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The average wage slave in Shanghai may find it harder than ever to get a job or pay the rent, but when it comes to cheap grub, the Communist party is there for them.上海普通工薪族可能发现,找工作或缴房租比以往任何时候都更难了,但在廉价食物方面,党在为他们解决后顾之忧。Almost 200 eateries in the posh Jing’an district of Shanghai – ranging from upmarket restaurants and five-star hotels to even convenience stores – have begun offering discounted lunches for office workers. Another Shanghai district is even treating stressed-out salarymen to free afternoon teas. It seems Mao Zedong’s “iron rice bowl” (guaranteed lifetime employment) has morphed into more of an iron tea cup.在优雅繁华的上海静安区,从高档餐厅、五星级酒店到便利店,近200家餐馆开始为办公室一族提供打折午餐。另一个区甚至用免费下午茶来招待这些疲惫的工薪阶层。毛泽东时代的“铁饭碗”(有保障的终生就业)似乎已变身为“铁茶杯”。The Jing’an government gives the impression that high-end eateries are clamouring to be included in the lunch programme. Maybe they are: these are hard times for top-end dining spots, since Beijing decreed a new era of abstemiousness.静安区政府给人们营造的印象是,高档餐饮场所积极要求加入该午餐工程。实情或许是:自中国政府下令进入厉行节约的新时代以来,高档餐厅的日子就不再好过。But they are hardly going to be able to use income from the lunches, which are mostly sold at or below cost, to make up for the money they have lost on government galas; 200 wage slaves might generate only as much lunch revenue as a single table of government revellers of yore. It is doubtless smart politics to give the government what it wants in the matter of white-collar nutrition. But it can only be smart economics if the typist who spends Rmb15 (.45) for a mostly mediocre lunch is willing to come back and spend Rmb150 at the same restaurant for dinner.但打折午餐的售价大多等同或低于成本,因此这些餐厅很难用打折午餐的收入弥补自己在政府宴席上的损失。200名工薪族带来的午餐收入可能仅相当于之前一桌慷慨饮宴的公费酒席。毫无疑问,在保白领营养方面让政府如愿以偿在政治上是精明之举。但只有让花15元人民币(合2.45美元)吃一顿普通午餐的打字员愿意花150元人民币到同一家饭店享用晚餐,才是经济上的精明之举。The five-star JC Mandarin Hotel, on Nanjing West Road, Shanghai’s ritziest street, says the government asked it to become involved, and it was happy to do so – in the spirit of community service. So last month a corner of the luxury hotel’s lobby was turned into a worker canteen, serving daily (at cost) a salaryman set lunch for Rmb38, discounted from the regular Rmb88, to 70 to 100 staff from nearby office buildings. (Most “white-collar lunches” cost between Rmb10 and Rmb30, but luxury hotels get to charge up to Rmb100.)位于上海最繁华街道南京西路上的五星级酒店——锦沧文华大酒店(JC Mandarin Hotel)表示,区政府要求其加入午餐工程,酒店方面本着务社区的精神也愿意这么做。因此从上月开始,这家豪华酒店大堂的一角变成了一个职工食堂,(以成本价)向附近写字楼的70名到100名职员提供每份38元人民币的午间套餐,而这些套餐平日售价88元。(大多数的“白领午餐”成本在10元到30元之间,但豪华酒店要价高达100元。)Further down Nanjing Road, a queue forms by 11.30am every day for the Rmb15 worker set lunch at Shanghai Min, one of the city’s oldest dining chains. “It’s economical, clean, the service is good, and there is some fruit with each meal,” says Feng Yuhao, a film-maker who works locally. “The only disadvantage is it’s too crowded, the queue takes 10 to 15 minutes.” The could have come straight from Xi Jinping: “four dishes and a soup”, the new standard for government dining.