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枣阳市第一人民医院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗襄阳市男科生殖中心襄樊市军工医院可以看男女吗 A special court in India on Wednesday summoned former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to face corruption charges related to the sale of coal fields under his government.印度一个特别法庭星期三传唤前总理辛格。他被控任职期间在出售煤田交易中犯有贪腐罪。Judges ordered Mr. Singh and five others in the case to appear on April 8.法官命令辛格和其他五人4月8日出庭。The government sold more than 200 coal blocks during Mr. Singh#39;s time, but India#39;s national auditor said in 2012 that awarding the contracts without competitive bidding cost the government billions of dollars. The supreme court ruled last year the process was illegal.在辛格担任总理期间,印度政府出售了200多个煤田,但印度政府审计员2012年表示,当时是在没有竞标的情况下签订合同,致使政府蒙受了数十亿美元损失。印度最高法院去年做出裁决,认为交易过程非法。The charges are part of a string of corruption allegations to hit the Congress party-led government during Mr. Singh#39;s time as prime minister, which also included auditors reporting billion in losses in the sale of mobile phone licenses and widesp graft during the 2010 Commonwealth Games.辛格担任总理期间的国大党政府遭到一系列腐败指控的打击。其中还包括审计人员报道的在2010年英联邦运动会期间销售手机牌照损失的400亿美元,和普片的贪污。Congress Party spokesman Manish Tewari said ;the former government has absolutely nothing to hide; and that they conducted themselves with utmost transparency.国大党发言人特瓦里说,“前政府绝对没有任何东西可以隐瞒”,并自称行事方式绝对透明。Mr. Singh was prime minister from 2004 until last year. He was replaced by Narendra Modi of the Bharatiya Janata Party.辛格从2004年至去年担任印度总理。辛格去职后,人民党的莫迪接任总理。 /201503/363720襄阳保康县妇幼保健院中医院做宫颈手术

保康县人民医院是私立的还是公立的The Communist Party ousted the senior officer of one of China#39;s largest state-owned enterprises, suggesting its anticorruption campaign--which has aly rattled upper echelons of the national leadership--is spilling into new sectors. 中国共产党免去了中国最大国有企业之一的一位高管职位,表明其反腐行动正蔓延到新的领域。这场反腐行动已经撼动了国家领导层的高层。Last week, the Communist Party#39;s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection accused China Resources Chairman Song Lin of unspecified #39;suspected serious violations of discipline and law,#39; phrasing Chinese authorities typically use in reference to corruption. The party on Saturday said it removed him from the conglomerate. 上周,中共中央纪律检查委员会(简称:中纪委)宣布华润集团(China Resources)董事长宋林“涉嫌严重违纪违法”,中国当局通常用这种说法指代腐败行为。中共上周六说,宋林已被免职。The firing followed allegations by a reporter for a newspaper owned by the government news agency Xinhua that Mr. Song abused his power in corporate dealings, for instance by personally benefiting from a coal mine acquisition. 相关阅读专栏:习近平的反腐难题在此之前,中国官方通讯社新华社下属报纸的一名记者举报宋林在公司交易中滥用权力,例如从一个煤矿收购交易中谋取私利。Before his dismissal, Mr. Song last week defended his reputation in a statement that dismissed the reporter#39;s allegations as #39;pure fabrication and malicious slander.#39; Mr. Song#39;s whereabouts were unknown but he is believed to be in the hands of party investigators, who routinely detain suspects without formal charges and deny them access to lawyers. 在被免职前,宋林上周发表声明为自己的声誉辩护,说那位记者的指控纯属捏造和恶意诽谤。宋林下落不明,但据信他被党内调查人员控制,党内调查人员经常在没有正式提起指控的情况下扣留嫌疑人,且不让他们会见律师。China Resources, a Hong Kong-based trading conglomerate with .5 billion in turnover last year, according to the company, is one of 113 business groups directly owned by China#39;s central government. 据华润集团信息显示,该公司是总部位于香港的一家贸易集团,去年营业额为645亿美元。华润集团是中国中央政府直属的113家企业集团之一。