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President Bush Participates in Briefing on Hurricane Gustav, Discusses Energy THE PRESIDENT: Members of my Cabinet have assembled here, and I thank you all for coming. We recognize that the pre-storm efforts were important and so are the follow-up efforts -- in other words, what happens after the storm passes is as important as what happens prior to the storm arriving.And so our discussion today is about energy. The Gulf Coast region produces a lot of energy for the ed States. And we're now in the process of assessing any damage done to the infrastructure and what -- it's a little early right now to come up with a solid assessment. There are some encouraging signs. For example, during Katrina, rigs would be -- rigs moved because of the force of the storm and their anchors drug across pipelines, which caused there to be infrastructure damage. We didn't see much of that this time, although I will tell you that it's a little early to be making any forecasts.It's not too early, however, for the federal government to continue to coordinate with state and local people. That's why Secretary Bodman was in touch with Governor Jindal. We want to make sure that we're in touch with these energy-producing states, to help assess what took place and what needs to happen.One thing is for certain: When Congress comes back, they've got to understand that we need more domestic energy, not less; that -- and one place to find it is offshore America, lands that have been taken off the books, so to speak, by congressional law. And now they need to give us a chance to find more oil and gas here at home. I'd much rather American consumers be buying gasoline produced from American oil than from foreign oil. I'd rather our dollar stay at home than go overseas.And I know the Congress has been on recess for a while, but this issue hasn't gone away. And this storm should not cause the members of Congress to say, well, we don't need to address our energy independence; it ought to cause the Congress to step up their need to address our dependence on foreign oil. And one place to do so is to give us a chance to explore in environmentally friendly ways on the Outer Continental Shelf.Thank you very much.200809/47299。

But we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt. We refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity of this nation. And so, weve come to cash this check, a check that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice.We have also come to this hallowed spot to remind America of the fierce urgency of Now. This is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism. Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy. Now is the time to rise from the dark and desolate valley of segregation to the sunlit path of racial justice. Now is the time to lift our nation from the quicksands of racial injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood. Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of Gods children.It would be fatal for the nation to overlook the urgency of the moment. This sweltering summer of the Negros legitimate discontent will not pass until there is an invigorating autumn of freedom and equality. Nineteen sixty-three is not an end, but a beginning. And those who hope that the Negro needed to blow off steam and will now be content will have a rude awakening if the nation returns to business as usual. And there will be neither rest nor tranquility in America until the Negro is granted his citizenship rights. The whirlwinds of revolt will continue to shake the foundations of our nation until the bright day of justice emerges.201111/161192。

