50 - making it far easier to apply.新计划将给中国游客带来更高的性价比和便利性,获取签申请所需生物信息的英国指纹录入务,将从现有的9个城市扩展至50个城市,使申请英国签更加容易。The government is also discussing with the Chinese government the potential to expand the existing UK network of 12 visa application centers - aly more than any other EU country.中英政府还商议了关于增加现有的12个英国签申请中心数量的潜在可能性,目前该数量已经多于任何其他欧盟国家。The changes amount to a much better deal than the standard Schengen visitor visa which is limited to a maximum 90 days, and puts the UK on a par with the 2014 US offer.这些改变将使英国签比有效期最多为90天的标准申根访客签更具吸引力,同时使英国可与美国2014年提出的的签务相媲美。Chinese tourists currently contribute 500 million annually to the UK economy with record numbers visiting to make the most of the retail opportunities and visitor attractions on offer - up 35 percent between April and June this year compared to the same period in 2014, according to latest figures from VisitBritain.中国游客现在每年为英国经济贡献5亿英镑,破纪录的访英人数为零售业和旅游景点带来巨大的收益。根据英国旅游局最新数据,今年四月至六月,中国访英人数较2014年同比增长35%。Overall, visit visas issued to Chinese nationals have almost trebled over the past five years from 115,000 in 2009 to 336,000 in 2014, with spending increased by 326 percent. With every Chinese visitor spending on average 2,688 per visit, visitor visa extensions will enable them to maximize their spending power even further.总的看来,发给中国的访客签数量在过去五年几乎翻了3倍,从2009年的11.5万份增至2014年的33.6万份,中国访客在英消费额增长了326%。每个中国游客在每次行程平均花费2688英镑,访客签有效期的延长,将使中国访客能进一步扩大其消费能力。Overall inbound tourism, one of its fastest growing services, was worth more than 26 billion to the UK economy in 2013, so the benefits of increasing Chinese visitors can also be seen in job creation where, for example, every 22 additional Chinese visitors create an additional job in the sector.入境旅游业是增长最快的务业之一,在2013年为英国经济贡献超过260亿英镑的收入。所以增加中国访客的益处还体现在随之增加的就业,比如每增加22名中国访客,就能为该行业增加一个新的就业。;China is becoming one of our fastest-growing tourism markets, so making it easier and more convenient for Chinese visitors to come to the UK is extremely important. That is why the announcement I#39;m making today is great news for our tourism industry and great news for the British economy enabling us to maximize Chinese spending power even further,; Cameron said.卡梅伦说:“中国正成为我们增长最快的旅游市场之一,所以使中国访客更容易方便地来到英国非常重要。这也是为什么我今天宣布的消息对我们的旅游业而言是个好消息,对英国经济也是个好消息,这使中国访客能够进一步扩大其在英消费能力。” /201510/405460

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