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My Study -- 3:56:31 来源: My StudyMy study is big. It’s about ㎡. the walls are white and the floor is dark yellow. the lights on the wall are very beautiful. there is a big window on the wall. the window curtains are yellow and light GREen.In front of the wall, there is my desk. there is a telephone, a globe and some books on the desk. there is a piano on the right of the desk. It’s my favorite present from my parents when I was nine years old.On the left of the desk, there is a bookshelf. there are many books on the shelf. Some are storybooks. Some are picture books. Some are cartoon books. Some are music books. there are some English books, too. On the shelf, there is a Snoopy and a Blue Cat. I like them very much!In the evening or at the weekends, I do my homework and play the piano in my study. I can all kinds of books, too. In my study, I can gain much knowledge. I like my study. What about you?《怦然心动经典台词 -- :6: 来源: 《怦然心动由罗伯·莱纳执导,演员根·莉莉、玛德琳·卡罗尔等主演影片该片根据文德琳·范·德拉安南的同名原著小说改编,描述了青春期中男孩女孩之间的有趣战争下面一起欣赏一下里面的经典台词:双语台词欣赏A painting is more than the sum of its parts. A cow by itself is just a cow. A meadow by itself is just grass, flowers. And the sun peeking through the trees is just a beam of light. But you put them all together and it can be magic.一幅画不是众多物件简单拼凑而成的牛只是一头牛,草地也只有青草和鲜花,而穿过树枝的阳光也仅仅只是一束光,但如果将它们放到一起,就会产生魔一般的魅力The higher I got, the more amazed I was by the view.我爬得越高,眼前的风景便愈发迷人Some days the sunsets would be purple and pink. And some days they were a blazing orange setting fire to the clouds on the horizon. It was during one of those sunsets that my father's idea of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts moved from my head to my heart.有时落日泛起紫红的余晖,有时散发出橘红色的火光燃起天边的晚霞在这绚烂的日落景象中,我慢慢领悟了父亲所说的整体胜于局部总和的道理Sometimes a little discomt in the beginning can save a whole lot of pain down the road.有时起初的隐忍可以避免一路的疼痛Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss. But every once in a while you find someone who's iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare.有些人沦为平庸浅薄,金玉其外,而败絮其中可不经意间,有一天你会遇到一个虹般绚丽的人,从此以后,其他人就不过是匆匆浮云The first day I met Bryce Loski, I flipped. It was those eyes, something in those dazzling eyes.见到布莱斯·罗斯基的第一天,我心动了他的双眸有种魔力让我如痴如醉The next thing I know, he's holding my hand and looking right into my eyes. My heart stopped. Was this it? Would this be my first kiss?接下来,我所知道的就是,他紧紧握住我的手,与我深情对视我的心跳停止了就要来了吗?我的初吻就要来了吗?Sherry Stalls was nothing but a whiny, gossipy, backstabbing flirt. All hair and no substance. And there she was holding hands with Bryce. My Bryce. The one who was walking around with my first kiss.雪利·斯道尔斯是个絮絮叨叨、阴险毒辣的长舌妇,头发长见识短可她竟然牵起了布莱斯的手那可是我的布莱斯!带着我的初吻到处招摇的布莱斯!- And she's been stalking me since the second grade. - Well, a girl like that doesn't live next door to everyone.- 她从二年级起就老是缠着我 - 这种女孩可是可遇不可求的One’s character is set at an early age. I'd hate to see you swim out so far you can't swim back.从小看到老,我可不愿看到你做边城浪子回不了头The way she talked about what it felt like to be up in that tree to be held above the earth, brushed by the wind. Who in junior high talks like that? This weird feeling started taking over in the pit of my stomach and I didn't like it.她说起那种置身树梢的感觉时说就像被高高举起,微风拂面哪个初中生会说出这样的话呢?这种怪怪的感觉在我胃里翻腾,我不喜欢这种感觉The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 树上掉下的苹果它落的地离树能有多远?And I realized Garrett was right about one thing: I had flipped. Completely.我意识到加利特一件事是说对了:我心动了完全心动了 台词 经典六年级英语作文:Mary,my new good friend --1 :: 来源:   Mary is my new friend.I got to know her only yesterday. but we like to each other at first sight. she is a tall , outoken ,-year-old girl. she is good at english ,and i do well in maths.we helped each other yesterday with our homework.we both like playing pingpang,and we had a match yesterday afternoon. she is easy going .and i 'm so glad to be her friend.春游去哪里?来武汉大学欣赏美丽的樱花吧 -- :36: 来源: 春回大地,万物复苏,柳绿花红,此刻,也正是樱花盛开的时节,不如趁着大好春光去武汉大学欣赏美丽的樱花吧!Visitors enjoy the cherry blossoms at Wuhan University in Wuhan city, Central China’s Hubei province on March , . Each blooming season, hundreds of thousands people flock to the university the cherry blossoms. To control the number of visitors this year, the university has raised the admission price from last year’s yuan (.60) to yuan.年3月日游客正在湖北武汉市武汉大学欣赏樱花每年的花季,都有成千上百的人涌至武汉大学欣赏樱花今年,为了控制游客数量,该校将门票价格从去年的元提高至了元 春游去哪里?来武汉大学欣赏美丽的樱花吧我是一个小哥哥(I was a little brother) -- :3:1 来源: 我是一个小哥哥(I was a little brother)  i am a years old boy. smart and handsome. i am proud of myself. because i can get perfect scores in chinese, math and english. it is not good enough, i am also proud of being an elder brother.  that is a friday evening, my baby brother was crying all the time. my parents were both cooking dinner. i said to my mum, let me look after this little thing. my mum said, “are you sure you can?” “ yes ,believe me i can.” i answered. then mum went to the kitchen. i went towards my baby brother. “ oh baby, don’t cry.  i will sing a song you…” i carried him and sing songs him. after a while, he was asleep. i was so tired. my parents were happy and praised me a good boy. this is my first time to look after my baby brother and i feel proud of myself.

