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Movie Themed hotels are rising in popularity, as they allow us to step into another world. one night we can live the life of our favourite movie character – entering a fictional world in a very real setting.电影主题酒店越来越受到大众的欢迎,它可以带领人们进入另一个截然不同的世界只需短短一夜,我们就可以藉由完全仿真的酒店布置而进入小说里的神奇世界,体验一把最爱的那些电影人物们的生活.Harry Potter--Georgian House Hotel, London.《哈利波特--乔治亚宅邸酒店(英国·伦敦)Ever since the release of Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone on 30th June, 1997, the whole world has dreamt of attending Hogwarts. While you may not be able to go the magical school, Georgian House Hotel has brought Hogwarts to you.自1997年6月30日《哈利波特与魔法石发行以来,世界各地的书迷都梦想着去霍格沃茨魔法学校你可能在现实生活中无法见到那样神奇的学校,但乔治之屋酒店可以将霍格沃茨完美地呈现在你面前Located in Central London, it the ideal destination those heading off on a Harry Potter-inspired adventure, as the hotel is located to many of the iconic landmarks from the movie, including the 9 #190; platm at King Cross Station. You will feel just like Harry himself as you bunk down in the Wizard Chambers, which offers four poster beds and even potion bottles and cauldrons!乔治亚宅邸酒店位于伦敦的城市中心,对于所有向往哈利波特式奇幻冒险的人来说,这里是绝佳的目的地该酒店融入了大量电影中的地标式建筑,其中包括国王十字车站的9 #190; 站台如果在巫师房中休息,你会觉得自己正处在哈利波特的魔法世界,这类房间配备有四柱木床、魔法药水瓶、以及炼药的大汽锅!9.The Hobbit House -- Montana, USA9.《霍比特人--霍比特人之屋(美国·蒙大拿)If you love Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit but dont want to travel across the world to New Zealand, consider a trip to The Hobbit House in Montana, USA. This amazing replica of the Tolkien world is bound to be a hit with fans of the movies and books, and they even feature the trademark round green doors.如果你是《指环王以及《霍比特人的忠实粉丝,但又不想千里迢迢奔赴新西兰,那就一定不要错过美国蒙大拿的霍比特人之屋酒店该酒店完美地复制了托尔金笔下的神奇世界,毫无疑问吸引了大批的影迷书迷来此观光旅行,他们甚至就是为了电影里那标志性的圆形绿门而来8.James Bond -- Seven Hotel -- Paris, France8.《0--第七酒店(法国·巴黎)Have you always wanted to feel as eftlessly cool as 0? You can in James Bond-inspired suite at Hotel Seven in Paris, France. It as sophisticated as our favourite secret agent, and offers all the class and style that 0 has been synonymous in the movies.你是否总是幻想着能拥有0那儒雅潇洒的超凡气质?法国巴黎第七酒店里的0主题套房或许可以满足你的想象如我们所喜爱的神秘特工一样,这些房间高贵典雅、精致神秘,与电影里的风格特点极其相似!7.Frozen Suite--Hotel De Glace – Quebec, Canada7.《冰雪奇缘--冰雪酒店(加拿大·魁北克)Frozen is one of the most successful animation movies of all time, with adults and children across the world signing the hit soundtrack Let It Go. Fans everywhere will fall in love with Hotel De Glace Frozen Suite. It simply stunning and is theree ideal both young and old, as they will feel just like Elsa in this breathtaking hotel in Quebec. You can even take a tour of the hotel just $.50 – and yes, it is worth it!《冰雪奇缘作为最成功的动画电影之一,其主题曲《Let It Go传遍了世界的大街小巷,早已成为大人和孩子心目中的神曲世界各地的影迷都会爱上冰雪酒店里的冰雪奇缘套房冰雪酒店精妙绝伦,对任何人而言都是理想的度假胜地!人们可以在魁北克这家令人称奇的酒店体验艾丽萨的神奇世界你甚至可以额外花费.5美金游览整个酒店——没错,它值得你这样做!6.Alice in Wonderland -- Wonderland House -- Brighton, England6.《爱丽丝梦游仙境--仙境居酒店(英国·布赖顿)Experience the wonder of Alice in Wonderland at Wonderland House in Brighton. You can enjoy a comtable night stay in the Queen of Hearts Bedroom, or even feel just like the main character in Alice bedroom. Offering all the whimsy from the Lewis Carroll novel, and all the fun of the movie and animation, you cannot help but fall in love with this amazing hotel in England.