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栏目简介:《跟jade老师学英语》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,来之英伦的美女老师jade,一口纯正的伦敦腔,听上去就是一种享受,最重要的是妈妈再也不用担心我看不懂权利的游戏了。通过视频讲解,英语学习爱好者能够更好地理解英语知识内容,培养英语学习的兴趣,是提高英语水平的好伙伴。 Article/201511/400313成都省妇幼医院有哪些专家Here in Argentina, the warm moist air is particularly warm and moist在阿根廷空气特别的温暖和湿润because it#39;s been swept down from one of the stickiest places in the world.因为它是从世界上最湿暖的地方吹过来的Just to the north of me here is the Amazon basin.到达了我现在站的地方的北边亚马逊盆地And the cold air is particularly cold because it#39;s being channelled up冷空气特别的冷from the South Pole down there.因为这是从南极过来的This combination is a recipe for trouble.这种结合就会带来麻烦The extreme turmoil caused by the cold and warm air clashing这种冷热空气的相互碰撞is what drives a storm.形成了暴风雨But there#39;s another feature of this landscape that makes storms这种景象的另一个特征是它使得这个地区的particularly frequent and intense in this region.暴风雨非常的频繁和猛烈I#39;m in the foothills of one of the greatest mountain chains in the world,我现在站在世界上最大的山脉脚下the Andes.安第斯山脉These ramparts act as a kind of barrier,它们就像壁垒一样trapping this dangerous mixture of warm and cold air in the same place.阻止暖空气和冷空气的混合物到达同一个地方And that thunder that you hear你听到了雷鸣声is because what#39;s happening is as the cold and warm air masses mix,那是冷暖空气相互混合it#39;s a clash of extremes and this is a battleground.那是激烈的碰撞而这就是战场Storms are gathering in the mountains so that#39;s where I#39;m heading.暴风雨正在山里聚集就在我所面对的地方I#39;m hoping to see some of the lightning this region is famous for.我希望能看到这个地方非常著名的闪电 Article/201509/399548宜宾市第一人民医院泌尿系统在线咨询When a particularly large tidal surge from the Atlantic大西洋上无比巨大的潮汐get funnelled into the increasingly shallow water of the river,会涌进当地河流里不得不流入越来越浅的河水里it turns into a single powerful surging wave.它就会变成一股力量巨大向上涌动的海浪A tidal bore.The most surprising thing,潮水钻孔 最让人惊奇的事物the most worrying thing, is the speed of that wave.最让人担忧的是这个浪的速度This is a pretty fast boat and we#39;re just staying ahead of it.这艘船很快我们也只能被它紧逼The bore travels upstream at up to 20 miles per hour.可以流进内陆蔓延几十公里It rolls inland for miles, tearing apart the riverbank along the way.那个浪可一直奔腾着撕裂沿途的一切This wave will move over 13 million cubic feet of water every minute.每一分钟会移动400000立方米的水That#39;s up to 150 times the minimum flow of the Niagara Falls.最高达到尼亚加拉瀑布水量的150倍This bore shows just how much energy is created这个潮涌显示了这个能量是多么强大by the power of gravity, and released in a tide.来自重力的能量,通过潮汐释放出来 Article/201511/408381成都生殖健康附属专科医院多久了?正规吗

四川生殖专业医院能检查怀孕吗武侯区中医院体检多少钱For thousands of years western Europeans have been entranced by the spices of the east. Long before curry became the British national dish, we dreamed of transforming our dull island food with exotic flavours from India. For the poet George Herbert, the phrase ;the land of spices; evoked a metaphorical perfection at once unimaginably remote and infinitely desirable. So it#39;s perhaps not surprising that spice has, through the centuries, always been not just high poetry but big business. The spice