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bloodcurdling ———— 吓人的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Terrifying; causing great fear and alarm. (NOTE: used to describe sounds, sights, or frightening stories.)例句 A group of friends taking an evening walk through the peaceful grove froze in horror when they heard the bloodcurdling howl of a wolf.一群朋友在晚上散步,经过一片宁静的小树林时,听到了吓人的狼嚎,他们都吓呆了。 /201605/445092。

  • Insolation台展搭建A: Did you the organizers build the stands?A: 摊位是由组织者建造吗?B: Generally, organizers provide basic shells or modules and then the exhibitors complete themselve And also the exhibitors can design and build their own stands from scratch ,We are doing in this case.B: -般来说,组织者提供基本的摊位外壳和单元, 参展单位自己布置完成。当然参展单位也可以自己从头开始设计建造 我们这一次就这么干。A: Oh,no.I am afraid we can not construct the stands ourselves.A: 不,恐怕我们自己不能动手亲自建吧。B: Of course,We will employ a firm of contractor ho specializes in stand construction and discuss the design of our stand with them in detail tomorrow.B: 当然。我们准备雇用一家专业公司作为摊 位建筑承包商。明天和他们详谈摊位的设计问题。 A: Thats a good idea.A: 不错的主意 。B: We have many things to be takes into our consideration range of products to be displayed amenities to be provided the number of staff on duty and so on,See to it that the estimate of the amount of space should be accounted.B: 我们有很多方面需要考虑:参展的产品范围、提供的务设施、值班的人数等等。务必确保面积估计的准确。A: When will the contracor produce the design?A: 承包商什么时候设计啊?B: After we book our space through the organizer.B: 在我们向组织者预订位置之后了。 /201603/430584。
  • (I/we) wanna urge people who want to volunteer, and who have the ability to be able to come to Louisiana or any of the Gulf Coast states that were affected and volunteer to try to do that. And if you can't do it this week, there will be next week and the next week, and it's gonna go on for a long time. So we want to make sure that volunteers continue all through the months that it's gonna take to let people be able to get back into their own homes, and back into their own city. They are registering children for school all here. They are actually in this center. You can register for school and the children from New Orleans who will go to the Lafayette schools will start on Wednesday, so I think that' s very important. It's very important to get your children in school, give children a sense of normalcy, and so I want to urge people, ah, who wherever you are around, ah, the country if you've left New Orleans or left any of the affected areas on the Gulf Coast to go ahead and enroll your children in schools. It's very important for them. Ah, I heard a great story about a little boy from New Orleans, who, ah, went to school today at the Texas school district and youthin high school but he's sort of thin and small and two great big football players, sort of adopted him and walking him around the campus and welcoming him to their school. So I know school districts everywhere will be welcoming. And I want to thank the people of Texas, and Houston, and Dallas, and San Antonio that have opened their, big arenas like this, to take in, ah, take people in, the people who have been displaced because of the storm, and, and those school districts are also opening up. So it's really important for parents to keep their, let their kids keep going to school, getting them in school, don't let them get behind and also give them a sense of normalcy for their day. I think this is a really wonderful example of what happens when a community comes together. Of the logistics, even, ah, of which, a community has to put together to try to, ah, have this little city within a city over 6,000 people here in one place to meet their needs, their needs for hygiene, their needs for food obviously, and water and in a safe place for people to be, it's really, really amazing those logistics are and now I wanna congratulate the people of Lafayette for being able to do this in such a very quick and such a humane way. I'm really helping people not just giving them the basic needs but also trying to give them the emotional support they need right now at such a very difficult time in their lives. I think what happened is what always happens in this