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老河口市第二医院私人医院襄阳保康县男科妇科网上预约Scottish finance苏格兰财政A case of the jitters人心惶惶As the Scottish referendum nears, capital takes fright苏独公投逼进惊扰资金流动BEFORE this week many investors and money managers had dismissed the possibility that Scotland would vote to leave the ed Kingdom on September 18th as too remote to worry about. But then came a poll by YouGov for the Times newspaper showing that support for independence had risen sharply. And so all the well-rehearsed uncertainty over an independent Scotlands economic and financial arrangements is beginning to feel rather less theoretical, and more urgent.在本周之前,许多投资人以及基金经理都排除了在9月18号的独立公投上苏格兰会脱离英国独立的可能性,因为他们认为离这事儿还早无需担心。然而由尤格夫(YouGov)组织并刊登在泰晤士报上的民意调查显示持(苏格兰)独立的人数有显著的上升。此外,所有针对独立后的苏格兰的经济与财政安排的讨论都开始变得越来越具体化,并且愈发的紧迫了。Most jittery are banks, pension funds and other businesses with significant cross-border interests. Polls from the Scottish Chambers of Commerce have shown in the past that 10% of firms have considered moving away from Scotland if the country votes to go it alone, that a further 8% have definite plans to move and that 5% would expand their English operations or set up an English company. More such businesses have spoken openly as the referendum nears. Standard Life, an insurer, has said it has drawn up contingency plans to move south in the event of a “Yes” vote. It has been widely reported that Lloyds Banking Group, which owns Bank of Scotland, would shift its headquarters from Edinburgh to London as well.、养老基金以及其他与跨境利息息息相关的行业因此深感不安。之前苏格兰商会的民意调查显示,如果公投决定独立,有10%的公司将会考虑搬离苏格兰;8%的公司将会有搬离苏格兰的明确计划;另外还有5%的公司表示将会扩张他们的英国分公司或者在英国另设新公司。随着公投的脚步临近,更多公司公开发表此类言论。保险公司标准人寿也曾表示已经起草好了迁往南方的应急方案以备公投赞成独立的结果出现。曾有铺天盖地的报道称,苏格兰的母公司英国劳埃德表示同样也会将其总部从爱丁堡迁至伦敦。Douglas Baillie, a pensions expert, says that clients from south of the border are ringing up, worrying about the future of their pension and life-assurance policies held in the likes of Standard Life, Scottish Widows (owned by Lloyds) and Aegon (formerly Scottish Equitable). All are Edinburgh-based and among the largest pension funds in Britain. English investors want to know whether they would still be paid in pounds, says Mr Baillie. They also worry that they would no longer have any sway through the ballot box over the tax regime governing their pensions. If Scotland votes to leave, warns Mr Baillie, the flow of pension money into the Scottish-based insurance companies from outside Scotland may well dry up. And there would be transfers out, to English-based companies. “They will run for cover, to a safe haven,” he says.养老金专家道格拉斯·贝利称,从边界南部来电咨询的客户络绎不绝,他们十分担忧自己养老金的未来以及人寿保险政策的变化,因为这些都掌握在诸如标准人寿、苏格兰寡妇(属于劳埃德集团)以及全球人寿保险公司(其前身为苏格兰公平公司)之类的金融机构手中。这些机构的总部基本都设在爱丁堡,并且养老基金规模数全国前列。贝利称,英国的投资者们想要知道这些机构是否还能以英镑的形式进行付。他们还担心自己再也不能通过投票箱影响决定着他们养老金多少的税收制度。贝利还警告道,如果苏格兰投票脱离英国,总部位于苏格兰的保险公司将会失去从苏格兰外部涌入的养老金资金流。并且还会有资金从这些公司流出,并流入总部设在英国的公司。“他们只能四处奔走寻求帮助,去寻找一个安全的港湾,”贝利说道。