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We take a breath every few seconds.我们每几秒钟就要呼吸一次Our life depends upon inhaling oxygen, but we never think about how we breathe.我们依赖吸入氧气以维持生命,但我们从未想过我们是如何呼吸的It just seems to happen automatically.呼吸的进行表面上是一种自然而然的过程How can something that seems so simple be the key to keeping us alive?怎么会有如此简单的东西,成为我们维持生存和关键因素Breathing starts with the environment around us.呼吸开始于我们所存在的环境The air we breathe in, or inspire,我们吸入或产生的空气has a mixture of gases including nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen, which is the most important for our survival.是一种包含氮气,二氧化碳和氧气的气体混合物,它对我们的生存具有最为重要的作用It enters our body through the nose and mouth, moves down into the pharynx, trachea and bronchial tubes,空气通过鼻子和嘴巴进去我们的身体,然后向下移动,经过咽喉,气管,气管and ultimately reaches the alveoli air sacs in the lungs.最终抵达肺中的肺泡气腔The alveoli use pressure to move oxygen and nutrients into the blood.肺泡通过气压将氧气和养分压入血液The diaphragm and intercostal muscles are a pumping system that facilitates this air exchange.隔膜和肋间肌肉组成一个泵压系统促进空气交换How you breathe affects your energy level, especially when you are under physical or emotional stress.你的呼吸,尤其是在当你受到来自身体或者情绪的压力时又是怎样影响你的能量等级的Think back to the last difficult test you had to take.回想一下你上次进行的高难度测验Its likely that as you became more nervous, the tension in your body increased, and your breathing quickly sped up.似乎你开始变得紧张,身体开始变得紧绷,呼吸也快速的急促起来。The shallower our breath, the less oxygen that reaches our brain, and the harder it is to focus.我们的呼吸越浅,就会有越少的氧气能抵达我们的大脑,注意力也越难集中Whats our response to physical stress, like a fast-paced game of field hockey after school?我们对身体压力的回应就像一场放学后的高节奏的曲棍球赛事As we exert pressure on our bodies, the muscles require a great deal of energy and demand additional oxygen.当我们对身体施加压力时,我们的肌肉需要更多能量和氧气Our panting breath starts to kick in, which creates pressure to draw in more air and oxygen to the body,我们急喘的气息会反冲,它们增加压力从而引诱更多空气及氧气进入身体and regulates body temperature by allowing it to cool down naturally.控制体温让身体自然地冷静下来These arent the only times our breathing is affected or altered.这些不是仅有的我们的呼吸被影响或取代的时刻Think about the last time you got angry or emotional.回想上一次你感到生气或激动。Anger creates a metabolic reaction in the body, which stresses it out and heats up our internal temperature.生气在身体里制造了新陈代谢的反应,释放物质使我们的体温温度升高。Have you ever seen anyone lose their cool?你之前见过有谁失去理智吗Ultimately, if were breathing under stress over long periods of time, there are consequences.总体而言,这就是,我们在长时间的外部压力下呼吸.的后果When the cells of a body arent getting the oxygen they need,当身体细胞无法获取到它们所需的足够氧气时the nutrients available to the body decrease and toxins build up in the blood.身体可获取的养分逐渐减少,毒素也开始在血液中积累It is thought that a hypoxic, or oxygen-poor environment, can increase cancerous cells.这就是为什么在氧气稀薄或缺氧环境下会增加癌细胞的出现几率The good news is that we can control our breath much more than we realize.值得庆幸的是,我们对自身呼吸的控制远超我们实际认知This means we can increase both the quality and quantity of the breath.也就是说,我们可以从质和量上同时提高我们的呼吸能力The science of breathing has been around for thousands of years,呼吸的科学研究已经存在了数千年from ancient yogis in India to respiratory therapists working with patients today.从印度的古瑜伽修行者到现在的治疗病人的呼吸疗养专家Both would tell you that there are specific techniques that will help you improve your breathing.他们都会告诉你,对于帮你改进改善你的呼吸,他有特殊的本领Breathing is all about moving air from a higher-pressure to a lower-pressure environment.