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襄阳第四人民医院官方网站襄樊市红十字医院不孕不育预约In Antarctica, everyday is (an) Olympic one. These Emperor Penguins are near the end of a two-week fishing marathon, bringing food for their hungry chicks, waiting miles away. But a challenger threatens the entire competition. A Leopard Seal waits at the shoreline. It's hungry too. Some Emperors make the leap onto shore before it can reach them. But the Leopard Seal is patient, it knows it controls the playing field. Superb athletes, they sense the Leopard Seal, and reverse direction in a split second. Seeing opening, more and more penguins stream up and out onto the ice. The momentum seems to turn the way of the penguins. Dozens make the leap to the safety of land, until the Leopard Seal changes the rules of the game. The penguins scramble to get away. Out of the water, both the seal and the penguins lose their speed and agility. Only desperation remains. The Leopard Seal snares a penguin, but the "seal victory" seems certain. But the game is not over yet. Penguins will go limp rather than struggle. When the Leopard Seal loses its grip, the penguin will make a break for it. This one is gone like a shot. It rejoins its teammates safely waiting at a distance. The Leopard Seal ,though ,doesn’t give up. It still has good field position. And now, the element of surprise. The Leopard Seal won’t lose its grip this time and takes its prize into the sea. For all but one, these competitors have won the fight to see another day.200812/58900襄樊中心医院做流产多少钱 Chinese financial scandals中国金融丑闻When it matters关键时刻Markets in China are barely fazed by scandal, unless the state is involved中国市场几乎不受丑闻影响,除非有政府干涉时Aug 20th 2011 | HONG KONG | from the Economist editionSHORT-SELLERS have been feasting of late on a crop of Chinese companies whose shares have collapsed on foreign markets amid allegations of deceptive accounting. Take Sino Forest, a forestry firm listed in Canada, whose shares slumped from C.30 () in March to as low as C.99 in June after a research outfit questioned its accounts (Sino Forest has denied the claims and has commissioned a review by an independent committee).在账目作假的指控声中外国市场上一批中国公司股票大跌,这让卖空者欣喜不已。如在加拿大上市的嘉汉公司,在一研究机构对其账目提出质疑后(嘉汉林业否认这一指控,并已提交由独立机构的出具的复查报告),其股票从三月的 25.30跌至七月的1.99.A sharp fall in a company’s share price after allegations of deceptive accounting is hardly unexpected, except perhaps in China. What matters in a scandal there is a little different from in most other places.公司在被控告账目作假后引起其股票的大跌是平常之事,或许在中国是例外。同大多数其他地区相比,在中国丑闻中的决定因素略有不同。A recent study by three academics* looks at several hundred scandals linked to companies traded on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges between 1997 and 2005. Their results are striking. Revelations of financial fraud and various other similar crimes, such as embezzlement and kickbacks, are not entirely irrelevant to a company’s share price. But to trigger the sort of collapse in a company’s stock, the loss of short-term financing and the managerial and board changes that occur in America or other developed markets requires another element in China: the involvement of the state.三位学者最近做的一份研究聚焦于近百起丑闻,这些丑闻涉及1997年至2005年期间在上海和深圳股票市场进行交易的公司。他们的研究发现引人注目。对财务诈骗和各种类似罪行,如盗用公款,收取回扣等的揭露势必对该公司的股票价造成影响。但如要引起一家公司股票的暴跌,除了短期资金的缺失,管理和董事会的变动,像美国或其他发展完善的市场发生过的那样,在中国还需要另一元素:即政府的参与。201108/150685FOR the past year or two, the big economies have experienced a “multi-speed” recovery, as the IMF calls it. The recovery has resembled third-world traffic, where juggernauts and rickshaws, cars and cycles ply the same lanes at different speeds, often gettingin each other’s way.在过去的一两年,各大经济体经历了一次被国际货币基金组织称为“倍速”的复苏。此次复苏就像第三世界的交通,货车、人力车、汽车、单车以不同的速度行驶在同一条道路上,经常互相驶入别人的车道。But for the past month or two, this traffic has slowed in unison. The deceleration is evident in the prices of commodities, which have fallen by 8.6% since mid-February, according to The Economist’s commodity-price index. It is also reflected in American manufacturing. New orders for durable goods, such as engines and cars, fell by 3.6% in April (albeit after a strong rise the month before). Factory output is still growing modestly, according to the Philadelphia Fed’s latest survey, but has lost more momentum since March than in any two months since November 2008.但在过去的一两个月,这股复苏车流同时放缓,这减速可从商品价格看出。根据《经济学人》商品价格指数,自从二月中旬,商品价格已跌8.6%。这亦能从美国制造业看出。