This fear of capital flight is most worrying. The share price of Lloyds slid slightly after YouGovs poll was released. The pound has fallen slightly, too, although this cannot be attributed entirely to worries over the referendum. One senior banker, Bill ONeill of UBS Wealth Management, says that the markets have moved from pricing Scottish independence at a “one in six chance to about one in four”, and that some money has aly been moved out of Scottish bank accounts and assets, mainly by clients with self-invested pensions worried about company stocks exposed to Scotland. But for the time being this is merely “precautionary”, he says. Another wealth manager, Bryan Johnston of Brewin Dophin, says his clients are also seeking advice on precautionary measures in case of a “Yes” vote. Investors are taking out derivatives to hedge against volatility in the pound and equities.资金外流问题是最令人担忧的了。尤格夫(YouGov)的民意调查公布之后,劳埃德的股价有了轻微的下滑。英镑的汇率也有所下跌,尽管这不能完全归咎于民众对公投结果的担忧。一位高级家,来自瑞银财富管理的比尔·奥尼尔(Bill ONeill)称,市场对苏格兰独立可能性的猜测已经从“六分之一上涨至四分之一”,同时还有许多资金以及资产早已从苏格兰的账户中转走,这些资产的持有人大多是自有投资个人养老金的人,他们十分担心公司股票将会完全受控于苏格兰。不过目前这样的行为也仅仅只是“预防措施”而言,他说道。另一位财富经理,来自Brewin Dophin的布莱恩·约翰斯顿(Bill ONeill)称,他的客户同样也在咨询苏格兰独立后的预防措施。投资者纷纷拿出金融衍生工具来规避英镑和资产波动带来的风险。If the prospect of a departure worries bankers and investors, of course, an actual one would cause enormous upheaval. Nationalists have set a date of March 2016 to separate from the ed Kingdom. That is probably too ambitious. However long the negotiations take, they will be tortuous and ill-tempered. Almost everything, from currency to nuclear weapons, would be on the table, making for a fluid, uncertain picture. Expect the jitters to continue.如果说光是对独立前景的预期就愁坏了家和投资者,那么等独立真正到来的一天定是会造成巨大的社会动荡。民族主义者们将2016年的3月设定为苏格兰脱离英国的独立日,这个日期可能太雄心勃勃了点。但是不管协商的过程会持续多久,其道路都会是崎岖的,也许辩论中途还会出现恶语相向。从货币到核武器,几乎所有的事情都将会摆上桌面谈,为了达成一个既不固定也不确定的共识而努力。唯一确定的是,动荡还会继续。译者: 朱大素 校对:徐珍译文属译生译世 /201601/422017南漳县妇幼保健院中医院治疗女性不孕怎么样 FIFA and corruption国际足联与腐败Hear no evil非礼勿听Footballs governing body is struggling to silence its critics足球管理机构努力平息批评AUTOCRATIC Russia and sweltering Qatar won the rights to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups fair and square, after a generally clean and honest bidding process. There might have been dodgy dealing, perhaps even criminal behaviour, on the part of a few of those involved—but not enough to justify rerunning the bids.专制的俄罗斯和闷热的卡塔尔,光明正大的赢得了2018与2022年世界杯的主办权。这个过程,总体上是清白的,诚信的。虽然有些参与者难免有些小动作,甚至某些地方牵涉犯罪,但瑕不掩瑜,重选是没有必要的。That, at least , is according to FIFA, world footballs governing body. On November 13th it described the results of an internal investigation into the bidding process as having mostly cleared itself and the host countries of wrongdoing. Nevertheless, on November 18th it said that it was handing the report from that probe over to Swiss authorities because it may have uncovered criminal activity (as yet unspecified).至少说出此话国际足联(世界性的足球管理机构)这样认为。经过一次国际调查,国际足联于11月13日从竞标过程内部调查结果描述来看撇清自己和主办国的嫌疑。。不过到了11月18日,国际足联又改口说,它将把报告提交瑞士当局,因为报告中的内容可能涉嫌犯罪(但未做出具体说明)。The investigation into the bidding process had been led by Michael Garcia, an American lawyer, who submitted over 400 pages of findings to FIFAs ethics committee in September. His report was then reviewed by Hans-Joachim Eckert, a German judge who heads the committees adjudicatory chamber (pictured right, with Mr Garcia). It was not published, despite pleas from some FIFA officials and Mr Garcia himself. Instead Mr Eckert released his own summary, which Mr Garcia has described as “incomplete and erroneous”. Two whistle-blowers have since said that Mr Eckert tarnished and misrepresented them. Mr Garcia has appealed against Mr Eckerts interpretation of his report—to another FIFA committee.