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Rice Pledges Full Support for Obama Staff Transition at State Department赖斯保国务院工作平稳交接  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Wednesday said she will do all she can assure a smooth transition for the incoming Obama administration. Detailed preparations for the handover at the nation's foreign affairs agency are aly underway. 美国国务卿赖斯星期三说,她将尽其所能,保与当选总统奥巴马的政府顺利交接。与此同时,负责美国外交事务的美国国务院已经开始准备交接工作的细节。Rice, the Bush administration's highest-ranking African American official, is hailing the election of the ed States' first African-American President, and is pledging to do all she can to make the State Department transition as smooth as possible. 布什政府中级别最高的非洲裔美国官员国务卿赖斯盛赞美国选出第一位非洲裔总统,并保她将尽力使国务院的过渡平稳进行。In comments to reporters, Rice called President-elect Obama inspirational and Republican candidate John McCain gracious in defeat. She said Tuesday's election was an exercise in democracy in which all Americans can be justifiably proud, especially those of African descent.  赖斯在回答记者问题的时候说,当选总统奥巴马富有鼓舞人的力量,共和党总统候选人麦凯恩虽败犹荣。她说,星期二的选举是一场民主实践,参加这场实践的所有美国人都有理由感到自豪,尤其是那些非洲人的后裔。"As African American, I'm especially proud because this is a country that has been through a long journey in terms of overcoming wounds and making race not the factor in our lives. That work is not done, but yesterday was obviously an extraordinary step forward," said Rice. 赖斯说:“作为一个非洲裔美国人,我感到特别自豪,因为这个国家经过了漫长的道路,克了创伤,使种族因素不再影响我们的生活。虽然这项工作尚未完成,但昨天显然是前进了一大步。”Earlier Wednesday, State Department officials made a final walk-through inspection of a large suite of offices here that will accommodate the Obama administration's foreign policy transition team within a matter of days. 星期三早些时候,美国国务院官员对一大批办公室进行了最后检查,奥巴马政府外交政策过渡小组将在几天之内来这里办公。Extensive briefing books will await the Obama team, covering everything from the status of key foreign policy issues to the management of the vast department, which has more than 20,000 employees -- half of them overseas. 等待奥巴马国务院过渡小组的是大量简报,内容从关键的外交政策问题现状到这个大部门的管理。美国国务院有两万名员工,其中一半在海外。The Obama State Department transition team has more than 200 members, including several key foreign policy figures from past Democratic administrations. 奥巴马的国务院过渡小组有200多个成员,包括过去历届民主党政府的几位主要外交政策官员。The President-elect is expected to announce his choice for Secretary of State early in the transition period. 当选总统奥巴马将在过渡时期早期宣布他的国务卿人选。Although Mr. Obama has been non-committal, press speculation has focused on Democratic Senator John Kerry and Republican Senator Richard Lugar -- both colleagues of the President-elect on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. 虽然奥巴马守口如瓶,但媒体的猜测集中在民主党参议员约翰·克里和共和党参议员理查德·卢格身上。他们俩是奥巴马在美国参议院外交关系委员会的同事。Former Clinton administration diplomatic troubleshooter Richard Holbrooke, a key figure in 1990's Balkans peace efforts, is also a reported contender for Secretary of State. 据报道,前克林顿政府专门排解外交难题的理查德·霍尔布鲁克也是国务卿的热门人选。他曾经是上个世纪90年代巴尔干地区和平努力的关键人物。The current Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs, William Burns, is running the transition effort, with 24 State Department employees at work expediting security clearances and employment paperwork for incoming Obama transition members. 美国国务院负责政治事务的国务次卿伯恩斯正在进行交接工作。与此同时,24位国务院的工作人员正在加快对奥巴马过渡班子成员进行安全审查和就业文件的审核。