呼吸说到底其实是讲空气从高压区转移到低压区环境的过程More breath means more oxygen,呼吸越频繁氧气就越充足and ultimately a greater amount of nutrients thats available for our cells and blood.最终将为我们的血液和细胞提供更多的可用营养We naturally do this when we let out a big sigh.当我们叹气的时候会自然的这样做Changing the air pressure going into the lungs is one of the main ways to alter breathing.改变正进入肺部的空气压力是改变呼吸的主要方式Our body automatically does this when we cough, sneeze, or have the hiccups.当我们咳嗽,打喷嚏或者打嗝的时候,我们的身体会你懂的进行上述的调整Heres a simple experiment. Close off your right nostril with your right thumb.让我们进行一个简单的实验。用你的右手拇指塞住你的右鼻腔。Breathe in and out just through the left nostril.只用左鼻腔进行呼气吸气Notice how much harder it is to get the breath in.感受吸入空气相比往常困难的程度变化You have to focus your attention, and use your diaphragm and muscles much more than normal.你不得不集中注意力,比往常更频繁的应用隔膜和肌肉By decreasing the surface area of the airways, youre increasing the pressure of oxygen, moving from the alveoli to the blood.通过减少气腔的表面积,我们增加了氧气的压强,使其从肺泡进去血液。Yogis often practice alternate nostril breathing to slow down the breath,瑜伽大师经常锻炼交替使用左右鼻腔呼吸以降低呼吸频率increase oxygen, and activate the bodys parasympathetic nervous system,增加进氧量,激活人体交感神经which deals with the bodys operations when its at rest.交感神经处理身体静态下的运行Lets try another exercise. Visualize the way a dog pants when it breathes.让我们在进行另一个练习。想象一下是如何呼吸的。Now try doing the same type of panting, first with your tongue out, then with your mouth closed.现在试试做出一样的呼吸动作,首先伸出你的舌头,然后闭上嘴巴You will find yourself using your stomach muscles to push the air out as you exhale.你会发现当呼气时,使用腹肌将空气推出Place your hand under your nose, and youll feel the strength of the breath coming out.把手放在你的鼻子下边,你会感觉到呼吸出来的力量。Breathing this way is hard because it requires an active movement of our diaphragm and intercostal muscles.因为需要隔膜和肋间肌的活跃运动,这样的故意方式较为困难Our body temperature changes quickly during this exercise from the amount of pressure we are exerting on our breath.当我们运用在呼吸上练习的结果,我们的体温迅速变化Its no surprise that youll find dogs doing this breath often to cool down on a hot day.毫无疑问,你会发现通常都是为了在热天降低体温才这样呼吸When we sleep at night, the medulla center of the brain makes sure that we keep breathing.当我们晚上睡觉时,大脑中心的髓质确保我们保持呼吸Lucky for us we dont have to think about it.真庆幸我们用不着老想着这回事During the day, our breath is much more vulnerable, especially under stressful or difficult situations.在白天,我们的呼吸更加脆弱,特别是在压力或困境下Thats why its helpful to pay attention to your breathing.这就是为什么将注意力放在呼吸上更为有用If you can monitor and change your breath,如果你能监视并改变你的呼吸you can improve both the quality and quantity of oxygen that enters your body.你就可以从质和量上改进进去你身体的氧气量This lowers stress, increases energy, and strengthens your immune system.这将缓解压力,增加活力并强化你的免疫系统So the next time someone tells you to relax and take a deep breath, youll know exactly why.所以,下次要是有人告诉你要放松一下,来次深呼吸,正如你所知。201706/513109From b and beer to sugar and toilet paper - you name it, Venezuela’s economic crisis has resulted in a chronic shortage of basic goods.从面包、啤酒到糖和卫生纸,委内瑞拉的经济危机已导致基本商品长期短缺。But, the lack of vital medicine is especially acute.但是,重要药物的缺乏尤为严峻。Experts say the government’s import of low cost alternatives and how they are handled has led to a ;drastic reduction; in medical success rates, notably in treating cancers like leukaemia.专家表示,政府进口低成本的替代品及其处理方式导致医疗成功率“大幅降低”,特别是在治疗癌症如白血病上。