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哈尔滨九州医院是民办还是公立医院哈尔滨市八院有无痛人流术吗哈尔滨市人民医院妇科地址 Transport strikes have brought France to a standstill; the Rugby World Cup hopes have been dashed in the capital; the President and his wife have divorced by mutual consent. Not a good week for the French leader Nicolas Sarkozy. After just five months in office, his political honeymoon has come to an abrupt end.On top of his personal affairs, comes Mr. Sarkozy's first major political challenge, as workers across the country ... in protests against his planned pension reforms. From Paris, John Sparks has this report.The critics and columnists are calling it Black October. Nicolas Sarkozy's presidential nightmare, crippling strikes, sporting humiliation, and the end of his marriage. Is this the end of the affair between Sarko and French people?Sheer energy, boundless ambition, the promise of a reform won Nicolas Sarkozy the presidency in May. The people seem to like his plans to introduce welfare reform and liberalize the labour market. Well, that was until many sought the details. This is a major headache for the president and it came in the form of 100,000 men and woman on the streets of Paris. Sarkozy has targeted raila and public transport workers: he wants them to work longer for their pensions. But meet Bernard Thibault, the leader of the communist affiliated CGT union, like a bull with a Beatles mark, he says this reform has to be stopped. He said, "The president is preparing the public by singling us out. Next everybody's pensions will be drastically redued." Out in the suburbs where the train drivers left their carriages, we've found a British company that has attracted more venom form the unions. Founded in Sheffield, A4e trains, advises and pesters people back to work, even older ones, and Sarkozy loves it."People need it if they want to work longer. I am okay with that.""So they should be able to do that.""Yes, they should be able to do that. But that's true that's in France, ur, less than in, ur, UK, or ed States, and so on. We do not really give the chance to older people to just, to work."This engraves a new world in France, but from at least 2000 pounds for every person placed in a job. But the unions still don't like that either. "(laugh), make money, of course, because we are not a sharing team, we are an association, so of course we make money to do that." And then a dramatic announcement, subjected to much rumor, but now a reality. We got the news at 13:20 this afternoon. Well, like it has been a bad week for Nicolas Sarkozy, hasn't got a whole lot worse. He has begun seperation proceedings with his wife Cecilia. The rumors had been true. Now he's got the palace to himself. Life of the French First Lady is not to the liking to this glamourous and headstrong 49-year old. Her friend saying here today, she couldn't stand the pressure of public life. For easiness today, even members of the Union stated it was a private matter, not really any of their business, they said. "I think the President is a man. he has a right to divorce," he said. "I really don't care," said this woman, "my pension now, I am really worried about that."And the other disater. Well, it's all about French rugby. The President had closely associated himself with the team. The manager, Bernard Laporte, will become his new sports minister.France will (be) practicing today for their runners-up match against Argentina tomorrow night. "Well, there's a large press contingent here and plenty of people from the rugby world. But it's deathly silent here. Everybody is wispering. It feels a bit like a funeral."The national team and the nation's leader (are) both in a certain amount of pain this evening, although they are hoping for better times ahead. 