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伊通满族自治县中医医院是公立医院吗长春市中医院在哪啊Danny: You look like you need to relax.丹尼:你看起来似乎需要休息Sybil: Excuse me?西比尔:请原谅?Danny: What I mean is, you look like you could use some R and R.丹尼:我的意思是,你看样子需要去休息和一下Sybil: I didnt know I looked tired and worn out.西比尔:我不知道我看上去如此精疲力尽Danny: No, what Im trying to say is, people need leisure time once in a while.丹尼:不,我想说的是人偶尔需要闲暇的时光Sybil: Yes, that certainly true.西比尔:是呀,那确实是真的Danny: The human body needs downtime to recuperate and to regenerate.丹尼:人的身体需要停下来康复体魄,改过自新Sybil: Okay, I guess that true.西比尔:好吧,我想这是事实Danny: Let me rephrase that. People need time away from work to get y more work.丹尼:让我换种说法吧人们需要从工作中脱离一段时间,才能为以后更多的工作做好准备Sybil: Are you saying youre planning on giving me more work?西比尔:你是指你计划分配给我更多的任务?Danny: No, no, no. Let me put it another way. It imperative that you dont work this weekend.丹尼:不不不我换种说法吧这个周末你可以不必去工作Sybil: Why? What going on this weekend? Are you saying that something big is happening in the department this weekend and Im being left out?西比尔:为什么?这周末有什么事情吗?你是指这周末咱们部门有很重要的活动,而我却不能参加吗?Danny: No, not at all. What Im trying to say is...would you like to go out with me Saturday night?丹尼:不,根本不是我想说的是...你愿不愿意星期六晚上陪我出去?Sybil: Oh, I guess I didnt catch your drift earlier. Youre asking me out Saturday.西比尔:啊,我刚才没有领会你的意思你邀请我星期六跟你出去约会Danny: Yes, I am.丹尼:是的Sybil: Then, I accept.西比尔:那么,我接受Danny: Really?丹尼:真的吗?Sybil: Yes, as long as you promise never to ask me out on a first date ever again!西比尔:是的,只要你答应我再也不在第一次约会时约我出去!原文译文属! 7586长春做无痛人流哪个医院优惠 Tony: Who did you invite over dinner Saturday? Carmela: I invited Keith, Sung, Stephanie, and Luis. Tony: You didn’t! Carmela: I did. Why? Tony: You’re going to have a hard time cooking them. Keith is a vegan and only eats food that’s organic. Sung is lactose intolerant and his doctor put him on a low-salt diet. Carmela: Really? I didn’t know. How do you know so much about their diets? Tony: I went on a trip with them and I’ll never do it again. We could never agree on a restaurant. Carmela: What about Stephanie and Luis? Tony: Stephanie is a health nut, and doesn’t eat anything with saturated fat, added sugar, or artificial flavors. She also doesn’t eat red meat. And Luis, he can only eat gluten-free kosher foods. Carmela: This is a disaster. How am I going to cook all four of them? Tony: Beats me. Maybe you can turn it into a potluck. At least each of your guests will have one dish they can eat. Carmela: I can’t invite my friends over dinner and then tell them to bring their own food! Tony: Well, you wanted a solution and beggars can’t be choosers. Carmela: You’re right. Desperate times call desperate measures! 7733朝阳区治疗子宫肌瘤多少钱

长春做无痛人流哪家医院做好长春看妇科哪里比较负责任 Nicole: Im really sorry to hear about you and Catherine getting a divorce.尼科尔:听说你和凯瑟琳要离婚了,对此我感到很遗憾Tom: I appreciate it, but it was a long time coming. Weve been heading toward divorce years. I just hope it doesnt get too messy.汤姆:不甚感激,但冰冻三尺非一日之寒多年以来,我们一直吵着要离婚我只希望事情不要变得一团糟Nicole: I dont mean to pry, but didnt the two of you have a prenup?尼科尔:我无意打探别人私事,但你们俩签过婚前协议吗?Tom: Yeah, but Catherine wants it set aside because our financial situation has changed so much since we got married. She also wants sole custody of Sarah, alimony, and child support.汤姆:是的,但婚后我们的财产情况发生了很大的转变,凯瑟琳认为它已经无效了她还想要莎拉的监护权,赡养费以及子女抚养费Nicole: We live in a commy property state, so that should simplify things, shouldnt it?尼科尔:我们生活在共同财产州里,所以事情应该会简单化,难道不是吗?Tom: Youd think so, but the distribution of property may get complicated. Im hoping we can settle everything amicably, but Im y a fight, if it turns ugly. Ive hired Dewey Cheatum.汤姆:你这样想,但财产分配却可能很复杂我一直希望能和平解决一切,但同时我也准备大战一场,以防事情变糟我已经聘请了杜威担任我们的律师Nicole: Wow, youre serious. He the most high-powered divorce attorney in this city.尼科尔:哇,你是认真的他是这个城市里最能干的离婚律师Tom: Im not taking any chances with my assets or my daughter. If Catherine wants to play hardball, Im coming out swinging!汤姆:我不会拿我的财产和女儿冒任何险如果凯瑟琳想打硬球,我也会展开攻击!原文译文属! 19长春九台区药流需要多少钱

长春南关区打胎一般多少钱 Risk is endemic in human affairs. To say to someone ;I love you; or to say in church ;I believe; can never be risk-free undertakings. They are to make investments in things that are not fully under one control. The other person may not love you back. The God in whom you stake your trust may turn out not to exist. The French philosopher Pascal famously attempted a metaphysical hedge with regards to the existence of God. He argued that if believers are right about God existence, then they have gained everything. But if they are wrong about it, they have lost nothing. It an attempt to eliminate risk from believing. But, like the risk avoidance strategies of investment banks, where you invest your heart and your soul can never be risk free. All commitment, whether it be financial, emotional or religious, is subject to the possibility of failure. That life. And indeed it may well be that the attempt to eliminate risk from life can, in extreme ms, become an attempt to eliminate life itself.冒险几乎是人群中的常见病对别人说“我爱你”或者在教堂里说“我相信”其实一直都是有风险的他们所作的承诺并不完全由自己掌控对方也许不爱你你相信的上帝有可能根本就不存在法国哲学家Pascal曾就上帝的存在与否尝试过一个形而上的推敲如果信众对于上帝存在的认识是正确的,那么他们就得到了一切,如果不对,那他们也毫无损失这是对消弭信仰风险的尝试但是,就像投行规避风险的策略一样,这个你投入一切的地方绝不是个全无风险的地方所有承诺,不管是资金方面的,感情方面或是宗教方面的,都有失败的可能性这就是生活在某些极端情况下,想从生活中消除风险就等于消除生活本身 77宽城区中医院妇科预约长春大学第一医院上环



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