This mother whose son has Leukaemia said,There is nothing and we have to go to other countries to look for the medicine and that is very expensive. Unfortunately, the situation we are going through is terrible. There are many children and adults who are dying because there are no medicines to treat the diseases they have.这位儿子患有白血病的母亲说,我们什么也没有,我们必须去其它国家寻找药品,那是非常昂贵的。不幸的是,我们经历的状况非常糟糕,许多孩子和成年人因为没有药物治疗他们的疾病而死亡。During the oil bonanza under former President Hugo Chavez, Venezuela spent lavishly on health.在前总统乌戈·查韦斯的油矿期间,委内瑞拉在健康上耗费巨资。Those waiting for treatment accuse the current government of eroding those gains, wasting money on needless items.那些等待治疗的人指责目前政府正在侵蚀这些收益,浪费钱在不必要的物品上。They are buying airplanes and not drugs. With the purchase of those aircraft they would have solved the problem of drugs in Venezuela. There were dollars for that purpose, but for us who suffer from shortages of medicines and food, they have not given us an effective solution. I have heard nothing about solving this issue.他们在购买飞机,而不是药品。因为购买这些飞机,他们本应该解决委内瑞拉的药品问题。有钱为了那目的,但对于缺乏药物和食品的我们,他们没有给出有效的解决方案。我没有听到解决这个问题的声音。Some doctors in Venezuela say they have stopped using certain generics drugs.委内瑞拉的一些医生说,他们已经停止使用某些无商标药物。But with around 8 of every 10 medicines estimated to be running short, clinicians have less and less wiggle room. 但10种药物中约8种估计要用完,临床医生越发少有用药余地。译文属。 /201606/447725

People always want to sell something when it comes to weight loss and health, right!当提到减肥和身体健康 人们总想着去销售些什么 对吧So they reinvent the wheel for that reason.这就是为什么人们一直徒劳无功Im sure youve seen a variety of fad diets whether its oh, you know, right now we are going vegan.我相信你一定见过各种流行一时的减肥食谱 像是我们现在马上要做素食主义者Wait! no! Were going paleo Wait! No!等等 不 我们要复古饮食 等等 不Its thirty-thirty-forty equal portions of everything. Wait a second!要不按照30-30-40的百分比等额分配 等等!We can do everything but eat beans.我们都可以做到 但是毫无用处It just, it always goes on and on and on.因为体重仍然在继续增加And the reality is that weight loss, weight maintenance, is simple science.事实上 减肥 保持体重是一个简单的科学道理Its eat less, move more... Food that you consume has calories in it.那就是少吃多动 你吃的事物含有卡路里Calories are units of energy.卡路里是能量单位Energy that does not get burned, gets stored as fat. Fat is stored energy.没消耗的能量以脂肪形式储存 脂肪就是储存的能量And then obviously use common sense with your food choices.然后运用我们的常识来挑选食物We all know not to eat things in our food that is not food.我们都知道食物中有很多不算是食物的食品Fake fat, fake flavor, fake sugar, and so on.假脂肪 假香料 假糖 等等So, in reality if its this simple being healthy,那么 如果在现实生活中保持健康就这么简单why do so many struggle with it?为什么这么多人还在为减肥苦恼呢And thats because people utilize food for a variety of emotional reasons.那是因为人们会受到某些情绪的影响而去吃某些食物Whether its a coping mechanism or whether its affording them a deeper connection with another individual in their lives.不管这是一种处事方式还是在生活中让他们与他人有更紧密的联系And thats what we have to get to the bottom of.而这也是我们所要探寻的And I remember somebody once said to me people are fat because they want to be fat.我记得某人曾经对我说过 人们发胖是因为他们想变胖And I remember going what an a-hole you are.我记得我当时的反应就是 你好蠢And the more I thought about it the more I realized it was true.但我越去思考这个问题就越觉得他说的很对The more I began to work with people who were overweight, the more I began to see what it meant to them.当我开始和更多的超重的人共事 我就越开始看出这对他们意味着什么And it couldve been a connection with a parent.这可能和你的父母有关It couldve been a connection to grieving the loss of somebody and feeling like if you stop eating like this也可能是因人去世而伤心然后觉得如果你不以这种方式进食youve moved on with your life and youre no longer connected to them.