200805/39911Dozens Killed, Hundreds Wounded in Wave of Attacks in Iraq伊拉克炸弹袭击导致数十人丧生  At least 50 people have been killed in a new wave of deadly suicide bomb attacks in Iraq. Iraqi authorities also say more than 170 people have been wounded in the attacks. The first explosions were believed to have been set off by female suicide bombers who killed at least 28 Shiite worshipers making their way to a holy shrine in Baghdad. Elsewhere, in the northern city of Kirkuk, another suicide bomber killed at least 22. 伊拉克再次发生一系列导致人员伤亡的自杀式炸弹爆炸事件,至少50人丧生。伊拉克当局说,170多人在袭击中受伤。第一轮爆炸据信由女性自杀式杀手引爆,至少28名什叶派朝圣者被炸死,当时他们正前往巴格达一个圣坛。此外,在伊拉克北部城市基尔库克发生的另一起自杀式炸弹爆炸,炸死至少22人。Monday's wave of suicide attacks makes the day one of the bloodiest Iraq has seen in a month. 星期一的这轮自杀式炸弹爆炸使这一天成为一个月里伊拉克最血腥的日子。Police say the first wave of bombings was believed to have been carried out by three female suicide bombers. Despite stepped up security during the Shiite pilgrimage that is now underway, the women were able to sneak in through the crowd and carry out the attack. There are expected to be at least one million people at the shrine on Tuesday. 警方说,当天第一轮自杀式炸弹爆炸据信由三名女性自杀式炸弹杀手实施。尽管在目前的什叶派朝圣期间伊拉克当局加强了安全戒备,但是这几名女性自杀炸弹杀手还是得以混在人群中实施自杀式炸弹袭击。预计,星期二将有至少100万人到巴格达的这个圣坛朝圣。Many of the worshipers said they will continue with the pilgrimage despite the bloody attack that killed many women and children. 许多朝圣者表示,尽管有许多妇女和儿童在这场血腥袭击中丧生,但他们将继续参加朝圣。But worshipper Jassim Jihad explained his resolve to go on. He said that he pays no heed to bombings and death. He is going to visit the holy Shrine of Iman Kadim, one of Shiite Islam's 12 holy leaders or Imams. Jassim said he and other worshippers are believing in God. 贾希姆说,他不介意炸弹爆炸和死亡。他将瞻仰伊曼.卡迪姆圣坛,卡迪姆是什叶派伊斯兰教中12位圣贤、或者12位伊玛姆之一。贾希姆说,他和其他朝圣者信仰真主。The suicide bomb attacks underscore the continued violence in Iraq, despite a general improvement in security over the past months. There have been more than 20 female suicide attacks in Iraq this year and at least seven Shiite pilgrims were killed by gunmen during a shooting in Baghdad on Sunday. 尽管从总体上看,伊拉克的安全形势在过去几个月有所改善,但是新一轮自杀式炸弹袭击再次凸显伊拉克暴力事件在持续。今年以来伊拉克发生了20多起女性实施的自杀式炸弹袭击,星期天在巴格达发生的一起击事件中,武装份子打死至少7名什叶派朝圣者。200807/45037哈市九州妇科医院可靠吗

哈尔滨九州妇科医院官方网站US Cautions Syria on Lebanon Border Moves美国告诫叙利亚勿干预黎巴嫩事务  The ed States is cautioning Syria against new intervention in Lebanon following a terrorist attack in Damascus late last month that Syria has blamed on Lebanon-based militants. U.S. officials say they have been monitoring Syrian military activity along the Lebanese border. 美国警告叙利亚不要在大马士革上个月底发生恐怖袭击之后再次对黎巴嫩进行干涉。叙利亚说那次袭击是以黎巴嫩为基地的激进分子发起的。美国官员说,他们一直密切注视叙利亚在黎巴嫩边界一带的军事活动。U.S. officials are expressing concern about Syrian military moves along the Lebanese border and the ed States is publicly warning Damascus not to use recent terrorist attacks as a pretext for re-entering Lebanon. 美国官员对叙利亚在黎巴嫩边界一带的军事行动表示关切,美国公开警告大马士革不要利用最近的恐怖袭击为借口,再次进入黎巴嫩。Syrian authorities blame al-Qaida-inspired militants in northern Lebanon for a September 27 car bomb attack in Damascus near a building occupied by Syrian security services that killed at least 17 people. 叙利亚有关当局认为,9月27号在大马士革的汽车炸弹袭击事件是黎巴嫩北部受基地组织指使的激进分子所为。袭击发生在叙利亚安全部门所在的一座大楼附近,造成至少17人死亡。Syrian officials said last week the explosives-laden vehicle had entered Syria from Lebanon a day before the attack and the driver, who was killed in the operation, was linked to a Lebanese radical group by other suspects. 叙利亚官员说,上个星期,这辆装有炸药的车辆从黎巴嫩进入叙利亚,一天后发生了这次袭击。车辆的驾驶员在袭击事件中丧生。袭击事件的其他嫌疑人说,这名驾驶员与黎巴嫩的一个极端组织有关联。Two days after the Damascus attack, a car bomb exploded near a Lebanese army bus in the northern Lebanese port city of Tripoli, killing five people including four soldiers. That attack was also attributed to Islamic militants from the area. 