kind of disaster. This is probably the largest disaster our country has ever had, natural disaster we've ever had. And when you have that many people displaced out of their homes, when you have that big urban area flooded where people can't go back into it. You know, it's not like a hurricane whether water washes in and washes out, you know, it's still standing there, then that's what you see. It had, it just, you know, that's just how what happens in a, this terrible of a disaster, and the fact is, many times as we know from watching tornado coverage, or any other natural disaster coverage, the poor people usually are in the neighborhoods that are the lowest, are the most exposed, are the most vulnerable, and their housing is the most vulnerable to a natural disaster. And that's just always what it happens. Well, I know that the federal government is doing every single thing they possibly can, but the president said today, I think that he had (was not with me this morning, that was, he came over from Texas) said that, you know, it's not adequate. This response is not an adequate response. This is not the kind of response the federal government wants. We know that we can do it better and that we can get it, ah, better, and that's what every single person, not just the federal government but the local governments everywhere are working on. And not just the local governments in the affect, in the affected areas, but governments local governments a long way away, Pittsburg, I think, called the mayor today, and Youngstown Ohio was sending trucks, ah, of, of things, and you know, people wanna help in whatever way they can.200807/44137。
  • Bush Heads To Asia For Weeklong Trip布什夫妇启程前往亚洲访问U.S. President George Bush is on his way to Asia for talks with leaders in South Korea, Thailand, and China - where he will attend the opening of the Olympic Games. 美国总统布什正在前往亚洲的途中。他将在那里和韩国、泰国和中国的领导人举行会谈。他还将在北京参加奥运会的开幕仪式。White House officials say the president's talks in Seoul will deal with trade and military matters. 白宫官员说,布什总统在首尔的会谈将涉及贸易和军事问题。But hanging over all the discussions here will be North Korea and efforts to deal with Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions. 可是,最最重要的讨论还是北韩和如何对待平壤核野心的问题。Since Mr. Bush last met with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak in April, North Korea has submitted a long-awaited declaration of its plutonium-related activities. It has also destroyed the cooling tower at its reactor at Yongbyon. But President Bush has made clear those steps are only the beginning. 自从布什今年4月和韩国总统李明会晤以来,北韩递交了一份外界期待已久的清单,列出了和钸有关的核活动。北韩还炸毁了宁边核反应堆的冷却塔。但是,布什清楚地表示,这些行动仅仅是一个开始。"We are concerned about enriched uranium and proliferation, and human rights abuses, ballistic missile programs," said President Bush. "I view this process as a multi-step process where there will be action for action." 他说:“我们对铀浓缩、核扩散、侵犯人权和弹道导弹项目都感到关注。我认为,这整个过程将分几步走,每一步都要有具体行动。”From Seoul, Mr. Bush travels to Thailand where he will highlight conditions in another trouble spot - neighboring Burma. 布什离开首尔后将前往泰国,他在那里将强调指出缅甸目前的动荡局势。While the official stated reason for his visit is to celebrate the 175th anniversary of U.S.-Thai relations, the president will also be meeting with Burmese dissidents and will get a briefing on relief efforts following Cyclone Nargis. 虽然有关官员说,布什访问泰国是为了庆祝美国和泰国建交175周年,但是布什在泰国还将会晤缅甸的持不同政见人士,并听取关于纳尔吉斯热带风暴灾后救援情况的报告。But most media attention is likely to be focused on First Lady Laura Bush. She will travel to the Thai-Burmese border to visit a refugee center, and a clinic. 不过,媒体可能会把更多的注意力放在第一夫人劳拉身上。她将前往泰缅边界,参观一个难民营和一个诊所。They will arrive together in Bejing on the eve of the Olympic opening ceremonies. When Mr. Bush walks into the main stadium Friday evening, local time, he will become the first U.S president in history to attend an Olympic games outside the ed States. 布什夫妇将在北京奥运会开幕式前夕一同抵达北京。当布什总统在北京时间星期五晚上走进奥运会主体育馆时,他将成为历史上第一位在美国本土以外参加奥运会的美国总统。"I view the Olympics as an opportunity for me to cheer on our athletes," said Mr. Bush. "It's an athletic event." 布什说:“我认为,奥运会是我为美国运动员加油鼓劲的机会。这是一个体育活动。”But experts in Asian affairs say if the president thinks he can go the Beijing Olympics as just another sports fan, he is very mistaken. 