你就在人生中翻过了这一章 你和死去的他们已经没有了任何关系It could be a sense of control.这可能是一种控制欲It could be a defense machianism against being vulnerable and getting hurt in relationships.这也可能是一种针对被伤害和在人际关系中受伤的防御机制But that is one of the reasons that losing weight or getting healthy is so difficult,但这就是减肥或者变得健康这么难的原因之一because it requires us to give up something that has been providing comfort因为这要求我们放弃那些一直以来为我们提供舒适and defense against hurt for a very long time.并且在很长一段时间里保护我们不受伤的东西Its not because people are weak, or stupid, or lazy, or genetically fat.这并不是因为人们很脆弱 或是愚蠢 懒惰 又或者是天生肥胖Its funny I asked people a lot of times,很有趣的是 我经常问人们right and if I was to ask you right now就像我现在问你们一样why is it that you want to be healthy?你为什么想要变得健康?And I would always ask contestants on The Biggest Loser, first day right.我也总是会在节目的第一天去问超级减肥王的参赛者们And they would show up然后他们就开始揭露and they would get on the scale- because they would get on the scale踏上磅秤称体重before they ever had their first workout and they would be like Im changing my life.在他们开始第一次试验之前他们就表现得像是 我正在改变我的人生!Im never going to see this number again.我再也不会看到这个数字了!Im changing the world.我正在改变世界!Im changing my neighborhood, my school, my family and my partner, my.. so on and so forth , right?我正在改变我的邻里 我的学校 我的家庭 我的伴侣我的……等等 对吧?Five minutes into the first workout they are rolling on the floor, they are crawling for the door, they are crying...第一次试验的五分钟后他们就在地板上打滚 他们向门爬去他们哭泣Theyre throwing up.他们呕吐And in that moment I was like okay, so now why did you come here?那个时候我的反应就是 行 那么现在你是为什么而来?Why…did you want to come to this place?为什么……你想来到这个地方?This place is not easy. Being healthy is hard work. What is it?这地方不简单 保持健康是个很难的事情 为什么And they would say well I would, I just want to be healthy. And I would go great,然后他们就会说我 我只是想要变得健康 然后我就可以变得更好What does that mean to you?这对你来说意味着什么?And then I would get like the Scooby- Doo.know-wow!然后我就可以开始喜欢上史努比嗷呜And people dont think about it.人们从来不去思考这个They really dont know.他们真的不知道If I was to ask you right now what does health look like in your life?如果我现在问你 健康在你的生活中是什么样子的Whats your answer?你的会是什么Is it I want to wear a two piece instead of a one piece at spring break because Im 22.是 我想在春假的时候穿两件式套装而不是连衣裙 因为我22岁了 吗?Or is it I want to see my grandchildren graduate from college, because Im 62.或者是 我想看到我孙子大学毕业 因为我62岁了 吗?Or is it you know what? I want to have sex with the lights on.又或者是 你知道吗 我想开着灯啪啪啪吗Which by the way, I think its tremendously overrated顺便一提 我觉得这个被高估了but nevertheless, its not dark all the time.但是虽然如此 这也不可能一直是关着灯的Whatever your motivation is thats whats critical.无论什么样的动机都是你减肥成功的关键And it could be that you are a new mom.它可能是你成为了一位新任妈妈It could be that you wanna wear skinny jeans.也可能是你想穿紧身牛仔裤It could be that you wanna run a marathon.也可能是你想跑马拉松You need to think about what ways health will improve the quality of your life,你需要考虑的问题是 健康如何提升你的生活质量because Im gonna tell you right now that getting healthy usually is displeasurable.因为现在我要告诉你 使自己变得健康这个过程很艰苦Most of us would rather be watching our favorite TV show than sweating it out at the gym.我们大多数人比起去体育场运动得大汗淋漓更喜欢看我们喜爱的电视节目Most of us, not all, but most.虽然不是所有人都这么想 但也占大多数Most of us would prefer pizza to grilled salmon.我们中的大多数比起烤鲑鱼 更喜欢披萨And so, in order for these behaviors in the moment而且 为了变得自制that are less than pleasurable to become managable这些看起来没那么愉快的行为是必须的youve got to have perspective and a long-term goal thats worth it.因为你的愿景和一个长期的目标值得你那样去做And we call that finding your why.