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丰都县脸部去痣价格重庆市星宸美容地址内蒙大青山景点英文介绍 大青山一日游 -- ::7 来源: 内蒙大青山景点英文介绍 大庆山一日游秋日沿着绕城的大山远足,你可能会获得意想不到的惊喜内蒙呼和浩特的大青山便是这样一个地方An autumn excursion into the foothills surrounding a city can yield quite a few surprises. Wang Kaihao ventured out of Hohhot, capital of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, and got up close and personal with nature.People living in cities so easily miss the natural possibilities on their doorstep. I have lived in Hohhot more than six months now, and whenever I got stuck in traffic jams, I would stare northward at the Daqing Mountain range beyond the city limits. Daqingshan means "the great green mountain" and it has supplied Hohhot with numerous legends since time immemorial, as well as giving the city its name, which means "the green city" in Mongolian. It was only recently that I actually visited the area, joining some colleagues from Beijing on a journey into the foothills in search of an organic lamb farm.As we labored up the winding roads into the hills, I was struck by the beauty of the area, which had previously been no more to me than a backdrop to the city skyline.The verdant hills were nothing like the slightly dusty facades one sees from the city. The air was fresh, carrying the scent of pine trees and wildflowers growing on the slopes. We were tunate to have a bright, sunny day, with shifting powder-puff clouds casting shadows on the rolling hills."I would have called it the 'great gray mountain' years ago," notes our driver, a native of Hohhot. "There were just rocks everywhere."It says a lot the municipal government that its large-scale estry projects over the past few years have turned things around. Today, the Daqing Mountain range lives up to its ancient name once more. 大青山景点英文介绍重庆和平医院看效果怎么样 小学生英语话剧:龟兔赛跑 -- :5:3 来源: 小学生英语话剧:龟兔赛跑Characters: storyteller, Hare, Tortoise, Monkey, Bird, Mouse剧中人: 讲述人,野兔,乌龟,猴子,小鸟,老鼠Storyteller: All the animals are playing under a big tree. They are singing and dancing together.(所有的动物都在一棵大树下玩耍,它们在一起唱歌,跳舞)Hare: Good morning, everyone.大家早上好Tortoise, Monkey, Mouse: Good morning, Mr. Hare.兔子先生,早上好Hare: What are you doing?你们在干什么?Tortoise, Monkey, Mouse: We are singing, dancing and playing.我们在唱歌,跳舞, 做游戏Hare: Who wants to race with me? I’m fast! How about you, Mr. Tortoise?谁向跟我赛跑?我跑的可快了!你怎么样,乌龟先生?Tortoise: I’m slow but I can run.我跑的慢但我能跑Hare: Then let’s race.那么让我们来赛一赛吧Tortoise: Ok, let’s race. I’ll try my best to win.好吧,让我们来比赛吧,我要尽全力来赢Hare: let’s run to the big tree over there. See who gets there first.让我们跑到那边那棵大树,看看谁先到那里Monkey: On your marks. Ready ----go!各就各位,预备----- 跑!Storyteller: The hare is fast. The tortoise tries to run fast, too.小兔跑的很快,乌龟也尽力在快跑Bird: Oh, Mr. Tortoise, what are you doing here?哎,乌龟先生,你在这干嘛呢Tortoise: I’m racing with Mr. Hare.我在和兔先生赛跑Bird: Good luck, Mr. Tortoise.祝你好运,乌龟先生Tortoise : Thank you very much.非常感谢Storyteller: The hare runs fast.