超市(The supermarket) --01 ::9 来源: 超市(The supermarket)   this is a supermarket .it is big and new. its name is wanjia .you can buy many things in the supermarket .  you can buy food like milk,b ,vegetables,chocolate…… ,you can buy school things like books,rubber,pencil……,you can buy clothes like shorts,trousers,shirt.you can buy cupboard,computer,robot,fun,desk,too.  this is a big supermarket ,it is open hours a day. there are many people here. the shop worker is very hard working. they always y to people .  i like going here.

关于五一的英语作文 小升初英语作文选 --7 00:: 来源: Today is May 1, is the International Labor Day. And my father dig up some bamboo shoots cousin, cousin, ily agreed. With my cousin had never been dug bamboo, which is first, of course, is an innovative idea.cousin came to our hill. But days go halfway, it began to rain, followed by rain. But this did not detract from our interest in digging bamboo shoots, but the firm will of the U.S., as the saying goes: "springing" them! We fought so hard to mountain climbing, sweat, rain confusing.Father is an iron-general way. In a moment, it apart. "Wow, bamboo shoots,have head many really ah!" And my cousin looked up at the head are "pathfinder" cries the father. When we arrived, his hands had been tied with a big bamboo shoots,head. Can both of us to no avail. I am anxious, hard tohair and think: why we could not shoot it dug? I think maybe too, and accidentally, a bad fall, but alsothe blood, stomp my beat their chests shouting: "God, why do you torment me like this, I am also a person, but also Lord of all things, what do not give me wild, but also throw my! "At this time of my great chagrin. Father then told us that: "not as good as you, there may be a harvest.""Good."... ..."Cousin, fast shoots look." Did not walk a few steps, a prey entered my eyes, my very pleasant surprise."I also have their prey, and cousin."Not too long, we can shoot the competition and the number of the father. We are delighted.I finally understand that with the father at the back are less than dig bamboo shoots, and only go up in front of only has Harvest. "Open up our own road, Do not talk behind others." Yes I am 51 working in a small token of enlightenment.今天是五月一日,是国际劳动节我和爸爸约表哥去挖笋,表哥爽快地答应了我与表哥从来没挖过笋,这是第一次,当然感到很新奇我们来到表哥村旁的山上可是天不作美,走到半路,下起了绵绵细雨但这并没有减弱我们挖笋的兴致,反而坚定了我们的意志,因为俗话说:“雨后春笋”嘛!我们奋力登山,汗水、雨水混淆不清爸爸是铁将军开路,走在前头不一会儿,就拉开了距离“哇,笋,还有叽叽头,可真多啊!”我和表哥抬头一看,是在前头“探路”的爸爸的叫喊声当我们赶到时,他手里已抱着一大捆笋、叽叽头可我俩却一无所获我焦急万分,使劲地挠着头发,想:我们为什么挖不着笋呢?也许我想得太入神了,一不小心,摔了一跤,还摔出了血,我捶胸顿足喊道:“老天,你何故此般折腾我,我也是人,也是万物之主,凭什么不赐我野菜,还摔我一跤!”此时的我懊恼极了爸爸便对我们说:“不如你们走在前头,或许会有收获”“好”  ……  “表哥,快看笋”没走几步,一个猎物就进入了我的眼帘,我惊喜万分  “我也有猎物了,表弟”  没过多长时间,我们的笋可以与爸爸的比试多少了我们高兴极了  我终于明白,跟在爸爸后面,是挖不到笋的,只有走到前面去,才会有收获“开辟自己的道路,别跟在别人身后”是我今天五一节劳动中悟道的一个小小道理

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