我们把这个称作寻因Um..theres a great e.恩……有一句很棒的熟语If you have a why to live for, you can tolerate the how如果你为了某个目标而活 你就能忍受你是如何达到这个目标的整个过程The how is the work and the sacrifice associated with the goal.如何 就是你为了这个目标的努力 牺牲和付出And so this is where you need to ask yourself some really powerful questions of这时你就要问自己一个强有力的问题what is it that I want for myself in detail?具体地说 那到底对我来说意味着什么What do I want for my future?我对我的未来有什么期望How do I see this improving the quality of my life?我对这种提高生活质量的事情怎么看And you might find in the beginning, you draw a complete blank.最初你就会发现你什么都记不起And the reason for this is because so many of us live in the way that we think we should,造成这种情况的原因是我们大都以一种我们自认为应该的方式活着that weve forgotten what it is we really want.我们忘记了我们真正想要的是什么So I have an exercise for you.所以我给你准备了一个练习I want you for the next two weeks to set your alarm on the hour every hour, waking hours only.我希望你在接下来的两个星期里在你醒着的时候每个小时定一个闹钟Im not a complete monster.我也不是一个完全没人性的怪兽And when it goes off I want you to ask yourself what youre doing right now in the moment.当闹钟响的时候 我希望你能自问一下你在这个时刻正在做什么And then subsequently, how does it make you feel?接下来 它让你感觉如何And by teaching yourself to become present通过教会你自己变得现实youre better able to start identifying the things that you do want,你能开始更好的定位你真正想要的东西that you are passionate about, and that will help you start to cultivate your why.你真正热衷于的东西 而这些将帮助你开始完善你的原因201706/514168

Imagine you take two dogs and put them in two different areas...设想一下,把两只小放在两个不同的地方…You shock the first dog and you give him an option to escape.电击第一只小,让它可以选择逃跑。He tries to escape, hes successful, and he gets away from the shocks.它尝试并成功逃离了电击。The second dog however, you put in a place where no matter what he does, he cannot escape the shocks.然而第二只小,把它放在一个无论做什么都无法逃脱的地方。He soon figures out that theres nothing he can do, he gives up, and hell just sit there and accept the shocks.它很快就发现什么也做不了,于是放弃了,坐在那默默承受。Now you take these two dogs and put them in two new areas again, but this time they can both escape.现在把它们放在两个新地方,但这次它们都可以逃走。The first dog, who had learned that he was able to escape, will get out of there like usual.第一只已经学会逃跑的小,会像往常一样逃离那里。But the second dog will just lay there and accept the shocks, even though in this new environment he could just escape.但是第二只小就只会趴那继续承受,尽管这次它可以逃跑。This is what is known as learned helplessness, and you probably know people who act like the helpless dog.这就是习得无助,你可能知道有些人的行为很像那只无助的小。The opposite of this is learned optimism.与之相反的是习得乐观。Learned Optimism is basically the idea that you can learn to be optimistic, and positive, and happy.习得乐观基本的就是你可以学会乐观,积极和高兴。You can cultivate these things.你可以培养这些心态。And this is exactly what Seligman was trying to do, by running a workshop.塞利格曼通过运行工作组来尝试这种培养。The results of the workshop were promising...结果很有前景。Thirty-two percent of the students in the control group had a moderate to控制组中32%的学生有中度severe episode of depression in contrast to 22 percent of the group that was in the workshop.到重度的抑郁症状,对比来看,工作组中的比例占有22%。Also... 15 percent of the controls had an episode of generalized anxiety disorder而且…控制组中15%的学生有广泛性焦虑症的症状versus only 7 percent of people who took the workshop.工作组中的这部分比例只有7%。They also found that it was the change from pessimism to optimism that caused the prevention of depression and anxiety.他们还发现从悲观到乐观的转变,阻止了抑郁和焦虑的发展。And these studies are great, but even when I look at my own life, happiness, positivity, optimism...