兔子跑的很快Hare: How fast I run. Look! Here are some carrots. They look nice.I like them very much.. I’m going to eat some carrots…….I’m full. It’s so hot and I’m so sleepy. I’ll have a short rest. The tortoise won’t catch up with me.我跑的多快呀瞧,这里有些胡萝卜,它们看上去真诱人我很喜欢它们,我要吃点我饱了天太热了,我有点困了我要歇会儿,乌龟追不上的Storyteller: Here comes the tortoise. He sees the hare sleeping under a tree.乌龟跑来了,它看见兔子在树下睡觉Tortoise: Oh, there’s Mr. Hare. He is sleeping. I’ll keep running.哦,兔子在那里,它正在睡觉,我要继续往前跑Hare: What a nice sleep! Oh, where’s Mr. Tortoise? I must run quickly.睡的真香呀!哎呀,乌龟先生在哪儿?我必须快跑Storyteller: The hare is too full. He can’t run so quickly.小兔吃的太饱了,它跑不动了Hare: I’m so full. I’m going to lose.我吃的太饱了,我要输了Animals: Come on, tortoise! Come on, hare!Go, hare! Go, Tortoise!The tortoise is first! The tortoise won!乌龟加油!小兔加油!小兔快跑!乌龟快跑!乌龟第一啦!乌龟赢啦!Tortoise: Mr. Hare. You can run very fast, but I got here first.兔先生,你能跑的很快,可我是第一个到达的Hare: Oh, no! I lost. I lost.噢,不!我输了我输了!Mouse: Oh, Mr. Hare, don't lose heart. Try again!兔先生,别灰心,再来试一试!咱们来赛一赛!Hare: Good idea!好主意!Monkey: On your marks, y ---- go!各就各位,预备----- 跑 小学生英语话剧:龟兔赛跑小学生话剧剧本:蚂蚁和蟋蟀Ant and Cricket --7 3::56 来源: 小学生话剧剧本:蚂蚁和蟋蟀Ant and Cricket (横栏镇小学生课本剧,并获镇二等奖、市三等奖)Scene1:春去夏来,Ants 慢慢挪动身子.Line: The ants are in their hibernation till spring. They eat and rest a lot, but work little. How easeful they are! Now, summer is coming,(场景变化)what will they do? Let’s see!(蚂蚁爸爸在队伍前面呼喊蚂蚁们,蚂蚁妈妈观看周围的景色)Ant Father: Baby ants, baby ants, get up! It’s summer now! (叫醒ants)(ants起来排成一行队伍背箩筐准备开始工作)Ant Mother: How beautiful it is! (欣赏夏天的美丽)Hurry up! (转向ants,催)Ants(点头示意):En!Little ant: Oh, no! I want to rest more! (撒娇状)Ants(惊讶): Ai?Ant Mother: Hurry up, baby! Don’t be lazy!Ant Father: Look! There are many food here and there, let’s carry it!(指着周围遍地的食物说,ants眼神跟随)Ants: Come on! (鼓励Little Ant)Little Ant(作不情愿状):I……,I’ m sleepy! (找借口,于是又躺下)Ants: Oh? (奇怪)Ant Sister(捡起脚边的nut): Look, sister! There is a nut. (品尝) Mm, it’s sweet! (拿给Little Ant) Taste it!Little Ant: Oh! (意外喜悦) Very delicious, I like it!Ant Mother: Baby, there are many food all over the place, we need to carry and stock it winter sleep, you know? (搭着Little Ant肩膀, 语重心长地说)Little Ant: Yes, Mom. (认识到自己的错误,难为情的低下头)Ants(欢呼):Yep!Ant Father: Ready-----go! (带领集体开始干活)Scene: Ants忙碌着搬运和储藏的工作.Line: Now, there is a cricket, he plays a lot but work little. Look, he’s playing with a butterfly!(cricket追赶butterfly)Cricket: Woo, woo----! I can get you, get you! (cricket要捕捉butterfly)Butterfly: Speed up! (加速飞离)Cricket: Oh, wait、wait!Cricket: Ah! (无奈)Cricket(面对观众自我介绍) Hello, I’ m cricket! I like golden summer(指向身后的景色). I have enough food around(指着周围的食物),rice 、nut、candy、orange……(话语转换) Also, I like playing with my friends! (开心自豪)Dragonflies(跳舞出场):Hi, cricket! Let’s dance together!Cricket(马上迎上):Ok! (排好队伍跳舞,方向移动中看到正在忙碌工作的Ants)Cricket: Who are they? (怀疑地问Dragonfly) Little Ants?Dragonfly: Yes! (点头)Cricket: Hey, Little Ants! Have a