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My Countrymen: No one can contemplate current conditions without finding much that is satisfying and still more that is encouraging.在考察当前形势时,任何人都不难看到,令人满意的东西实在很多,而鼓舞人心之处则更是不可胜记。Our own country is leading the world in the general justment to the results of the great conflict.我国正在全世界率先进行那场巨大冲突之后的全面重建工作。Many of its burdens will bear heavily upon us for years, and the secondary and indirect effects we must expect to experience for some time.今后数年内,我们将背负许多重担,同时也必须准备在某些时候承受那些次要而间接的后果。But we are beginning to comprehend more definitely what course should be pursued, what remedies ought to be applied, what actions should be taken for our deliverance,但目前我们正开始更确切地考虑,我们应当遵循何种方针,应当运用何种补救措施,应当采取什么行动以解决自己的问题;and are clearly manifesting a determined will faithfully and conscientiously to adopt these methods of relief.而且我们正清楚地表明我们意志坚定,决心忠实而自觉地实施这些扶危济困的措施。Aly we have sufficiently rearranged our domestic affairs so that confidence has returned, business has revived,由于我们在内政方面已进行了充分调整,因而信心得到恢复,商业得以复兴,and we appear to be entering an era of prosperity which is gradually reaching into every part of the Nation.全国各地正在逐步进入一个繁荣的时期。Realizing that we can not live unto ourselves alone,we have contributed of our resources同时我们也意识到,我们不能孤立地生存下去,因而我们提供了财力和建议,and our counsel to the relief of the suffering and the settlement of the disputes among the European nations.以帮助欧洲各国解除困苦和平息争端。Because of what America is and what America has done, a firmer courage, a higher hope, inspires the heart of all humanity.因为美国过去所取得的成就和目前的现状,全人类便具有了更为坚定的勇气和更为崇高的愿望,不觉精神为之一振。It will be well not to be too much disturbed by the thought of either isolation or entanglement of pacifists and militarists.我们究竟应当奉行孤立主义还是与那些和平主义者和军国主义者纠缠不清,这种考虑实在不必使我们受到过多的困扰。The physical configuration of the earth has separated us from all of the Old World,地球的自然构造使我们同整个旧世界分隔开来,but the common brotherhood of man, the highest law of all our being, has united us by inseparable bonds with all humanity.但共同的兄弟情谊这一人类最高法则,却用不可分割的纽带将我们与全人类联结在一起。02/444005。

The Olympic Spirit, the Spirit of Bipartisanship, and Health ReformThe President takes a moment to congratulate our Olympic athletes. Discussing the unity and pride Americans feel in cheering them on, the President relates that sentiment to his own desire for bipartisanship in Washington. He praises the recent bipartisan meeting and talks about moving forward on health reform.Download Video: mp4 (133MB) | mp3 (4MB) 201002/97402。

President Bush Meets with General David McKiernan, Commander for NATO International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan THE PRESIDENT: I want to thank General McKiernan for giving me a briefing on Afghanistan. Before I talk about our visit, I do want to say this: I appreciate Senator Harry Reid's leadership in the ed States Senate when it comes to the financial rescue plan. I also appreciate Mitch McConnell['s] leadership, as well. The Senate will be voting on a very important measure tonight. It's a -- the rescue plan, the bill has been improved by raising -- by other things, raising -- temporarily raising the cap on FDIC insurance. It's very important for members to take this bill very seriously. It's important to get credit flowing again so that small businesses in our communities will be able to finance their operations, so that local municipalities will be able to get the money they need to take care of the needs of local citizens, so that states will be able to meet their needs. It's very important for us to pass this piece of legislation so as to stabilize the situation so that it doesn't get worse and that our fellow citizens lose wealth and work. The Senate is going to take this bill up tonight. I'm hopeful they'll pass it, and then the House will have a chance to vote on it Friday morning. As I say, the bill is