这些研究很棒,但即使当我审视自己生活的时候,高兴,积极,乐观…These are the things that Ive had to learn and that I have to keep cultivating.这些是我不得不学习并一直在培养的东西。When I was a kid, I hated my life. I was constantly depressed and anxious.当我还是个孩子的时候,我讨厌生活。一直很沮丧和焦虑。I had suicidal thoughts for the majority of my childhood.我童年的大部分时间里都有自杀的想法。But thats all gone now and my life just keeps getting better, but this is something that you need to put effort into.但现在那些都消失了,我的生活也越来越好,但是这是一件值得你为之努力的事情。This is something that can be learned. So now lets look at the benefits of optimism...这也是值得学习的。所以我们来看一下乐观的好处…Optimists on average achieve more, have better overall health, and just lead a more enjoyable life.通常来说乐观者会获得更多,身体更健康,生活更愉悦。Pessimists, on the other hand, are more likely to give up, are more likely to suffer from depression,另一方面,悲观者更有可能放弃,也更容易沮丧,and just lead a not really enjoyable life.所以生活也不是那么愉悦。And the big difference between pessimists and optimists悲观者和乐观者的最大差距comes from their explanatory styles about whether things are permanent, pervasive, and personal...在于他们对于事物永久性,普遍性以及个体性的归因方式…So lets say you walk up to a girl, and you just get humiliated and rejected...比如你靠近一个女孩,受到了羞辱还被拒绝了…If youre a pessimist youll think that its permanent: Ill never be able to attract a girl.如果你是个悲观者,你就会认为那是永久的:我从来都不能吸引女生。If youre an optimist, youll think that it isnt permanent: There are going to be plenty of girls who like me.如果你是个乐观者,你会想那不是永久的:以后会有很多女生喜欢我的。If youre a pessimist youll think that its pervasive: Im just not an interesting person.如果你是个悲观者,你会认为那是个普遍现象:我是个很无聊的人。If youre an optimist, youll think that it isnt pervasive:如果你是个乐观者,你会想那不是普遍的:It was just one isolated situation. It doesnt mean that Im not interesting.只是个例罢了。并不意味着我很无趣。If youre a pessimist youll think that its personal: Im ugly. Of course shes going to humiliate me.如果你是个悲观者,你会认为那是个人原因:我很丑。她当然会羞辱我。If youre an optimist, youll think that it isnt personal: Well, she might have been in a bad mood...如果你是个乐观者,你会觉得那不是个人原因:可能是她的心情不好…And Ive seen this so many times. If you have a pessimistic explanatory style, youre going to have your soul crushed.我见过很多次这种情况。如果你用悲观的归因方式,你的灵魂会受到创伤。Every single friend Ive had who was good with women always had an optimistic explanatory style.我认识的每一个和女性相处很好的朋友都具有乐观的归因方式。So optimism is much more helpful to you than pessimism but you also NEED BALANCE,所以乐观主义比悲观主义对你的帮助要大,但是你也需要平衡二者,Just like with everything else, YOU NEED BALANCE…和其他事物一样,你需要平衡…Otherwise, you can get really delusional and actually end up hurting yourself.否则,你会变得妄想,而且会伤害到自己。Imagine if you have a really bad business idea and youre just a naive optimist…想象一下如果你有一个非常差劲的生意点子,你只是一个幼稚的乐观主义者…The business isnt going anywhere and you say, ;Well, this isnt permanent...;生意发展并不好,你说,“这种情况不会持续很久的…”And you keep wasting resources on a stupid idea.然后你继续在这个糟糕的点子上浪费资源。Youve put in six months aly and it hasnt gone anywhere and you say,你已经投入了六个月的时间,依然没有进展,你说,;Well, its just this part of the project thats slow, but the project as a whole is amazing.;“嗯,只是项目的这一部分进展比较慢,但是从整体上来看这个项目还是不错的。”Or you try to get support and no one wants to go along with your terrible idea and you say,或者是,你想获得持,但没人愿意附和你那个糟糕的想法,你会说,;Well, they were probably just in a bad mood today.;“可能他们只是今天心情不好吧。”I dont know if I would call this person an optimist or just an idiot.我真不知道是应该把他称之为乐观主义者呢,还是笨蛋。The biggest problem with optimism is when its not balanced,乐观主义最大的问题就是在它没有得到平衡的时候,because you might end up not taking responsibility when you need to.