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Four-month-old Joey Marie Choi is an adorable baby by day, and one of many pop culture icons by nap time.四个月大的乔伊·玛丽·崔在白天是一个很可爱的孩子,而在午睡时则是多种流行文化偶像之一While Joey sleeps soundly, her mother, photographer Laura, dresses her little one up.她的妈妈、摄影师劳拉,总会在她睡的很香时将她打扮成各种人物;My husband and I always loved to dress up Halloween every year, and it just in our blood to have fun like that,; Laura told A News of how it all began.“我丈夫和我总是喜欢为每年的万圣节装扮,我们骨子里很爱装扮,这样很有趣,”劳拉告诉美国广播公司新闻网这一切是如何开始的And despite the age-old saying, the new mother couldnt stand to sleep while her daughter caught some z because, ;she just so darn cute while she sleeping!;有种古老的说法说女儿睡觉时,妈妈不可以睡,因为“她睡觉时,可爱极了!”So Laura began having some fun. At first, she surrounded her daughter with some props. But then it became a personal challenge.所以劳拉开始找一些乐子起初,她用一些道具装扮她的女儿之后这个乐趣变成了一项个人挑战Fan favorites include Garth from ;Wayne World,; Beyonce, Han Solo from ;Star Wars,; and Eleven from the Netflix summer hit ;Stranger Things.;粉丝们最喜欢的装扮是《反斗智多星里的“加斯”、碧昂斯、《星球大战里的“汉·索洛”和Netflix公司暑期巨制《怪奇物语中的“十一”Laura has also dressed Joey as a sushi chef, a mermaid, a baker, and even an Apple Genius. The list goes on, and each is cuter than the next.劳拉也将乔伊打扮成寿司师、美人鱼、面包师,甚至是苹果公司的员工cos的人物不胜枚举,一个比一个可爱;The ideas come when Im watching a film or ing an about something and an iconic character comes into mind,; Laura said of her inspiration.“我在看电影还是读一篇关于什么的文章的时候,突然灵机一动,一个人物形象出现在我的脑海里,”劳拉说起她的灵感时说道She then scrounges around the house to see what materials she can find. So far, she hasnt had to buy a thing her daughter costumes.然后她就在房子里四处寻找,看能找到什么材料到目前为止,她从未为女儿的“装扮”花过钱Though Laura was never in it the likes (the photos were originally taken family only), since she began sharing the hilarious snaps of her daughter on Instagram, she amassed an impressive 1,000 followers.尽管劳拉从未想过会有那么多人喜欢(那些照片最初只是让家人看),但自从她将女儿的滑稽照片分享在Instagram上,她的粉丝多达惊人的00名But aside from the ;aws; and the laughs, Laura said she hopes parents can get a little more from her photos.但除了赞叹和欢笑,劳拉表示,她希望父母们可以从她的照片中得到更多;There so much shaming going on with parenting, and were all just doing our best to raise our kid. We all love our children,; Laura said.劳拉说道:“在养育孩子过程中,有很多令人难堪的地方,我们只是在尽全力抚养我们的孩子我们都爱我们的孩子”;I think it good to be supportive and lift each other as parents, but I also hope parents are reminded to have fun and find the humor in parenting and not take it too seriously.;“我认为作为家长,相互持,相互提升是一件好事但我也希望能够提醒家长们,在养育孩子过程中能够发现乐趣,能够开心,不要把这一过程看的太严肃” 6338。

第二十六课: 寻工面试 Lesson 6: A Job Interview 各位听众朋友好,欢迎您收听“旅游业英语”讲座第二十六讲我 是澳大利亚澳洲广播电台中文部的节目主持人马健媛 在这一讲中我们要继续学习寻工面试时会遇到的一些语言问题以及 你在面试过程中可以向考官提出些什麽样的问题在我们学习新的 课文之前先让我们一起来回顾一下上一课对话的内容 Justine: Come in, Bob. I’m Justine Asker, the manager. You can call me Justine. Bob: Pleased to meet you. Justine: Sit down. Firstly, Bob, can I ask which job you are applying ? Bob: I’m applying the receptionist position. Justine: I see that you have a Diploma in Hospitality. Have you done any front desk work bee? Bob: I have work experience in front desk. You have my supervisor’s report there. This will be my first paid position. Justine: And why do you want to work at the Plaza Hotel? Bob: Because it has a great reputation; not just its service but as a good place to work. Justine: I’m glad to hear it. Justine: Bob, what strengths do you think you would bring to the job? Bob: Oh, ah. I am patient and I’ve been told I put clients at ease. Justine: Uh huh. And what do you see as your weaknesses? Bob: Do you mean, what am I not so good at? Justine: Yes. Bob: Well, I understand English much better than I speak it at the moment. But I study at home and I look ward to learning more on the job. Justine: Excellent. 