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Nothing succeeds like confidence.When you are truly confident,it radiates from you like sunlight,and attracts success to you like a magnet.It's important to believe in yourself.Believe that you can do it under any circumstances,because if you believe you can,then you really will.The belief keeps you searching answers,which means that pretty soon you will get them.Confidence is more than an attitude. It comes from knowing exactly where you are going and exactly how you are going to get there. It comes from acting with integrity and confidence.It comes from a strong sense of purpose.It comes from a strong commitment to take responsibility,rather than just letting life happen.One way to develop self-confidence is to do the thing you fear and to get a record of successful experiences behind you.Confidence is compassionate and understanding.It is not arrogant. Arrogance is born out of fear and insecurity,while confidence comes from strength and integrity.Confidence is not just believing you can do it. Confidence is knowing you can do it.Know that you are capable of accomplish anything you want,and live your life with confidence.Anything can be achieved through focused,determined eft and self-confidence.If your life is not what you want it to be,you have the power to change it,and you must make the changes on a moment by moment basis. Live your priorities. Live with your goals and your plan of action. Live each moment with your priorities in mind. Act with your own purpose,and you will have the life you want. 735品牌英语口语00句():我吓呆了 --9 :5: 来源: 每天背句,你能坚持多久?1. I was scared stiff.我吓呆了#9658;scare stiff 使...极其害怕,使...非常紧张e.g. Spiders scare me stiff. 蜘蛛把我吓坏了. The police manhandled some of the demonstrators.警察带走了一些示威者3. The dollar took a nosedive.美元大跌. You’re so transparent.你太不会撒谎了5. She’s nobody’s poodle.她主意很正6. He’s fallen on evil days.他现在落魄了#9658;evil days 苦难的岁月,黑暗的日子7. You’ll be in breach of the regulations.那样你就犯规了#9658;in breach of 违反…,破坏…e.g. Your company is in breach of the contract. 你们公司违反了合同8. That’s a tall story.太夸张了吧#9658;tall story 荒诞无稽的故事,令人难以相信的故事也可用tall tale9. He’s a rich man by his own .他自称是个有钱人#9658;by one own 据某人自己说. Now youre listless, ah?现在你怎么蔫儿了? 口语

The Amazing Migraine CureMigraines are an absolute nightmare.The pain is excruciating...and it's often accompanied by nausea,vomiting,and extreme sensitivity to light.But now there's a cure migraines --an herb that not only relieves migraine pain,but decreases the frequency of attacks.The herb is called feverfew,and it works by preventing the constriction of blood vessels to the brain.How well does it work?In clinical studies,people who took feverfew had less pain...less nausea...less vomiting...and decreased sensitivity to light.Plus,they had a reduction in both the duration and frequency of migraine attacks.Important:Do NOT use any feverfew product made with dried feverfew.It won' t help your migraines,and may actually make them worse.Instead,buy feverfew tincture...or use capsules that contain freeze-dried feverfew leaves.The recommended daily dosage is drops of the tincture or three 300 mg capsules per day. 1

To My Friends Who Are Married Love is not about “it's your fault,”but “I'm sorry.”Not “where are you,”but “I'm right here.”Not “how could you,”but “I understand.”Not “I wish you were,”but “I’m thankful you are.”给我已婚的朋友 爱情不是“都怪你”,而是“对不起”不是“你在哪儿”,而是“我就在这儿”不是“你怎么能”,而是“我理解”不是“我愿你能……”而是“感谢你能……” 65“我只是想让你们留下一个深刻印象,尽管你们学完了四年工程学,仍然有很多这个专业的东西你们还不懂你们回答不了的这些问题在日常应用中是相当普遍的”接着,他微笑着说:“你们都将通过这门课,但是要记住——即使你已经大学毕业,你的教育也只不过是刚刚开始”So Much to LearnIt was the last day of final examination in a large Eastern university. On the steps of one building, a group of engineering seniors students wait it together, talking about the exam due to begin in a few minutes. On their faces was confidence. This was their last exam — then they'll fond the jobs.Some talked of jobs they aly had; others of jobs they would get. With all this learning of four years of college, they felt y and able to conquer the world.The coming exam, they knew, would be a easy. The professor had said they could bring any books or notes they wanted. Asking only that they did not talk to each other during the test.Happyly they crouded into the classroom. The professor passed out the papers. And smiles began biger as the students found there were only five questions.Three hours passed. Then the professor began to collect the papers. The students no longer looked confident. On their faces was a frightened expression. No one spoke as, papers in hand, the professor faced the class.He looked the worried faces bee him, then asked “How many completed all five questions?”Not a hand was raised.“How many answered four?”Still no hands.“Three? Two?”The students moved restlessly in their seats.“One, then? Certainly somebody finished one.”But the class kept silent. The professor put down the papers. “That is exactly what I expected,” he said.“I just want to impress upon you that, even though you have completed four years of engineering, there are still many things about the subject you don’t know. These questions you could not answer are very common in everyday practice.” Then, smiling, he added “You will all pass this course, but remember — even though you are now college graduates, your education has just begun.”The years have made the name of this professor unclear, but not the lesson he taught. 17