因为你可能最终没有承担应有的责任。So I would absolutely recommend being optimistic but at the same time balancing it out with pessimism,所以我肯定还是建议要保持乐观理念,但是同时要维护好它和悲观主义的平衡,or not even pessimism in my opinion, but just simply realism.或者是在我看来不叫悲观主义,可以简单理解为现实主义。201706/515716栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201606/451645Okay, lets get ashore, find out about this place.上岸吧 瞧瞧这个地方Ive come ashore on the exposed windward side of the island,我终于上了岸 来到了这座岛屿的迎风面Where theres little likelihood of finding a settlement.这几乎不可能有容身之处The best chance of rescue is on the other side,So Im heading up and over.最有可能获救的地方 是另一边 所以我一路颠簸 向另一边进军But Im straight into a tough climb.但马上 我又陷入了攀爬难题See if we can get up this way.Quite steep, though.试试能不能从这上去 虽然很陡Theres a whole root system coming down this rock face.Okay, lets try this.但那的岩壁下有一套完整的根系 好吧 试试One of my favorite survival stories occurred in Antarctica.我最喜欢的冒险故事之一发生在南极洲Ernest Shackleton and his crew sailed for 800 miles through the worlds most hostile seas to get to an island.欧内斯特·沙克尔顿和他的队员 航行了 八百英里 穿过世界上 最凶险的海域来到一座小岛But they came ashore on the wrong side and had to climb for 36 hours over mountains to reach civilization.但他们却上错了边 不得不花费三十六个小时 翻越山岭 才见到人烟And the moral of the story is,never assume youve reached safety until you really have.这个故事告诉我们 在安全真正到来之前 不要妄下定论Come on, we need to move.And when you get a shot at rescue,grab it with all you have.快 要走了 当获救的稻草出现时 尽全力抓住它Its an airfield.This is my chance.Theres an aircraft taxiing for takeoff.是个飞机场 我的救命稻草来了 一架飞机正准备起飞Come on! We can make this!One final push through the prop wash.快 我们能行 在螺旋桨尾流下的最后一跃And its the end of my Torres island adventure,And Im heading home.它为我的托岛探险之旅画上了句号 我要回家了201704/503270

TED演讲视频:网络战争背后的1和0克里斯·杜马斯是网络安全研究员,在一场全新的战争--网络--前线工作,在这个引人入胜的演讲里,他向我们展示研究人员是怎样运用图像识别和反向引擎(几个不眠夜的成果)来理解目的和内容未知的二进制的代码数据块。201705/511676栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201608/460630栏目简介:The citys overheated housing market has slowed down, one month after the Shanghai government announced a series of cooling measures. Property analysts say both housing sales and the average price fell in April. Wu Yina takes a look.201703/496715

Youre finally meeting his family of eight over a home-cooked meal big enough for 30...when you need to bake a keister casserole.你终于在一顿足以喂饱三十个人的家常大餐上见到他一家八口...这时你却必须去烧一锅屁屁炖菜。Hi, uh, where is the restroom?嗨,呃,洗手间在哪呢?Uh, its right behind you.呃,就在你后面。Right behind me? Oh, that is convenient!就在我后面?噢,还真方便!Now, what do you do?现在,你要怎么做?Hes really hot. Most of the time I get real big trolls. I need you. Help me out!他真的很性感。我之前大部分都是遇到大丑男。我需要你。帮我个忙!Oh my gosh. What did I do? What did I eat? Oh, no!!我的老天。我做了什么?我吃了什么?喔,不!After you answer Mother Natures booty call, you fill the air with synthetic citrus,在你回应大自然之母对屁股的召唤后,你在空气中喷满人工合成的柑橘味,hoping the scent of last nights burrito wont follow you back to the table.盼望昨晚墨西哥卷饼的气味不会跟着你回到餐桌。That was a bad choice. Theyre gonna know my secrets.那是个糟透的选择。他们会知道我的秘密。And theyre gonna hate me, and Im never gonna find love. Maybe more, maybe more, oh, maybe more.而且他们会讨厌我,然后我就再也找不到爱了。也许再多点,也许再多点,噢,也许再多点。Oh, come on. Come on. And everyones gonna be married with kids, and Im gonna be a lone lady with cats!噢,来吧。来吧。所有人都会结婚生小孩,但我会变成一个只有猫咪作伴的孤单老女人!Smells like...diaper gravy! Smells like, uh... Its got some fruit notes. Is...is it shitrus?!闻起来像...尿布卤汁!