接下来让我们要学习新的对话内容,我会将这一部分的对话逐句译 成中文 杰斯丁: 鲍勃,我现在想问你一个假设性的问题你愿意为了客 人的缘故去冒险吗? Justine: Now, Bob, I’m going to ask you a hypothetical question. Would you compromise your own safety the comt of your guests? 鲍勃: 您是说就像勇敢的利奥那样为了捞起客人的帽子而跳入 鲨鱼出没的海里吗? Bob: Do you mean, like the Legendary Leo, who jumped into shark infested waters to save a guest’s hat? 杰斯丁: 诸如此类吧 Justine: Something like that. 鲍勃: 如果我必须这样做的话,我可以做到 Bob: If I must. 杰斯丁: 我想没有人会要求你做到这种程度的,鲍勃利奥实在 是一个与众不同的职员,但他的确太冲动了 Justine: I don’t think you would be expected to show that level of enthusiasm, Bob. Leo was an exceptional worker, but very impetuous. 鲍勃: 我想我会确保自己熟知与我这个工作岗位有关的健康安 全条例并遵守酒店的相关程序 Bob: In that case, I would make sure I know the health and safety requirements associated with my position and follow hotel procedures. 杰斯丁: 这非常好 Justine: Very good. 在这段对话中杰斯丁向求职者问了一个hypothetical question, 假设性的问题这也就是说求职者要回答一旦出现某种情况时他要 怎麽做有些假设性的问题要比杰斯丁在这段对话中提出的问题更 加具体明确鲍勃在回答这个问题时一开始就犯了一个错误,那就 是他首先猜测提问者想要什麽样的回答,然后再照这样的思路去 回答问题实际上提问者希望听到的回答在出现危机的情况时他必 须要小心谨慎当然鲍勃最后还是给出了令人满意的回答在这里 我要提醒您的是每一个工作岗位都有与其相关的守则,而每一个工 作单位中都有自己的内部安全条例和规则一般来说在面试的时候 主考官并不要求你一定要熟知这些规章制度,你只要表明自己会在 拿到这份工作之后确保自己会熟悉并牢记这些规章,以处理可能出 现的情况就可以了我们来听听鲍勃是怎麽说的 鲍勃: 我想我会确保自己熟知与我这个工作岗位有关的健康安 全条例并遵守酒店的相关程序 Bob: In that case, I would make sure I know the health and safety requirements associated with my position and follow hotel procedures. 现在让我们跟着老师一起来练习请重复老师的话 I would make sure. I would make sure I know. The health and safety requirements. I would make sure I know the health and safety requirements. I would follow. I would follow hotel procedures. 我们现在完整地听一遍这部分对话,请在鲍勃的句子之后重复他的 话 Justine: Now, Bob, I’m going to ask you a hypothetical question. Would you compromise your own safety the comt of your guests? Bob: Do you mean, like the Legendary Leo… Bob: … who jumped into shark infested waters… Bob: … to save a guest’s hat? Justine: Something like that. Bob: If I must. Justine: I don’t think you would be expected to show that level of enthusiasm, Bob. Leo was an exceptional worker, but very impetuous. Bob: In that case, Bob: I would make sure I know … Bob: … the health and safety requirements… Bob: … associated with my position Bob: …and follow hotel procedures. Justine: Very good. 各给听众朋友,您现在收听的是澳洲广播电台为您制作的“旅游业 英语”教学节目 575。

South Korean designer Lee Eun-kyoung designed a sofa which hugs people, enabling the lonely one feels the warmth of embrace.近日,韩国设计师李恩景设计了一款;拥抱沙发;,让独处的人也能感受拥抱的温暖It enables people to recreate the feeling they get from having a cuddle with parent, friend or lover, according to the -year-old fine arts graduate from Hongik University in Seoul.