来布赖顿的仙境酒店体验一次爱丽丝的奇幻之旅吧你可以享受女王之心套房的舒适,也可以在爱丽丝之屋体验当主人公的感觉该酒店呈现了刘易斯·卡罗尔小说中的所有奇思妙想,重现了电影和动画里的诸多趣味你会情不自禁地爱上英格兰的这家奇妙的酒店翻译:木木 审校:晴晴晴天 来源:前十网 3887The history of human warfare is as storied as Game of Thrones and even more incestuously brutal.人类战争史的故事性就跟《权力的游戏一样精,甚至更血腥Time and again, the wisdom of the ages has been put to figuring out how to efficiently stab, maim, shoot, and in all other ways kill our enemies, and damn, are we good at it.祖祖辈辈流传下来的智慧只为找出刺伤、致残、射杀的最佳角度以及其他各种能置敌人于死地的手段哦这该死的技能,我们还挺擅长的其实~But that nothing new. In fact, those old guys in your history textbooks were just as imaginative as we are today at pounding foes into the dust. get Shakespeare. This is war.然而杀人无新式其实,历史课本里的那些老家伙跟我们一样,在如何撕碎敌人方面也是奇招百出历史不是莎士比亚笔下的风花雪月,这是战争.Greek Steam Cannon.希腊蒸汽大炮In , the Roman Republic laid siege to the Sicilian city of Syracuse in a bid to gain strategic control of the island.公元前年,罗马共和国围攻锡拉库扎的西西里市,妄图得到该市的战略控制权General Marcus Claudius Marcellus led a naval fleet of 60 quinqueremes—Roman battleships—across the Strait of Messina in a frontal charge while his second-in-command attacked from the land.马库斯·克劳迪亚斯·马塞洛将军带领着一只由60只五段帆船组成的海军舰队——罗马战船——越过墨西拿海峡正面进攻西西里市,而他的副司令则从陆地入手But as the noose tightened around the city, the mighty Roman army found itself repelled by an unlikely adversary: Archimedes.水陆两军逐渐收紧包围圈,然而强大的罗马军团发现他们败给了自己丝毫不放在眼里的阿基米德 everything the Romans threw at him, Archimedes was always three steps ahead. Ballistae on the outer walls tore through the advancing cavalry.无论罗马军团如何行动,阿基米德总能先其三步城墙上的投石机撕裂了前进的军队Seaward, the Claw of Archimedes lifted whole ships out of the water and shattered them in a shower of splinters and screaming slaves.海边,阿基米德之爪将战舰整只吊起然后撞向海面,残木碎板满天飞溅,奴隶的惨叫更是不绝于耳 two years, the siege dragged on, an epic battle of military might versus scientific wit.围歼就这么拖了两年,这场史诗般的军事斗争所用的计谋可与当今科学智慧媲美During this siege, Archimedes was said to have devised a weapon so devastating that it was able to burn ships to cinder from 0 meters (500 ft) away. All it took was a few drops of water.据说,阿基米德在这场战争中发明了一种威力超强的武器,仅用几滴水就能把0米(500英尺)外的船只化为灰烬The device was deceptively simple: a copper tube heated over coals with a hollow clay projectile dropped down the barrel.装置看似非常简单:在煤上加热的铜质炮管发射出空心泥制发射弹When the pipe got hot enough, a tiny bit of water was injected into the tube below the projectile.当铜管达到一定温度时,往发射器底下的铜管注入少量水The water instantly vaporized, blasting the projectile toward advancing ships. On impact, the clay missile exploded, spraying burning chemicals onto the wooden ships.水立马蒸发,产生的蒸汽压力便将;子弹;射向敌军泥制炮弹在冲击力的作用下炸裂,包含其中的易燃化学物质随即洒满整只木船Even today, Archimedes steam cannon is a matter of intense speculation.直到今天,人们对阿基米德的蒸汽大炮依然猜测不断Mythbusters gave it a bust, but a team at MIT was able to build a working—and highly effective—model using the original description of the cannon.;流言终结者;们尽泼冷水,但麻省理工学院的一个团队根据阿基米德蒸汽大炮的原始特征描述,成功仿造出了一个实际操作性非常强的模型They calculated that their .5-kilogram (1 lb) metal shell was launched with 1.8 times the kinetic energy of an M machine gun firing a .50-caliber round.