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成都/素秀学校专业吗成都唯美化妆美甲纹绣培训学校学习半永久化妆PCD纹绣多少钱成都素秀半永久机构做韩式半永久纹眉多少钱 Chinese clothing saw a rapid development during the Wei,Jin,and Southern and Northern dynasties (220—589). Some time before 265,the cultures and esthetic views of the peoples in north and south China merged because of the moves initiated by frequent wars. Many philosophicalschools of thought influenced both people#39;s lives and the conceptions of clothing design. The Tang Dynasty (618—907) wrote most brilliant page in the history of Chinese clothing. People#39;s clothes were more varied than before because the state was more open to the outside world and people became more cosmopolitan in their thinking. The clothes for women could be called fashionable because they changed rapidly and were showy. When a new style came out,many people took to it.中国装在魏、晋、南北朝时期(220-589)快速的发展。在265之前,因为频繁的战争搬迁,中国南方和北方人民对文化和审美观点融合。许多哲学流派的思想影响个人的生活和装设计的概念。唐代(618—907年)在中国装史上写下最辉煌的一页。人的衣比以前更多样化,因为国家对外界更加开放,人们的思维也更国际化。妇女的衣可以被称为时尚的,因为她们改变迅速和艳丽。当一种新的风格出来了,很多人会尝试。 /201604/439556泸州韩式定妆唇培训学校哪家好

资阳纹绣教程Chinese Film History中国电影史The film of China underwent its hard and long pioneering period. In nearly thirty years (1905 ~ 1931) it suffered hard and bitter transformation from projecting foreign motion pictures to making its own films and from parasitizing on foreign resources to producing independently.中国电影的拓荒期是漫长的。在将近30年(1905 ~ 1931 )的时间里,中国电影从放映外国影片起步到开始摄制自己的影片,从寄生于外国资本到开始自己独立自主地制片,经历了艰难而痛苦的蜕变。On August 11, 1896, motion pictures arrived in China from the West and the first recorded screening of a foreign film in China was held in Shanghai. Since then, the French, the English, Italians and Russians exported their films to China in succession.1896年8月11日,电影传人中国,当天,在中国的上海上映了第一部外国电 影。从此,法国人、英国人、意大利人、俄国人纷纷把自己国家的影片输人中国。As the first Chinese film, The Battle of Mount Dingjun which started to shoot on July 9th, 1905 was made by Ren Qintai in November 1905. It was adapted from a Beijing opera of the same title by a notable performer of Beijing Opera Tan Xinpei and shot at the Feng Tai Photo Studio in Beijing, The shooting of the film marked the official birth of Chinese film. The producer of the film, Ren Qingtai, had studieyoung. He himself bought a manual camera and 14 sets of films from a German merchant and hired Liu Zhonglun who worked in his photo studio as his cameraman. The film was produced outdoors in the daylight for three days without any transcript or background. Although it seemed that The Battle of Dingjunshan was rough and ordinary,it was of great significance then—it inaugurated the pioneering beginning to make films for Chinese people. It was the infrequent and rare material not only for the history of Chinese film, but also for the history of Chinese Beijing opera.In 1913, as the first film company set up Chinese people, Xinmin Film Company was founded. And the first Chinese short feature film The Couple in Hard Times ( or Die for Marriage OT the Difficult Couple) ( Dong Fang Hua Zhu) came out then.1905年7月9日,中国第一部电影《定军山》开拍。此部影片改编自京剧,由著名京剧艺术家谭鑫培在北京丰泰照相馆拍摄完成的,标志着中国电影的诞生。 由年轻时曾在日本学习摄影的任庆泰担任制作人。他从德国商人那里购买了一部手动摄像机和14盘胶卷,雇他照相馆里的照相师刘仲伦担任摄影师。本片在户外日光下拍摄了三天,没有任何脚本和布景。现在看起来,《定军山》的制作是粗糙而 普通的,但在当时其意义却非同小可:它开创了中国人拍电影的历史先河。不对于中国电影史还是中国京剧史,这部影片都是罕见而珍贵的资料。In those days some styles of film had appeared, such as story film, martial art film, newsreel, scenery film and animation which were still at their exploring stage. Most of the films then were poor in art and contents. However, these films had positive meaning, for example, The Couple in Hard Times reflected the irrationality of the arranged marriage to some degree.1913年,中国人自己组建的电影公司新民公司在上海成立,中国第一部短故事片《难夫难妻》(又名《洞房花烛》)问世。