在南京路,每天上午11点半,都会有人排队购买上海小南国(Shanghai Min)售价15元的白领套餐。小南国是该市历史最为悠久的一家连锁餐饮店。在附近工作的电影制作人冯宇豪(音译)说:“这家餐馆经济、干净,务也好,每餐还有水果。唯一的缺点是人太多了,要排10到15分钟的队。”菜单的灵感也许直接来自于习近平提出的“四菜一汤”的政府用餐新标准。At the opposite end of the road is the even more modest “community canteen” where I often get my own four dishes and a soup at lunchtime. Like the rest of the motley crew of office workers and pensioners who patronise that refectory, I show up with my own saucepan or Tupperware container, which gets loaded to the brim with meat, fish, rice and stinky tofu for as little as Rmb5-8 a meal. Conversation at the cramped tables often revolves around how happy we all are that the Nanny provides such cheap fare, so close to our homes or offices. (I tend to be more grateful on days when stinky tofu is left off the .)在南京路的另一头,是更为简朴的“社区食堂”。我常常在这里吃午饭,享用自己的四菜一汤。与光顾这家食堂的其他形形色色的办公室职员和退休老人一样,我也拿着自己的饭盆或特百惠(Tupperware)饭盒,仅仅花上5到8元人民币,就能装上满满一饭盒肉、鱼、米饭和臭豆腐。在拥挤的餐桌边,人们谈论的话题往往是,“姆妈”政府提供了这么便宜的伙食,而且就餐地点离家或办公室这么近,大家是多么高兴(在菜单上没有臭豆腐的日子里,我往往会更加感激。)But it’s not quite the iron rice bowl that it sounds: Jing’an government officials say that of the district’s 250,000 white-collar workers – up from 100,000 when the project started in 2007 – 70 per cent eat a meal from the scheme regularly. But the goal is not just to fill their hard-working bellies: it helps Jing’an compete with second- and third-tier cities trying to lure investment away from Shanghai. (Lunch is cheap in those places, even without the party’s help.) And Nanny is happy when people spend money: since boosting consumption is her plan for saving the Chinese economy.然而,这也并非完全像听起来那样是铁饭碗:静安区的政府官员说,在该区25万白领(2007年午餐工程刚启动时是10万人)中,有70%定期在参加午餐工程的餐馆就餐。但该工程的目标不仅仅是填饱辛劳的工薪族的肚子:它还帮助静安区与试图将投资从上海吸引走的二、三线城市竞争(即使没有党的帮助,后者的午餐也很便宜)。而且政府乐见民众花钱:因为促进消费是其拯救中国经济的计划。Given the popularity of the lunch scheme, Jing’an has now started including afternoon tea in some venues. And another Shanghai district, Hongkou, last month started offering free afternoon tea as a lure to get office workers to talk to one another, and break down that salaryman isolation. The organisers say they may add lectures on health, nutrition, love and marriage too.鉴于午餐工程极受欢迎,静安区目前已开始在某些地方增加下午茶。而另一个区虹口区,从上月开始提供免费下午茶,以此促进办公室职员间的交流、打破职场隔阂。组织者说,他们可能还会主办关于健康、营养、爱情和婚姻的讲座。Where will it end? Last week President Xi followed up his call for government food-and-drink frugality with a recommendation that cadres “look in the mirror, tidy your attire and take a bath” (among other things). Will five-star hotels start offering rooms by the hour to anyone with a party membership card who wants to ablute during working hours?最终走向会如何?上周,中国国家主席习近平继呼吁政府厉行勤俭节约之后,又建议干部们“照镜子、正衣冠、洗洗澡”(还有些别的)。五星级酒店会开始向任何持有党员、希望在工作时间内洗澡的人提供钟点房吗?Maybe that explains the results from a Pew Research Center survey that found 88 per cent of Chinese feel good about their economy.这或许可以解释,为何皮尤研究中心(Pew Research Center)的调查会显示88%的中国人对经济感觉良好。 /201307/246080