根据他们的计算,5千克(1磅)的金属炮弹的动能是勃朗宁M重机的1.8倍If they hadnt shot it directly into a wall of dirt, they guessed that it would have had a range of 1,0 meters (,000 ft). And they only used half a cup of water.若非将炮弹发射到泥墙上,科学家们猜测它的射程能达到00米(000英尺)而这仅是半杯水的作用9.Whirlwind Catapult9.旋风炮Catapults are the age-old war machines, and like modern rifles, there was a different kind every purpose.石弩是一种有历史的武器,和现代来福一样,它也有不同种类,用途不一While films have shown us the wall punchers and beast machines used by Greek and Roman armies, the Chinese devised a smaller version that could strike important targets with pinpoint accuracy: the xuanfeng, or whirlwind catapult.我们在电影中看过许多希腊和罗马的军队武器:击墙机和野兽机器,而中国却发明了体积更小、命中率更高的版本:旋风炮Like a sniper rifle, the whirlwind catapult was a one-shot, one-kill m of attack.跟狙击步一样,旋风炮也是一发一弹They were small enough to be quickly moved around a battlefield, and the entire catapult could be swiveled on its base while someone sighted out a target.它体积小,便于在战场上快速挪移一旦发现目标,整个弹射器可以围着基座旋转发射This gave them a strategic advantage over heavier catapults and trebuchets which, while much more destructive with a single shot, took time and manpower to maneuver into position.与笨重的大型投石机或石弩相比,旋风炮占尽优势尽管前者威力更大,但操作起来要耗费相当的时间和人力To add to their deadly accuracy, the Chinese built these whirlwind catapults with two sling ropes and two release pins, keeping the sling pouch perfectly centered in the middle. No other cultures were known to do that.为了提高命中率,中国的旋风炮各有两条吊索和两个活动插销,使弹袋完美地固定在中间还没有任何国家能做到这一点8.Rocket Cats8.火箭猫Nobody had ever heard of rocket cats bee . Nobody, that is, except Franz Helm, the man who invented them.年以前,没人听说过《火箭猫当然,除了作者弗兰兹·赫尔姆Sometime around AD 30, the artillery master from Cologne, Germany, was putting together a military guide to siege warfare. Gunpowder was just beginning to have an impact on warfare, which made the book popular.大约是公元30年,这位来自德国科隆的火炮大师开始投入攻城战的军事指挥中当时,由于火药对战争的作用逐渐显现,该书也流行起来Helm manual contained descriptions of nearly every kind of bomb imaginable, all of it colorfully illustrated and grimly outlandish.赫尔姆的手册中描述了几乎所有人们能想象到的炸弹种类,插图配得色鲜艳却让人感觉阴森诡异Then he added a section advising siege armies to find a cat. Any cat will do, he said, as long as it came from the city you were trying to vanquish.随后他增加了一个章节,建议攻城部队找一只猫他说,任何猫都可以,只要是从目标城跑出来的Then tie a bomb to it. In theory, the cat would scamper back to its home and subsequently burn down the entire city. Pigeons were fair game, too.抓住它,然后绑上炸弹理论上,猫会受惊跑回家,这样就能烧毁整个城市鸽子也可作此用途Whether or not these things actually happened is a question that people are still trying to answer, but the answer is ;probably not.;当然,人们对实这些武器是否曾真实用于攻城这一问题始终热情不减,但很可能是否定的According to Mitch Fraas, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania who had the pleasure of being the first person to translate the text, there isnt any historical evidence that anybody actually tried to do what Helm suggested.宾夕法尼亚大学的研究员米奇·弗拉斯这位有幸成为该文本翻译的第一人表示,没有任何历史据说明有任何人曾照赫尔姆建议的去做The most likely result of such a scheme, he said, would be setting fire to your own camp.他说该计谋极有可能会烧毁己方的营地 91Twins who found global fame being the world most identical sisters have admitted theyd like to marry the boyfriend they share.