主持此次调查的是美国律师迈克尔·加西亚(图中左者),随后他于九月,向国际足联道德委员会提交了400余页的报告(下文简称“加西亚报告”)。德国法官,同时也是道德委员会裁决小组主席的汉斯-约阿希姆·埃克特(图中右者)审阅了报告。虽然国际足联一些官员和加西亚本人均要求公开报告内容,但最终亮相的只是一份经埃克特重述的摘要(下文简称“埃克特摘要”)。这份摘要,加西亚说它“不完整,且与报告有出入”。摘要发布以来,有两位举报人称埃克特损害了他们的名誉,并曲解了他们的话。加西亚已就埃里克摘要向国际足联另一委员会提出申诉。Ever since Russia and Qatar won the hosting rights in 2010, there have been allegations of funny business. Several FIFA officials involved have since stepped down under a cloud. In June the Sunday Times, a British newspaper, published e-mails detailing lavish campaigning by Mohamed bin Hammam, a disgraced former FIFA bigwig from Qatar, ahead of the vote for his country. Lord Triesman, who led Englands bid for the 2018 tournament, has said FIFA officials asked him for bribes.2010年俄卡两国赢得主办权以来,丑闻申诉不绝于耳。数名涉事的国际足联官员在质疑中辞职。英国报纸《星期日泰晤士报》于七月公布了一些电邮,它们形成于卡塔尔胜选之前的一段时间。这些电邮显示,在名声不佳的国际足联前大佬,穆罕默德·本·哈曼主持下,卡塔尔的申办行为是多么的慷慨。负责英格兰2018年世界杯申办工作的特里斯曼勋爵称,国际足联官员曾向他索贿。So it may seem odd that England was the country most harshly criticised by Mr Eckert. Its bid committee had accommodated unethical requests from corrupt FIFA officials, he said. Qatar, too, had committed some violations, but according to Mr Eckert its actions “were, all in all, not suited to compromise the integrity” of the process. Russia was let off the hook, even though investigators had limited access to its documents because the computers its officials used had been destroyed.既然这样英格兰成为埃克特的抨击对象却有些说不通。他说,英格兰配合了国际足联中害群之马的不当要求。卡塔尔虽然同样存在违规行为,但“总的说来,并未损害”竞争程序的“完整性”。但如果真是国际足联官员主动索贿,那英格兰就有些冤枉了。 俄罗斯同样逃过一劫,虽然调查人员未能接触到全部的申办文件,因为彼时使用的电脑已毁坏。Dismayed by the findings and the lack of transparency, some football officials are daring to peek above the parapet. Mr Eckerts summary was “a joke”, says Greg Dyke, the chairman of Englands Football Association. His predecessor, David Bernstein, has called for UEFA, European footballs governing body, to boycott the World Cup in protest. Reinhard Rauball, the head of Germanys soccer federation, has suggested that UEFA might leave FIFA if Mr Garcias full findings are not published.由于对调查结果和调查过程的透明程度不满,一些足协官员敢于挑战权威。英格兰足协主席格雷格·戴克说,埃里克摘要就是个“笑话”。他的前任大卫·伯恩斯坦,则呼吁欧足联(欧洲的足球管理机构)抵制世界杯。德国足球联赛主席莱因哈特·劳巴尔建议欧足联退出国际足联,除非后者公开加西亚报告的完整内容。But a European rebellion seems unlikely. Michel Platini, the head of UEFA, who has himself had to deny allegations of corruption, voted for Qatar. Europes football associations benefit from hosting World Cup qualifiers and the sponsorship deals that come with playing on the tournaments big stage. Poorer nations are even less likely to challenge FIFA, as they benefit from its handouts. The money sloshing around feeds a perception that at least some of it is used to buy favours or votes.不过阻力很大。欧足联主席米夏埃尔·普拉蒂尼当初给卡塔尔投了一票,而他已否认了有关腐败的指控。欧洲各国足协均有望从举办世界杯预选赛中获益,因为彼时不仅有八方球迷,还能得到不菲的赞助。相对贫困的国家就更不愿意和国际足联作对了,因为他们能得到救济。钞票漫天飞舞,不难想见其中一部分是用于疏通乃至贿选了。Despite not having Mr Garcias report, Sepp Blatter, the 78-year-old head of FIFA, insists his organisation is clean: “If we had anything to hide, we would hardly be taking this matter to the [Swiss authorities].” But the Swiss benefit from FIFAs presence in Zurich. A greater threat may come from the Americans. The FBI is investigating allegations of corruption against FIFA, and Mr Garcia can still recommend cases against individual officials.