For years, America#39;s childhood obesity crisis was viewed as an insurmountable problem, one that was too complicated and too entrenched to ever really solve. According to the conventional wisdom, healthy food simply didn#39;t sell─the demand wasn#39;t there and higher profits were found elsewhere─so it just wasn#39;t worth the investment.多年来,美国的儿童肥胖危机一直被人们视作一个不可逾越的难题,一个过于复杂、过于根深蒂固因而永远不可能真正解决的问题。传统看法认为,健康食品就是无法成为受欢迎的畅销商品──市场没有需求,利润空间不及其他的商品──因此,就是不值得投资。But thanks to businesses across the country, today we are proving the conventional wisdom wrong. Every day, great American companies are achieving greater and greater success by creating and selling healthy products. In doing so, they are showing that what#39;s good for kids and good for family budgets can also be good for business.然而,在全美众多企业的努力下,如今我们实了,这个传统观点是错的。日复一日,那些了不起的美国公司通过生产并销售健康产品,获取了越来越大的成功。这些企业用他们的实际行动明,那些让孩子受益、对家庭出有利的事,也可以给企业带来好处。Take the example of Wal-Mart WMT +2.12% . In just the past two years, the company reports that it has cut the costs to its consumers of fruits and vegetables by .3 billion and reduced the amount of sugar in its products by 10%. Wal-Mart has also opened 86 new stores in underserved communities and launched a labeling program that helps customers spot healthy items on the shelf. And today, the company is not only seeing increased sales of fresh produce, but also building better relationships with its customers and stronger connections to the communities it serves.以沃尔玛(Wal-Mart)为例。就在过去两年里,这家公司表示,他们帮助消费者将用于购买水果和蔬菜的花费减少了23亿美元,并将其所售产品中糖的含量降低了10%。沃尔玛还在那些购物不方便的社区开设了86家新店,并通过一项贴标签的措施,帮助消费者辨认货架上的健康食品。而今,这家公司不仅新鲜农产品的销量大增,而且还与消费者建立了良好的关系,与他们所务的社区建立起更紧密的联系。Wal-Mart isn#39;t alone in discovering that healthier products sell. DisneyDIS +0.85% is eliminating ads for junk foods from its children#39;s programming and improving the food served in Disney theme parks. Walgreens is adding fresh fruits and vegetables to its stores in underserved communities. And restaurants around the country are cutting calories, fat and sodium from s and offering healthier kids#39; meals.发现健康产品也能销路很好的企业,不只是沃尔玛一家。迪尼斯公司(Disney)如今正在将该公司所制作出品的儿童电视节目中的垃圾食品广告清理出去,还改善了迪斯尼主题乐园内所出售食品的质量。沃格林斯(Walgreens)则在那些所处社区购物不是很方便的连锁店内,开始出售新鲜水果和蔬菜。全美各地的餐馆都在降低所提供菜品中的卡路里、脂肪和钠的含量,并出售更为健康的儿童餐。These companies and so many others are responding to clear trends in consumer demand. Today, 82% of consumers feel that it#39;s important for companies to offer healthy products that fit family budgets, according to the Edelman public relations firm. Meanwhile, a study conducted by Nielsen revealed that even when many families are operating on tight budgets, sales of fresh produce actually increased by 6% in 2012. And in 2011, the Hudson Institute reported that in recent years, healthier foods have generated more than 70% of the growth in sales for consumer packaged-goods companies─and when these companies sell a high percentage of healthier foods, they deliver significantly higher returns to their shareholders.上述企业、以及其他很多公司都是在迎合消费需求中所出现的明显变化趋势。根据爱德曼国际公关公司(Edelman)的数据,如今,82%的消费者认为企业提供符合家庭出水平的健康商品很重要。与此同时,尼尔森公司(Nielsen)所进行的一项调查显示,尽管目前许多家庭的日常开吃紧,但新鲜农产品的销售却在2012年增加了6%。