四月份耐用品(例如发动机与汽车)新订单数跌了3.6%(虽然前一个月才大幅上升)。根据费城联邦的最新调查,工厂输出虽然仍然保持一定程度的增长,但自从三月份便失去持续的动力,这两个月是2008年11月至今最疲弱的两个月。America’s recovery relied for longer than most on fiscal injections. But by early August the federal government will bang up against a debt limit imposed by Congress. Any deal to raise the limit would almost certainly require spending reductions, and failure to strike a deal at all would require drastic cuts as the government stops selling debt. Even if the government is allowed to keep selling debt, the Federal Reserve will soon stop buying it, as it reaches the end of its latest round of “quantitative easing”, a programme to buy longer-dated paper with freshly printed money.美国依赖注资来复苏的时间较其它国家要长,但联邦政府的债务将于八月初冲破国会所准许的顶限。要抬高债务顶限,就要节省开;若不能产生一个各方满意的办法,政府将停止出售债券,使各方面预算剧减。即使政府能继续发售债券,由于这一轮“量化宽松”政策——一个用新印钞票收购旧钞票的项目——临近结束,联邦储备局早晚会停购。The euro zone’s prospects of growing its way out of trouble are receding, according to surveys of purchasing managers by HS and Markit, an information provider. Their “flash” (ie, preliminary) index for the euro-area economy fell sharply from 57.8 in April to 55.4 in May, a drop not seen since late 2008. In services the pessimism expressed about the coming year was reminiscent of mid-, before the recovery had picked up any speed at all.而根据恒生及信息务商Markit所做的采购经理调查,欧元区摆脱泥淖的前景不佳。他们的欧元区经济初步指数从四月的57.8急跌至五月的55.4,是2008年末以来首次。悲观论调认为对于务业,在复苏重获任何一点动力之前,来年会是年中的再版。201106/139447老河口第一医院 做流产多少钱

襄樊第一人民医院宫颈糜烂怎么样W:Good afternoon,Mr Calroson.Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with me. M:I always make time for my best workers ,Clorial,please have a seat!What can I do for you today? W:Well,as you know,I've been working here for about 15 years now , I really like this company.My job is interesting and the working conditions are generally pretty good. M:I'm glad you feel that way.Whatever we can do that make our's workers happy is important to us . W:Well,now that you mention it ,there is one thing that will make my life a little easier. M:Yes? W:I haven't had a raise that more than four years and with in fletion it is really getting tough to make a meat. M:Four years you say?Em…… W:Yes,and in that time ,I have had at least three performances with you that I've all been excellent .You said I'm doing a great jod here and I think my good work should be rewarded.10/85872湖北襄阳妇幼保健院中医院包皮手术多少钱 Horrible Bosses恶老板Truth is nicer than fiction现实比电影好得多A horrible film is generating a lame debate一部糟糕的电影引发一场蹩脚的争论Jul 30th 2011 | from the print editionHORRIBLE bosses come in many flavours. There are psychopaths, bullies and prats. Incompetent bosses are irksome, too. The bosses at New Line Cinema are not incompetent, in that their films make money, but they are still villains. For “Horrible Bosses”, their latest offering, is a crime against art and common sense. The viewer is expected to believe that being propositioned by Jennifer Aniston is so traumatic that it would drive a man to plot her murder. Kevin Spacey (pictured) plays a more convincing psychoboss. But his talents are wasted on a lame script.糟糕的老板会以多种形式出现。有精神病患,恶棍还有傻蛋。蹩脚老板也令人生厌。然而新线影院的老板们并不蹩脚,因为他们的电影能赚钱,但是他们做的还不够好。因为他们的最新作品《恶老板》,犯下了反艺术和常识之罪。剧组期望中的观众会觉得詹妮弗.安妮斯顿的挑逗是如此令人痛苦,以致于他们觉得剧中人物会对她起谋杀之心。凯文.史派西(如图)则扮演了一位更加令人信的变态老板。但是他的才能却浪费在不尽如人意的剧本上。To make matters worse, the film has inspired a torrent of management drivel. OfficeTeam, a recruiter, warns of “Horrible Boss Syndrome”, which “can have serious implications” for morale. An American survey finds that 46% of employees have worked for an unreasonable boss at some point. Nell Minow, a critic, says the film reflects “the bitterness of the post-meltdown era”.而更糟糕的是,这部影片激起了一阵狂潮,矛头直指管理层。一位招聘人员OfficeTeam提醒人们要警惕“恶老板综合症”对员工士气造成的严重影响。美国的一项调查发现,46%的雇员都曾在职业生涯中遇到过不近乎人情的老板。批评家Nell Minow表示,该影片反映了“后衰退时代的痛苦”。201108/147500襄阳人民医院做产检怎么样

