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He sold his Apple stock他卖了其苹果股票so Steve Jobs had 0 million.得到1亿美元And he had enough money因为这样他拥有足够的资金that he could spend money until he was satisfied可以用来令到每件事that he was doing everything in the best possible way.都以他所认为的完美方式来进行So this created problerns for也因为这样而令到for NeXT ComputerNeXT电脑遇上麻烦because Steve wanted everything to be perfect.因为乔布斯希望所有东西都完美While Jobs was busy starting NeXT,当乔布斯忙于开展NeXT时a computer animation group电影导演乔治卢卡斯旗下的part of film director George Lucas empire - was for sale.电脑动画公司正在放盘出售So George brought Steve Jobs当时乔治卢卡斯to come in and look at some of this叫乔布斯去看看very early comparatively primitive,他们制作那些比较原始crude computer animation that they were doing at Lucas.和粗糙的电脑动画And Steve Jobs was blown away这令到乔布斯感到非常震惊In 1986, he bought Pixar1986年,他以1000万美元for ten million dollars.买入了皮克斯动画制作室Like NeXT,和NeXT一样Pixar would sell an expensive, high-end computer,皮克斯售卖昂贵的高端电脑but it wouldnt sell very well.不过销情并不理想To help make money,为了赚钱Pixars animation team皮克斯的动画制作队伍made television commercials除短片之外in addition to their short films.也会制作电视广告Our small group of animators我们的动画制作小组每年也会was making one small short a year制作一条动画短片that we were primarily showing at Trade shows end conferences.主要在各大展览和会议上播出But, these short films started getting a lot of attention.不过这些短片开始受到各界关注We were nominated for an academy award我们凭着顽皮跳跳灯短片in 1986 for Luxo Jr.在1986年得到奥斯卡金像奖提名In 1988 we won the academy award1988年我们的锡玩具短片更荣获for best short film for Tin Toy.奥斯卡金像奖最佳动画短片大奖The story for babies and toys and how they mixed together.讲述一个婴儿和一件玩具的故事,由你追我逐变成一团和气 /201310/261674

Iconic Got Milk? slogan gets replaced The iconic tagline behind the milk industry, ;Got Milk?,; has been replaced with ;Milk Life; in hopes of higher sales.-Well, you know, you have to change it, because its all about rebranding. And then you have milk sales suddenly declining, but they had to come up with something new. But its crazy to think that these two words Got Milk could have got such an impact on American pop culture. Obviously, we all remember those ads, beautiful women back in the early 90s, wear the milk mustaches around their lips. N* being one of them. Also David Beckham, he was pictured as well. We also had Alten John. With that types of celebrites that was used very widely. Harrison Ford was included, too, Murande Lamber. But the idea of the campaign was really to push people, Hey, listen, you know, successful cool people, celebrities are drinking milk. You should, too. But as I mentioned milk sales is steadily declining, so the ads come up with something new. The new campaign is referred to Milk Life. So its less focused on celebrities, more on the nutritional content, focusing on the protein of the milk, less about the celebrities. The idea is that really will help the milk sales pick up.-Wait, you said Milk Life? Like a life? Milk Life.-Milk Life, OK. Thats it. Milk Life.-OK, Im just meritting, meritting on it. See, if I like it. As we talk milk, I know prices of milk going up across the country.-Yeah, exactlly, let me just show you what the milk prices are right now. They currently stand at 3 dollars and 55 cents a gallon. Theyve been spiking steadily since back in September when they were 3 dollars and 42 cents a gallon. So a couple of factors are going to this. First of all, the demand. As people make more money, they tend to spend more in the grocery store. And obviously, demand tends to push the prices up, but also another factor thats kind of link to demand as well. Its really exports. Milk, more and more milk is being exported. More and more dairy products are being exported. Exports are all-time high. That is actually, ovbiously affecting demand, which pushes prices high again. And then theres a wild cause, with the draught in California. Obviously, the cows need water and pasture. Obviously, we have a draught, and that might actually impact milk prices later down the line. /201402/277816