在大马士革袭击事件发生的两天后,在黎巴嫩北部港口城市的黎波里,一枚汽车炸弹在黎巴嫩陆军的一辆军车附近爆炸,炸死5人,其中包括4名军人。那次袭击也被认为是这个地区的伊斯兰激进分子所为。The ed States condemned both attacks, calling the bombing in Damascus particularly abhorrent because it came during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. 美国对这两起袭击事件都进行了谴责,声称在大马士革的那起爆炸特别恶劣,因为爆炸发生时正值穆斯林神圣的斋月。But State Department Deputy Spokesman Robert Wood said Syria should not use it as an excuse for returning military forces to Lebanon. "Any intervention by Syrian troops into Lebanon would be unacceptable. The recent terrorist attacks that took place in Tripoli and Damascus should not serve a pretext for further Syrian military engagement, and should not be used to interfere in Lebanese internal affairs," said Wood. 但是美国国务院副发言人伍德说,叙利亚不应该用爆炸事件为借口,重新派军队进入黎巴嫩。伍德说:“任何叙利亚对黎巴嫩的军事介入都是不能接受的。最近发生在的黎波里和大马士革的恐怖袭击不应该成为叙利亚作进一步军事干预的借口,而且不应该被用来干涉黎巴嫩的内部事务。”News reports from Lebanon say about 10,000 Syrian troops have been deployed along the northern part of Syria's border with Lebanon, not far from Tripoli. 来自黎巴嫩的新闻报导说,在叙利亚和黎巴嫩的北段边界地区部署了大约1万名叙利亚军队,那里距离的黎波里不远。Lebanese authorities are reported to be considering their own crackdown on militants around Tripoli, where heavy clashes occurred last year between Lebanese forces and militants in a Palestinian refugee camp. 黎巴嫩当局据说正在考虑他们对的黎波里附近的激进分子自行进行镇压。去年,在的黎波里,黎巴嫩军队和激进分子在一个巴勒斯坦难民营附近发生激烈冲突。A senior State Department official said the Lebanese government needs to be able to sort out its affairs without Syrian interference, military or political. He said Damascus authorities know that if they want to return to the good graces of the international community there can be no return to its past role in Lebanese affairs. 美国国务院一名高级官员说,黎巴嫩政府需要在没有叙利亚军事或政治方面干涉的情况下,自己有能力处理本国事务。他说,大马士革当局清楚,如果他们希望返回国际社会的怀抱中,他们就再也不能重新扮演过去在黎巴嫩事务中扮演的角色。Syrian troops left Lebanon under international pressure in 2005 after nearly 30 years of occupation. 叙利亚军队在占领黎巴嫩大约30年之后,2005年在国际压力下,撤离黎巴嫩。U.S.-Syrian relations went into a deep freeze that same year after the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in which Syrian agents were implicated by U.N. investigators. 在黎巴嫩前总理哈里里被暗杀之后,美国和叙利亚的关系在同一年下降到冰点。But bilateral contacts have increased in recent weeks with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice meeting briefly with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem two weeks ago at the ed Nations. 但是美、叙双方在最近几个星期增加了接触,美国国务卿赖斯和叙利亚外交部长穆阿利姆两个星期前在联合国进行了短暂会晤。The Syrian official also had a longer U.N. meeting with Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Welch. 穆阿利姆还和负责近东事务的助理国务卿韦尔奇在联合国进行了更长时间的会晤。200810/52055哈尔滨市妇女儿童医院是公立医院么 哈尔滨省六院地址

黑龙江省第七人民医院看病贵么S. Korean President Apologizes, Promises US Beef Import Limits韩国总统再就进口美牛肉协议道歉   South Korea's president has made a second public apology for his management of a deal to resume controversial American beef imports. Responding to massive street protests, he says he will ensure age limits on the imports, in partnership with Washington. 韩国总统再次就其在恢复进口美国牛肉问题上所采取的措施,向公众表示道歉。这一问题在韩国引起很大的争议。针对近来众多 的街头抗议活动,李明总统表示,将与美方合作,确保落实进口牛肉的牛的年龄限制。For the second time in four weeks, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak apologized Thursday for failing to consider public opinion in a beef import deal with the ed States. 李明星期四表示,在恢复进口美国牛肉问题上,没有充分考虑民意,并表示道歉。这是他在过去四个星期里,第二次就这一问 题,公开表示道歉。This time, he added a key concession to protesters who have been pouring into the streets since April. 这一次,他在讲话中对那些自从4月以来大批走上街头抗议的民众,做出了一项新的让步。He says, as long as South Korean people do not want it, there will be no U.S. beef from cattle older than 30 months on offer to Korean consumers. Mr. Lee says he will obtain concrete guarantees from Washington on that point. He says he expects the ed States, a close ally, to respect South Korea's will. 