但是,亚洲事务专家们说,如果布什以为他可以以一个体育迷的身份出席北京奥运会,那他就大错特错了。Derek Mitchell is an analyst with the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington - a private group that conducts research on foreign policy matters. 华盛顿战略和国际研究中心是一个对外交政策进行研究的民间组织,米切尔是该组织的分析员。"It is going to be difficult for him in public," said Derek Mitchell. "But he enjoys sports. And I think he really wanted to go because of the sports. But whether he gets embarrassed while there - it is not going to be just an issue of an individual, it is going to be an issue of the ed States prestige." 他说:“对布什来说,他的这些举动不容易被公众接受。不过他喜欢体育运动。我认为,他真的是因为想看比赛才去的。不过,布什是否会因此遭遇到尴尬局面,这已经不是他个人的事情,这关系到美国的声望。”The president has said he will bring up issues such as human rights in China just not at the Olympics. He met with a group of Chinese democracy advocates at the White House last week, and he plans on attending church while in Beijing to reinforce calls for greater religious freedom.200808/45487。
  • President Bush is in Ghana where American money is helping slow the sp of HIV/AIDS. Mr. Bush is again pressing the Congress to double AIDS funding over the next five years to billion. 美国总统布什正在访问加纳,在那里,美国提供的资金正在帮助减缓艾滋病的蔓延。布什总统再次敦促美国国会在未来5年内把防治艾滋病资金增加一倍,达到300亿美元。Ghanaian President John Kufuor, speaking at a joint news conference with President Bush, says the prevalence of HIV continues to decline in Ghana, from 2.6 percent in 2006 to 2.2 percent of the population last year.  加纳总统库福尔在同布什总统一起举行的记者会上说,艾滋病在加纳的流行范围继续缩小,患病人数占总人口的比例从2006年的2.6%下降到2007年的2.2%。"I believe that is considerable, and perhaps some of the credit should be given to the extension of help in terms of resources including the antiretroviral drugs that we get from development partners like the ed States of America," Mr. Kufuor said. 库福尔说:“我认为这是相当大的进步,也许产生这种进步的一部分原因是我们获得了更多的资源,包括来自像美国这样的发展夥伴给我们提供的抗逆转录病毒药品。”Fifty-thousand Africans were on antiretroviral drugs when President Bush took office. Now more than 1.2 million people receive those medicines. 在布什总统入主白宫时,有5万名非洲人在使用抗逆转录病毒药品。而现在,接受这种药物治疗的人已经超过120万。Mr. Bush, speaking alongside Ghana's president, said that is a good start, but only a start. He wants U.S. lawmakers to reauthorize the President's Emergency Plan for Aids Relief, known as PEPFAR, at twice its current levels, raising the total to billion over the next five years. 布什总统站在库福尔身旁说,这是一个良好的开端,但仅仅是开始而已。他希望美国的议员们批准把总统的防治艾滋病紧急救援计划的资金增加一倍,在未来5年内把总额提升到300亿美元。"One of the reasons that I was motivated to put forth a significant request to our Congress for a comprehensive program to deal with HIV/AIDS is that I felt it was unacceptable to stand by and watch a generation of folks be eradicated," Mr. Bush said. 布什说:“我决定向国会提出这个重大要求,希望能够建立一个对付艾滋病的全面项目,这么做的一个原因是,我觉得不能袖手旁观,看着一代人被艾滋病吞噬。”PEPFAR supports training for peer educators in Ghana's military to slow new infection rates, especially among troops serving as African peacekeepers. It funds antiretroviral treatment at 37 military hospitals with training for laboratory technicians, virologists, pharmacists, and nurses. 防治艾滋病紧急救援计划持为加纳军队中的教育工作者提供培训,以减慢新病人感染的速度,特别是减慢艾滋病在非洲维和军人中的感染速度。这个计划还为37个军队医院的抗逆转录病毒治疗工作提供资金,培训实验室技术人员、病毒学者,药剂师和护士。The U.S. AIDS program also works with faith-based organizations, which the World Health Organization says provide as much as 70 percent of health care in sub-Saharan Africa. 这个美国艾滋病项目还同宗教组织合作。世界卫生组织说,宗教组织提供的医疗务占撒哈拉以南非洲国家的医疗务的70%。Mark Dybul is the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator. He spoke in Tanzania during an earlier stop on the president's trip. 戴布尔是美国全球艾滋病事务协调员。布什在坦桑尼亚开始他的非洲之行时,戴布尔在那里说:"They are the ones in the communities," Dybul said. "They are the ones with reach and credibility in their own communities. It's unfortunate that most people don't listen to government officials, like myself, when we tell them to act in a certain way. But they will listen to their leaders - particularly young people - and that involves faith leaders, community leaders, traditional leaders." “宗教组织是那些在社区中务的人。他们是那些能够深入自己的社区而且获得人们信赖的人。当像我自己这样的政府官员告诉人们怎么做时,很遗憾,很多人并不愿意听政府的话。但是这些人,特别是年轻人,愿意听自己领袖的话,包括宗教领袖、社区领袖和传统领袖。”