200811/55340赣州市中西医结合医院可以看男女吗Cybercrime网络犯罪Black hats, grey hairs黑客之伤:白了少年头A shake-up in the hacker underground and fresh attacks suggest change is coming to computer security地下黑客组织受到打击,新式攻击预示着计算机安全将有所改变 Aug 6th 2011 | from the print edition AN 18-YEAR-OLD with 16 computers in a small house in the Shetland Islands: that is where a police hunt ended for the global nerve centre of LulzSec, a group of hackers whose exploits include defacing or disabling the websites of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, the CIA, a bunch of gay-bashing American Baptists, and Britain’s Serious Organised Crime Agency. Active from May to late June, when it claims to have disbanded, LulzSec’s hallmark was prankish attacks accompanied by public mockery. As well as officialdom, its targets included computer-security and online-gaming companies regarded as pompous, complacent or hypocritical.在英国设德兰群岛上的一间小屋里,有一个十八岁的孩子守着十六台计算机,这就是警察搜寻到的LulzSec 的全球控制总部。这个名叫Lulzsec 黑客组织的战绩包括,攻击破坏罗伯特默多克媒体帝国的网站,美国中央情报局网站,美国浸信会中攻击同性恋的网站,还有英国重大组织犯罪署的网站。一直从五月活跃到七月末,它忽然宣布解散。LulzSec特点就是在公众的嘲笑下恶作剧般的攻击。它的目标包括那些自大骄傲虚伪的计算机安全公司和在线游戏公司,还有官僚做派的组织。In geekspeak “lulz” means to laugh at a victim; “sec” is for “security”. But lately the misfortune has mostly been the hackers’ own. Of LulzSec’s six presumed core members, police have arrested at least two, including, in late July, the (now bailed) Scottish teenager Jake Davis. The most expert, who goes by the alias Sabu, is still at large. About 15 members of Anonymous, a shadowy collective of skilled, politically motivated hackers, are also in police custody worldwide, according to Gregg Housh, a Boston man who ran computer servers for it but denies involvement in illegal hacks.在奇客语言中,“lulz”是嘲笑受害者的意思。“sec”的意思是安全。但是最近这种厄运降临到黑客自己身上。警察已经逮捕了LulzSec的前任六名核心成员中的两名,其中有一名苏格兰少年杰克#8226;戴维斯(现已保释)。组织核心,化名为萨布的成员仍然在逃。根据一个名叫格列哥#8226;豪斯的波士顿人称,“匿名”组织有大约十五名技术精湛的骇客在世界范围被监禁。这个组织的成员一般因为政治原因行动,格列哥#8226;豪斯为此组织运营计算机务器,但是他否认参与了非法攻击。201108/148948赣州上犹人民医院人流价格表Beckham's hilarious InterviewAli-G Interviews Posh Spice and David Beckham for a fund raise in England. Hilarious!I can see this… Yeah, that's more like a camel-hoof girl? Now, it must be amazing going out with a Spice Girl, but in an ideal world and no disrespect to your bitch, wouldn't…, in an ideal world, wouldn't you rather be with Baby? No. So how many does Spice Girls turned you down before you went to your Posh? you went to Scary first, well? No,it's just this one… Now, does you go to watch him play football? Yeah I do. Whenever I can, coz Brooklyn loves going to watch him, so, as much as we can. Me heard there is an insulting song that they sing about you. As you heard it, what is the words? They say Posh Spice "takes it up the arse" That, you, that you take up the arse. That's what they say. 02/62178Shale gas extraction页岩天然气开采The need to be seen to be clean天然气是清洁能源吗?Natural-gas production is booming, but its green image is in question 天然气生产蒸蒸日上,但它的清洁能源形象却受到质疑May 12th 2011 | AUSTIN, TEXAS AND GOLDEN, COLORADO | from the print edition DRILL rigs tower over the silos on farms in Pennsylvania. Once-empty mesas in western Colorado, where mule deer and sage grouse ranged freely, now look like a neural network from a bird’s-eye view, with well-pads connected by dirt roads scattered across the landscape. 宾夕法尼亚的农场,一座座钻塔高耸,俯视着贮粮的圆仓。科罗拉多西部的山顶平地,过去这里曾经一片空旷,只有骡鹿和艾草鸡在上面自由徜徉,现在布满钻井,条条土路联接其间,从高处望过去,就像是一幅密密麻麻的神经网络图。