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成医附院不孕不育专科医院妇科华成都检查不孕不育的价钱Radishes are a fairly simple vegetable to grow, but can lose their flavour if not harvested at the right time. Gardener Tom Cole demonstrates how to get the best from your radish crop.萝卜是一种非常容易种植的蔬菜,但是如果不在正确的时间收获就会失去最佳风味。园艺师汤姆·科尔向你展示怎样最好地收获萝卜。Step 1: You will need1.你需要A hand fork叉子Step 2: When to harvest2.何时收获Summer radishes are best harvested five to six weeks after they have been sown. They should display a crisp texture, and be about 1 to 1.5cm in diameter. Leaving radishes in the ground after maturity will result in a loss of their crispness, and an unwanted peppery flavour.夏季萝卜最好在种植五至六周后收获。这时的萝卜质地鲜脆,直径大约1至1.5厘米。成熟后仍然留在土壤中会导致萝卜不再爽脆,而且味道比较辛辣。Step 3: Harvesting3.收获With a hand fork, enter the soil at the side of the plant at an angle. Get underneath the root, and gently pull the plant until it comes away from the soil. The radishes should be small for optimum flavour. If you find one that seems too large,squeeze it gently. If the flesh is soft and yields to the pressure, it will be too fibrous to be enjoyable. This usually occurs when they grow over 2cm in diameter, and are best suited to the compost heap. Very small ones can be added to a salad.用叉子在植株旁边倾斜着插入土壤,插到萝卜根部下面,轻轻地把植株拔起,直到萝卜离开土壤。为了获得最佳口味,萝卜的个头应该比较小。如果你发现有的萝卜太大,轻轻地挤压一下。如果肉质柔软塌陷,说明纤维太多,口味已经不好了。当萝卜长到直径2厘米的时候通常就过于成熟了,最好用作堆肥。非常小的萝卜可以用于制作沙拉。Step 4: Storage4.储存Radishes do not store particularly well, so they need to be used as soon as possible. Preferably eat them with in a day, or store in a fridge for no more than five days.萝卜不是非常适合储存,因此应该尽快食用。最好在收获一天内食用,在冰箱内储存的时间也不应该超过5天。Thanks for watching How To Harvest Radishes.感谢收看“怎样收获萝卜”视频节目。201302/226751成都省三院检查多少钱 人类发展已经造成地球资源的紧张,但是约翰·罗克斯特伦提醒我们,人类科学技术进步也使我们认识到这一切,并随之改变这种行为。他的研究发现了9大“地球界限”通过这个发现可以指引我们保护地球上息息相关的众多生态系统201208/195738内江市治疗内分泌性不孕不育价格表

