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2019年09月19日 15:06:22来源:家庭医生报

  • An 18-stone mother-of-one was shamed into losing weight after snapping her daughter#39;s bed while ing her a bedtime story.一位体重达到了18英石(约为228斤)的母亲,因为在女儿床边读睡前故事的时候压坏了女儿的床,感觉非常丢脸所以愤然减肥成功。Cacia Griggs, 26, from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, spent her whole 20s as a morbidly obese size 24, but crushing four-year-old Isabelle#39;s bed was the final straw, and she embarked upon a life-changing diet.这位26岁的励志妈妈是来自剑桥郡彼得伯勒市的卡西亚-格里戈斯。在她20多年的人生中一直保持着病态的肥胖状态,要穿24号的衣。不过压坏4岁女儿伊莎贝尔的床,犹如压死骆驼的最后一根稻草,她决心开始改变人生的减肥方案。Just one year later she has lost eight stone, dropped to a size 10, and married her fiance Chris in her dream wedding dress.仅仅用了一年她就减掉了8英石(约101斤)的体重,现在可以穿10号的衣。现在她可以穿着梦想中的结婚礼嫁给未婚夫克里斯了。One night, having asked her 29-year-old fiance to carry Isabelle up to bed because she couldn#39;t fit through the stair gate, Cacia followed them upstairs and lay down on the edge of the bed with her daughter to her a story.当天晚上,她让29岁的未婚夫把女儿伊莎贝尔抱到床上去,因为身材的缘故她没办法抱着女儿穿过楼梯门。卡西亚跟在他们身后上楼,躺着女儿的床边给她读睡前故事。#39;I heard a loud snap,#39; she said. #39;I#39;d literally broken the entire side beam of her bed because I was overweight. I was devastated.#39;她描述当时的场景:“我听到非常响的劈啪声。毫不夸张的说,我真的是把我女儿床的侧梁整个给压断了,这都是因为我太胖了。当时我就崩溃了。”Cacia had a similar moment of clarity while on her first family holiday with Chris and Isabelle in Turkey last year when she couldn#39;t fit the aeroplane seatbelt around her.卡西亚还经历过类似这样让她警醒的时刻:去年她第一次和克里斯还有伊莎贝尔全家一起出门去土耳其旅行,结果在飞机上她没办法系上安全带。Cacia began the Cambridge Weight Plan in June 2011, swapping her high-calorie diet for soups, shakes and bars. In August this year, Cacia reached her goal weight of 10 stone and dropped from a size 24 to a size 10. 卡西亚在2011年7月开始执行剑桥体重计划,把之前吃的高热量食物都换成了汤、奶昔和能量棒。今年八月,卡西亚达到了她的目标体重10英石(约为127斤),体重下降后她可以穿10号的衣了。#39;My weight literally began to drop off,#39; she said. #39;In no time at all I was wearing smaller clothes and was over the moon the first time I brought a size 16, I couldn#39;t believe it fitted.”她说道:“我的体重真的开始下降,没用多久我就开始穿小一些尺寸的衣。第一次给自己买16号衣的时候我简直欣喜若狂,我简直不敢相信衣我穿竟然合身。”Cacia says the best thing about losing the weight is being able to lay with her daughter again on her bed instead of sitting on the floor next to her.卡西亚说,减肥对于她来说最好的一点是:她现在可以跟女儿一起躺在床上,再也不用像以前一样坐在地板上看着女儿了。 /201212/212950。
  • The pop culture phenomenon known as ;Gangnam Style; has finally reached the highest office of the ed States. When asked about the craze, President Obama simply remarked, ;I think I can do that move.;大热的《江南style》终于流传到了美国白宫。在被问及全球掀起的这股流行文化风潮时,奥巴马总统简单地回答说:;我觉得我也能跳骑马舞。;We can#39;t speak of President Obama#39;s confidence in the turnout of the 2012 election just yet, but he seems pretty secure in his dance moves. The hardest-hitting question President Obama has been asked yet was put forth by an interviewer curious as to whether or not the president had caught Gangnam fever yet.我们还无法评价奥巴马总统对大选连任的信心,但他对自己的舞步的确很有自信。有位采访者对奥巴马是否也喜欢《江南style》非常好奇,这也是奥巴马总统被问到的最难回答的一个问题。On Tuesday, during a radio spot with WZID-FM in New Hampshire, President Obama was pressed on the issue, asked whether or not he or Michelle would eventually do a rendition of South Korean rapper PSY#39;s international viral hit, which has currently notched up just over 6.5 million views on YouTube.本周二,奥巴马在接受新罕布什尔州WZID-FM电台采访时,采访者问奥巴马,他或者米歇尔是不是真的会模仿韩国说唱歌手鸟叔的这段大热视频。《江南style》目前在YouTube视频网站上点击量已超过650万次。;I just saw that for the first time,; Obama replied. ;I think I can do that move. But I#39;m not sure that the inauguration ball is the appropriate time to break that out.;奥巴马说:;我是第一次看到《江南style》的音乐视频。我觉得我也能跳骑马舞。不过我觉得在就职舞会上跳这个舞并不合适。;;Maybe,; he concluded, ;I#39;ll do it privately for Michelle.;他最后说:;也许我会私下里给米歇尔跳跳。;;Gangnam Style; has spawned numerous public odes and parodies across the internet including a US Naval Academy version, a Saturday Night Live mock-up, and a Late Show with David Letterman clip that superimposed GOP candidate Mitt Romney#39;s head on the Gangnam dancer.《江南style》受到无数粉丝的喜爱,也在全球引发了模仿热潮,包括美国海军学院模仿版本、《周六夜现场》模仿版本、以及在大卫-莱特曼主持的《午夜秀》中,将共和党总统候选人米特-罗姆尼的头像叠加在鸟叔身上的版本。Personally, I think that the inauguration ball would be the perfect venue for a re-elected President Obama to go ;Gangnam Style; with Michelle. PSY would probably have a heart attack.我个人觉得奥巴马连任后,就职舞会是他和米歇尔跳骑马舞的理想场所,但鸟叔看到会犯心脏病的。 /201211/208633。
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