different, it's been improved, and I'm confident it will pass. General, thank you for coming. I appreciate your service to the country. General McKiernan is briefing me on the situation in Afghanistan, what he is going to need to make sure that we continue helping this young democracy succeed. Obviously, this is a situation where there's been progress, and there are difficulties. There's been progress when you consider the fact that millions of young girls go to school that didn't have a chance to go to school before in Afghanistan. That's incredible progress. There's progress when you realize that health care needs are being met for the first time in -- around Afghanistan. There's progress when there are roads being built so farmers can get product to market. That's progress. There's difficulties, of course, because killers can't stand this progress. And the General's job is to work with obviously not only our troops but the thousands of troops from NATO countries there to provide the security so the progress continues. And there's been some tough fighting, and we honor our American troops who have sacrificed so that Afghanistan never becomes a safe haven again for extremists who would harm our citizens. We talked about the comprehensive strategy necessary to succeed. I announced more troops for Afghanistan, and the General, of course, is continually to assess his needs. But we also must make sure there's a civilian component that runs alongside our military, that there's good governance, and that there's aid programs that are effective and focused on the people of Afghanistan, and that the infrastructure progress continues to be made. And so I want to thank you for your service, thank you for your candid briefing, General. I want to thank your family, as well as all the other families who are standing by those who wear the uniform, as this nation continues to defend her own security and defend young democracies. General, you and your troops are laying the foundation for peace. You're making a sacrifice today so that future generations of Americans don't have to worry about harm coming from a place like Afghanistan, and future generations of Afghans can grow up in a hopeful society. And I'm proud to be your Commander-in-Chief. 200810/51407。

I stand here and have taken the high and solemn oath to which you have been audience由于美国人民业已挑选我作为这一威严权力的代表,并且从其善良的心意出发,because the people of the ed States have chosen me for this august delegation of power and have by their gracious judgment named me their leader in affairs.决定提名我主持他们的各项事务,所以你们就已经听到,我站在这里做过了崇高而庄严的宣誓。I know now what the task means. I realize to the full the responsibility which it involves.我现在懂得这一职位意味着什么,我也完全明白它所负有的责任。I pray God I may be given the wisdom and the prudence to do my duty in the true spirit of this great people.我祈求上帝赐予我智慧和审慎,使我能够按照伟大的美国人民的真正精神来履行我的职责。I am their servant and can succeed only as they sustain and guide me by their confidence and their counsel.我是他们的公仆,只有他们用信心和忠告给予我持和引导,我才能获得成功。The thing I shall count upon, the thing without which neither counsel nor action will avail, is the unity of America我所依赖的乃是美国的团结一致,也就是一个在感情、an America united in feeling, in purpose and in its vision of duty, of opportunity and of service.目标上,以及在有关义务、机会和务的观念等各个方面都团结一致的美国,舍此任何计划和行动都无济于事。We are to beware of all men who would turn the tasks and the necessities of the nation to their own private profit or use them for the building up of private power.我们要当心一切利用这些任务和国家的需要谋取个人私利的人,要提防他们借此以树立私人势力。ed alike in the conception of our duty and in the high resolve to perform it in the face of all men,我们对于自己责任的看法,以及在面对所有人履行这一责任的决心上,同样也要保持一致,let us dedicate ourselves to the great task to which we must now set our hand.让我们把自己的全副身心都投入到我们必须即刻着手的伟大任务中去吧!For myself I beg your tolerance, your countenance and your united aid.对我本人,则恳请你们给予宽谅、鼓励和齐心协力的持。The shadows that now lie dark upon our path will soon be dispelled,现在笼罩在我们道路上的层层迷雾,很快就会被驱散,and we shall walk with the light all about us if we be but true to ourselves只要我们忠于自己,忠于我们自己历来所抱的愿望,to ourselves as we have wished to be known in the counsels of the world and in the thought of all those who love liberty and justice and the right exalted.力争获得全世界的好评,力争在所有热爱自由、正义和崇高权利的人们心目中占有一席之地,我们就能够在光明的照耀之下,沿着这条道路阔步前进。02/445102。

