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新东方英语900句 Lesson 29:LibraryCore Sentences1. Many people go to the city library on weekends.2. I'd like to apply for a library card to check out books.4. Where can I get the ladies issue of time magazine?5. The ing room is large and quiet.6. Please consult the card catalogue or the computer.7. The catalogues here are in alphabetical order by the author.8. Drop down the card number, Please fill out the card slip.9. Here is the lady's edition of this book.10. Sorry, the book you want has been checked out.11. You may keep it for three weeks, then you have to return it.12. You cannot take it home, but you can what you need.13. May I renew this book?14. Your book has been over due for two days. You have to pay a fine for it.Dialog ExerciseNumber one, Return books.A. Good afternoon, may I help you?B. I want to return these magazines.A. Sure, your magazines are over due, Sir. You have to pay some fine.B. Really, Ok. Before I forget, can I renew this national geographic.A. Sure, you can keep it for another foure weeks after renewal. B. This is my library card.Number Two, At the libraryA. Exuce me?B. Yes, what may I do for you?A. This is the first time I visit a library. I want to find a book for my paper. Will you tell me how to do about it?B. Sure, first, please consult the card catelogue or the computer over there. The catelogues are in the alphabetical order, either by author, title of the book or the content. The computer is easy to use, just typing the keyword of the book, and information will be poping out.A. I see. What shall I do next?B. Next, please drop down the card number of the book you want, fill in the call slip, and leave the slip with me.A. Can I borrow the book if it is still in the ?B. Sure, actually, you can borrow ten books once, and keep them for four weeks.A. I understand. Thank you very much for your help.B. You're welcome. /200604/5874。

I#39;m in one of Canada#39;s most isolated provinces,British Columbia,But I#39;m not alone.我身处加拿大最与世隔绝的省份之一 不列颠哥伦比亚省 但这次我不是孤身作战Get y for the most wild cab ride you#39;re ever gonna take.准备踏上最狂野的 荒野之旅20,000 hardcore fans from all over the U.S. applied to join me全美有两万个铁杆粉丝 申请与我共同for the wilderness adventure of a lifetime.经历一生中最疯狂的探险We selected Joe Resto from New York,我们选择了来自纽约的乔·莱斯特who has a very personal reason to make this trip.出于私人原因 他加入此次旅程I was a victim of a very random and senseless act of violence.我曾是一起 突发的非法行为的受害者I was shot in my back.背上中了一My friend next to me was shot in the head and killed instantly.而我朋友 就站在我旁边 被击中头部 当场毙命Upon recovery, I made a promise to myself to do whatever makes me smile.康复以后 我对自己保 要享受生活 及时行乐And going to Canada with Bear makes me smile.和贝尔一起来加拿大令我开心Joe#39;s fellow rookie is Sean Lacoste from the midwest.乔的新同伴是来自中西部的肖恩·拉科斯特Sean feels he#39;s got something to prove.肖恩想明一些东西My friends and my family, they#39;ve all said,我的家人和朋友总是说;You have so many fears. You have so many weaknesses.;你太懦弱了 你有太多弱点And there#39;s no way you#39;d be able to do it.不可能完成任务For this to actually come true,I mean, I#39;m excited, I#39;m nervous.当它真正实现了的时候 我既兴奋又紧张All right. Time for a wild ride.好吧 狂野滑行开始了I#39;m happy that I get the chance to prove to myself很高兴我有机会能明自己and to throw it in their face, to say, ;I can do this.;Whoa, boy!然后反驳他们 并对他们说;我能做到; 天哪And this adventure is gonna push our guys to the absolute limit.Good job.这次探险会将这两人 推向生理极限 干的好We#39;re halfway across a glacier when we come face-to-face with a sheer 50-foot wall of ice.我们正要跨越面前 这个50英尺深的大冰缝 Article/201705/511156。