The shake-up illustrates how China#39;s massive state-owned enterprises represent a crossroads of commerce and politics, according to some analysts. They doubt professional misdeeds by Mr. Song fully explain his removal by the party, which has full discretion to appoint heads of its major companies. 一些分析人士认为,这次人事地震显示出中国庞大的国有企业成了商业和政治的交集。分析人士怀疑,宋林的渎职行为并不能完全解释他为何被中共免职,中国主要国企的负责人由中共全权任命。#39;This is not only about anticorruption, but also involves power struggle, #39; said Zhao Xiao, an economics professor at Beijing University of Science and Technology who formerly ran a research arm of the government agency that manages China Resources and the other 112 business groups, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. Bloomberg News华润集团董事长宋林因涉嫌违纪违法被免去职务。北京科技大学经济学教授赵晓称,这不仅关乎反腐,还涉及到权力斗争。赵晓曾是国务院国有资产监督管理委员会(简称:国资委)下属一个研究机构的负责人。国资委负责管理华润集团和其他112家企业集团。Mr. Song#39;s removal likely represents a new chapter in the president#39;s corruption campaign, some analysts say, expecting other current or retired senior politicians will be affected by the shake-up. 一些分析人士表示,宋林被免职可能代表习近平的反腐行动进入了新的一章,预计其他现任或退休高层官员将会受到此次洗牌的影响。#39;When one falls, it signals the whole faction is affected,#39; said Xi Li, an expert on China#39;s state-owned enterprises at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. 香港科技大学(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)中国国有企业问题专家李系称,一名官员落马意味着整个派系将受到影响。Until recently, party investigators appeared to focus on China#39;s petroleum industry by detaining on suspicion of corruption oil company executives and tycoons connected to the business. In several cases, those people enjoyed ties to former oil man Zhou Yongkang, who retired from the Politburo Standing Committee during the 2012 party leadership. Mr. Zhou hasn#39;t been named in those investigations, and he couldn#39;t be reached to comment. 直到最近,中共调查人员似乎一直专注于中国的石油行业,拘捕了多名涉嫌腐败的石油企业高管和与石油行业有关的企业巨头。在一些案件中,被拘者与前石油业高层周永康有关。2012年,周永康卸任中共中央政治局常委。这些调查并未提到周永康的名字,记者无法联系到他置评。#39;The change in leadership at [China Resources] shows that the anticorruption campaign is sping to the SOEs,#39; said Mr. Zhao. #39;Any high-level personnel change has a complicated political background.#39; 赵晓表示,华润集团领导层的调整显示出反腐行动正在扩大到国有企业。他还说,任何高层人事变动都有着复杂的政治背景。In the past, surgical removals sparked by Chinese party politics have done little damage to the workings of large business groups. Though exceptionally powerful, business figures like Mr. Song tend to be easily replaced, analysts said. 过去,中国党派政治引发的清洗对大型企业集团的运作损害微乎其微。分析人士表示,尽管像宋林这样的企业高层影响力很大,但通常很容易被替换。#39;There#39;s a system in place, not just one person,#39; said the SOE specialist, Mr. Li. The party#39;s appointee draws his position from patronage, Mr. Li said, and the task is to engage with state leaders and safeguard government assets, not maximize business profits. 李系表示,国企运行有一套机制,并不只是由一个人掌控。李系说,国企负责人由中共任免,其任务是贯彻国家领导人的指示,维护国有资产,而不是使企业利润最大化。China Resources appointed an interim chairman who said this is #39;a very serious time.#39; Share prices of several listed units fell in Hong Kong on Tuesday, including China Resources Enterprise Ltd., ended down about 4%, as trading resumed after a holiday and following the announcement of the party#39;s investigation into Mr. Song on Thursday. 华润集团任命了一位临时董事长,他表示,集团正面临非常严峻的时刻。周二香港股市在长假后恢复交易,受上周四宋林遭调查消息影响,华润系股票下跌,其中华润创业(China Resources Enterprise Ltd. )收盘下挫约4%。