对我来说,演艺事业的成功是次要的,人生最重要的是美满的婚姻、一个好丈夫和一双越来越有出息的子女这些我都得到了,对此我心存感激可是,无论我得到什么物质上的恩赐,真正的幸福必须源自我的内心没有对他人的付出就不可能有任何回报众所周知,随时准备行善才是根除忧愁的良药 Don’t Step Out of Character By VIRGINIA SALEON A PLANE flying from Chicago to New York, my seat companion was a young girl who gave me a friendly smile as I sat beside her, but whose young face showed great sadness. Hesitantly, she told me she was on her way to the funeral of her seventeen-year-old brother, who had been killed in Korea. She also told me that her only other relatives were two brothers, both in the service, and that they had lost their eldest brother in the war in Europe. I wanted to say something to comt her…I felt so useless…say something to comt her…I felt so useless…All I could say was “I’m so sorry.” And I thought, “Just what can I do to help bring order and hope into the world today?” And the thought came to me, “I can pray and my prayers will tune in with other sincere prayers to create a mighty ce good and peace in the world.”As a girl I was tunate in having old-fashioned, religious parents, and I often think of the old hymn my good father sang so lustily as stood beside him in church, “I need Thee every hour.” As I’ve grown older my philosophy has changed—in a way. I don’t think of God now as an old man with a long gray beard sitting up on a throne. I believe in a practical religion. What good is it unless I can use it to help solve my daily problems, large or small?I am grateful what I consider the most worthwhile things in my life—a happy marriage, a good husband, and a son and daughter who become infinite ly finer as they grow up. Success in my theatrical career has come second to these. However, no matter what my material blessings may be, I realize that my happiness must come from within myself. I can’t get back anything I don’t give out. Anybody knows a sure cure the blues is to get out and do something nice someone else.I have had a wonderful opporty, on my tours with my one-woman show, to meet fine, good people in every one of the seven hundred towns I’ve played. From them I know that good people predominate in every part of this country.I love my work. I believe that laughter is a great soul cleanser, and I pray that my audiences may somehow be better off having seen my show. I believe in blessing everything and everybody along the way. Sometimes I may have let stage fright and nerves rob me and my audience of my best permance. I have failed if I haven’t beehand blessed everyone in my audience, everyone backstage, and, when I’m working in television, radio or motion pictures, everyone in the studio—my fellow actors and the director and technicians. I admire their courage, their goodhearted generous qualities.What do I mean by “blessing”? Well, I first have a deep sense of gratitude to an audience, and a feeling of good will and good wishes, so that I know there is complete harmony between them and me, and I know they will like me because I really like them—that we will tune in together.My late brother, the great character actor and comedian, Charles “Chic” Sale, said to me one time we were talking about spiritual things and about being perfect channels expression_r “The thing to do, kiddo, is to stay in character—be God’s child.” And I try never to get this. 9新员工英文自我介绍 -- :: 来源: Teachers, good afternoon. Allow me to briefly talk about myself.My name is - Xianning graduated from the south gate of the private secondary schools. Tourism now studying at the school in Hubei Province. Studying hotel management professional.I was a character, cheerful girl, so my hobbies is extensive. Sporty. In my spare time likes playing basketball, table tennis, volleyball, skating. When a person like the Internet at home, or a personal stereo. Not like too long immersed in the world of books, and family members have told me, Laoyijiege is the best. Talking about my family, then I will talk about my family has. Only three people my family, my grandmother, grandfather and my own. My grandfather is a engineer, I am very severely on peacetime, the Church me a lot. Grandma is a very kindly the elderly, care my life in every possible way. Theree, I have no parents in their care, childhood and growth were full of joy.I like this hotel management professional, because I like to live in a strict order of the management environment. I have my professional self-confidence and hope, as long as the efts will be fruitful, this is my motto. Since I chose this profession, I will follow this path, eft, perseverance path.Thank you teachers. I finished presentation.