In the following several years, the production companies were mainly owned by foreigners and the domestic film industry actually started in Shanghai since 1916. Film technicians from America began to train Chinese technicians in Shanghai in the 1920s, thus, American influence continued to be felt for the next two decades. This was the rudimentary times for the film of China. During this period some production companies were first set up in Shanghai, such as Star Film Company founded by Zheng Zhengqiu and Zhang Shichuan and the Shaw Brothers#39; Tianyi Film Company (“Unique”). In 1917 China had its own first film corporation—the Film Section of the Commercial Press. Among these companies, Star Company produced Orphan Rescues Grandfather in 1923 and arounsed a stir then.那时,一些影片的类型,如故事片、武打片、纪录片、风光片,动画片都出现了, 但基本上都还处于探索阶段。那时拍出的影片,无论内容上还是艺术上,大多很低 劣粗糖。不过也确有一些影片具有积极意义,如《难夫难妻》,在一定程度上反映了包办婚姻的合理性。As a milestone of early Chinese film, Orphan Rescues Grandfather made by Zhang Shichuan and Zheng Zhengqiu with its successful box-office appealing to Chinese audiences of the time not only aid a foundation for the prosperity of Star Film Studio, it attracted more investment capital and talent into filmmaking, allowing a upsurge of founding film companies. According to the statistics, 175 film companies had been founded successively in every corner of the country, among which 145 were in Shanghai along. The emergence of numerous film companies led to the fact that the number of films increased and the domestic films were received a tremendous ovation on the market. Chinese film began to bottom out since then,entered its first unprecedentedly flourishing period.随之而来的几年间,制片公司主要由外国人所拥有。1916年,中国的电影业才真正以上海为中心开始起步。20世纪20年代,美国电影专家开始在上海为中国培训技术人员。此后的二十年间依然能够感觉到美国对中国电影的影响。这个时 期是中国电影事业的萌芽时期。也是在此期间,中国首批电影制作公司,如张石川和郑正秋的明星影片公司,邵醉翁等兄弟四人的“天一”影片公司开始在上海创办。 1917年,中国有了第一家自己的电影企业——商务印书馆影片部。1923年由明星影片公司拍摄的《孤儿救祖记》引起了轰动。作为早期中国电影里程碑式的作品,张石川、郑正秋合作的《孤儿救祖记》票房上的成功不仅为“明星”公司的繁荣奠定了基础,而且吸引了众多资金和人才来投资影视制作,引发了创办电影公司的热潮。据统计,1922年到1926年间,全国 各地先后开办的电影公司有175家,单上海一地就有145家。众多电影公司的出现,导致了电影产量激增,国产电影受到市场的热烈欢迎。中国电影从此开始走出低谷,进人第一个空前繁荣期。In 1931 the first Chinese wax disc dubbing film, Singing Girl was produced.Although it did not bring the expected sensational effect in its public performance, the fearless experiment and struggling practice of the producers opened the new page of the history of Chinese film after all.1931,《歌女红牡丹》是中国第一部蜡盘配音有声片,虽然有声片在公演时,并未产生所期望的轰动效应,但是制作者们的大胆尝试和努力实践,毕竟揭开了中国电影历 史新的一页。In 1932, Chinese Education Film Association was established in respond to the suggestion of enthusiastic people from Chinese educational and film field. Next year, Conscienceness by Bu Wancang and The Flower of Freedom, by Zheng Zhengqiu were selected as excellent films for the first time by the society. Hereafter, everal film selections were held. This was the earliest governmental film award for some leaders of the association acted as senior government officials.1932年,中国教育界和电影界热心人士共同倡议,在南京建立中国教育电影 协会。次年,中国教育电影协会举行了第一次影片评选活动,卜万苍导演的《人道》 和郑正秋导演的《自由之花》被评为优秀影片。此后又举行了几次评选。由于当时 协会的领导者中有不少具有政府髙层官员身份,因此可以说这是中国电影史上最 早的具有政府色的电影奖。At the beginning of 1930s, with the foundation of the progressive Chinese Leftist Writers#39; League, Japanese invasion of China and the Chinese people#39;s awake-ness, the first truly important Chinese film was produced starting from the 1930s. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the progressive film workers made many good films bearing positive social effects at a quite high artistic level,like Cheng Bugao#39;s Spring Silkworms (1933) , Wu Yonggang#39;s The Goddess (1934), and Sun Yu#39;s The Big Road (1935), etc. These progressive films were famous for their emphasis on social struggles and external threats (i.e.Japanese invasion),as well as on common people such as a family of silk farmers in Spring Silkworms and a prostitute in The Goddess. In 1933, the first Cantonese film, The White-golden Dragon aded by Xue Juexian and produced by Tianyi Film Company, aroused an unexpected stir. In 1934, Song of the fishermen produced by Cai Chusheng drew much attention of a large audience, and it became the firstChinese film awarded the international prize in the next year. In 193,the premiere of Children of TroubleTimes was held in Shanghai whose theme song, March of the Volunteer, was later confirmed to be the national anthem of the People#39;s Republic of China.20世纪30年代初,中国真正重要的电影随着进步的中国左翼作家联盟的成 立、日本帝国主义对中国的侵略和中国人民的觉醒而开始产生。在中国共产党的领导下,进步的电影作者拍出了许多具有积极社会意义又有相当艺术水准的影片,如程步高的《春蚕》(1933 )、吴永刚的《神女》(1934)和孙瑜的《大路》(1935) 等。这些进步影片因强调当时国内的阶级斗争、国外的威胁(即日本的侵略)以及 注重普通民众的生活而出名,像《春蚕》中的蚕农家庭和《神女》中的歌女。1933 年,由上海天一电影公司制作、薛觉先主演的首部粤语电影《白金龙》引起轰动。 1934年,蔡楚生执导的《渔光曲》,非常卖座,并于次年成为中国首部获国际奖项的影片。1935年,《风云儿女》在上海首映,影片的主题歌《义勇军进行曲》后来被定为中华人民共和国国歌。In 1930s, Chinese film entered an unprecedented flourishing period and film style was gradually rich. In 1935, Diantong Film Company produced the first Chinese musical comedy City Scenery directed by Yuan Muzhi, whose artistic style was fresh and lively as well as bitter and harsh, occupying an important position in the film history. In 1937 the newly-established Xinhua Film Studio produced the first Chinese horror film The Phantom Lover directed by Maxu Weibang, starred Jin Shan and Hu Ping, etc. . The film not only made cinematic sensation then, its worth and charm could still be verified through half century.20世纪30年代,中国电影进人了一个空前繁荣期,电影的样式也日渐丰富。 1935年,电通公司推出了袁牧之导演的中国第一部音乐喜剧故事片《都市风光》。 影片以清新活泼同时又辛辣尖锐的艺术风格在电影史上占据着重要地位。1937 年,新成立的新华影片公司推出了中国银幕第一部由马徐维邦导演、金山和胡萍等 主演的恐怖电影《夜半歌声》。影片不但在当时制造了轰动效应,历经半个多世纪 的岁月后,其价值和魅力依然能够得到验。After 1937, Chinese film workers produced many notable films which inspired Chinese people#39;s fighting against Japanese invasion in the Anti-Japanese War, like Ding Shanxi#39;s The Eight Hundred Heroes (1938) , Bu Wancang^S Mulan Joins the Army or Maiden in Armour (1939), with its story of a young Chinese peasant fighting against a foreign invasion, etc. In this stage Chinese film artists became more skillful in film language and their shooting methods reached the rather high level. In 1937, Street Angel produced by Yuan Muzhi made the main actress, Zhou Xuan, a great coup. Accordingly, this post-1930s is now often referred to as the first “golden period” of the Chinese film to some extent.1937年以后,我国的电影艺术工作者在抗日战争中拍摄了不少鼓舞了中国人民斗志的抗战影片,例如丁善玺《八百壮士》(1938)、卜万苍的《木兰从军》(1939) 等。这一时期,我国电影艺术家对于电影语言的运用更加纯熟了,拍摄方法和手段 的运用,也都达到了比较高的水平。1937年,袁牧之导演的《马路天使》上映,女主 角周璇一鸣惊人。鉴于此,20世纪30年代后期,从某种程度上来说,常被认为是中国电影的第一个“黄金时期”。 /201605/443353邛崃市韩式半永久眉毛培训学校哪家好 四川学绣眉毛多少钱

成都/市学纹绣Mountain Climbing in the Double Ninth Day重阳节登高Autumn is the best season to climb mouhtains, as the weather is pleasant,the sky clear and the air crisp. People revel in the beautiful autumn scenes,and enjoy the fresh air and warm sunshine. As a fxistime,mountain climbing is good for keying fit. The fragrant cornel can be used as herbal medicine. It may not possess the magic to exorcise evil spirits, but it does repel mosquitoes. That is why mountain climbers often carry a bundle of the plant.秋天是爬山的最佳季节,由于气候宜人,天空晴朗,空气清新的。人们陶醉于美丽的秋景,并享受清新的空气和温暖的阳光。作为欢愉时光,登山是很好的选择。芬芳的茱萸可以作为草药。它可能不具备魔法辟邪,但它确实驱除蚊虫。这就是为什么登山者往往携带植物香包。 /201607/455800 Short on the sides and thinning on top, French President Francois Hollande#39;s hair is kept perfectly groomed at a cost of almost 10,000 euros a month, the Canard Enchaine weekly reported Wednesday.