虽然没读过加西亚报告,但78岁的国际足联主席尚帕·布拉特坚称,国际足联是廉洁的:“要是心中有鬼,我们哪能提交报告(给瑞士当局)呢。”不过,国际足联总部就设在苏黎世,而瑞士正受益于此。更大的威胁也许来自美洲:联邦调查局正就国际足联腐败一事展开调查,而加西亚针对官员个人提起诉讼。After Mr Eckerts summary, FIFA said that “a degree of closure has been reached”. That depends on the sponsors. If they start to abandon FIFA and its World Cup, it will prove wishful thinking.埃里克摘要之后,国际足联“放宽了阅读加西亚报告的限制”。这要看投资者的态度。如果金主们打算抛弃国际足联,事情就有看头了。From the print edition: Intenational本文原文出自《经济学人》杂志社 译者:韦永睿 校对:刘苗苗 译文属译生译世 /201412/346119The Lions have won only one game this year, and in their most recent game, Matt Stafford suffered 13 hits, seven sacks, and the Lions went from a 17-6 lead over Minnesota to a 28-19 loss.Bacon says to the Ford familys credit, theyve stayed out of the way as the team struggles.;Theyre pretty much everything you want in owners except an inability to hire the right coach,; he says.Bacon thinks team president Tom Lewand is smart and will eventually get it right. But he doesnt feel that way about head coach Jim Caldwell.;Jim Caldwell is clearly not the guy, in my opinion,; he says.Bacon looks to Caldwells warning to his quarterback during a game as a sign of his bad coaching.;He told Matt Stafford ... If you throw one more pick, Im going to pull ya.;;Man, let me tell you right now. If a high school coach did that, I would throw a flag and say, this is the wrong approach. In the pros its no better,; says Bacon.Nor does he think Matt Stafford is good enough.;He has not won an away game over a winning team. He just cant. And youll not go very far in that league with an inability to play a good team at their place.;In terms of college football, Bacon gives both the U of M and MSU an ;A -; for different reasons.U of M for playing above their expectations, and MSU, at 8-0, for keeping that streak alive...even if some of those wins were a little ugly. 201510/405905襄阳一医院正规的吗

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宜城市妇幼保健院中医院不孕不育预约Europe Charlemagne A democratic nightmare欧洲 查理曼大帝 一个民主化的梦魇Seeking to confront the rise of Eurosceptics and fill the democratic deficit根治疑欧主义,弥补民主缺陷TO ITS critics the European Union was born in sin: a project devised by and for the elites, lacking democratic legitimacy.许多家认为欧盟生而有罪:掌权者为掌权者设计的规划,缺少了民主合法性。All attempts to make good the “democratic deficit”, a term coined in the 1970s, have failed.“民主逆差” 一词是上世纪七十年代发明的一个术语,而如今所有想弥补民主逆差的尝试均以失败告终。Direct elections to the European Parliament (EP)?欧盟议会(欧议)将直选?Turnout has fallen ever since they were instituted in 1979.与会人数比1979年欧盟议会刚成立的时候还少。Give the assembly real power?是否应该给这些人实权?The parliament has never had more clout, yet trust in the EU is at an all-time low.议会的影响力早已式微,而且欧盟的信任度已降至历史最低点。Europes economic crisis is making this chronic problem acute.欧洲的经济危机让这个“慢性”的问题转为了“急性”。One reason is that, particularly in the euro zone,Brusselsis intruding ever deeper into national life, meddling in everything from budgets to pensions and wage-setting.原因有一,尤其是在欧元区,欧盟正在过多的入侵国民生活,从预算到养老金再到工资设定。Another reason is the expected backlash from voters in next Mays election to the EP.原因二就是明年五月欧盟议会大选中预期内的选民强烈反对。There will be big gains for anti-EU and anti-immigrant parties of all colours—from the sharp-tongued nativists of the UK Independence Party to the thuggish neo-Nazis of Golden Dawn in Greece.