曾因“世界最相像”而红遍全球的一对双胞胎近日承认,她们想嫁给二人“共享”的男友Anna and Lucy DeCinque, 30, from Perth, have both been dating electrical mechanic Ben Byrne, 3, four years. The duo met Ben after he added them on Facebook on the suggestion of mutual friends.来自佩斯的安娜和露西今年30岁,她们俩同时和3岁的电气技工本·伯恩交往,并且已经长达四年之久本在Facebook上共同好友推荐里添加了安娜和露西,从此花和本正式相识It my first time with two girlfriends, and to be honest it very difficult because it has to be 0 per cent even, Ben told Woman Day in July . Whatever I do one I have to do the other, so it a fine balance. My mates reckon it a cool problem to have.年7月,本在接受《妇女之友采访时说道:“我也是第一次同时交往两个女朋友,老实说这件事难度非常大,因为你必须得百分百的公平不论对其中一个做什么事,必须对另一个也如法炮制,这样才能达到良好的平衡我同事觉得这个问题还是挺酷的”Now, the sisters have announced that theyd love to marry Ben.如今,这对花宣布她们“愿意”嫁给本Wed love to marry Ben, but as it not legal, one day well have a commitment ceremony instead, Anna told The Sun.安娜在接受《太阳报采访时表示:“我们愿意嫁给本,但这并不合法,将来某天我们会举办个承诺仪式作为替代”Ben treats us completely equally. If he kisses Anna, he kisses me right after, and holds both our hands when were out, said Lucy. We never feel jealous because we know he loves us the same. We all sleep together, but it not like a threesome as we dont get involved with each other. Some people say it disgusting, but it works us.露西则说道:“本对我们俩完全等同假如他亲了安娜,他马上就会过来亲我,一起出去玩也会牵着我们俩的手我们从不相互嫉妒,因为我们知道他爱我俩一样多我们三个人一起睡觉,但不是3P,因为我们互不干涉有人可能觉得很恶心,但这很适合我们”Speaking about having children with Ben, she added: We want babies, but have to get pregnant at the same time, even if that means having IVF. Of course, because theyd share a dad, it means our children would be half-siblings as well as cousins - which we know well be criticised - but no one should judge what a ‘normal family is these days.谈到和本生宝宝的问题时,她说道:“我们想要生宝宝,但必须同时怀,即使意味着要试管受精当然了,因为他们的父亲是同一个人,所以孩子们一半是兄弟、一半是表亲我们知道肯定会受到批判,但这个年代没人能一个“正常”的家庭是什么样的”From an early age Anna and Lucy were inseparable. The sisters went to the same nursery, primary and secondary schools, bee enrolling on a beauty course at college together.从很小的时候起,安娜和露西就形影不离这对上同样的托儿所、小学和初中,接着在大学一起参加选美比赛They undertake an extensive joint beauty regime to maintain their appearances. Once a week, Anna and Lucy take advantage of infra-red saunas, microdermabrasion and skin peels to maintain the mirror image.她们采取严格的二人美容计划来维持容貌的相似安娜和露西每周做一次红外线汗蒸浴、微晶换肤以及磨皮来维持一模一样的形象The pair started their own YouTube channel last year and used their s to explain how they feel each other pain and know when each other is sick.这对花去年开通了自己的YouTube频道,并借助视频解释她们如何“感知彼此的疼痛,并知晓对方生病”Anna and Lucy, who recently appeared on US cosmetic surgery TV show Botched, are just as strict with their diet and exercise as they are with everything else.安娜和露西最近现身美国整容电视节目“Botched”,她们对饮食的要求像对待其他所有事情一样严格If she does a squat then I need to do a squat and if she walks metres then I have to as well. We need to burn the same calories, they said. If she has like two chips then I need to have two chips but they have to be the same size... when our boyfriend cooks us nachos the Doritos have to be the same size chip too. Bee we eat is a bit of a task as our plates need to be identical.“如果她做了个蹲起,我也要做一个蹲起,如果她走米,那么我也得走米我们需要消耗相同的卡路里”她们说道“比方说,如果她吃了两根薯条,那我也得吃两根薯条,但它们大小需要相同……男朋友为我们做烤干酪辣味玉米片和立体脆时,也得用同样大小的薄片我们开吃之前还有一个小要求,那就是我们用的盘子也得一模一样” 588