In China#39;s system, SOEs can be a proving ground, with executives sometimes moving on to political positions. Two of the seven members of the current Politburo Standing Committee rose through SOEs. 在中国的机制下,国有企业往往成为一个试验场,国企高管有时能够步入政坛担任高级职务。目前七名政治局常委中就有两位来自国企。Wang Qishan, whose responsibilities include the party#39;s anticorruption wing that is investigating Mr. Song, hails from the banking industry. The other, Zhang Gaoli, worked in the oil industry. 目前主管反腐败工作的王岐山就是提拔自业高管岗位。另一位常委张高丽曾在石油行业工作。 Mr. Song, by contrast, spent his career at China Resources, a conglomerate that predates the party#39;s control of China. Formed in 1938 and previously known as Hong Kong#39;s Liow amp; Co. it was initially credited with raising money for weapons for Chinese to fight Japanese forces. Today, China Resources has 420,000 employees and holdings in everything from property, power, retail, pharmaceuticals and beer. 相比之下,宋林一直就职于华润集团,这是一家在共产党取得政权之前就已成立的企业集团。华润集团成立于1938年,前身是香港联和行(Liow amp; Co),当初为抗日根据地筹集资金购买军需物资。今天,华润集团已拥有员工42万人,业务范围遍及房地产、电力、零售、医药和啤酒等各个领域。Mr. Song, known as Charley, joined China Resources after earning a mechanical engineering degree in college in 1985. He climbed through posts in the asset management, petrochemical, power and retail divisions of the vast China-focused company. 英文名叫Charley的宋林1985年从大学毕业获得机械工程学学位后加盟华润集团。他在这个以国内业务为主的庞大企业中不断升迁,工作过的部门包括资产管理、石化、电力和零售等。An early mentor was the current head of Chinese state-owned grain trader Cofco Corp., Ning Gaoning, a celebrated executive. In press interviews, Mr. Song embraced market economics--#39;heads have to roll for poor business decisions#39;--and he won appointment to corporate boards and honorary positions, including one advising Hong Kong#39;s anticorruption agency. Mr. Song took the leadership of China Resources around five years ago. 宋林当年的老领导是现任中国国有粮食贸易公司中粮集团(COFCO Corporation)董事长、知名企业管理人士宁高宁。宋林信奉市场经济学──“若商业决策失当,负责人必须承担责任,接受解聘”,他还获聘其他一些企业的董事及荣誉职位,包括担任香港反腐机构的道德委员会负责人。宋林大概从5年前开始担任华润集团董事长一职。The top positions at other big SOEs changed during China#39;s once-in-a-decade leadership succession in late 2012. New faces appeared at the helm of arms maker China Poly Group, builder China Railway Construction Corp., energy producer China General Nuclear Power Group and metals maker Sinosteel Corp. 2012年底中国政府换届期间,许多央企的领导也纷纷换人。军工企业中国保利集团公司(China Poly Group co.)、建筑公司中国铁建股份有限公司(China Railway Construction Co., 简称:中国铁建)、能源企业中国广核集团(China General Nuclear Power Group)和冶金企业中钢集团公司(Sinosteel Corp.)的领导班子均出现了新面孔。In all, the party replaced its top officer at 15% the biggest 113 SOEs between 2012 and 2013, affecting 17 groups in all, according to calculations by The Wall Street Journal. 根据《华尔街日报》的统计,2012年至2013年间,中国113家央企中有15%更换了一把手,共涉及17家集团公司。Still, U.S. companies may have changed chief executives more often. In the same two years, 90 companies, or 17% of the constituents of the Samp;P 500 index of the biggest U.S. business, changed CEOs, according to a tally by management consultant Spencer Stuart. 不过,美国企业更换首席执行长的频率可能更高。管理咨询公司史宾沙(Spencer Stuart (BIV) Ltd.)的统计数据显示,同样是在2012年至2013年间,标准普尔500指数成份股公司中有90家更换了CEO,比例为17%。#39;The senior leadership of SOEs is arranged by the party,#39; says Louis Kuijs, China chief economist at RBS Markets in Hong Kongand a former World Bank specialist in Beijing. He says party control may help China coordinate its industrial policy, but appears unusual from a western perspective. RBS Markets中国首席经济学家、前世界(World Bank)驻北京专家高路易(Louis Kuijs)称,中国央企高管是由中共一手安排的,这可能有助于政府协调行业政策,但从西方观点来看,这种做法并不正常。