On a second trip,Alfred spent a whole year in the Eternal City,第二次罗马之旅 阿尔弗雷德与父亲一起在这不朽之城along with his father,walking the ruins of the empire and the sacred sites.逗留了一整年 踏访罗马帝国与宗教圣地的遗迹It was surely this experience which made him what he was a philosopher prince,无疑是这一经历 成就了其日后的美名 一位崇尚知识的王子and someone who in more than a literal sense,translated the works of Roman wisdom for Anglo-Saxon consumption.并毫不夸张地说 是他将罗马智慧的结晶翻译来 为盎格鲁-撒克逊人所用Through Alfred, England got something it hadn#39;t had since the legions departed:阿尔弗雷德的统治 让英格兰重新成为 自罗马军团撤离后就已消逝的An authentic vision of a realm governed by law and education,一个真正用法律与教育治理的王国a realm which, since Alfred commissioned a translation of Bede into Anglo-Saxon,阿尔弗雷德命人 将比德的著作翻译成古英语understood its past and its special destiny as the western bastion of a Christian Roman world.让这个王国了解了自己的历史和基督教罗马世界西方壁垒的特殊命运But first, he had to win those battles.但首先 他必须取胜疆场He took the throne of Wessex at a time when,despite a recent victory,他加冕登上韦塞克斯王位之时 非但没有疆场捷报为其立威 the collapse of his kingdom seemed all but imminent,而且他的王国乃至于and with it the entirety of Anglo-Saxon England.整个盎格鲁-撒克逊英格兰都命悬一线It was here amidst the reeds of Athelney Island that the heroic legend of Alfred, the fugitive on the run,就在这里 阿塞尔内小岛的芦苇丛中 阿尔弗雷德大王败北逃亡仅以身免finally turning the tide against his enemies,was born.最终却扭转乾坤大败丹麦的传奇由此开始By the spring of 878, Alfred had managed to piece together an improvised alliance of resistance.878年春 阿尔弗雷德拼凑汇集了 一临时御敌联盟At King Egbert#39;s stone on the borders of Wiltshire and Somerset,在威尔特郡与萨默塞特郡交界处的 埃格伯特国王像near the site of this 19th-century folly built to celebrate it,he took command of an army which two days later,fought and defeated Guthrum#39;s Vikings.这个19世纪为欢庆胜利而建 却极富讽刺意义的雕像附近 他指挥着这部队 两天后 大败格斯鲁姆所率的维京海盗 /201607/454921。

Hello?你好Imagine if you could understand and communicate with people across 100 languages.想象一下 如果你能懂100种语言,并能与世界各地的人无障碍沟通 那有多好啊With the Google Translate app, now you can.现在你只要使用谷歌翻译就可以Translate lets you connect with the world around you.他可以让你与你身边的各种人联系No matter where in the world you are.不管你在世界的哪里It#39;s free and it#39;s always with you right on your phone.免费而且随时随地就在你的手机中Let#39;s try it out.让我们试一下吧Tap the microphone to use your very own voice.轻点手机用你自己的语言说出来Is there a pharmacy nearby?附近有一个药房吗?woman: You can even have a complete conversation with someone who speaks a completely different language.你甚至可以与一个完全不懂你的语言的人来一次完整的谈话Just select your language and their language and start talking.只要选择你的语言和对方的语言,开始交谈吧I#39;m late.我迟到了I know a shortcut我知道一个捷径Your speech will be translated loud and clear.你的话会被翻译的非常清晰和洪亮And you#39;ll be able to see it, too.并且你也可以看见Now, let#39;s say you#39;re looking at a in a language you can#39;t .现在让我们说 你正在看一个用你不懂的文字写的菜单Using your camera, you can translate the words instantly.用你手机的相机,你就可以立刻翻译那些单词It could save you from ordering something that sets your mouth on fire.他可以让你避免点一些让你嘴巴上火的的食物And it even works offline.并且他还可以离线工作Speaking of offline, so what if you don#39;t have data? Or you#39;re in a place with no Wi-Fi?还可以离线发音,如果你没有数据或是你在一个没有WiFi得地方Don#39;t worry. You#39;ve got this.不要担心 你已经知道怎么做了You don#39;t need internet to use Translate.你可以不需要网络来进行翻译Just download the offline translation file for the languages you need.只要下载你需要的出现的翻译分类Translate words without data in a jungle, on an airplane, or in deep space.没有数据也可以翻译,在森林 在飞机场或是在遥远的太空Google Translate.谷歌翻译Have a conversation. Use your camera.用你的相机就可以来一场谈话Use it everywhere.可以在任何地方用它100 languages right in your hand.一百种语言就在你手中We speak Translate.我们可以语音翻译Do you?你觉得呢? Article/201706/513852。