哈德逊研究所(Hudson Institute)在2011年发布报告称,近年来,在快速消费品的销售额增长中,更健康的食品所实现的销售增长占到70%以上──而且,当这些企业所出售的更健康食品在全部商品中占到较高的百分比时,他们能够为股东所带来的回报也显著增加。These trends don#39;t just matter for businesses that produce and sell food. They matter for every business in America. We spend 0 billion a year treating obesity-related health conditions like diabetes and heart disease, and a significant portion of those costs are borne by America#39;s businesses. That#39;s on top of other health-related costs like higher absenteeism and lower worker productivity, costs that will continue to rise and threaten the vitality of American businesses until this problem is solved once and for all.这些趋势不只是与那些生产和销售食品的企业有关,而是关乎美国的每一家企业。每年为了治疗糖尿病和心脏病等等各种肥胖相关疾病,我们的医疗出高达1,900亿美元,而这其中很大一部分开是由美国的企业来承担的。除此之外,还有各种与健康有关的开,比如病假增加、员工生产效率降低等所带来的成本,除非这一问题被一次性地彻底解决,否则这类成本还会继续增加,并威胁到美国企业的生存。That#39;s why American businesses are stepping up to invest in building a healthier future for our kids. In doing so, they are joining leaders from every sector across the country. Over the past few years, through Let#39;s Move!─our nationwide campaign to help kids grow up healthy─we#39;ve seen teachers bringing physical education back into schools. We#39;ve seen mayors building safe spaces where children can play, faith leaders educating their congregations about healthy eating, and parents preparing healthier meals and snacks for their kids. And we#39;ve seen Republicans and Democrats working together in Congress to pass groundbreaking legislation to improve school lunches.这就是为何美国的企业界开始在为我们的孩子构建一个更健康未来的方面增加了越来越多的投入。企业的这一做法与美国各行业各部门领袖的努力方向不谋而合。在过去几年里,通过“舞动起来”(Let#39;s Move!)这个覆盖范围遍及全美的儿童健康成长计划,我们已经看到,学校的老师们开始将体育教育带回校园。我们看到,市长们在为孩子修建可以让他们放心安全玩耍的地方,宗教领袖们在教导他们的教众学会健康饮食,父母们则为孩子准备更健康的三餐与零食。而且,我们看到,国会的共和党和民主党人齐心协力,共同通过了一项开创性的立法,帮助学校改善午餐质量。And we#39;re starting to see real results. In Mississippi, obesity rates have dropped by 13% for elementary school-aged kids. States like California, and cities like New York and Philadelphia, have also seen measurable declines in childhood obesity.而且我们开始见到切实的成效。在密西西比州,小学学龄儿童的肥胖人口比率下降了13%。在加利福尼亚州等州以及纽约、费城等城市,儿童的肥胖人口比率也明显下降。So it#39;s clear that we are moving in the right direction. But we also know that the problem is nowhere near being solved. We need more leaders from all across the country to step up, and I stand y to work with business leaders who are serious about taking meaningful steps to forge a healthier future. We need every business in America to dig deeper, get more creative, and find new ways to generate revenue by giving American families better information and healthier choices. We know this can be done in a way that#39;s good for our kids and good for businesses.因此,很显然我们正在朝着正确的方向前进。不过我们也很清楚,要彻底解决问题,还有一段漫漫征途要走。我们需要全国上下有更多的领袖人物走出来采取行动,而我本人随时准备与那些真正有诚意采取切实措施来推进一个更健康未来的商界领袖们共同努力。我们需要美国的每一家企业都深入挖掘,发挥创造性,找到更多途径来为美国家庭提供更好的信息和更健康的选择。我们知道,这一切可以以一种让我们的孩子和企业实现双赢的方式来实现。That#39;s why, even though we still have a long way to go, I have never been more optimistic about our prospects for solving this problem. And I am confident that, with leadership from America#39;s business community, we can give all our children the bright, healthy futures they so richly deserve.这就是为何尽管我们还有很长的路要走,但我依然比以往任何时候都要乐观,相信我们未来必将能够彻底解决这一问题。而且我相信,在美国企业界的带动下,我们可以给我们的孩子一个他们理所应得的光明、健康的未来。 /201303/231246

