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dating 英语中“约会”的日常用语 -- ::37 来源: 今晚有空吗? Are you free tonight? *free“空闲的” Are you free tonight? (今晚有空吗?) Yes. Why? (有空,干嘛?) Do you have plans tonight? (今天晚上有事吗?) Are you available tonight? Are you busy tonight? (今天晚上忙吗?) 今晚你能和我约会吗? Do you want to go out with me tonight? *go out并不一定就是“约会”,但是如果go out的后面直接跟with me的话,就一定是“约会”了 Let go out tonight. (今晚出去吧) If youre free, why dont we go out tonight?(要是晚上有空,我们出去走走行吗?) 愿意和我一起去看电影吗? Would you like to go to the movies with me? Would you like to go to the movies with me? (愿意和我一起去看电影吗?) Id love to. (当然,我很乐意) 我们喝点茶什么的吧 Let have tea or something. Let have something to drink. (我们喝点什么吧) How about having a cup of tea? 能陪陪我吗? Please keep me company a while. *keep me company“和我在一起”、“交往”、“亲近” 我想请你去看演出 Id like to invite you to a show. Would you like to go to a show with me? (愿意和我一起去看演出吗?) 我能和你约会吗? May I ask you out? *ask out“约会” May I ask you out? (我能和你约会吗?) Sorry, I have a boyfriend. (对不起,我有男朋友了) Would you mind if I took you out? Would you go on a date with me? 你是想和我约会吗? (你想勾引我吗?) Are you trying to pick me up? *pick up“勾引(男人女人),欺骗” Are you asking me out? Are you asking me a date? Are you asking me out on a date? 在哪儿见面? Where do you want to meet? Where do you want to meet? (在哪儿见面?) Any place you want. (你觉得哪儿合适就在哪儿) 我们几点见面? What time should we meet? What time should we meet? (我们几点见面?) How about seven? (7点怎么样?) 日常英语 英语口语四川碧莜缇纹绣学校学习韩式定妆水晶唇秀眉多少钱英语口语:英语“撞脸”怎么说? -- :31: 来源: 这年头,撞脸已经不是啥新鲜事儿了普通人和明星、明星和明星、普通人和普通人、男人和女人……撞脸天天发生,这是要秒秒钟逼死脸盲的节奏啊还只会用look alike形容撞脸的小伙伴们,快来get各路撞脸的表达,让“脸盲”患者瞬间告别词穷  1. Doppelganger  第一次听说这个词儿还是在美剧《吸血鬼日记里自带圣母光环的女主就是一个Doppelganger(二重身)该词源于德语,可以表示两个极其相似的人,就像是分身;也指和活人长得一模一样的鬼魂  例:I saw your doppelganger yesterday.  我昨天看到你的“二重身”了  . Spitting image  非常像,一个模子刻出来的,主要形容人的外形相似,英文也可以说mirror image.  例:Dirk is the spitting image of his grandfather.  德克和他爷爷长得一模一样  3. Two peas in a pod  Two peas in a pod豆荚里的两颗豆子,十分相似,Two peas in a pod除了指样貌相似还可以指喜好、风格、类型相似  例:We were two peas in a pod – we liked all the same things, and we did everything together.  我们两个人很像:喜欢相同的东西,干什么都在一起  . Dead ringer   Ringer 意指“酷似某人的人”, dead ringer 则形容人或物外形酷似,撞脸啦~  例:You are sure a dead ringer my brother.  你和我哥哥长得真像 英语 英语口语成都市亮姿生物科技有限公司学飘眉文眉绣眉价格Suburbanization If by "suburb" is meant an urban margin that grows more rapidly than its aly developed interior, the process of suburbanization began during the emergence of the industrial city in the second quarter of the nineteenth century. Bee that period the city was a small highly compact cluster in which people moved about on foot and goods were conveyed by horse and cart. But the early factories built in the 180's were located along waterways and near railheads at the edges of cities, and housing was needed the thousands of people drawn by the prospect of employment. In time, the factories were surrounded by proliferating mill towns of apartments and row houses that abutted the older, main cities. As a defense against this encroachment and to enlarge their tax bases, the cities appropriated their industrial neighbors. In 185, example, the city of Philadelphia annexed most of Philadelphia County. Similar municipal maneuvers took