These are the signs of America’s natural-gas boom. Thanks to new drilling technology, and in particular a controversial process called hydraulic fracturing or “fracking,” the size of the proven reserves is growing. At the end of the ed States had estimated reserves of 283.9 trillion cubic feet (8 trillion cubic metres) of natural gas, up 11% from the year before. In 2010 the country produced 22.6 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, up from 18.9 trillion cubic feet in 2005. The price at the wellhead has dropped from .33 per thousand cubic feet to .16 during the same period. 美国的天然气开采呈现这样一副蒸蒸日上的景象。随着钻井技术,特别是充满争议的水力压裂法(又称破裂法)的广泛采用。已探明的天然气储量不断增加。年末,美国估计其天然气储量为283.9万亿立方英尺(合8万亿立方米),比上一年增长了11%。2010年美国开采的天然气为22.6万亿立方英尺。而2005年为18.9万亿立方英尺。同期天然气的出井价也从每立方英尺7.33美元下降到4.16美元。201105/137007赣州上犹人民医院咨询电话

赣州仁济男科医院男科医院安远县人民医院在线咨询Geithner Says US Jobless Rate Likely to Climb美财政部长称失业率可能还会攀升 The U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says the unemployment rate may go above its current 25-year high of 8.5 percent, but says the ed States and other countries must keep moving forward in making steps toward economic recovery. 美国财政部长盖特纳说,失业率可能超过目前8.5%的25年最高点。但他同时指出,美国和其他国家必须继续采取步骤,推动经济复苏。Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says there are some encouraging signs about the economy, but he was quick to temper expectations. Geithner says the typical pattern of an economic turnaround dictates that only when businesses start to hire again will there be a peak in unemployment. 财政部长盖特纳说,经济方面有一些令人鼓舞的迹象,不过他很快话锋一转,调降人们的期望值。盖特纳说,经济回转的典型模式意味着,在各公司再度开始招聘之前,失业率将会达到顶峰。Geithner, who appeared on CBS' "Face the Nation" program, called it the "crude reality" of recoveries. "It took us a long time to get here. It is going to take some time for us to work through this. Progress is not going to be even. There is going to be a period where it is going to feel very bad still and very uncertain. And that is again why it is so important that we just keep moving," he said. 他说:“我们走到目前这种境况用了很长时间。我们渡过这个局面也需要一些时间。进展不会是均衡的。还会有一段让人感到很糟糕而且很不确定的时期。而这就是为什么我们持续行动是如此重要。”Secretary Geithner pointed to mortgage interest rates being at their lowest in history as a positive development. He says this will allow U.S. homeowners to take advantage of the low rates and refinance their homes. 盖特纳指出,房屋贷款利率处在历史最低点是个利好的发展,这使美国的房主们能够利用低利率,将他们的房屋重新贷款。Geithner also defended President Barack Obama's decision last week to oust the chairman of ailing U.S. automaker General Motors. Critics accused the Obama administration of holding a double standard by being more lenient on financial institutions also receiving federal assistance.  盖特纳还为奥巴马总统上星期让困境中的美国通用汽车公司的首席执行官辞职的决定进行了辩护。批评者指责奥巴马政府采用双重标准,对同样接受联邦救助的金融机构比较宽容。Geithner said there will be strong conditions for any company requiring additional taxpayer money. "If in the future, banks need exceptional assistance in order to get through this, then we will make sure that assistance comes with conditions, not just to protect the taxpayer, but to make sure this is the kind of restructuring necessary for them to emerge stronger. And where that requires a change of management of the board, we will do that," he said. 盖特纳说,对任何要求得到额外的纳税人钱款的公司都有严格的条件。盖特纳说:“如果将来需要额外的援助来渡过难关,我们要确保这种援助附加条件,不仅是为了保护纳税人,而且也是确保这些为了更强壮而进行必要的重组。只要需要变动董事会的管理层,我们都会这样做。”Geithner noted the government overhauled the boards of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and insurance company AIG. 盖特纳指出,政府改组了房地产贷款巨头房利美和房地美以及保险公司美国国际集团(AIG)的董事会。