Retirees Bob and Alex Linn of Vail, Colo., exercise year-round outdoors. In the winter, they ski. In the summer, they cycle through the mountains.科罗拉多州威尔市(Vail, Colo.)退休人员鲍勃?林恩(Bob Linn)与亚历克斯?林恩(Alex Linn)一年到头都在进行户外运动。隆冬时节,他们会去滑雪。盛夏之际,他们会骑车越过山川。It hasn#39;t always been that way.但他们的生活并非一直如此。Bob Linn, 81, who ran a company that managed hospital computer systems, and his wife Alex, 75, an artist, didn#39;t exercise much until their mid-40s. It just wasn#39;t a priority beyond maintaining their weight. #39;When you#39;re young, you don#39;t think about it and you#39;re busy raising a family,#39; says Mr. Linn. The couple has seven children total from their prior marriages.现年81岁的鲍勃?林恩曾经营着一家管理医用电脑系统的公司,他和妻子――现年75岁的艺术家亚历克斯――两人在四十五岁之前都没怎么运动过。除了要保持自己的体重,他们从未优先考虑过锻炼这回事儿。鲍勃说:“当你年轻的时候,健身的事儿,你连想都没想过,你整天忙于养家糊口。”加上之前婚姻所生的孩子,林恩夫妇现在共有七个儿女。Mrs. Linn started exercising in part to avoid surgery for chronic neck pain. The Linns now do Pilates classes, weight training, cardio and modified plyometrics exercises.在某种程度上,亚历克斯开始进行锻炼是为了避免进行治疗慢性颈部疼痛的手术。如今,夫妻俩在上普拉提课,进行负重训练、有氧运动和增强式锻炼。Mr. Linn admits his own stamina and energy aren#39;t what they were in his youth, but that can be a motivating factor -- as can working out together. #39;It#39;s always good to have a partner,#39; he says. #39;When you falter and you#39;re not feeling up to it, the other one can say, #39;Aw come on, let#39;s do an easy cross-country today.#39;#39;鲍勃承认自己的体力和精力都不如年轻时充沛,但这也能成为一个激励因素――就像夫妻二人能够在一起运动也能激励锻炼者一样。他说:“有个伴儿总是好的。当你动摇退缩、觉得自己状态不佳无法进行锻炼时,另一半可以说,‘别这样嘛,我们今天就做个简单点儿的越野训练。’”Since she turned 60, Mrs. Linn has celebrated her birthday each year by riding her bicycle up a steep 8-mile, 2,000-foot climb on Vail Pass to an elevation of 10,662 feet. Mr. Linn makes the Vail Pass climb on his road bike two to three times in the summer with friends.自从过了60岁以后,亚历克斯每年都会以这样的方式庆祝自己的生日:在威尔帕斯(Vail Pass)山脉一段长达8英里(约合13公里)、海拔为2000英尺(约合610米)的陡坡上骑行至海拔为10,662英尺(约合3.2千米)的高地。鲍勃则会登上自己的山地车和朋友们一起完成在威尔帕斯山的骑行路线,这样的骑行他每年夏季会进行两到三次。On Sundays, the two cycle or ski to church. In the winter, Mr. Linn hits the slopes of Vail or Beaver Creek ski area twice a week with friends. Mrs. Linn usually takes solo treks on cross-country skis near their home.周日的时候,夫妻二人会骑车或滑着雪橇去教堂。到了冬天,鲍勃会和朋友一起去征威尔的陡坡或到比弗克里克(Beaver Creek)滑雪场锻炼,这样的活动每周会进行两次。亚历克斯则会在离家不远的地方套上越野滑雪板独自跋涉。In January, the Linns took a vacation to Rwanda, where they hiked for several hours in the high-altitude jungle to watch wild gorilla families. #39;We wouldn#39;t be able to do half the things we do if not for exercise,#39; says Mr. Linn.今年1月份,夫妻二人去了卢旺达度假,他们在那里的高海拔丛林徒步远行了好几个小时就是为了一睹野生大猩猩家庭的风采。鲍勃说:“如果不是为了锻炼身体,我们不可能完成我们现在做到的这些,连一半都做不到。”The Workout锻炼On Mondays and Fridays, Mr. and Mrs. Linn attend a Pilates class. The hourlong class incorporates low-impact core exercises that strengthen the deep abdominal muscles. Mrs. Linn says it is helped her balance and makes her joints feel better.