place in Chicago and in New York. Indeed, most great cities of the ed States achieved such status only by incorporating the commies along their borders. With the acceleration of industrial growth came acute urban crowding and accompanying social stress-conditions that began to approach disastrous proportions when, in 1888, the first commercially successful electric traction line was developed. Within a few years the horse-drawn trolleys were retired and electric streetcar networks crisscrossed and connected every major urban area, fostering a wave of suburbanization that transmed the compact industrial city into a dispersed metropolis. This first phase of mass-scale suburbanization was reinced by the simultaneous emergence of the urban Middle Class, whose desires homeownership in neighborhoods far from the aging inner city were satisfied by the developers of single-family housing tracts. 1重庆半永久化妆培训哪家好

简阳市纹绣美容学校成都/素秀纹绣培训学校学纹眼线美容纹绣多少钱Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening---by Robert FrostWhose woods these are I think I know,His house is in the village though.He will not see me stopping here,To watch his woods fill up with snow.My little horse must think it queer,To stop without a farmhouse near,Between the woods and frozen lake,The darkest evening of the year.He gives his harness bells a shake,To ask if there is some mistake.The only other sound's the sweep,Of easy wind and downy flake.The woods are lovely, dark and deep.But I have promises to keep,And miles to go bee I sleep.And miles to go bee I sleepPecks bad boy: 捣蛋鬼 -01-7 00::31 来源: 养个乖巧的小孩是父母的福气,若摊上个“捣蛋鬼”,说不定就是上天的赐予了没听说过这句话?——“只有坏小孩才能闯天涯”当然,“坏小孩”不是真的坏,只不过,养他要更费些心思,因为他太爱闯祸、太能耍小聪明捉弄人了 英语中,这样的捣蛋“坏小孩”可用“Peck's bad boy”来形容Peck是个人名,指的是19世纪美国小说家George W. Peck(乔治·W·佩克),Bad boy则是他笔下一个名叫Hennery的淘气鬼当年,Peck的系列小说“Peck's bad boy”发表后,一度成为人们茶余饭后阅读的最爱书中的“bad boy”令一代美国人忍俊不禁,他爱闯祸的本性,爱捉弄人的特质(尤爱捉弄他的父亲)极大丰富了那个时代的精神生活 191年,“Bad boy”形象 首次被搬上荧幕,由天才童星Jackie Coogan(贾克·柯根)饰演,这部电影被列为早期无声电影的经典之作也正是由于“Peck's bad boy”所取得的巨大成功,小说家George W. Peck(乔治·W·佩克)成了备受公众欢迎的演说家,随后还成为威斯康星州第一位连任两届的州长 现在,Peck's bad boy也常用来形容那些“行动、说话不经大脑思考的冒失鬼”,他们的言行举止常常令别人处于尴尬、难堪的境地 Peck 小孩 小说 成为成都/赫拉美半永久培训修眉绣眉毛漂眉雕眉培训常用英语900句:寻找住房 Looking A House -01-7 :: 来源: Looking A House 寻找住房6. This house is rent. 此房出租6. It's really a bargain. 租金很便宜618. I want to rent a furnished house. 我想要有家具的房子619. That house is sale. It has central heating. 此房出售,房子里有供暖设备6. What kind of furniture do you like? 你喜欢什么样的家具?61. This is a rather old house. It needs painting. 这房子挺旧的,得刷一下才行6. I want an apartment with two bedrooms and a kitchen.我想要一套有两间卧室和一个厨房的公寓63. The houses downtown are very expensive. 市区的房子很贵6. How much is the rent a month? 每月租金多少?65. I feel at home living here. The landlady is very kind to me.我觉得住在这里象在家里一样房东太太对我很好66. We have a few kitchen things and a dining room set.我们有一些厨房用具和一套餐厅设备67. There's no gas range in the kitchen, but you can use theelectric stove.厨房里没有煤气灶,但你可以用电炉6. There is a shower in the bathroom. 浴室里有淋浴器69. I have a dog, but it's very quiet. 我有一只,不过它很安静630. The room has a big closet. You can put your baggage in it.房间里有一个很大的壁橱,你可以把你的行李放进去 住房 英语 寻找 常用广元学纹绣价目表多少钱

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