And for just what exactly had Becket laid down some would say thrown away his life?而对于贝克特被杀害的原因 有人表示 算了吧 他这种人Some fantastic notion, aly out of date,that the church could lay down the law to the state?自认为教会凌驾于法律之上 这种天真的想法早就过时了All our modern instincts seem to say, Oh, come on!Look at Henry and you find reality.我们现在回头看也许会说 得了吧 看看亨利 他带来的才是现实the guardian of the common law, the engineer of government,;the smasher of anarchy.;And you#39;d be quite wrong.《普通法》的守护者 国家的引路人 ;混乱的终结者; 那你可就大错特错Becket, headstrong, infuriating, over the top,theatrical Becket, made a huge difference.贝克特顽冥不化 令人愤怒 夸大其词 但正是他 带来了戏剧性的巨大改变His view of the church lasted.The Angevin Empire did not.他对教会的主张延续了下去 比安茹王朝更长命百岁The actual murderers got off pretty lightly,hiding out in Yorkshire, excommunicated,told to go on crusade.真正的凶手们只受到从轻发落 犯人被逐出教会 躲藏在约克郡 之后受令参加了十字军东征But the real judgement, Henry reserved for himself and the verdict was guilty as charged.但亨利将真正的审判留给了自己 并被判为有罪In 1174, he made a pilgrimage to Canterbury,where Becket#39;s blood was said to work miracles.1174年 他前往坎特伯雷朝圣 在那儿 传说贝克特的鲜血能行奇迹Over the last miles, Henry walked barefoot in a hair shirt,as Becket had done four years earlier.距离教堂最后几英里时 亨利穿着刚毛衬衣光脚步行 就像四年前的贝克特那样At the tomb, he confessed his sins and was whipped by the monks.在贝克特的墓前 他供认了他的罪行 并接受了教士的鞭打However tough his punishment, though,the blood would never wash away.尽管他遭受了严厉的处罚 但依然无法洗刷他的血债Henry, the hero of the common law, will always be remembered as the biggest of England#39;s crowned criminals.The murderer in the cathedral.亨利二世 《普通法》的典范 将会永远被刻上英格兰最大国王罪犯的烙印 大教堂里的刽子手 /201609/468151。

Our picture of the earliest moments of the universe has been evolving,我们对于宇宙最初的认识不断地改变and I#39;m happy to say, in some sense has more empirical support than it did before.我很高兴在某些方面 它得到了比以前更多的实持The discovery of the Higgs field implies that you can get fields that freeze in empty space.希格斯场的发现暗示着你能够在真空中冷冻And that#39;s a central part of what we think happened in the very early universe.它是我们对宇宙初期演变的认知的核心部分And if we can detect gravitational waves from the Big Bang如果我们能够探测宇宙大爆炸时产生的引力波we#39;d have a window on the universe back to a time when it was a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a second old,那么我们就能够窥探到一万亿亿亿亿分之一秒时的宇宙是什么样子的answering questions about the origin of the universe as we know it回答关于宇宙起源的问题ideas that I speculated upon in my last book, for example我的新书中有提到这些猜想for which we have new evidence that I#39;ve described in my new book.例如书中描述了一些关于这些猜想的新的据But because the temperature of the universe and the energies and particles were so extreme at that early time但是因为在宇宙处于初级阶段的时候其温度 能量和微粒都是处于很极端化的状态的when the entire visible universe was contained in a region that was smaller than the size of an atom那时整个宇宙都聚集到一个比原子更小的区域里there#39;s a wonderful symbiosis between large scales and small scales smaller在这个尺度上 宏观与微观相差无几And if we can probe the early universe back to a time that I described we#39;ll actually如果我们能够探测到我提及的早期宇宙的信号be probing physics on scales that are much smaller than we can see at the Large Hadron那么 我们就能够探测到比大型强子对撞机所能获得的还要小的尺度上的物理现象Collider, 12 orders of magnitude smaller in scale (or higher in energy) than we can probe with our highest-energy accelerator now.