法国总统弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗德的发型两鬓较短、头顶稀疏。本周三,法国《鸭鸣报》周刊爆料称,奥朗德保持对头发的完美打理,每月花费近1万欧元。The leader#39;s hair has never been the topic of scrutiny, unlike other high-profile male politicians such as US presidential candidate Donald Trump or former London mayor Boris Johnson.与美国总统候选人唐纳德#8226;特朗普或前伦敦市长鲍里斯#8226;约翰逊等其他引人注目的男性政治家不同,奥朗德的头发从来不是人们密切关注的话题。However the publication of the contract of his hairdresser, identified only as Olivier B., by the investigative newspaper had the French public bristling over such extravagant spending by a Socialist president.然而,奥朗德“御用”理发师的雇佣合同——只能辨认出理发师的名字为奥利维耶B——被调查性报纸《鸭鸣报》公开后,法国公众对这位社会党总统的奢侈花费十分不满。;I can understand the questions, I can understand that there are judgements,; said government spokesman Stephane Le Foll, who confirmed the hairdresser#39;s steep salary of 9,895 euros (,900) a month.政府发言人Stephane Le Foll说:“我能理解这些质疑,我知道人们会有评判。”他实了理发师每月9895欧元(10900美元)的高薪。;Everyone has their hair done, don#39;t they?; added Le Foll, his trademark thick grey mane flopping over his forehead.Le Foll标志性的浓密、灰白的头发扑在额头上,他补充道:“每个人都要理发不是吗?”- #39;Coiffeurgate#39; -—“理发门”—A lawmaker with the far-right National Front (FN) referred to Hollande as ;his majesty; on Twitter, while other users superimposed afros, mullets and other hairstyles on pictures of the president, to ;help his hairdresser earn his salary;.一名极右翼国民阵线(FN)议员在推特上称奥朗德为“陛下”,而其他用户则在总统的照片上叠加了黑人式爆炸头、鲻鱼头等发型,来“帮他的理发师挣薪水”。The hashtag #Coiffeurgate was trending on Twitter in France.话题标签#理发门#成为法国推特上的热门话题。Some Twitter users also suggested other balding candidates for the presidency in 2017, such as Alain Juppe of the opposition Republicans, could save taxpayers money.一些推特用户还提出,共和党的阿兰#8226;朱佩等其他秃顶的2017年总统候选人可以节省纳税人的钱。An image of Hollande with a beanie photoshopped onto his head was captioned ;budget cuts;.在奥朗德的一张照片中,头部被PS了一顶无檐小便帽,标题为“削减预算”。Hollande himself earns an annual wage of 179,000 euros a year or 14,900 euros a month. 奥朗德年薪17.9万欧元,月薪1.49万欧元。The Canard Enchaine reported that in addition to his salary, the hairdresser was entitled to a ;housing allowance; and other ;family benefits;.《鸭鸣报》报道称,除工资外,理发师还享有“住房补贴”和其他“家庭补助”。He has been employed since 2012 and travels with the president on most of his foreign trips.该理发师自2012年就已被聘用,并在总统奥朗德的大部分国事访问中随行。The hairdresser#39;s contract states that he must ;maintain absolute secrecy about his work and any information he may have gathered both during and after his contract;.该理发师的雇佣合同规定,他必须“在合同存续期间、结束以后都对工作及获得的任何信息绝对保密”。Hollande#39;s former partner Valerie Trierweiler denied that the hairdresser had been brought in at her request, as two journalists claimed in a book published in April.奥朗德的前女友瓦莱丽#8226;特里耶韦莱否认理发师是应她的要求聘用的,并不像两名记者在四月出版的一本书里声称的那样。;Let#39;s be fair: F. Hollande was not aware of the hairdresser#39;s salary,; she said.她说:“公平地说,奥朗德不知道理发师的工资多少。”;I can attest to his anger when he learned it later,; she added.她补充道:“我可以实后来他得知后很愤怒,”Trierweiler, a journalist, published a bestselling tell-all memoir of her relationship and break-up with Hollande.瓦莱丽是一名记者,她出版了一本畅销的回忆录,讲述了她与奥朗德如何恋爱以及关系如何破裂。Hollande, who was elected in 2012, has always portrayed himself as ;Mr Normal;, in stark contrast to his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy whose flashy lifestyle saw him dubbed ;President Bling Bling;.奥朗德于2012年当选,一直把自己描绘为“正常先生”,与前任总统尼古拉斯#8226;萨科齐形成鲜明的对比,后者因其浮华的生活方式被称为“金光闪闪总统”。Hollande has said he will decide by the end of the year whether to stand for re-election next year. He has said his decision will depend on his success in cutting unemployment.奥朗德表示,他将在今年年底决定明年是否竞选连任。他说该决定将取决于他降低失业率的措施成功与否。 /201607/454505成都/蜀禾美业技能培训学校怎么样绵竹市学半永久化妆



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