The president's calls for a doubling of AIDS funding has renewed the debate over PEPFAR's insistence that one-third of the 20 percent of funding for prevention must focus on abstinence. 防治艾滋病紧急救援计划把20%的资金用于预防艾滋病,这个计划坚决主张用这部分资金的三分之一来集中进行禁欲宣传。布什总统将防治艾滋病资金增加一倍的要求再次引发了对这一主张的辩论。"There are a bunch of divisive issues in the reauthorization about abstinence, reproductive health, needle exchange, and there are ongoing debates about whether PEPFAR is too much and too predominant and too exceptional and whether it's crowding out other worthy health and developmental initiatives - child survival, water, maternal health, family planning," said Stephen Morrison, co-director of the Africa program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a private policy research group in Washington.. 莫利森是华盛顿私人研究组织战略与国际研究中心非洲项目的共同主任。莫利森说:“在重新批准这项计划方面,存在一些造成分裂的问题,包括禁欲、生殖卫生和针具交换。此外,人们正在辩论防治艾滋病紧急救援计划是否有些过头了,是不是太显著、太突出了,它是不是挤走了其它有价值的卫生和发展计划,比如儿童生存、水、产妇健康和计划生育等问题。”Victor Barnes is the director of the HIV/AIDS program at the U.S. Corporate Council on Africa, a private group promoting trade and investment between the ed States and Africa. 非洲企业理事会是一家促进美国和非洲之间贸易和投资的私人组织,巴恩斯是这个组织的负责人。He says development groups in the field have adapted to PEPFAR politics. 他说,发展组织已经在实际工作中适应了防治艾滋病紧急救援计划的政治特色。"When you are dealing with sexually-active adults, abstinence-only portfolios are irrelevant," Barnes said. "They have a very important place, particularly with youth and particularly with delaying the onset of sexual activity, which is a critical intervention. But the reality is that it has to be in conjunction with behavior-change interventions and strategies for working with sexually-active adults as well as making condoms available, both male and female." 巴恩斯说:“当你面对性活跃的成年人时,仅仅依靠禁欲手段来防止艾滋病的传播是行不通的。这种手段的确能起到非常重要的作用,特别是针对年轻人,而且它可以推迟初次发生性行为的时间,这是一种很关键的干预手段。但实际上,这种手段必须和促成人们的行为发生改变的干预手段共同使用,还要和针对性活跃成年人的战略一同进行。此外,还要让男性和女性都能使用安全套。”The president is doing long-distance lobbying on this Africa trip by urging American taxpayers to encourage Congress to double AIDS funding. He says Africans should not be left guessing whether or not the generosity of the American people will continue.  布什总统在他这次非洲之行中进行远程游说,敦促美国纳税人鼓励国会将艾滋病防治资金增加一倍。布什说,非洲人民不应靠猜测美国人是否会继续慷慨而生活。200802/27660。
  • Israel Begins 5-day Civil Defense Drill Amid War Fears以色列举行民防演习引发邻国担心  Israel has launched a major civil defense exercise amid fears of war.  在人们广泛担心爆发战争之际,以色列举行了一次大规模的民防演习。Israel is conducting a five-day home-front security drill to prepare for the possibility of a major terrorist attack, war or natural disaster. Schools, hospitals and government offices are involved in the drill, which includes preparation for a missile attack with nuclear, chemical or biological warheads.  以色列正在进行一次为期5天的后方安全演习,为可能发生大规模恐怖袭击、战争或自然灾害做准备。参加这次演习的包括学校、医院和政府机构。演习的内容包括为发生携带核弹头、化学弹头或生物弹头的导弹袭击做准备。The drill has raised fears in neighboring Lebanon and Syria that Israel might be planning an attack, and those countries have raised the level of alert in their armed forces. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert sought to ease tensions. 这次军事演习引发邻国黎巴嫩和叙利亚的担忧,他们担心以色列可能计划发动袭击。这些国家已经让自己的武装部队进入戒备状态。以色列总理奥尔默特希望能缓和紧张局势。It is a routine drill, Mr. Olmert said at the weekly Cabinet meeting, adding that Israel does not want a war. 奥尔默特在每周一次的例行内阁会议上说,这是一次例行的演习,以色列并不想发动战争。The exercise underscores concerns about a non-conventional war with Iran, which Israel believes is developing nuclear weapons. Iran says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, but its president has threatened to wipe Israel "off the map." 这次演习增强了人们对同伊朗发生非常规战争的担忧。以色列认为伊朗在发展核武器。伊朗表示,他们发展核项目是为了和平目的,但是伊朗总统威胁说,要把以色列“从地图上抹去”。Coby Vinsburg of Israel's National Emergency Management Authority says the Middle East is a bad neighborhood that is becoming more dangerous. 以色列国家紧急应变的温斯伯格说,中东是一个糟糕的地方,变得越来越危险。"Israel has to be y all the time in a very high alert and very high level," said Vinsburg. 他说:“以色列必须随时做好准备,处于高度戒备状态。”The civil defense exercise is the biggest in years, and in a sign of growing regional tensions, from now on it will be conducted annually. 这次民防演习是数年来最大的一次。从现在开始,以色列每年都要举行这样的演习,这显示这个地区的紧张局势在不断加剧。200804/33770。
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