龙泉驿区孕前检测多少钱sV^a^yK;3m2R^v*tV-jxW,96uZRHH2r#]u|DVg5IfvqPYZd@Theres only one job thats more dangerous than lighting the fuse... going back to relight it.只有一项工作比比点燃导火索更危险,那就是回去再点一次GX3]^NM-PfI#rR@4.n。To cope, workers drink.为了克恐惧,工人们喜欢喝酒rH4s.%ulB^@Wa*L。Whiskey calms the nerves--and clouds the brain.威士忌能缓解紧张,同时也会麻痹大脑AY3_WjRXxGKtH@+I(ii。An English tourist cant believe theyre mixing alcohol and explosives.一名英国游客不敢相信他们在执行爆破工作的时候还敢喝酒C;viDJO~xD)j。The Irish laborers grew so reckless of life, th at at the signal for blasting, they would just hold their shovels over their heads.这些爱尔兰工人变得越发莽撞大胆以至于当听到爆炸的信号时,他们只不过拿铲子在头顶挡一下j(H0IAHf8E。I think when youre brought up in America, youre brought up on the history of hard work.我认为成长在美国,就是成长在一段辛勤劳动的历史之中,There are so many immigrants that have died to build this country.有那么多的移民为建设这个国家献出了生命,Thats in our b loodstream, thats in our DNA as Americans.这种精神流淌在我们美国人的血液中,深藏在我们美国人的基因里lR%l)RBcRb[;。We dont want their lives to go in vain. Because of that, we usually work harder than anybody else.我们不想让先辈们的牺牲付诸东流,因此我们会比其他人更勤劳BmlDhJHA1r;^T。Eight years of digging. Nearly a thousand lives lost. million, more than 100 million today.八年的开凿,近千人的牺牲,七百万美元的投入相当于如今的一亿美元,The Erie Canal opens in 1825, a miracle of engineering, connecting East and Midwest.换来了伊利运河于1825年的顺利通航,一个工程史上的奇迹诞生了,东部和中西部从此连为一体LFik87r2WFVut~+。Its an instant economic superhighway. million of goods a year flow along the canal.运河立刻成为了一条推动经济的高速公路,每年有总价值1500万美元的货物来往于河上,Villages along the canal boom into dynamic cities -- Buffalo, Syracuse and Rochester. Goods crash in price, up to 95%.沿岸的小村庄迅速发展成了发达的城市h4wCuhV^vb8EuL。水牛城,锡拉丘兹和罗切斯特,物价大幅下降,最大降幅达到95%)SmBzH(C+0zQw)5#X。A frontier that had to be self-sufficient can now buy anything they want. Prosperity is on the move. New York City becomes a boomtown.昔日不得不自给自足的边陲小镇如今各种商品应有尽有,繁荣之火开始燎原,纽约市变成了一座繁华都市uNT(CHfM210MdB8V_Z。Wall Street takes off as a global financial center. The city quadruples in size... and surpasses New Orleans as the nations number-one port.华尔街迅速崛起成为了世界金融中心,城市规模扩大了4倍并一举超越新奥尔良成为全国第一大港口OGL0#%dWs^b~E。Theres so much money around, the word ;Millionaire; is invented in 1840.这里财富聚集,;百万富翁;一词就是1840年在这里诞生的eeehw7IN^9v)%vBv0。The Erie Canal still shapes New York today. 80% of the upstate population still lives within 25 miles of it.伊利运河仍在影响着今天的纽约州,其北部80%的人口依然生活在运河25英里的流域范围内0Inwtq9umxma_2xobH+T。;45U9jetjCezCRbi;mK_wFGG,yu.y(6ctc! /201210/202502四川省公立三甲医院医术怎么样 四川省成都二院电话挂号

四川第三医院预约免费美国古生物学家在阿根廷发现了距今2.3亿年前的恐龙化石,它们属于一种名为Eodromaeus的新恐龙,这种恐龙外形与始盗龙相似,身长只有约4英尺,颈骨还有气囊,这给兽脚类恐龙最终进化为鸟类增添了更多据。A new species of dinosaurs has been discovered in Argentina. This finding also proves another revelation, because the fossils are believed to be the earliest link to modern-day birds.Named Bicentenaria Argentina, the species measures between 2.5 and 3 meters long, and is slim and agile. The shape of its sharp curved teeth and long claws suggest Bicentenaria hunted other smaller dinosaurs. Scientists say the carnivorous dinosaur represents a new line leading to the evolution of modern day birds.It may even have been partially or completely covered in feathers itself. The 130 bones were discovered in Rio Negro in Argentinas Patagonia region and are thought to be approximately 90 million years old. Paleontologists believe that Bicentenaria lived during the Cretaceous period when the earth was dominated by large dinosaurs.201207/189188 Ringed seals are hunted by polar bears.环斑海豹是北极熊的猎物之一In fact, in some parts,事实上 在某些区域polar bears eat almost nothing else.这几乎是北极熊唯一的食物So, its very understandable所以可以理解的是that this mother ringed seal...这位正在注视我的...whos looking at me now,海豹妈妈should be a little apprehensive.显得有点害怕That pup of hers is only about three or four days old.她的宝宝刚刚出生三四天And the pup wont be able to swim海豹宝宝还要等两三天for another two or three days.才能学会游泳Seals have good reason在冰穴附近时to be nervous around their holes.海豹的紧张情绪不无理由They need the holes to breathe when the sea is frozen,当海面结冰时 它们需要出洞呼吸but this makes them easy to find.但这也使它们很容易暴露Polar bears can sniff out seal holes,即使海豹穴埋于雪下even if theyre covered in snow.北极熊也能嗅出它们的位置Spring is the best hunting season.春季是狩猎的最佳时节This mothers found a food store under the snow这位母亲找到了埋于雪下的贮藏食物that was probably made by an Arctic fox.这可能是北极狐所为Its a time of plenty now,这是个富饶的时节but the bear family need to make the best of it但北极熊家庭仍需要尽力寻觅食物because the good times are about to come to an end.因为好时节马上就要结束了 /201212/216207四川成都医学院附属医院流产怎么样新津县做孕检多少钱



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