Good afternoon ,ladies and gentlemen.Today I m gonna talk about dreams .everybody has a dream.女士们,先生们,下午好.今天我准备谈论一下梦想.人人都拥有一个梦想.Martin Luthe King had a dream-and we can all recall his Civil Rights Speech.马丁.路德金拥有一个梦想-我们都能回忆起他的民权演讲.Phil Knight had a dream-and now the whole world knows his Nike slogan;;Just Do it .;菲尔.奈特拥有一个梦想-整个世界都知道他的耐克口号;做就行;.China also has a dream , an Olympic dream.中国也有一个梦想,一个奥林匹克梦.A hundred years ago,a newspaper in Tianjin,carried an article about Chinas Olympic dream.一百年前,天津的一家报纸有一篇关于中国的奥林匹克梦的文章,Three challenging questions were raised .The first ,when can China send a team to the Olmpics?在当中提出了三个具有挑战性的问题.第一个是中国什么时候才能派队伍参加奥林匹克运动会?The second, when can China win an Olympic gold medal?And the third,when can China host an Olympic Games?第二个是中国什么时候才能获得奥林匹克运动会的金牌.而第三个是中国什么时候才能举办奥林匹克运动会.As you all know , our country has answered the first two .众所周知,我国已经回答了前面两个问题.China sent its first team nearly 70 years ago and won the first gold medal in the 84 Los Angeles Games .中国早在七十年前已派出第一队伍参赛,另在一九八四年洛杉矶奥运会获得了第一金牌.Since then we have all been hoping to answer the third.Earlier this year ,China started its final bid for hosting the 2008 Olympic Games.从那时候以来我们一直希望能够答复第三个问题.今年年初,中国开始了最后一轮申请主办二零零八奥林匹克运动会.Our passion is to realize the last part of our Olympic dream.我们的热情是去实现我们奥林匹克之梦的最后一部分.That dream guided our first bid eight years ago .No Chinese will soon forget the disappiontment when it burst!八年以前奥林匹克之梦指引我们作了第一次申办.中国人不会马上忘记当梦想破灭时候的失望!However, Chinas commitment to the Olympic movement has revied the dream.不过,中国对奥林匹克运动会的承诺使梦复活了.As you know ,China increased its participation in Sydney and bought home unparalleled success with 28 gold medals.大家都知道,中国增加了其在悉尼奥运会的参赛项目并以二十八枚金牌取得空前的胜利.In the past eight years,China has spared no efforts to host internatinal sporting events and creat a green environment for our Olympic dream.在过去八年里, 中国一直不遗余力去主办国际运动大赛,同时为我们的奥林匹克之梦创造一个绿色环境.It seems everyone is now trying to contribute to our green Olympic bid.似乎现在每个人都在努力为我们的申办奥林匹克运动会做贡献.Even my twelve-year-old cousin from Beijing is doing her part.甚至我来自北京的十二岁的堂都在贡献她的那一分力量.When she visited my hometown during the Spring Festival ,she proudly told me that she is part of the ;Green Angles Campaign;these days.当她春节拜访我故乡的时候,她自豪地告诉我这些日子她是;绿色的天使活动;的成员.Then as in making an announcement at a conference,she declared that every Sunday she joins her Green Angles Group and spend two hours colleting litter in a park.然后就好像在会议上作宣告一样,她宣称自己每个星期天都加入绿色天使小组,花两个小时去公园捡垃圾.I felt dubious , because I know she seldom does anything at home with her ;tender little hands,; let along collecting litter!我感到很怀疑,因为我知道她在家里很少用她;娇嫩的小手;去做家务,更不用说去捡垃圾了.However ,her parents confirmed and supported their daughters efforts.然而她的父母亲都实了她的说法并持她的努力.Beyond the recent personal involvement ,our whole country has for many years been laying foundations for this vision .不谈论目前个人的问题,很多年以来我们的整个国家一直在为这个梦想打基础.We are the most populous nation of our global village .Yet in the past two decades, we have made great social and economic progress.我们是全世界人口最多的国家,然而在过去的二十年来,我们已经取得了伟大的社会进步和经济进步.For the first time ,instead of worrying about food .We now can choose from a wide variety of hypermarkets and restaurants .我们第一次不愁吃穿,现在我们可以在高级百货商店和饭店里有很多选择.For the first time ,instead of concerns about a roof to shelter us, many are now buying their own apartments.