Geithner says he wants to help General Motors do whatever works to restructure, even if it means filing for bankruptcy, and emerge stronger from the recession. 盖特纳说,他想帮助通用汽车公司采取任何可行措施进行重组,即使这意味着申请破产,以便让它在衰退之后,变得更强有力。New GM chief Fritz Henderson agreed, saying bankruptcy might be the best alternative. "As I look at the situation, we need to accomplish a set of goals, and accomplishing those ... cannot be compromised. So if it cannot be done outside of a bankruptcy process, it will be done within it," he said. 新的通用公司领导人亨德森赞同盖特纳的意见。他表示,破产可能是最佳替代方法。亨德森说:“在我审视目前形势的时候,我们需要实现一整套目标,那是不容妥协的。所以,如果这不能在破产程序之外做到,就要在破产程序之内去做了。”Henderson, appearing on N, said General Motors is building a plan around four core brands and hopes to improve the quality of its vehicles to regain the confidence of the American consumer. 亨德森在美国全国广播公司节目上露面时说,通用汽车正在制定一项关于4个主要品牌的计划,希望改进车辆的质量,以重新赢得美国消费者的信心。04/66449Background: 一家用来只供宠物飞行使用的航空公司听起来很奇怪,不过美国最新的 Pet Airways 宠物航空改装了几架货运飞机就准备来运送宠物们。宠物的主人们只要付250美元 (大约合人民币1,700元)就可以把他们亲爱的宠物伙伴送上这次宠物之旅,此次旅程出发日期是年7月14日。An estimated one million animals fly each year in America, usually in a plane's cargo hold. One such trip for Jack Russell Terrier Zoe was enough to convince her owners Alysa Binder and Dan Wiesel that pets needed to travel in style. The husband and wife team came up with the idea of Pet Airways. Some of the 50 'pawssengers', as they're called on America's newest airline, probably couldn't help but wag their tails when the maiden flight was y for take off on Tuesday. One of the first to board was Vito, a Border Collie and Australian Shepherd mix. Her owner, Heather Donahue, saw her off: Heather Donahue:"Well it was important for me that my dog Vito had a comfortable flight. And he's not a suitcase, you know, he's a family friend and a part of the family, so it was really important for us that he be safe and comfortable and be able to have a vacation with us."Cats and dogs are able to enjoy pre-boarding walks and at each of the five airports Pet Airways serves, there is even a pet lounge providing pre-flight entertainment. Upon boarding, the jet-setters are escorted by pet attendants who see to their every need during the flight. The first flight, from New York to Los Angeles, was a success says Pet Airways. Flights are booked solid for the next two months and the airline is aly considering expanding. Within the next three years it hopes to serve the pet jet-set in 25 North American cities.词汇cargo hold货舱 Jack Russell Terrier杰克罗素梗 (一种白色梗类犬) pawssengers指乘客 'passenger',这里用了爪子'paw' ,蹄,意思就是这些乘客都是动物 wag their tails摇尾巴 maiden flight首航 Border Collie and Australian Shepherd mix边境柯利犬和澳洲牧羊犬混血 saw her off送行,告别 pre-boarding登机前 jet-setters乘飞机到处旅行的人(这里指乘坐此次航班的宠物) escorted护送 see to their every need照看及满足它们一切需求 booked solid(航班)完全预订满了 expanding扩大注:听力内容来自于B UKChina,转载请注明出处.08/81979江西省赣州市医院网上预约挂号Top Iranian leaders and officials say they have no intention of conducting negotiations with the ed States. Meanwhile, a strike by merchants appears to be continuing in several Iranian cities.Although top Iranian leaders say they will not negotiate with the ed States, that did not prevent foreign visits with Western officials by Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani and Foreign Minister Manouchehr Muttaqi. Larijani met with Western parliamentary leaders in Geneva, while Muttaqi addressed an international conference on Afghanistan in Kabul.In Tehran, Iran's Deputy Parliament Speaker said the ed States "humiliated and opposed the Islamic Republic," precluding any "reason for negotiation."Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast presented a similar line of reasoning at his weekly press briefing. Mehmanparast says Washington's pursuit of economic sanctions against Iran, in addition to what he claims is U.S. maltreatment of Iranians, mean there is no real reason to negotiate. As Iranian media continued to focus on international issues, the economic crisis inside the country appeared to worsen, according to many analysts.Iranian television showed officials inaugurating new electricity plants and saying more gasoline is available, contrary to scattered reports from inside the country that gas stations are running low on fuel and that electricity brownouts are causing major disruptions.Former Iranian President Abolhassan Bani Sadr, who lives in exile in France, says an intermittent general strike in Tehran's bazaar reportedly began about 10 days ago. He says the strike began in response to a new 70-percent tax on merchants by the government, and the strike has continued despite major government concessions.Bani Sadr says the strike is continuing because the country's economic crisis has been exacerbated by the government's bad policies. The former president says that merchants see a bleak economic future for Iran because of rising prices, lack of investment, lower oil revenues and the elimination of price controls. All of this, he says, also has been compounded by new economic sanctions imposed by the ed Nations and the U.S.Analyst Houchang Hassan-Yari of Canada's Royal Military College says Iran's economic situation is compounded by a growing religious opposition to the government. Pious bazaris, he says, are angry that religious figures they admire are being insulted and marginalized by the government."Through the association that the bazaris have with different religious leaders, they see clearly that those leaders are maltreated by the Islamic Republic, and the Islamic Republic is taking distance from the original ideas of the [1979 Islamic] Revolution, and the kind of society that it promised to create," said Hassan-Yari.Iran's merchants were an important part of the opposition movement that swept Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi from power in 1979. Abolhassan Bani Sadr, who was Iran's first president after the Islamic Revolution, says the power of the bazaar has diminished since that time, but that that it still carries considerable weight.尽管伊朗高层领导人表示不会与美国谈判,但是他们并没有阻止议长拉里贾尼和外长穆塔基与西方官员在国外进行接触。拉里贾尼在日内瓦与西方国家议会领导人会晤,穆塔基则在喀布尔举行的阿富汗问题国际会议上发表讲话。 伊朗副议长在德黑兰表示,美国“羞辱并反对伊斯兰共和国”,从而排除了“任何进行谈判的理由”。 伊朗外交部发言人迈赫曼帕拉斯特在每周例行的媒体吹风会上发表了相同的讲话。 他说,华盛顿对伊朗进行经济制裁,以及美国对伊朗人采取粗暴态度,意味着没有切实理由来开展对话。 许多分析人士说,伊朗媒体继续将焦点对准国际事务的同时,伊朗国内的经济危机似乎正在恶化。 伊朗电视台显示,官员们为新发电厂举行落成典礼,说目前有更多的汽油供应。这和来自伊朗国内的零星报导完全相反,那些报导称,加油站的汽油不够,而电力不足造成了严重混乱。 流亡法国的伊朗前总统萨德尔说,据报导,大约10天前,德黑兰市场开始了断断续续的罢工。他说,这次罢工是回应伊朗政府征收70%商品税的新政策。尽管政府做出了重大让步,罢工仍在持续。 他说,罢工仍在继续,因为政府糟糕的政策使伊朗的经济危机更加恶化。萨德尔说,由于物价上涨、投资缺乏、原油收入下降,以及取消价格控制,商人们认为伊朗的经济前景黯淡。萨德尔指出,除了所有这一切,现在又加上了联合国和美国对伊朗施加的新经济制裁。 加拿大皇家军事学院分析人士哈桑认为,宗教界日益增长的反政府情绪也影响着伊朗的经济形势。他说,虔诚的商人对他们崇敬的宗教人物被政府侮辱和边缘化感到愤怒。 他说:“通过结交不同的宗教领袖,伊朗商人清楚地看到,伊斯兰共和国没有善待宗教领袖,伊斯兰共和国正在背离1979年伊斯兰革命的初衷,背离它承诺要创造的社会。” 伊朗商人是1979年将巴列维赶下台的反对派运动的重要组成部分。萨德尔是伊斯兰革命后伊朗的第一任总统,他说,市场的影响力自伊斯兰革命以来已经减弱,但仍然有相当的份量。201007/109703赣州大余医院治疗妇科怎么样

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