Among the recent personnel changes in China, the party assigned the head of a railway equipment maker to the helm of a solar panel business, and a metal-maker#39;s chief to a tourism business, though he was demoted 16 months later. In past changes, the party has swapped top managers between airlines and telephone companies; three years ago, Beijing shuffled senior executives among the country#39;s three biggest oil companies, in one case replacing a man appointed party chief of a province. 在中国国企近期的高层人事调整中,一家铁路设备制造企业的负责人被调任一家光伏企业的负责人;一家冶金企业的领导人被调任一家旅游公司的领导人,不过16个月后此人被降职。在过去的人事调整中,航空公司和电信公司的领导人曾经出现过对调;三年前,中国三大石油巨头的高管被大挪移,部分职位互换,其中一人还被调任某省担任省委副书记。James T. Areddy / Laurie Burkitt James T. Areddy / Laurie Burkitt /201404/290490襄阳第一人民医院网站 The rise of ecommerce in China has touched almost every sector of the economy – including an increasingly popular black market for DIY firearms.中国电子商务的兴起几乎已触及所有的经济领域,包括日益兴旺的自制黑市。For less than 0 one can buy the parts, tools and instructions to make a shotgun. There have been several arrests this year with police swooping on gangs of online gunrunners.人们花费不到100美元就能买到制造散弹的配件、工具和组装指南。今年以来,警方对网络贩卖者展开了突袭行动,逮捕了多人。Most recently, two men from Shanxi province were arrested last month for having a small arsenal of guns, firearms parts and ammunition they had bought online on Taobao, the popular Chinese ecommerce website owned by Alibaba, which listed in New York in September in the largest-ever initial public offering and which yesterday released its debut set of results as a listed company.上月,两名山西男子因持有从淘宝上购买的一些、配件和弹药而被捕。淘宝是阿里巴巴旗下一个颇为红火的购物网站。阿里巴巴今年9月在纽约上市,IPO融资规模创出有史以来的最高水平,日前该公司发布了上市以来的首份财报。Police said the suspects also used QQ, an online chat app owned by Tencent, another Chinese internet giant, to find clients and give online tutorials.警方表示,嫌犯们还通过QQ来寻找客户和进行在线指导。QQ是中国另一家互联网巨头腾讯(Tencent)旗下的在线聊天软件。Online trading in illegal firearms has soared in the past three years, according to Ma Ding, dean of the Institute of Network Security at the People’s Public Security University of China, which trains elite police officers. “The internet has provided a more convenient channel through which buyers and sellers far away can reach each other,” she said. “There is now easier access to the materials and components.”中国人民公安大学(China People#39;s Public Security University)网络安全保卫学院院长马丁表示,网上的非法交易在过去3年大幅飙升。她表示:“互联网为相距甚远的买家和卖家相互接触提供了更为便利的渠道。现在也更容易获取原材料和配件。”中国人民公安大学是培训精英警官的地方。However, Ms Ma added the quality of the weapons sold online was generally low. In one recent case, a car mechanic named Zhou was arrested in Jiangsu province for modifying air rifles to shoot bullets. He apparently had a fondness for hunting birds and police described his contraption as capable of “shooting a hole in a beer bottle 6m away”.然而,马丁补充称,网上出售的武器质量通常比较差。在最近发生在江苏省的一个案件中,一名姓周的汽车修理工因改装出能够打子弹的而被捕。他显然有打鸟的爱好,根据警方的描述,他组装的能够“将6米远的啤酒瓶打出一个洞”。But some online arms dealers are of a larger scale. In June, a man in Dezhou in Shandong province was arrested for running an online shop on Taobao where he sold an estimated 130 rifles as well as gun parts to buyers in 22 provinces worth more than Rmb40,000. He also published an online tutorial on how to assemble guns.但网上一些械卖家的规模做得不小。今年6月,山东德州的一名男子因在淘宝上开店出售和弹药而被捕——他向22个省份的买家出售了大约130只步以及配件,价值逾4万元人民币。他还在网上发布了如何组装的视频教程。