韩国总统李明说,只要韩国民众不希望见到,在韩国的消费市场上,就不会看到超过30个月以上的牛的牛肉。李明说,在这 个问题上,他将要求美方提供实在的保。他还说,他认为美方作为韩国密切的盟友,会尊重韩国民众的意愿。South Korea banned U.S. beef in 2003, after an American animal was found to have "mad cow disease." President Lee's April deal to resume U.S. beef imports angered South Korean opponents, because it failed to include the same sort of restriction on meat from older cattle that other U.S. trade partners maintain. Cattle older than 30 months are considered to be at higher risk of the disease. 韩国自从2003年开始,禁止进口美国牛肉。在那之前,美国的一头牛被发现患有“疯牛病”。李明总统在今年4月与美方就恢复进 口牛肉问题所达成的协议,让韩国的反对派感到非常愤怒,因为这项协议当中,没有包括美国与其他贸易夥伴之间所达成的禁止 出口稍老一些的牛的牛肉的条款。年龄超过30个月的牛被认为更有可能患有疯牛病。There has never been a confirmed case of anyone contracting the human variant of mad cow disease from eating American beef. U.S. officials and the ed National World Organization for Animal Health have said American beef is safe. 事实上从来没有任何人因为食用美国牛肉被确诊感染人类疯牛病。美国官员和世界动物卫生组织都已经表明美国牛肉是安全的。U.S. lawmakers have warned ratification of a much broader free trade deal, signed last year between the two countries, would be in jeopardy if South Korea did not reopen its beef market. 美国国会议员警告说,假如韩国不开放牛肉市场的话,一个两国间去年签署的更加广泛的自由贸易协议有可能在美国不能得到批准。President Lee says the economic benefits of that agreement were uppermost in his mind when he made the beef deal. 李明说,他决定这项自由贸易协议时,该协议的经济利益在他心中是最重要的。He says he thought ratifying the free trade deal was a "shortcut" to trigger the economic growth South Korea urgently needs. He says he thought ejecting U.S. beef would have endangered the deal and possibly set off trade disputes. So, like it or not, he says he thought the beef deal was unavoidable. 他说,他认为批准这项自由贸易协议是刺激韩国急需的经济增长所需的一个“捷径”。他说,他认为抵制美国牛肉可能会给该协议 造成危险,并可能带来贸易纠纷。因此不论喜欢与否,他认为这项自由贸易协议是不可避免的。President Lee's trade minister is in Washington seeking concrete means of implementing the beef export limitation. The arrangement being discussed would be voluntary. However, Mr. Lee says President Bush has assured him the export limits would be guaranteed by the U.S. government. 韩国政府贸易官员正在华盛顿寻求具体的方式来推行牛肉出口限制,讨论中的安排将是自愿执行的。不过,李明说,布什总统 已经向他保出口限制将受到美国政府的担保。Separately, President Lee promised to replace his chief of staff and other unspecified members of his cabinet, in the near future. He also promised to hold off on a massive South Korean canal project, if it is clear the people are against it. 在其它方面,李明保在近期撤换总统秘书室室长和他内阁中没有明确说明的其他成员。他还保要暂停一项韩国大型运河工 程的建设,假如民众确定对此表示反对的话。200806/42337 Script:The son of a Mexico City shopkeeper has become the world's richest man. According to Fortune Magazine, Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim is now worth abillion dollars more than Microsoft's Bill Gates. Slim owns Latin America's largest cellphone companyin America Movil . His family holdings represent more than 5% of Mexico's GDP and one third of Mexico's stock exchange. And for more on Slim's rapid rise, let's bring in the person who calculated his net worth for these rankings. And Stephanie Mehta joins us from New York. She is a senior writer at Fortune Magazine. Stephanie, thanks so much for joining us. First of all, for the record, he's worth 58 billion dollars?58.5 billion dollars in change and that's just based on the public holdings in publicly traded companies that, that Mr Slim has invested in and you know, he probably has large holdings in real estate. There may be money in trusts that we are not aware of. So this is just the public number.Why do you think that he has been so successfully? Obviously, I your article, fascinating article. He obviously has a very good mind for detail, he is very mathematical. But part of