我们第一次不愁无屋可住,现在很多人都买了自己的房子.So ,for whole century , China has regards the opportunity to host the Olympics as a symbol of prosperity and also as a symbol of integration in the international community.所以整个世纪以来,中国一直把获得奥林匹克运动会主办权的机会看作是繁荣的象征和融入国际社会的象征.That may explain why so many Chinese were moved to tears each time the TV showed our national flag being raised in an Olympic stadium.这就是为什么每次在电视里看到我们国旗在奥运会场馆里升起的时候那么多国人激动得热泪盈眶的原因了.Those Olympic achievements illustrate how the Chinese dragon is waking.那些奥运会的成就足以明中国这条巨龙已经觉醒了.Even my young cousin is waking to her responsibility to sacrific precious study time and dirty her hands to see this dream fulfilled .即使是我的小堂也醒悟到自己的责任,所以不惜牺牲自己宝贵的学习时间和不怕弄脏自己的手去实现梦想.This means that the dragon is y to find its place among the worlds nations:这意味着巨龙准备好在国际社会中找到适合自己的位置,and this means that China has gained enough confidence to finally fulfill the dream of hosting an Olympic Games.意味着中国已经获得足够的信心去最终实现主办奥林匹克运动会的梦想.Everyone feels overjoyed when a great dream comes true.I will feel very happy today if I can realize my dream:当一个伟大的梦想实现的时候每个人都会感到欣喜若狂.我会感到很开心如果今天我能实现我的梦想:to win this competition .The Chinese people will feel rewarded if they can win the bid this July and realize their Olympic dream ,a century-old dream.赢得这次比赛的胜利.中国人会感觉得到了回报如果他们能够在今年七月申办成功,以实现他们的奥林匹克之梦,一个世纪长的梦.But like all dreams ,you never know the ending until the last minute.但正如所有的梦想一样,不到最后一刻谁也不会知道结果.So , if I am going to add something more to the Beijing bid ,I would simply say :Hey , world ,now is the time to let us JUST DO IT !所以,如果我要为这次北京申奥添砖加瓦,我会说:世界你好,现在是时候让我们实现梦想了.Thank you for dreaming with me !谢谢你们和我一起梦想!Rick:Thank you .Contestant number fifteen,I dont think youre working yet ,but what would be your major consideration to choosing a job and why?里克:谢谢十五号参赛选手.我想你还没有参加工作,但你选择工作主要需要考虑什么条件呢,为什么?Zheng Yin:Thank you very much Rick.Well, I have to be frank with ,with you .政音:非常感谢里克的提问.我必须坦白地和你们说.The first thing that jumps into my mind is salary .Im very frank.What the basic thing a person needs to do in order to survive on this planet is to support himself.我首先考虑到的事情是薪金.我很坦白.在这个地球上为了生存,一个人最基本的需要就是养活自己.We need to feed ourselves.We need to keep ourselves warm by buying clothes and we need to entertain ourselves.我们需要养活自己,我们需要买衣给自己保暖,我们需要自己.All these things need money.So ,if money is not considered in choosing a job ,why the big fuss of finding a job .所有的这些都需要钱.所以,如果选择工作不考虑钱的问题,那有什么必要在找工作的时候大惊小怪了.I can be volunteers.I enjoyed working at a volunteer all the time.I was a volunteer when I was a high school student and I enjoyed caring for old people in the old people s homes.我可以成为义务者,我一直喜欢作为一个义务工作者,还在高中的时候我就曾义务去老人家里照顾他们And I enjoyed playing kids, those kids in the orphanage.So ,money should always be the first thing, but ,actually ,not the most decisive thing I will consider if I choose a job .还有我喜欢和孩子们一起玩,那些在孤儿院和孩子们一起玩,那些在孤儿院里的小孩子.所以,薪金总是放在第一位的,但实际上,这也不是我选择工作所考虑的决定性的因素.The second thing is dreams.Just as I told you ,I m talking about dreams today so I will extend my topic today.第二条就是梦想,正如我先前告诉你们,我今天是在谈论梦想,所以我会拓展我的话题.A person who has no dream is a person who has no soul .And dreams can guide you to the most suitable job in this world.一个人没有梦想也就没有灵魂.在这个世界上梦想可以引导你选择最适合的工作.Let me give you an example.Lets take Bill Clinton as an example.He was the former U.S.President.让我给你们举个例子.就让我们以比尔.克林顿为例吧.我们都知道他是美国前任总统.We all know that .And when he was still a student,J.F.Kennedy ,one of the most famous Presidents of the ed States,visited Arkansas and Bill got a chance to meet Kennedy.当他还是一个学生的时候,美国最著名的总统之一约翰.肯尼迪拜访阿肯色州,比尔有个机会跟他会面.And after that he said ,one day I want to be that man as well. And I will also give you another exampel ,its a dream of a Chinese man ,that is AngLee,one of the most famous directors in the world .