If delivering bad news is a struggle, these tips will ease the stress.如果传递坏消息让你犹豫不决,下面的建议可以帮你缓解压力。You Will Need你需要A private location清静的地点Tissues纸巾A friend or family member (optional)家人或朋友(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Rehearse the bad news1.预演坏消息Practice saying the bad news and focus on words or phrases to use and ones to avoid.提前练习一下怎样说出这个坏消息,集中在选择什么样的语言可以使用,什么样的应该避免。STEP 2 Meet in private2.私下见面Meet somewhere private where you can talk quietly without interruption, such as a bedroom, bathroom, or windowless office.在比较清静的地方见面,这样你可以不受干扰地说出这个消息,比如卧室,浴室或者没有窗子的办公室。Bring a friend or family member along for comfort if you do not know the person you are talking to very well.如果你不是很了解对方,可以带对方的一个朋友或家人一起安慰他。STEP 3 Find out what they know3.了解他们知道什么Find out what the person knows to avoid repeating information and prolonging an uncomfortable situation.了解一下哪些消息是他们已经知道的,避免消息重复,延长不舒的情景。STEP 4 Get to the point4.开门见山Get right to the point and dont ramble or make small talk. This delays the inevitable and can increase tension.开门见山,不要拐弯抹角,不要闲聊。这会延长并增加不必要的紧张感。Be as clear as possible when delivering bad news. Avoid using metaphors or euphemisms.传递坏消息时尽量清晰。避免模棱两可。STEP 5 Comfort the person5.安慰对方Comfort the person with a touch when appropriate, but be aware of social or cultural conventions that may make the situation worse.合适的情况下,拍一下对方的背安慰一下,但是要了解社会或文化准则,以免让情况更加糟糕。STEP 6 Answer questions6.回答问题Make time to answer questions and allow the person to grieve if necessary. Offer a tissue.留点时间来回答对方的问题,如果必要的话可以让对方发泄一下悲伤的情绪。奉上纸巾。Positive thinking can lower stress, increase a persons life span, boost their immune system, and reduce their risk of a heart attack.积极的思考可以缓解压力,延长寿命,增强免疫系统,降低心脏病的风险。视频听力译文由。201406/304139

Back home, shes built a pond, surrounded by netting to keep out predators where her charges will spend the next six months, until they are big enough to fend for themselves.回到家里,她建了一个用网围起来以隔离捕食者的水塘,在接下来的六个月内加以保护,直到他们长得足够自立。For the past 20 years, small-scale conservation projects like this are all that have kept Chinas 150 wild alligators from extinction.过去的20年里,靠着像这样小规模的保护措施中国150只野生扬子鳄免遭灭绝。Just south of the alligator country, dawn breaks over a very different landscape.就在饲养鳄鱼村落的正南方,黎明破晓之光照耀出一幅不同的画卷。The 1,800-meter high granite peaks of the Huangshan or yellow mountain.黄山那海拔1800米的花岗岩巅峰,又称为黄之山。To the Chinese, Huangshans pines are epitomised as the strength, and resilience of nature. Some of these trees are thought to be over 1,000 years old.对中国人而言,黄山松象征着自然蓬勃的生命力与不屈的精神。其中一些树据说已超过千岁。 注:如视频无法播放,请刷新 /201407/312939

Sants come on,Sants come on.圣迪出来了,圣迪出来了。Now,Newcastle are choosing to start with young Santiago Munez.今天纽卡斯尔队将年轻队员圣地亚哥·蒙尼兹列入了首发阵容。Its only his second-ever appearance for the senior side.这才是他第二次参加这种重大赛事。I guess theyll be hoping he produces some of the flair that he showed as a substitute at Fulham last week.我想他们是期望他能够像上周在富勒姆当替补时那样一展身手。重点词汇:flair 天分例句:He has a flair for languages.他有学语言的天分。 201406/306170

A hot pot restaurant in Chengdu that hosted visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron is now offering an 888 yuan Cameron Combo, which includes all the dishes Cameron ordered for dinner during his recent visit to the city.接待来访英国首相—卡梅隆的这家成都火锅店现推出888元卡梅隆套餐,该套餐包含卡梅隆此次成都行所食用的所有菜品。The Cameron Combo comes with the ;two-flavored; hotpot soup, several vegetarian dishes as well as cilantro-mixed meatballs which seem to be the prime ministers favourite. The restaurant has received many bookings for the room where the PM dined, and the restaurant owner named the room ;Cameron; after the PMs visit.卡梅隆套餐包括鸳鸯锅底,几种蔬菜拼盘以及卡梅隆首相的最爱——香菜肉丸。该家火锅店老板在卡梅隆成都行之后就将其所用餐的房间命名为“卡梅隆”房间,而目前该火锅店已经接收到许多客人对该房间的预定。The waitress, who served Cameron, has also become popular. In order to get her to wait on your table, an extra 1,000 yuan will be put on your bill.那位曾经为梅隆用餐务的务员也因此而出名。想要让她在桌旁为您用餐务,您将需要额外付1000元人民币的务费。201312/267744

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