闻起来像,呃...有点水果味。这...这是屎味柑橘吗?!I can taste it! Its atomic!我可以尝得到!这臭味有原子弹的威力!Its...its stinging! Its stinging! Its...burning! My eyes... Its in my eyes. She ruined my dinner!好...刺!好刺!它在...燃烧!我的眼睛... 在我的眼睛里。她毁了我的晚餐!Oh, this is really important. I better take this. Excuse me.噢,这真的很重要。我最好接一下这通电话。容我离开一下。You tuck that turtlehead back in its shell and toot, scoot, and boogie to the backyard.你缩回便意,然后一边发出噗噗噗的声响,快步疾走到后院。You pop a squat and push it. P-p-push it real good. And just when you think youve gotten away with your rectal ruse...你蹲下解放并使力推挤。推、推、推得极为卖力。而正当你以为没人发现你直肠耍的小花招时...Please! Please...I-I wont tell if you dont tell. No deal!拜托!求你了...我--如果你不说出去我就不会说。门儿都没有!Why? Why cant you be a nice grandma that bakes pies and knits sweaters?为什么?为什么你不能是一个烤派和织毛衣的好奶奶?Please excuse me.请容我离开一下。Before you pass the chocolate delights, you spritz the bowl with Poo-Pourri.在你端出巧克力美食前,你把Poo-Pourri喷在马桶里。Nice. Whew! That was a good one, but it smells good, too. You did so good.赞。唷呼!那个不错喔,而且闻起来也很不错。你做得真好。I just pooped, and it smells fabulous. Yeah! Bring it down, bring it down...downtown I did, right?! Yeah! Yeah!我刚拉屎,它超好闻。耶!就是这样、就是这样...我做到了,对吧?!耶!耶!All theyll be able to smell is an appetizing blend of natural essential oils.他们能闻到的只有刺激食欲的天然精油混合香味。Oh, thats heavenly. I dont remember putting a lemon meringue pie in the oven.噢,那真是太美好了。我不记得有在烤箱里放柠檬蛋白派啊。Whatever that smell is, I wanna eat it right now with my mouth.不管那是什么味道,我想要现在就吃掉它,此时此刻,用我的嘴。It smells like sunshine! And Froot Loops! Very nice blend.闻起来像阳光!还有色麦片圈圈!非常棒的交融。Marry this one, man. I mean, she poops pies. Am I right? Just like me! Just like you!娶这女人回家吧,兄弟。我的意思是,她便出派耶。我说对了吗?就像我!就像你!Winner, winner, burrito dinner.赢家、赢家,厕所的赢家。Control the ;shituation; with Poo-Pourri-the Before-You-Go Toilet Spray that creates a film on the waters surface that actually traps odor before it begins.用Poo-Pourri掌控“屎况”--它是会在水面上制造一层薄膜的“事前”厕所喷雾,那层薄膜在气味开始发散前就能确实抑制臭气。If your poo stinks, click here to get your Poo-Pourri today at poopourri.com.如果你的便便散发恶臭,今天就点击这里前往poopourri.com取得你的Poo-Pourri。Poo-Pourri. When the glasses clink, dont ruin the party with a stink.Poo-Pourri。当大家举杯欢庆时,别让臭臭坏了派对兴致。201704/502406TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/474909I thought about this long and hard over the summer, and Ive decided the right thing to do is to stand down as the member of Parliament for Witney.整个夏天,我都在仔细考虑这件事,斟酌了很久。我最终认为,正确的决定就是不再担任威特尼选区议员。Former British Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned from Parliament, effectively ending his political career.英国前首相卡梅伦已辞去议员职务,彻底退出政坛。He told ITV on Monday he didnt want to be a ;distraction; for new Prime Minister Theresa May.周一卡梅伦在ITV上表示,他不想对新任首相特雷莎·梅造成干扰。Cameron had served as a member of Parliament since 2001.自2001以来,卡梅伦一直担任议会议员。His resignation comes nearly three months after he stepped down as prime minister in the aftermath of the Brexit vote. 英国退欧后卡梅伦辞去首相一职,如今近三月后辞去议员职务。The British people have made a very clear decision to take a different path. And as such, I think the country requires fresh leadership to take it in this direction.英国人民已经做出非常明确的决定,走上一条不同的道路。因此,我认为这个国家需要新的领导带领它前行。Cameron said in a statement Monday it had been an honor to serve the people of Witney, and he has ;every confidence that Britain will thrive; under Mays leadership.卡梅伦周一在声明中表示,他一直很荣幸为威特尼人民务,他相信在特雷莎·梅的领导下英国将继续繁荣。译文属。201609/466337

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