之后他说,总有一天我也要成为总统.我还想给你们举另外一个例子,那是一个名叫李安的中国人的梦想,他是世界上著名的导演之一,And he just won the Best Art Directin Award in this years Oscar.他刚刚获得了今年奥斯卡的;最佳艺术指导;.And ,he had a dream when he was young .At that time ,he used to watch films, foreign films,with Chinese subitiles.当他年轻的时候曾经拥有一个梦想,那时候,他常常看电影和有中文字幕的西片.And he said ,one day Ill make a Chinese film with foreign subtitles for the foreigners to watch .他说过,总有一天我会制作带外文字的字幕的电影让外国人观看,And he made it when he shot Hidden Dragon ,Crouching Tigers.And Im very glad for him as well.他拍的电影lt;lt;卧虎藏虎gt;gt;实现他的梦想.我同样也为他感到高兴.So ,we can see that dreams can really make you to choose the most suitable job for yourself.所以,我们可以看到梦想真的能够为你选择最适合你的工作.And interests and dreams shall always be the most decisive consideration in my choosing for a job .梦想和兴趣总是我选择工作考虑的最具决定性的条件.Thirdly ,Im a practical person and I would also consider geographical location .第三,我是一个务实的人,我还会考虑工作的地理位置.Because ,we all know that there are more chances in big cities and a person has greater potential in big cities.因为我们都知道大城市有更多的机会,一个人在大城市可以得到更好的发展.So ,for all you guys sitting down there,we know that choosing a job is a hard task ,对于你们所有在座的朋友们,我们知道选择工作是一件困难的任务,its a mutual process.那是一个双向选择的过程.Its a process of others choosing you and you choosing others.So ,for you guys sitting down there , and also for myself,别人选择你,你也选择别人.对你和我来说,lets hope for the best.And dont forget ,prepare for the worst .Good luck to you all.Thank you very much.让我们期待最好的工作,但不要忘了做最坏的打算.祝你们好运,非常感谢!Judge:Thank you very much indeed contestant number fifteen .You told us that that the dragon is waking .评委:非常感谢十五号参赛选手.你告诉我们巨龙觉醒了.Judge:And what do you think are the most important things,or perhaps just the most important thing, that the rest of the world has to learn from the waking dragon?评委:你认为世界其它国家必须要向巨龙学习的最重要的东西是什么?What has China got to offer to the rest of the world ,many things of course, but what is the most important thing that China can offer to the rest of world ?中国要为世界其它国家提供的东西很多,但什么才是最重要的呢?Zheng Yin:Thank you very much for your question ,Maam .I think the most important thing Chinese people have to show to the outside world is our development,our development in all respects.政音:非常感谢这位女士提出的问题.我认为中国人必须向国外显示我们在各方面的发展成就,这一点是重要的.I just mentioned that a Chinese film won an Oscar.Thats part of our development.And we have developments in economy ,in our scientific field ,and also in many, many things我刚才提到中国的电影获得了奥斯卡大奖,这就是成就之一.我们已经在经济,科技领域取得了很大的发展等等,with witness around us ,greener land ,bluer water, and highter skyline .我们身边的土地更绿了,水更蓝了,地平线更高了,这些都可以作.But before who dont come to China, they dont know this .So we have to tell them and publicity is very important in this.但没来过中国的外国人不知道,我们必须告诉他们,在这方面宣传就非常重要了.And also we know that China has survived the financial storm,the worst financial storm in years that hit Asia.我们都知道中国经历了几年前袭击亚洲的金融风暴,That Chinese survived it and is now safe and sound economically.And we also have to tell the foreigners this fact.但中国熬了过来,并且在经济方面平稳地发展,我们必须告诉外国人这个事实.And publicity also plays a very important role in this .So ,in all for your quesion ,在这里,宣传也扮演一个重要的角色.I believe as a university student , I dont know many things political .我认为作为一个大学生,我不懂用很多政治性的东西来回答你的问题,I dont know these government things, those official things, those actual statistics.我不知道那些政府和官方的东西,也不知道实际的统计数据.But ,I believe I witness in these years Chinas development and I d like to tell you the judges, who are most of you foreigners and also people sitting down there,但是我目睹了这些年来中国的发展,我想告诉评委们,你们大多都是外国朋友和在座的人们,that China has developed and we are always waiting for you to see this development .Thank you very much.中国已经高速发展了,我们一直在等待你们来参观.谢谢!Judge:Thank you very much .Contestant fifteen ,I enjoyed your, umm,presentation on ,umm, considertations that you would have in selecting a job and particularly enjoyed the story about Bill Clintons ,uh , remebering that he met,评委:非常感谢十五号参赛选手.