Alibaba is particularly exposed because virtually all small online sellers in China use Taobao. While Alibaba has strict policies prohibiting weapons sales, it has had problems policing sellers of everything from fake goods to uranium and other materials that can be used to make nuclear bombs.阿里巴巴深受牵连,因为中国几乎所有的小网店都使用淘宝。虽然阿里巴巴严禁销售武器,但它很难监督卖家销售的从假冒伪劣产品到铀及其他可用来制造核武器的原材料等各种商品。“Taobao Marketplace is an open, user-generated content platform,” the company said in a statement, “and has stringent product listing policies in place prohibiting the listing of any firearms or weapons; the platform will co-operate with law enforcement authorities to remove problematic product listings promptly.”阿里巴巴在一份声明中表示:“淘宝是一个开放的、由用户生成内容的平台,拥有严格的产品上架制度,禁止出售任何或武器;淘宝将与执法机关合作,迅速移除问题产品信息。”In most cases, traders have hidden by selling innocuous sounding parts, which can then be assembled into finished guns. In the Shandong case, “Huo” ran a Taobao shop called Chengxin Qidong, or “Honesty Pneumatic components”.在大多数情况下,卖家会以出售普通的正当配件打掩护——但这些配件可以被组装为。在山东一案中,“霍某”在淘宝上开了一家名为“信誉气动”的店铺。“Internet gun traders may be quite discreet, as they divide their shipments and there is nothing suspicious of the parts themselves” said Ms Ma.马丁表示:“网上的卖家非常谨慎,他们将东西拆分发货,这些配件本身没什么可怀疑的。”However, she said, police units have begun monitoring forums and online stores advertising certain types of tubing and other parts that can be used in assembling firearms. “The cases are too difficult to crack,” she said.不过,她表示,警方开始监控某些论坛和网店,因为它们上面有广告推销某些管型材料和其他能够用来组装的零部件。她说:“这些案件很难侦破。” /201411/340986南漳县妇幼保健院中医院怎么去

襄阳做人流去哪医院SAVANNAH, Ga. — Behind the immaculate gray walls of the Customs and Border Protection’s laboratory here stands a cabinet containing three plastic vials filled with a sticky, yellowish substance. Honey, or so an importer has claimed.乔治亚州萨凡纳——在美国海关及边境保卫局(Customs and Border Protection,简称CBP)实验室一尘不染的灰墙后面,立着一个柜子,里面有三个塑料小瓶,装满了一种淡黄色的粘稠状物质。那是蜂蜜,或者说至少一家进口商说那是蜂蜜。The lab’s task: Determine whether the samples are adulterated with sweeteners or syrups, and, if they really are mostly honey, figure out where it originated. If the honey comes from China, often the case, the entire shipment from which the samples came may be subject to additional taxes.该实验室的任务是,确定这些样品中是否掺杂了甜味剂或糖浆,如果真的主要是蜂蜜,弄清楚它们的原产地。如果这些蜂蜜像通常的情况那样,来自中国,那么被抽样检查的整批货可能都要被额外征税。The chemists here regularly test a wide range of imported goods, but they specialize in analyzing agricultural imports. With remarkable precision, these scientists can tell you where the peanuts in your peanut butter came from and where the mangoes in your jam were grown.这里的化学工作者常常会检测品类广泛的进口商品,但他们的专长是分析进口的农产品。这些科学家能极其精确地告诉你,你花生酱中的花生来自哪里、果酱中的芒果是在哪里种植的。But honey, No. 0409 on the 2015 Harmonized Tariff Schedule, has been a focal point for the lab and the source of a long-running international food scam that has challenged even the existing forensic technology.但在2015年的美国海关关税编码(Harmonized Tariff Schedule)中编码为0409的蜂蜜,却是该实验室关注的重点,也是一场存在已久的国际食品骗局的根源。这场骗局挑战着现有的取技术。Americans consume an average of 1.4 pounds of honey a year, about three and a half six-ounce bottles. Some 70 percent of it is imported. In 2001, the Commerce Department enacted a stiff tariff on Chinese honey, nearly tripling the import duty, after American producers complained that Chinese competitors were dumping their products on the market.美国人平均每年食用1.4磅(约合0.6千克)蜂蜜,大致相当于六盎司容量的瓶装蜂蜜的三瓶半。美国大约70%的蜂蜜依赖进口。2001年,在美国厂商投诉中国竞争对手在向市场倾销产品后,美国商务部针对中国蜂蜜征收了严厉的关税,将进口关税几乎提高到了原来的三倍。