襄阳男科疾病哪家医院好Constitutional reform宪法改革All change英国剧变Britain is on the verge of constitutional upheaval英国正在宪法剧变的边缘THIS may seem an odd moment to make the claim, but Britain is a country in the grip of a modernising frenzy. The outside world may see an unvarying kingdom of royal weddings, golden carriages and clip-clopping Horse Guards, with a young prime minister drawn from the old Establishment. But strip away the pageantry, and David Cameron’s Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition is proposing radical changes to the constitutional order.现在似乎还不是下结论的时候,但是英国正受到对现代化的狂热情绪配。在国外人看来这个王国并无变化:皇室婚礼、黄金马车、马蹄得得的皇家骑卫队以及正当权的年轻首相。但是在这华丽的虚饰下,大卫卡梅隆的保守党、工党、自民党联合政府正提议彻底改革宪法。A national referendum on May 5th and months of parliamentary wrangling lie ahead. But if all the changes being proposed by the coalition come to fruition, British democracy could look and feel very different by the next general election, set by the coalition for May 2015.5月5日全国范围的公民投票后是长达数月的议会辩论。如果所有联合政府提出的改革都得到成效,下一次联合政府举行大选时(2015年5月)英国的民主会让人们看到、体会到很大的不同。Depending on the outcome of the referendum, that general election may be held using a new voting system: supporters of change call it the biggest shake-up since votes for women in 1928. Voters are to be asked to choose between keeping the winner-takes-all system of first-past-the-post (FPTP) and moving to the alternative-vote (AV) method, in which voters rank candidates in numbered order of preference. Under AV, if no candidate wins more than 50% of voters’ first preferences, the least popular candidate is eliminated and the second preferences of those who voted for him are distributed. The process continues, redistributing third, fourth or lower preferences until someone crosses the 50% line.公投的结果将决定大选是否会采取新的投票体制:改革持者称之为继1928年妇女获得投票权后最大的改革.投票人将选择是保留赢者通吃的简单多数制(FPTP)还是改为排序投票制(AV),后者框架下投票人根据喜好对候选人排序,如果没有候选人获得超过半数的首选,得票最少的候选人将被淘汰,其选票划入排在第二位的候选人名下。以此类推,经过对排在第三位、第四位甚至更靠后的候选人选票重新划分直到有人的得票超过半数。201105/135029 Europeans Wrapping Up Parliament Elections欧盟议会选举 选民投票率低 Europeans voted in the last day of European Union parliamentary elections Sunday, with conservative and far-right parties expected to score over the left. Conservatives are expected to control the largest number of seats after election that saw a record low voter turnout.欧洲人星期天在欧盟议会选举的最后一天投票,预计保守派和极右派政党的得票率将超过左派政党。很多欧洲人对这次选举并不热衷。The vote is taking place amid the larger backdrop of the economic crisis, and experts predict this dour atmosphere will generally favor conservative parties across the 27-member European Union. Eight EU countries finished voting in the first three days of the elections, with the rest casting their ballots on Sunday.这次欧盟议会选举是在经济危机的大背景下举行的。有关专家预计,这种令人忧心的气氛一般会对保守派政党有利。在由27个国家组成的欧盟中,8个国家在选举的头三天已经结束投票,其余的国家在星期天进行投票。Britain's Conservative Party is expected to score major gains against Prime Minister Gordon Brown's Labor Party. Conservatives in Poland are also expected to fare well in the vote, as is Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's Freedom People's Party in Italy.英国保守党预计将在同布朗首相的工党的较量中获得较大领先。波兰的保守派预计也会在投票中表现良好,意大利总理贝卢斯科尼的自由人民党也是一样。In France, too, President Nicolas Sarkozy's conservative Union for a Popular Movement party is expected to emerge the winner in the E.U. parliament polls. But here and elsewhere in Europe, the larger sentiment is indifference.在法国,总统萨科齐的保守派“人民运动联盟”预计将在欧盟议会选举中获胜。但是在欧洲的其他地方,选民们总的来说是漠不关心。In the Paris suburb of Le Perreux, residents like Lucille Svay and her husband Chan Phal said they had not voted for their EU parliament representatives.在巴黎的一个郊区,斯威和她的丈夫法尔等当地居民说,他们从来没有为欧盟议会代表投票。Svay said she likes the idea of a European Union, because individual European countries are too small to wield much clout in world affairs. But she says politicians generally fail to live up to their promises, and the European Union overall seems unable to agree on anything.斯威说,她喜欢欧盟的构想,因为单个的欧盟国家都太小,不能在世界事务中发挥重大影响。但是她说,政治家通常都不能兑现他们的诺言,而且整个欧盟似乎都无法就任何事情达成一致。Opinion polls show the Svays are not alone. Fewer than half the European electorate is expected to cast ballots. Many criticize the European Union for not doing enough to tackle the economic crisis, and for either meddling too much or too little in their daily lives.民调显示,和斯威有同样看法的人并不少。预计不足一半的欧洲选民将参加投票。很多人批评欧盟在应对经济危机的过程中做的不够,在他们日常生活中不是管得太多,就是照顾的不够。But Ludivine Kedziora, 29, is an EU supporter.但是29岁的凯季奇拉是欧盟的持者。Kedziora says the European Union has granted lots of subsidies to her home region in northern France. This election, she voted for a leftist party because she believes it will do a better job than conservatives to help people cope with the economic crisis.她说,欧盟向她所在的法国北部地区的家乡提供了很多补贴。她在这次选举中投了一个左派政党的票,因为她相信,左派政党在帮助人民应对经济危机方面会比保守派做得更好。But analysts predict that far-right parties, many of them running on anti-immigration platforms, will score gains in this vote.但是分析人士预计,极右派政党会在选举中得到较多的选票。其中很多人都把反移民作为他们的竞选纲领。06/73371襄阳市铁路医院孕前检测多少钱襄阳市第一人民医院医院肛肠科




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