我很欣赏你在选择工作中所考虑事项的演讲,也非常欣赏有关克林顿uh,John Kennedy ,and he said this is someone who I want to become like him.和肯尼迪见面的故事,他说他也要成为像肯尼迪那样的人.Have you met someone in your life,just as Bill Clinton met J.F.K.and said I want to be like that person.你遇到过这样的朋友,就如克林顿和肯尼迪一样,你会说我成为这样或那样的人吗?Who have you met in your life ,and youve said to yourself,I want to be like that person?And ,why ?谁是你在生活中遇到的朋友,你会跟自己说,我会像他一样?为什么?Zheng Yin:Thank you very much ,Maam .And I need to go back into my memories to such ,search for such kind of person .政音:我非常感谢这位女士.我得搜索我的记忆去寻找这样的一个人了.And ,uh ,I believe I meet this guy ,but I didnt talk to him .我相信我遇到过这样的一个人,但我没有跟他说过话.Thats the anchor of one of most famous programs on CNN,or Cable Network.他是美国有线新闻网络的一个著名节目的主持人,Uh,his name is Larry King.We know that he is the guru of talk show .他的名字是拉里.金,我们都知道他是脱口秀的宗师级人物.And I adored him when I first saw him.He was, he is a person with so much glamour.当我第一次看到他的时候,我就非常崇拜他.他是一个充满魅力的人,He talks funnily ,and he has such a fine sense of humor.And I,I assumed that I met him, OK?说话风趣,有幽默感.我假定我遇到过他,好吗?Although ,I didnt talk to him in person ,but I adored him and that is a person who had a big impact on me as to my own personal dream.尽管我没跟他个人谈话,但我崇拜他,他是一个对我个人的梦想影响很大的人.And I will tell you that Id like to be a guy like Larry King in the future,also to be an anchor of a talk show ,and also an Engish talk show , maybe still on CNN to tell the foreigners the development in our country,and to tell them the cultural ,我可以告诉你,将来我想成为一个像他那样的人,成为一个脱口秀的主持人,一个英语脱口秀的主持人,可能就是美国有线新闻网络给外国人报道我们国家的发展情况,跟他们说中国的文化.and to tell them everything good in China.And I hope that if I can have a chance in the future ,I hope my program will be popular ,if not more popular as Larry King talk show .一切有关中国的好情况.我希望如果我将来有这样的机会,我希望我的节目会受到欢迎,哪怕是比不上前拉里.金.Thank you very much .非常感谢!Judge:Thank you.When you were talking about Chinas hosting the two-o-o eight,um,um,Olympic Games,you ,评委:谢谢.当谈及中国申办二零零八年奥林匹克运动会的时候,你uh ,mentioned quite a few things.China has a dream and the various dreams that um,uh,China wanted to realize.提到了许多事情.中国有很多要实现的梦想,And the third one is that China want ,wants to host the ,uh ,Olympic games.其中第三个是中国希望能主办二零零八的奥运会.Now why is it so necessary? Why is it so important for China to host the Olympic games?那真的很有必要吗?中国主办奥运会为什么很重要呢?Zheng Yin:Thank you very much for your question,Maam.I think the importance lies in publicity.政音:谢谢这位女士的问题.我想重要性在于宣传.We know that although Olympic games is,is a world wide event of sports and athleticism ,but its also a chance for China to show itself.我们知道奥林匹克运动会是世界性的体育盛会,但它也是中国自己的机会.And every country in the world knows this very well.And so the ,the competition,the bidding competition is so heated.世界上每个国家都知道这样做的好处,所以申办的竞争十分激烈.I think thats one of the most important reasons.And uh,I think its very necessary for China to host an Olympic games.我认为那是其中一个最重要的原因.还有,我认为中国主办一届奥运会是十分必要的,uh,Im not sure whether China will host the 2008 or not ,but I hope China, and I also believe that China will host one in the near future,maybe in fifty years or so .我不能确定中国能否获得二零零八年奥运会的主办权,但我希望中国,我也相信中国会在不久的将来会主办一次,大概五十年内吧.And I think the Olmpic games will give the foreigners a chance to at least come into our country.我想奥运会至少会给予外国人机会来中国.We know that still not so many foreigners have come to China .It gives them a very good opportuity.我们知道来中国的外国人还不是很多,因此这是个好机会,And also a very good opportunity for the Chinese public to get to know more about Olympics and to promote the Olympic spirits of fair play ,or equality ,or democracy in China ,and will do good to the Chinese people and also to our courntry .同时中国公众也有个好机会去了解奥运会和发扬奥林匹克;公平竞争;的精神,和中国的平等,民主,这对我们国家和人民都有好处.Thank you very much.谢谢!09/84774。