his success seems to be that he knows how to buy beaten-down assets and turn them around.That's correct. Todd, I think that there are two keys to Carlos Slim's success. One was that he was a believer in Mexico when nobody else was. He really felt that if he invested in the company during the 1982 devaluation of the peso in the Mexican crisis, then that the country would come back and he was very very smart about that. He, He's done similar things with other investments both in the ed States but also in Mexico. Um, there was a time in 1994 where there was a peso crisis in Mexico, the value of his stock in Telmex was very low. He bought back stock, he cut capital spending, he did all the right things and it's paid off. Telmex is one his largest holdings and that was, um, the company from which America Movil was spun off. And as you can see from the article, America Movil is his largest holding. It's, er, it contributes about 31 billion dollars to his personal fortune.Now of course he's a very powerful man, but he's also extremely well politically connected. Of course, at a time, when he bought Mexico's biggest telecom company Period,Well, it was considered at market price with his partners. But the real sweet deal was he had a seven-year monopoly which made other competitors quite outraged. So it's not all down to luck, is it?No, it's not all down to luck and I think that if you compare what Carlos Slim has done in Mexico with what American telecommunications companies have done or European telecommunications companies were done, um, have done, there would be people who would look at, at his actions and say, you know, that's very similar to the way savvy companies operate in any economy. Um, in the case of Mexico, because um, it was a privatization and because it was done in a way that people felt was, perhaps um, you know, a little bit behind the scenes, they didn't feel like there were a lot of bidders and it didn't result a lot of competition. He has been, been open to criticism.Let's talk about the personality of him because obviously he's a very strong and forceful man although his sons are now basically running the day-to-day operation since he had heart problems. But nevertheless, you know, his headquarters for his wireless company are in a tyre factory, a former tyre factory. Um, you also point out that he's very thrifty.He's a frugal guy, up until a few years ago, his son-in-law told me that he would wear one of those cheap calculator watches on his wrist. The ones that you know would enable him to, to actually do calculations while he was in meetings right, right there on the flight. He's a very thrifty guy, he's a frugal guy, you know, the personality trait that came out strongest in the course of reporting the story, we talked to all of the sons. We really tried to paint a portrait of a family as much as a portrait of an entrepreneur because, you know, in Latin America, um, and, and in many countries including the ed States, there is the strong sense of family in the business. And he manages his family, the way he manages his family is almost as interesting as the way he manages his businesses. The family is a very close knit. They provo, present a united front. If there are disagreements among the brothers and his sons-in-law who are also involved in the business, you'll never see it, they, they do an amazing job of presenting a united organic frontNotes:America Movil: América Móvil is a publicly traded wireless communications company and provides services to over 130 million wireless subscribers in America, primarily in Latin America and the Caribbean.200807/44183香坊区人民医院专治哈尔滨市九州的权威医生



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