Then, honey imports from other countries spiked, including from nations not known for large bee populations. According to the American Honey Producers Association, Malaysian beekeepers, for example, have the capacity to make about 45,000 pounds of honey annually, but the country has exported as much as 37 million pounds of honey to the ed States in a year.于是,从其他国家进口的蜂蜜数量飙升,包括一些并不以蜜蜂种群巨大而闻名的国家。比如,美国蜂蜜生产商协会(American Honey Producers Association)称,马来西亚养蜂人每年的蜂蜜产能大约为4.5万磅,但该国一年出口给美国的蜂蜜多达3700万磅。As it turned out, Chinese honey was being shipped through ports such as Shanghai, or Busan, South Korea, and slapped with labels from other nations to skirt American duties. The practice is known as transshipment, or “honey laundering.” Some of it was not even real honey, but a mix that included corn and rice sweeteners.事实是,中国蜂蜜经由上海或韩国釜山等港口运走,再被贴上显示其来自其他国家的标签,从而逃避美国关税。这种做法被称作转运,或者“洗蜂蜜”。其中一些甚至不是真正的蜂蜜,而是一种掺了玉米和大米甜味剂的混合物。In an effort to stanch the flow of illicit honey, chemists at the lab here have tested thousands of samples pulled from barrels and containers at ports across the Southeast. In 2008, the lab demonstrated with about 90 percent accuracy that honey imported from Thailand, the Philippines and Russia had originated in China.为了阻止违法蜂蜜的流入,该实验室的化学工作人员在东南亚各港口,从桶中和集装箱里抽取了数千份样本,并进行了检验。2008年,该实验室以90%的精确度断定,从泰国、菲律宾和俄罗斯进口的蜂蜜,原产地其实是中国。The evidence helped federal prosecutors build a case against two large American importers who were suspected of buying illegal Chinese honey to avoid more than 0 million in duties.相关据为联邦检察官准备起诉两家美国大型进口商的行动提供了帮助。这两家进口商涉嫌采购非法的中国蜂蜜,从而规避超过1.8亿美元(约合11亿元人民币)的关税。But this kind of detective work is daunting. At the C.B.P. lab, the analytic work takes place inside what’s known as the “country of origin” room. Inside are standing metal shelves filled with bags and plastic totes of imported honey, along with peanuts, shrimp, garlic, mangoes and other foods.但这种侦查工作颇为艰巨。在CBP的实验室里,分析工作要在名为“原产国”的房间里进行。房间里摆放着金属架,上面放满了袋子和塑料提包,里面装着进口的蜂蜜,以及花生、小虾、大蒜、芒果等食品。On a recent Tuesday, Robert Redmond and Christopher Kana, two of the lab’s analytic chemists, took a small honey sample and added an acid to digest it. The result looked like muddy water.前不久的一个周二,该实验室的两名分析化学家罗伯特·雷德蒙(Robert Redmond)和克里斯托弗·卡纳(Christopher Kana)拿了一小份蜂蜜样品,并在其中加入了一种酸。结果,那份样品看上去就像泥水一样。In recent years, scientists have demonstrated that subtle chemical variations in many foods, including honey — undetectable to the tongue or the naked eye — can give a strong indication of where it originated. The C.B.P.’s analytic work depends, in part, on these naturally occurring geographic “tracers.”近年来,科学家已明,在包括蜂蜜在内的许多食物中,通过舌头和肉眼均无法察觉的细微化学变化,可以充分表明其原产地是哪儿。CBP的分析工作,在一定程度上靠的就是这些自然出现的地理“标记”。Once a sample is diluted, the liquid is pumped into a device called a mass spectrometer that is about the size of an office copier. Inside, a nebulizer turns the sample into a fine mist over heated argon, a process that yields a distinct signature of trace elements.样品稀释得到的液体会被注入一台叫做质谱仪的设备,该设备和办公室里的打印机差不多大。质谱仪内部有一个喷雾器,可以将样本变成的细小喷雾,这些喷雾经过加热的氩气,就可以检测出用于追踪来源的元素成分。The spectrometer can measure chromium, iron, copper and other elements to several parts per quadrillion. Each combination of trace metals reflects the composition of certain soils: The elements were taken up by flowering plants and then foraged by bees.质谱仪对铬、铁、铜等元素的检测精度可以达到千万亿分之一的数量级。微量元素的构成反映了土壤的成分:这些元素被开花的植物吸收,然后被蜜蜂采集。Soils vary from region to region, and by statistically comparing the presence of some 40 different elements to a reference database collected by C.B.P. attachés and employees, the scientists can ascertain the probable origins of many samples.