trade between the Far East and Europe funded the Portuguese and Dutch empires and provoked many bloody wars. Aly at the beginning of the fifth century, it was a trade that embraced the whole of the Roman Empire. When in 408 barbarian Visigoths attacked the city of Rome, they were induced to leave only on the payment of a huge ransom that included gold, silver, large quantities of silk and one further luxury, a ton of pepper. This precious spice had made its lucrative way all over the Roman Empire, from India to East Anglia. And that#39;s where this programme#39;s object was found.数千年前,东方的香料便已传入西欧。在咖喱成为一道英国国菜之前,不列颠人老早就盼望着来自印度的异域风味能对这个岛国闻沉闷的食物有所调剂。对诗人乔治·赫伯特来说,“香料国度”是一个完美的比喻,唤起了人们对远方的无尽想象与无尽渴望。因此,千百年来,香料既是诗歌的主题,也是贸易的主角。远东与欧洲之间的香料贸易让葡萄牙荷兰大获其利,同时也引发了无数场血腥战争。公元5世纪初,香料买卖已遍布罗马全境。公元408年,西哥特人进军罗马,退兵的条件是巨额赔款,包括黄金,白银,大量的丝绸以及一吨胡椒。这种珍贵的香料在整个罗马帝国闻境内都大有市场,从印度一直到本节物品的发现地东安格利亚。 Article/201502/359711Written on one of the spoons in the hoard are the words #39;VIVAS IN DEO#39;-#39;May you live in God#39;-a common Christian prayer. And it is likely that our fleeing family was Christian. By this date Christianity had been the official religion of the Empire for nearly a hundred years and, like pepper, it had come to Britain via Rome. Faith and trade often travel together, and both the peppercorn and the cross had a reach far wider than the Roman Empire itself.宝藏中的一把汤匙上刻着“VIVAS IN DEO”(愿主保佑你),这是一句常见的基督教祝词,因此宝藏的主人很可能是基督徒。当时,基督教作为罗马帝国的国教已达百年。它与胡椒一样从罗马来到了英国,如今,帝国早已消失,但它们依然存在。Next week I shall be moving away from earthly pleasures to examine some of the new spiritual structures that humanity was creating around the world about two thousand years ago. We will be starting in India-with an image that sits most happily in our contemporary Western imagination...a seated Buddha.下周我将远离尘世的喧嚣进而探究大约二千年前人类所创造世界各地一些新的精神结构。我们的旅程将从印度开始,它在我们当代西方人想象中是最幸福快乐的景象…它是一尊佛陀坐像。 Article/201503/362706甘孜州第一人民医院能做人流吗The piece of meat processed by the more recent human ancestor在晚些出现的人类祖先咬过的肉上has a hole virtually all the way through it,可以清楚地看到一个几乎穿透的洞whereas the piece of meat processed by Australopithecus而南方古猿咬过的肉上barely has an indentation.几乎未留痕迹The teeth of our meat-eating ancestors我们食肉祖先的牙齿had become smaller and sharper,已变得更小 更锋利 just like our own.就像我们的牙一样Evidence reveals that the eating of meat据显示 食肉永远地改变了changed our evolution forever.我们的进化历程Our ancestors learnt to hunt,我们的祖先学会了打猎 developed sharper teeth,进化出了更锋利的牙齿and, above all, grew bigger brains.特别是 更大的大脑But if meat provided a powerful impetus for change,若肉类为这种改变提供了强大推动力it was nothing compared to what happened next.相比接下来发生的 它就微不足道了Cooking is huge.烹饪作用巨大 I think it#39;s arguably the biggest increase我认为在整个生命长河之中in the quality of the diet in the whole of the history of life.它带来了饮食质量的最大飞跃Cooked food lights up all our senses.熟食唤醒了我们所有感官The smell, the sight,嗅觉 视觉the touch触觉and of course, the taste当然还有味觉are amongst the great pleasures of existence.都沉浸在极大的愉悦之中 Article/201505/373824宜宾市治疗宫颈糜烂哪家医院最好的

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