这对于各阵营的反欧盟和反移民组织来说都将收获颇丰,包括英国独立党内尖刻的本土主义者,以及希腊金色黎明党内蛮横的新纳粹分子。Eurosceptic parties could top the polls in France,Britainand the Netherlands; they will do well inFinland and Italy;在法国,英国和荷兰,疑欧政党可能位居民调榜首;在芬兰和意大利也会有不俗战绩;and in milder guise they could win seats for the first time in Germany.保守估计,他们甚至都能首次在德国赢得席位。The sense of alarm is palpable.这样的警钟可谓显而易见。Franois Hollande, the French president, says the rise of nationalists and Eurosceptics would bring “regression and paralysis”.法国总统奥朗德表示说,民族主义和疑欧主义的抬头会带来“倒退和瘫痪”。Enrico Letta,Italys prime minister, reckons Eurosceptics could win up to a third of the seats.意大利前总理莱塔估计疑欧主义者将赢得高达三分之一的席位。Radicals and populists are a disparate bunch, preferring to give speeches than influence policy, so centrists should still be able to get parliamentary business done.激进派和民粹派也是各自心怀鬼胎,相对于影响政治他们还是更喜欢发表演说,所以中立派还有可能把议会的琐事处理完毕。Perhaps the bigger influence will be the poisoning of domestic politics, which would hamper decision-making by governments.而更深远的影响可能成为国内政治的毒瘤,而这颗毒瘤已牢牢束缚了政府决策。How to respond?如何应对?Mr Letta is among those who want to galvanise pro-European forces by turning the European election into a contest for the next president of the European Commission.莱塔是想要用欧委会下一任主席一职的选举刺激拥欧力量的人之一。The main European political “families”, the broad coalitions of national parties that dominate parliament, say they will each campaign behind a “presidential” candidate.欧洲政治的主要方面就是“家庭”,主导议会的国家政党间的广泛联盟称,他们将逐个参加主席的竞选。The Socialists seem likely to choose Martin Schulz, the feisty German president of the EP.社会党似乎倾向舒兹,那个在欧盟议会中相当活跃的德国总统。The greens plan an open primary.绿党计划举行开放式选举。The conservatives, likely to remain the biggest grouping, still seem to be in a quandary.保守党可能保留最大的分组,似乎还在左右为难。Advocates hope to inject excitement, strengthen the commissions democratic mandate, focus the contest on European issues, and raise the stakes to avoid the ballot turning into a protest against unpopular national governments.持者希望加强委员会的民主授权,把注意力放在欧洲问题上,为防止投票演变成一场针对不得人心的政府的抗议示威,他们提高了风险等级。Unless there is some blood-and-guts politics, they say, citizens will turn to populists.他们说,除非能出台一些动真格的政策,不然市民就会投靠民粹的阵营。And yet the EU is not a country, and the commission is not a government.虽然欧盟不是一个国家,委员会也不是一个政府。It has the near-exclusive right to propose new legislation, to be approved by both the Council of Ministers (representing governments) and the EP.但却拥有近乎全部的权力来提出新法案,同时获得内阁(代表政府)和欧盟议会的同意。But it is also a civil service, policeman of the single market and competition watchdog.但这还是一个行政部门,单一市场的督察,以及一个竞争监管机构。In a new publication, the Centre for European Reform (CER), a British think-tank, argues that the commission “needs to act as referee in the political game, not as captain of one of the teams”.一份新发表的发言称,英国智库欧洲改革中心(欧改)认为,委员会“需要在政治游戏中充当裁判,而不是做某一方的指挥。”National leaders have always appointed the president and the 27 other commissioners, and will not want to be dictated to by the EP, which most regard as a nuisance.国家领导人总是任命主席和其余27个专员,而且不愿像傻瓜一样被欧盟议会任意摆布。The Lisbon treaty mischievously muddied the process:里斯本条约反而把进程变得更加模棱两可:it says leaders should propose a president “taking into account” the election result;条约中声明,领导人应该建议总统“考虑到”大选的结果;然后参选人应由欧盟议会“选出“。then the candidate “shall be elected” by the EP. The dispute over who chooses, and controls, the commission president may cause more gridlock in Brussels than rowdy Eurosceptics ever could.