各地的土壤并不相同,通过将约40种不同元素的含量,与CBP的一个参照性数据库进行数据上的比较,科学家们得以检验出许多样本可能的来源。这个数据库中的信息都是该机构的员工收集来的。In late 2012, Mr. Redmond traveled to Taiwan and India to collect and test honey. His findings were then added to the database, and now lab chemists can compare honey arriving in the ed States and said to be from those countries.2012年末,雷德蒙曾到台湾和印度收集和检测蜂蜜样本,他的发现后来被纳入这个数据库中。这样一来,实验室的化学家就可以检验那些进入美国,并且自称来自这两个地区的蜂蜜了。But it’s only the latest maneuver in a scientific cat-and-mouse game that has stretched on for years.但这只是科学界一场旷日持久的猫鼠游戏中最新的发展。At first, the detection of transshipped honey relied on a simple test for an unapproved antibiotic, chloramphenicol, discovered in Chinese honey. Carson Watts, former director of the C.B.P. lab in Savannah, said, “Very shortly after word got out that we were using chloramphenicol to identify Chinese honey, they stopped using it.”起初,要查出转运蜂蜜,只能靠一个简单的检测,确定蜂蜜中是否含有违规抗生素成分氯霉素,因为在中国的蜂蜜中曾经发现过这种成分。萨凡纳的CBP实验室的前主任卡森·沃茨(Carson Watts)说,“我们用氯霉素来辨别中国蜂蜜的消息传出后不久,他们就不再使用氯霉素了。”Around 2006, unscrupulous importers appeared to be cutting honey with high-fructose rice syrup or disguising cheap, pure honey as an artificial blend. (At the time, the import duty applied to artificial blends that were more than 50 percent honey by weight.)2006年前后,一些不法进口商似乎在蜂蜜中掺入了高果糖大米糖浆,或者用廉价的纯蜂蜜来冒充人工混合的蜂蜜。(当时,进口关税只适用于蜂蜜含量超过50%重量的人工混合蜂蜜。)The problem? Reliably determining the ratio of rice syrup to honey is nearly impossible.但问题在于,想要确定大米糖浆和蜂蜜的可靠比例几乎是不可能的。“An importer could present goods to Customs and say, ‘This is 90 percent rice syrup, 10 percent honey,’ and Customs really has no way of knowing,” said Michael J. Coursey, a lawyer in Washington who has represented American honey producers.“进口商可以把货物交给海关,然后说,‘这里面有90%的大米糖浆,10%的蜂蜜,’海关真的没有办法查,”代理过美国蜂蜜制造商的华盛顿律师迈克尔·J·库西(Michael J. Coursey)说。He added, “For two or three years, C.B.P. was pretty much the Dutch boy with its finger in the dike.”他接着说,“在两三年的时间里,CBP的检验能力实际上力不从心。”In 2011, the government accused three companies of importing millions of dollars’ worth of rice fructose blend that in fact was mostly taxable honey. The importers said the product was less than 50 percent honey.2011年,美国政府指控称,三家公司进口的价值数百万美元的大米果糖混合蜂蜜,实际上都是应该征税的蜂蜜。这些进口商声称,产品的蜂蜜含量不到50%。The scientists at the Savannah lab swung into action, producing evidence that pollen abundance in the blends showed the substance to be mostly honey. But defense lawyers challenged the research on scientific grounds.萨凡纳实验室的科学家迅速采取行动,拿出了据,用混合蜂蜜中的花粉含量表明,其主要成分是蜂蜜。但被告律师们却用科学上的理由,对研究结果提起了反驳。“It’s all well and good to say you need to enforce these regulations,” said Dana Krueger, who owns an independent laboratory in Chelmsford, Mass., and testified as a defense witness. “But if there’s no technology, it puts Customs in a difficult position.”“我们需要执行这些规定,这说起来容易,”辩方人达纳·克鲁格(Dana Krueger)说。“但如果没有技术,海关的处境就十分艰难。”克鲁格在马萨诸塞州切尔姆斯福德拥有一家独立实验室。The judge dismissed the case, and the government dropped the charges.法官驳回了案件,政府也撤销了指控。The most sophisticated chemical analysis may have its limits. But for the moment, the food detectives are undeterred.即使是最先进的化学分析可能也有着种种局限。但到目前为止,这些食品检测人员并没有气馁。“If it’s honey from Malaysia, then we’re testing for China,” Mr. Redmond said.“如果蜂蜜标称来自马来西亚,我们会检测它是不是中国蜂蜜,”雷德蒙德说。 /201501/355722 襄阳权威的妇科医院襄阳襄城妇幼保健院中医院挂号预约



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