比我们用现有的最高能的加速器所能获得的尺度(或能量)还要小(大)12个数量级To build an accelerator that would directly probe those energies,为了建造一个能够直接探测到如此大能量的加速器we would have to have an accelerator that#39;s not just 26 km around, as the Large Hadron Collider is,我们必须有一个不仅包含26千米长的大型强子对撞机but whose circumference is the earth-moon distance同时 还要包含一个周长要为日月距离的加速器and that#39;s not going to be built in our lifetime (and probably ever)我们穷尽一生(可能永远)也无法完成如此规模的加速器So we may have to rely on the universe to give us new information,因此 我们只能依靠宇宙自身去给予我们这些信息and that#39;s why we#39;re looking for such signals.这就是我们要去探测这些信号的原因When the universe was a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a second old当宇宙的年龄是万亿亿亿亿分之一秒时our current picture suggests: A field very similar to the Higgs field froze in space,我们现有的图像显示:有一个与希格斯场相似的场冻结于空间中but it was in what is called a metastable state.我们称之为亚稳态Sort of like… if you have a beer party and you put beer in the freezer就像…你要举办一个啤酒聚会 你将它放入了冷冻格because you forgot to until the few minutes before the party,因为你忘了把啤酒冰镇一下 直到聚会马上就要开始了你才想起and then during the party you forget that it#39;s in the freezer, and you take it out later.接下来你在参加聚会的时候又忘记放在冷冻格里的啤酒 然后你把它拿出来And it#39;s there—liquid—and you open it up, and suddenly it turns to ice,它还在那儿 处于液体状态 然后你打开它 它却在瞬间凝固了and the bottle cracks: The beer is in a metastable state.瓶子爆裂:啤酒就处于亚稳态At that temperature it would rather be frozen except it#39;s under a high pressure.只有处于高压下 它才能在那样的温度下不冻结The minute you release the pressure it freezes instantaneously, releasing a lot of energy.你给它释放压力的瞬间 它就瞬间凝固 并释放很大的能量As our universe cooled we think the same thing happened;这跟我们的宇宙冷却时发生的事情是一样的:basically a field got frozen but in the wrong configuration, and as the universe cooled, suddenly—boom!— like those beer bottles,只是一个区域冻结了 但是以一种错的方式冻结来了 当宇宙冷却下来的时候 就像啤酒瓶一样砰地一声爆炸了it changed its state, releasing a huge amount of energy, creating the hot Big Bang.它改变了自身的状态 释放出大量的能量产生了大爆炸Now the interesting thing is, while it was in that metastable state and storing energy,现在 有趣的是 当它处于亚稳态并且储存着能量时general relativity tells us that if you have a field in empty space that#39;s storing energy广义相对论告诉我们:如果有个储存着能量的真空场it produces a gravitational effect that#39;s repulsive, not attractive.那么它的引力效应为排斥而非吸引So during that brief time gravity is repulsive, and the expansion of our universe started speeding up faster and faster and faster,所以有那么短暂的瞬间 引力场为排斥场 然后宇宙大爆炸开始膨胀得越来越快and the size of our universe (we think) increased by a factor of 10 to the 30th in scale, or at least 10 to the 90th in volume,宇宙会在一百亿亿分之一秒内将尺度扩大到原来的10的30次方倍in a time interval of a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a second.而体积则至少膨胀为原来的10的90次方倍That means it went from the size of an atom to the size of a basketball in a short time,这意味着在很短的时间内 它由一个原子的大小膨胀至一个篮球的大小and that rapid expansion produced characteristics which pervaded the universe today:正是由于这剧烈的膨胀导致了遍及整个宇宙的基本的性质:The fact that our observed universal looks flat, the fluctuations, and the cosmic microwave background我们观测到的宇宙近乎平坦 涨落与宇宙微波背景辐射radiation all came from quantum fluctuations that happened during inflation.都来自于膨胀时的量子涨落Inflation is the only First Principles idea that in principle explains why our universe looks the way it does.膨胀是第一原则 它从根本上解释了为什么宇宙会是这样的And what#39;s wonderful about it is it doesn#39;t require any exotic ideas of quantum gravity or theories we don#39;t have,值得庆幸 它不需要量子引力以及其它我们还没有建立的理论来提供持it#39;s based on ideas that are central to our current understanding它完全是基于我们现有的of the standard model of particle physics, just extrapolating them somewhat.对粒子物理的标准模型的认知 仅仅是标准模型的外推So it#39;s very well-motivated; even though it is hard to believe that it could have happened, we think it did.所以 这个很好的解释 即使我们很难相信宇宙大爆炸曾经发生过但是我们认为它发生过 Article/201706/512642。