翻译: 各位老师,下午好请允许我简单介绍一下我自己我的名字叫——毕业于咸宁南门私立中学现就读于湖北省旅游学校学习饭店管理专业我是一个性格开朗的女孩子,所以我的兴趣爱好很广泛热爱运动在我闲暇的时候喜欢打篮球,乒乓球,排球,溜冰一个人在家的时候喜欢上网,或者听歌不太喜欢太长时间的沉浸在书的世界里,家人曾经告诉过我,劳逸结合是最好的说到我的家人,那我就要说说我的家庭了我家里只有三口人,我的奶奶,爷爷和我自己我爷爷是个工程师,他平时对我很严厉,教会我很多东西奶奶是个很慈祥的老人,对我的生活照顾得无微不至所以没有父母的我在他们的照顾下,童年和成长都充满了快乐我喜欢酒店管理这个专业,是因为我喜欢生活在一个有严格管理秩序的环境里我对我的专业充满自信和希望,只要努力,就会有收获,这是我的座右铭既然我选择了这个专业,就会沿着我这条路,努力的,坚持不懈的走下去 员工Lucky to Be AliveMaria,a gentle,soft-spoken woman o f seventy,had always managed to view the world with a child's sense of wonderment.She greeted the dawn of each new day with the brightness of the sun itself and found joy in the smallest of things:a dove perched on her birdfeeder,the fresh morning dew,the sweet scent of jasmine in her garden.A widow,Maria lived alone in a run-down neighborhood in Deerfield Beach,Florida.One day while out tending the small garden in front of her modest home,Maria had been injured in a drive-by shooting.The bullet had pierced through her skin with a ferocious bite and lodged itself in the old woman's right thigh.Crying out in agony,she had dropped to the sidewalk.When the mailman found her unconscious nearly an hour later,her injured leg had been bleeding profusely.She'd made it to the hospital just in time and later,the doctor had told Maria she was lucky to be alive.Returning home,Maria didn't feel so lucky.Bee the shooting,the elderly woman had always been grateful that she was healthy her age.Now just getting the daily mail required a Herculean eft.In addition,her medical bills were mounting alarmingly,straining her meager income.And although she had watched the neighborhood deteriorate,somehow things had seemed safe in the daylight--but not anymore. the first time in her life,Maria felt frightened,alone and vulnerable.“I feel defeated,”she had told her friend Vera.“I'm just an old woman with nothing to do and nowhere to go.”When Vera came to pick up Maria her checkup at the medical center,she hardly recognized her old friend.Maria' s soft brown eyes held a haunting sadness and her face was gaunt and haggard.All the curtains were drawn and her hands shook with fear as she hobbled out onto the front porch,a cane stabilizing her injured leg.They were a little early Maria's appointment,so to try to cheer up Maria,Vera took a longer,more scenic route.They were stopped at a red light when Maria suddenly shrieked.“Look at that cat.It's trying to run across the street”Vera looked up to see a small black-and-white cat bounding out in to the middle of traffic.Both women screamed as they saw one car,then another,and finally a third,hit the cat.The cat lay motionless,its small body flung onto the grass.Cars slowed,but no one stopped to help.“We must save that poor creature,”said Maria.Vera pulled over,got out of the car and went to the hurt animal.Miraculously,it was still alive,but badly injured.“Take my jacket and wrap the kitty in it,”said Maria.Vera carefully put the cat on the seat between them.It looked up at Maria and gave her a plaintive,barely audible meow.“Everything will be all right,my little friend,”Maria said tearfully.Finding an animal clinic,they went inside and told the receptionist what had happened.“I'm sorry,”she said,“but we cannot accept stray animals.”It was the same at the next clinic.Finally,at the third clinic,a kind veterinarian,Dr.Susan Shanahan,agreed to help and quickly started working on the cat.“This little guy is lucky to be alive,”she told Maria and Vera.“If you hadn't been there him,he never would have made it.”The vet took Maria aside.“The cat's injuries are very serious,”she said.“He has severe head trauma,crushed paws and a cracked collarbone.He'll need a lot of expensive medical attention.Today's bill alone will cost at least $00.”Maria gasped.But taking her worn cloth wallet out of her handbag,she gave the doctor all the money she had after paying her bills--$50.“It' s all I have right now,but I promise I will pay you the rest over time.Please don't put that kitty to sleep.” she pleaded.“I'll take him home.We need each other.”Sensing how important this was,Dr.Shanahan kneeled and took Maria's hands in hers.“I could get into trouble with my boss doing this,”she said gently.“You see,I really shouldn't have helped the cat in the first place,but,don't worry..I will personally pay this.”While the cat was at the clinic,Maria went to check on him every day.She spoke softly to him and gently stroked his chin with her little finger.As the days passed,the cat began to purr and the sparkle returned to Maria's eyes.The day arrived the cat to come home.As excited as a little girl on Christmas morning,Maria smiled brightly as she walked into the clinic to pick him up. “What have you decided to name the cat?” asked Dr.Shanahan.Cradling the cat in her arms,Maria answered happily,“I'm going to call him Lucky,because together we have found a new life.”by christine E. Belleris 1

Where the Declaration of Independence was signed?Teacher:“Who knows where the Declaration of In dependence was signed?”Student:“I know,I know.At the bottom of the page.” 9[]英语标语大全中英对照之“学习培训” -- :9: 来源: Training and LearningAccommodation provided by the institution 学校提供住宿All courses offered accredited by British Council 所有课程由英国文化委员会授权认可Expert English language training by qualified teachers 英语培训,经验丰富,师资雄厚Full-students 全日制学生One-to-one English language courses with full board accommodation 一对一的英语学习课程,提供住宿We have over ten years of experience in teaching quality English and have successfully managed schools in different parts of the world.我们从事了年多的英语教学,教学质量高,教学经验丰富,在世界各地有成功地办学的范例 学习 培训 对照 中英

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