委员会主席自己选中并控制的这场争议或将在欧盟引起更大的僵局,甚至大过那些惹是生非的疑欧主义者。A more partisan commission risks losing credibility in its semi-judicial functions such as ruling on state-aid cases (eg, bank bail-outs) and enforcing antitrust rules.一个更党派化的委员会将会冒失去信任的风险履行其半司法化功能,比如掌握国家援助的情况(例如救市方案)以及加强反垄断法。The commission has acquired greater powers to scrutinise national budgets and economic policies, and recommend sanctions.委员会获得更加强大的权力来审核国家预算案,经济政策以及推荐制裁。It is proposing to be the ultimate authority in winding up banks.这将会是清算的最后一层管理机构。Do prime ministers and presidents want to hand loaded guns to an avowedly party-political commission president?首相和总统会荷实弹对准公开的党派政治化的委员会主席吗?The EU needs better commissioners, but an election of the president would narrow the field.欧盟议会需要更专业的专员,但主席的选举又会缩小这个范围。Sitting prime ministers would not risk their national jobs for a European contest;已经坐上首相位置的人不会为一个全欧洲的角逐拿自己工作冒险;the choice would come down to jobless politicos or Brussels insiders.这个选择归结到失业的政客或欧盟内部人士头上。And voters are bound to be disappointed.而选民们必然要失望了。The commission president does not decide issues they most care about.委员会主席不打算就选民们最关心的问题做出决断。Voting against austerity in the EP would not change the fact that creditors set the conditions for bail-outs.在欧盟议会内投票反对紧缩不会改变债权国为救市方案设定条件的事实。The unresolvable conundrum无解的难题The EU is a hybrid, part international organisation and part federation.欧盟是一个混合的,不完全的国际化组织和不完全的联盟。There are no neat solutions to the democratic conundrum.对于民主的难题没有干净利落的解决方案。A semi-elected president could offer the worst combination:一个半当选总统会提供最糟糕的组合:too partisan to retain the trust of national leaders;太党派化反而不能保持国际领导间的信任;too powerless to win the loyalty of citizens who may think they are electing the president of Europe but would get only a weak secretary-general.太过放权又不能赢得公民的忠诚,他们可能会认为他们所选的欧洲主席实际上只是个软弱的秘书长而已。A direct election makes sense should the commission ever be granted federal authority, including tax-raising powers.一次直选可能会让委员会成功被授予联邦的权力,包括增税的权力。Even so, it may need to give up some of its regulatory and technocratic functions.即使这样,这仍然需要放弃部分监管、技术的职能。For now treasuries remain strictly national.因为现在国债被严格管控在本国内。Yet the problem of legitimacy is pressing.但合法性问题仍然迫切。One response is for national parliaments to do a better job of holding ministers to account for decisions they make in Brussels.一种反应是各国议会应该督促部长们为他们在布鲁塞尔做的决定负责。The CER proposes a “forum” of national parliamentarians to scrutinise EU actions where the EP has no say, for instance in devising bail-out packages.欧洲改革中心提出,当欧盟议会不同意时就举办一个“论坛”为各国议员审查欧盟措施,比如说设计纾困计划。European politicians can never trump national ones in terms of legitimacy and public interest.欧洲的政客从未在合法性和公共利益上战胜国家。So it is for national leaders to lead the fight against Eurosceptics:所以这需要国家领导人带头与疑欧主义者对抗:stop blaming the EU for all ills, defend the benefits of integration, fix its flaws and, in the euro zone, explain the reforms needed to stay in the single currency.不再批评欧盟的弊病,为其一体化的益处而辩护,修复其缺陷,在欧元区内解释改革需要在单一货币体系内。It would be a great mistake to let Eurosceptics claim the national flags for themselves; the EUs circle of gold stars is no substitute.这样疑欧主义者再为自己主张分裂就是个大错误;欧盟的蓝天金星旗是无可替代的。译者 周雨晴 校对 黄佳欣 译文属译生译世 /201512/413115 襄樊人民医院不孕不育收费好不好襄阳四院医院预约

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