这名毕业于韩国首尔弘益大学美术学专业的岁的设计师表示,这种设计让人们感受到和父母、朋友或者爱人抱在一起的温暖She said: People feel lonely when they are by themselves. The sofas are flexible and free, users can wind the arms around themselves after they sit on the sofa. Because of that, the extension arms have the effect of providing the stability to users to have a comtable and relaxing time.她说:“人在独处的时候会感觉孤独这款沙发灵活且自由,使用者可以在坐上去之后,可以用它的手臂拥抱自己正是由于这个原因,沙发的伸展臂有提供稳定的效果,为用户提供一个舒适和放松的时间”The sofa, which is in a round shape and made from a bending sponge type material, took 18 months to make bee being unveiled at a design awards show.沙发由一种弯曲海绵状材料制成,主体为圆形制作沙发用时达到18个月,将在一次设计大赛上正式揭晓It is not currently available sale but Lee plans on trying to sell some in colours such as white, grey, pink and red.该沙发目前尚未公开出售,不过李恩景希望出售时能有更多颜色选择,比如白色、灰色、粉色和红色She said children can play on them, using the arms as a slide, while the arms can also act as a laptop pad.她说,孩子们可以在上边玩,沙发的“手臂”可以成为孩子们的滑梯,也可以作为一个笔记本电脑垫 97。

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As anyone who has ever had a difficult day will know, stress and unhealthiness go hand in hand.任何有过困难时光的人都知道,压力往往伴随着不健康Between wine, ice cream and cheesy pizza, often people think they need something to make them feel better when theyre struggling - and these things work as perfect instant gratification.葡萄酒、冰淇淋或者奶酪披萨,人们在遇到困难时往往认为需要些“让他们感觉更好”的东西--而上述那些东西能让他们立刻满足One Australian author wants to change the way we see stress - in order to stop it from making us fat and change our perceptions of good and bad.澳大利亚一名作家想改变我们看待压力的方式--从而防止压力使人们发胖,并且改变我们对好与坏的看法You will never get rid of stress completely, Luke Mathers, author of the new book, Stress Teflon, told Daily Mail Australia.新书《Stress Teflon的作者卢克·马瑟斯向《每日邮报透露:“你永远也不会完全摆脱压力”I want to open people mind to the possibility that stress can be a good thing. By looking at stress in a more positive light, we can start to utilise it as a way to embrace the challenges in life.“我想让人们意识到压力有可能是件好事通过以更积极的态度看待压力,我们可以将其作为一种拥抱生活中挑战的方式”So how can you learn to stop stress from making you put on weight, and see it in a more positive light?那么你如何才能学会不让压力使你发胖、并且以更积极的态度来看待压力呢?According to Mr Mathers, you need to acknowledge stress what it is, put it in perspective, and then make a choice:据马瑟斯表示,你需要知道压力是什么,先思考然后再做出选择There is always a k in the stress road, he explained. One road uses the challenge response and makes stress a ce being effective and getting things done. The other k in the road sees stress as a threat.他解释说:“压力的道路上总会遇到岔路口一条路是利用这一挑战,将压力作为使得自己有效率、完成任务的动力而另一条路则将压力视为威胁”You dont have to avoid stress; you just have to re-frame it as a challenge. Knots in the stomach then become a sign that you care about something and not a cue to fight or flight.“你不需要避免压力,你只需要将其重新定义为一个挑战心中的忧虑最终会变为你关心在意某事的标志,而不是让你战斗或逃跑的信号”When it comes to your weight, Mr Mathers agrees that this is hard:当涉及到体重的时候,马瑟斯表示这很艰难:No one has ever come home after a hard, stressful day at work and said: ;I really need a controlled portion of celery sticks and fat-free hummus;, he said.“没有人会在辛苦工作一天之后回到家,然后说:我真的要吃一小份芹菜梗和无脂鹰嘴豆泥”But he argues that booze, chocolate or double cheese nachos...dont really help with the underlying chemistry of stress.但是马瑟斯也认为,“酒、巧克力和芝士玉米片不具备消除压力的化学作用”Eating high calorie, comt foods while your blood is full or cortisol and sugar will ensure that any excess energy is stored as fat, he continued.他还表示:“当你的血液富含皮质醇和糖分的时候,吃高热量食物会使得任何多余的能量都会以脂肪的形式存储下来” 50。