break! Cricket Dragonfly: Let’s dance!Little Ant: Sorry! We are working! (很懂事地回答,又继续工作)Cricket(走近Ants): (观看一会Ants的工作) Stop! Stop! There are enough food you,(指着周围食物)It’s unnecessary to stock food .Ant Sister: Cricket, we are getting y our winter sleep, as it is too cold to get food in winter.Ants: En! (点头表示同意)Cricket: (不屑) How silly you are ! Dragonfly: Silly , silly! (附和着)Cricket Dragonfly: Play is the first! (坚持着)(Ants伤心)Ant Mother:(安慰) Baby! get it! Let’s go on!Cricket Dragonfly(朝ants): Bye!Cricket : Let’s go on !(各自忙自己的活) Scene3:夏去秋来,秋去冬来!各自重复着自己的生活.Line: The cricket repeat his leisured life in the cool autumn. Now, winter is coming, it blows hard and snows heavily.Cricket: What a white world! (面对白茫茫一片发感慨) I’m cold!(哈欠)(肚子响) Oh! I’m hungry! (漫步在雪地找食物,找不到食物有些着急)Ants: Cheer! (举杯干杯)Ant Sister: Dad, it is you! (饭桌上夹菜)Little Ant: It’s you, Mom! (学着Sister做)Ants: you, you! (争先恐后夹给父母)(Cricket在漫步中听到吵闹声,在蚂蚁家的窗外看到Ants一家分享丰盛的晚餐,心里很不是滋味,徘徊着)Cricket: Should I come in? ---Oh, no, I’m ashamed! ---But, I’m hungry! (捂着肚子作思想斗争矛盾着)(Cricket最后还是决定敲门)Ant Father(开门)Cricket: (轻声地) Mr. Ant, I’m sorry, I …Ant Father(有点惊讶,马上反应过来):Come in , please!Ants(拍手):Welcome! (Ant Mother拿另一副碗筷)Little Ant: Have a seat!Cricket(惭愧): If I were working hard in summer, I should have food now. I’m sorry!(朝ants道歉)Little Ant: get it !Ant Sister: Don’t be sad!Ant Father: Just know you mistake…Ant Mother(紧跟其后): And correct it!Cricket :(重叹口气)I will. I promise! (发誓)Ant Sister: Let’s have dinner!All: Cheer! 小学生 话剧 剧本重庆祛除眼角口周纹

重庆祛晒斑怎么去掉我最喜爱的花(My Favourite Flower ) -- :: 来源: 我最喜爱的花(My Favourite Flower )   my favourite flower is lily. lily is the national flower of france. i like white lily best. because it’s very beautiful and pure. i planted a white lily in my garden in spring.  i watered it every day. it grew very fast. it was taller and taller. one day, i got home after school. the lily blossomed. it looked like an elegant fairy. i was too excited to cry, “oh, white fairy, white fairy!” i couldn’t help dancing. at that night, i dreamt that i was a beautiful fairy.潼南区美白针多少钱 这菜是怎么做的?-- :5:   How is this meat dish prepared?   这道肉菜是怎么做的?   品尝过一道菜,觉得很对口味,你就可以饶有兴趣地问,   How is the dish prepared?   回答可以是具体的制作过程或者具体的配方,比如,你可以回答,   I fried it first and then boiled it so that it is crisp outside and soft inside.   我先把它炸了,然后又煮,这样整道菜外脆内嫩大足区妇女儿童医院专家挂号多少钱

重庆光子脱毛我的身体很差-- :5:   My health sucks.   我的身体很差   sucks这个词在英语中被用得非常频繁一般来说,它可以用在任何的主语后边来表示一件东西非常差 Spring(3) -- :5:1 来源: Spring(3)Oh! Spring in coming. Look! All the things are reviving. the world is colorful. the trees and grass are GREen. Flowers are beautiful. Some are red. Some are yellow. Some are purple. the birds are flying in the blue sky. the bees are singing. they are very busy. they are making honey. the butterflies are dancing in the garden. the children are playing games.I like spring.重庆星辰医院网站重庆市星宸评价



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