询问客户的需求实用句型S3:Let me show you our lastest designs.我为您介绍我们最新的款式S33:This is our new sample, very popular. Please have a look.这是我们的新款,很流行请看一看S:What kind of panties do you like? Briefs, Bikinis or Thongs?您喜欢哪种款式的内裤?一般型、比基尼式还是丁字裤?S35:This pair of mid-calf cotton socks has a rib pattern.这双中筒棉袜有直式花纹S36:This pair of knee-highs is in a new diamond texture.这双及膝袜是菱格纹的S37:These panty-hose come in black, white, and transparent.这些长筒袜有黑、白和透明三种颜色C1:Will it sell well?这个好卖吗?C:Please show me this one.请给我看这个C3:Id like to see some skiwear.我想看一些滑雪衣C:Our preference is pure silk.我们比较喜欢真丝的C5:Dont you have anything better?你没有更好的吗?C6:Can you recommend some to me?你能不能给我推荐一些?C7:Do you have this in a different color?这个还有别的颜色吗?C8:It wonderful. I like the design in particular.太好了,我尤其喜欢它的设计C9:I want the same one as the one in the catalogue here.我要和目录上的相同的这一种C:Do you sell the front closing style of bras?你们有前扣式的胸罩吗?C:Do you carry no-wire, jersey material bras?你们有不带蕾丝,强力棉质布料的胸罩吗?C:Do you have any bikini?你们有没有三点式运动衣?C:Do you have low-waist underpants?有没有低腰的内裤?C:Can I try on this sport suit blouse?我可以试穿这件运动衣吗?C:It a pullover. I think a cardigan will be better.这是套头的,我想开襟的毛衣会好些C:Do you have any sexy bathing suit?你们有没有性感的泳装?C:What colors do these knee socks come in?这些半筒袜有哪些颜色?

A -year-old man is now facing the prospect of life in prison after allegedly being caught stuffing of chocolate bars into his pockets in a US convenience store.近日,一名岁的男子在美国一家便利店里将价值31美元的巧克力棒直接塞进自己口袋被抓之后,他将面临着进入监狱坐牢的审判New Orleans resident Jacobia Grimes faces the life sentence after being charged under the Louisiana state habitual-offender law, which considers past offences. Grimes is a ;quad; offender under the habitual-offender law following five previous convictions.这位面临终身监禁的居民名叫雅可比·格兰姆斯,来自新奥尔良考虑到他之前的罪行,路易斯安那州根据惯犯法下达了判决根据当地的惯犯法,格兰姆斯已经是;四次案犯;,加上本次,他已经五次犯下罪行According to his lawyer, those five previous convictions totalled less than 0 incidents at Rite-Aid, Sav-A-Center, Blockbuster Video and Rouses stores.根据他的律师所说,包括在来爱德公司、SAV-A中心,百视通视频和Rouses连锁商店所犯的五次前科犯罪总额共低于500美元;I just think it points to the absurdity of the multiple billing statute. Theyre spending their time to lock someone up years over worth of candy. It ridiculous,; attorney Miles Swanson said.律师万里·斯旺森说:;我只是认为照次数定罪的法令很荒诞他们把时间花在关押一个只拿了价值31美元的人真是太可笑了;In the most recent of the convictions, Swanson said Grimes accepted a four-year jail sentence as a double offender after being caught stealing a Dollar General store of a pair of socks and trousers.在最近的犯案中,斯旺森表示,格兰姆斯曾作为二次案犯坐了四年牢,只因为他在达乐公司偷了一双袜子和一条裤子;It unconscionably excessive to threaten someone with years to life candy,; said Grimes other attorney Michael Kennedy. ;But the District Attorney is following the law as it written. The DA certainly had a choice. I may not agree with the choice they made, but they didnt do anything improper.;另一个格兰姆斯的律师迈克尔·肯尼迪也说道:;因为偷了点糖果就要判决年的牢狱,真的是不合情理,也太过了但是地方检察官确实是根据成文法执行的地方检察官当然要有抉择我可能不同意他们的判决,但他们所做的没有任何不妥之处; 3675

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