周一和周五,林恩夫妇会参加普拉提课程。长达一小时的课程包含了能够增强深层腹部肌肉的低强度核心训练。亚历克斯称,这些课程有助于提高自己身体的平衡性,而且能使身体关节的感觉更佳。On Tuesdays and Thursdays, a personal trainer, Jennifer Sage, comes to their home for a mix of flexibility, strength training and balance exercises. #39;By doing this, Bob and Alex have a much lower chance of falls, as well as strains from not being strong enough to lift things,#39; says Ms. Sage, who has been training the couple together for seven years.周二和周四,私人教练詹妮弗?塞奇(Jennifer Sage)会到林恩夫妇家进行融合了灵活度、力量训练和平衡性锻炼的混合课程。赛奇说:“通过进行这些活动,鲍勃和亚历克斯跌倒的几率更低了,他们因为力气不够举不动东西而感到劳累的可能性也更小了。”In the summer, Ms. Sage cheers the two as they skip, lunge, march and jog up the hill to their home. Sometimes, she will accompany Mrs. Linn on bike rides and has her do interval training on the bike on hills.夏天,当林恩夫妻二人跳跃着、做着弓步、快步行进和慢跑着上山回家时,赛奇会给他们加油鼓劲,为他们欢呼。有时候,她会陪着亚历克斯一起骑车,并让她在山路间的自行车上做间歇训练。In early winter, the couple prepare for ski season by doing modified plyometric routines that help them respond to changes in terrain on the mountain. The exercises include hopping sideways, fast-paced squats, lunges and squat jumps.初冬时节,夫妻俩通过进行改良版的增强式日常活动来为滑雪季做准备,这有助于他们适应山间路面的变化。这些运动项目包括横向跳跃、快速蹲起、弓步和蹲跳。In midwinter, Ms. Sage has one of the couple spend 30 minutes on a spin bike, while the other does weight and core exercises with her. They do a lot of work with exercise bands to strengthen arms and upper body as well as help with posture and coordination. #39;Bob has shoulder issues and Alex has neck issues, so we have to be very careful,#39; she says. #39;Anytime they have any kind of pain, we find another exercise.#39;隆冬之际,赛奇会让夫妻中的一人在一辆动感单车上锻炼30分钟,而另一个人则同她一起进行重量与核心训练。他们在很多活动中都使用了拉力带以锻炼强健臂膀和上半身,同时也有助于改善体态和协调性。她说:“鲍勃的肩膀有点儿毛病,亚历克斯的脖颈也有问题,所以我们不得不异常小心。每次他们觉得有任何的不适和疼痛,我们都会找到另一种锻炼方式。”A session with Ms. Sage finishes with a stretch or a modified yoga routine.赛奇的课总会以拉伸运动或平缓的瑜伽活动作为结束。The Diet饮食Breakfast is usually oatmeal with fruit and Greek yogurt. Lunch is typically light, maybe a smoothie or a piece of fruit and yogurt.早餐通常是拌了水果的燕麦粥和希腊酸奶。午饭一般来说量少清淡,可能只是一杯奶昔或一片水果以及酸奶。Dinners usually include fish and vegetables, salads or grains. A snack might be a handful of almonds or a piece of fruit. They sometimes indulge in a piece of dark chocolate and always sip hot cocoa with skim milk after skiing.晚餐通常有鱼和蔬菜,沙拉或谷物。小食可能会有一把杏仁或一片水果。他们有时会纵容下自己吃一片黑巧克力,并总在滑雪后啜饮兑了脱脂牛奶的热可可。The Gear健身设备与花销The couple pays 0 per hourlong session with their trainer. Their Pilates class runs about a week together. They pay about ,300 for two downhill-ski passes and 0 for a pass to skate-ski and cross-country ski around the local golf course. Their home gym is equipped with weights, an elliptical machine, a tmill and a spin bike.林恩夫妻为每次时长60分钟、带教练的课程付100美元(约合人民币600元),他们的普拉提课程一周总共需要花费约77美元(约合人民币462元)。他们为两张高山滑雪通行花了约1,300美元(约合人民币7,800元),还为一张场地滑雪与围绕当地高尔夫球场进行的越野滑雪通行付了300美元(约合人民币1,800元)。他们的家庭健身房配有负重训练所需的器械,一台椭圆健身机,一台跑步机和一辆动感自行车。 /201311/266648

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