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13. When I came here, the bus has driven away.我刚到那里,公交车开走了。还能这样说:When I arrived here, the bus has gone.The bus left as soon as I got here.14. He didnt have breakfast only to catch the bus.他不吃早餐只为了赶车。还能这样说:In order to catch the bus, he didnt eat breakfast.He only wanted to catch the bus without breakfast.15. He twisted his ankle when he ran to catch the bus.他跑着赶车扭了脚踝。还能这样说:He turned his ankle at the time he ran to catch the bus.His ankle hurt when he ran to catch the bus.应用:twist it down 狼吞虎咽;twist of the writst 巧妙的手法;twist off 扭断,扭开、拧开;a twist in ones tongue 发音不清,口齿不清16. He caught up with the last bus in time.他正好赶上了最后一班公交车。还能这样说:He just caught the last bus at the right time.He just made the last bus in time.17. The train will leave in five minutes.火车将在5分钟内离开。还能这样说:In five minutes the train will go.The train will start within five minutes.应用:leave of absence 准假(尤指准予离开公职或军务者);take French leave 不辞而别,擅自离开;without leave 没有权力;get sb.s leave 得到许可;without as/so much as a by your leave 擅自、未经许可,粗暴地;leave-taking 告辞,告别 /201408/322610

Todd: So, Akane, I was talking with my friend and hes just recently married and he was wondering should he rent a home or own a home. Thats a tough call. What do you think?托德:茜,我之前和我朋友聊天,他刚刚结婚,他在考虑是应该租房子住还是买个房子。这真是个棘手的问题。你怎么看?Akane: It is a tough call but I personally prefer to rent.茜:这的确是艰难的决定,不过我个人倾向于租房子住。Todd: Really? So why would you rather rent?托德:是吗?为什么你更喜欢租房子住?Akane: Well, because theres just no extra costs. You dont have to pay for extra things like maintenance and just keeping up your home. When something gets broken you dont have to pay to get it fixed. Property tax is aly included, things like that.茜:因为这么做不会产生额外的花费。你不用付用来维护房屋的维修费之类的额外费用。如果有东西坏了,你也不用花钱去修理。房租中已经包含了物业税之类的费用。Todd: Yeah but if you own a home I mean first of all I think the biggest reason is youre not throwing money away, its a solid investment. You can actually make a profit on the home later on.托德:没错,不过如果你拥有自己的住房,我想最重要的理由是你没有浪费钱,那是稳健的投资。实际上以后你还可以用这个房子盈利。Akane: Thats true but with this day and age you really never know when youre going to lose your job or if youre going to have to move for job reasons and for that reason I think that if youre stuck with a mortgage and you lose your job then you wont be able to pay it and what if you cant sell it?茜:这倒是不错,不过在当今这个时代你并不知道你什么时候会丢掉工作,也许你因为工作原因要搬家,鉴于此我认为,如果你房贷缠身可是你又失业了,那你就没法再付贷款了,如果你不能卖掉房子,那要怎么办?Todd: Thats a good point actually but you could always rent the house out, right, so… One common thing that rich people all have is that they own property and they own real estate. So you could just rent it to someone else.托德:这话很有道理,实际上你可以把房子租出去,所以……有钱人的共同点就是他们既有财产又有房产。所以你可以把房子租给别人。Akane: Well thats a good idea but still I think thats a lot of work for somebody as busy as me and Im not a rich person.茜:这是个好主意,不过我仍然认为这对于像我这样忙碌的人来说工作量太大,而且我也不是有钱人。Todd: Thats how you get rich!托德:这可是你成为有钱人的方法!Akane: Right! Well, I dont think I could be bothered with the hassle of renting to somebody and first you have to find someone to rent it and then you have to make sure that they pay the rent and then you have to make sure that things are fixed. Its too much of a headache for me.茜:是没错!不过我想我不喜欢被租房的这种麻烦事打扰,首先你要找到一个合租人,然后你要确保那个人会付房租,而且还要确保解决各种问题。这对我来说就是会让我头疼的事。Todd: Thats a good point. You know, actually I think the main reason why I would ever want to own a home is because you could have a dog.托德:有道理。你知道,实际上我认为我想拥有自己住房的主要原因是因为可以养。Akane: Oh thats a great reason; I love dogs.茜:这理由不错;我喜欢小。Todd: When you rent a house often they wont allow you to have a pet.托德:你租房的话他们是不允许是你养宠物的。Akane: Thats true. Well you can have a cat or fish and maybe a hamster.茜:没错。不过你可以养猫、鱼或者是仓鼠。Todd: True, but if youre a dog lover its not the same thing.托德:没错,不过如果你是爱人士,那情况就不同了。Akane: I guess so.茜:我想也是。 译文属 /201412/3455165. What is the best way to get to this address?请问到这个地址怎么去最好?还能这样说:Could you tell me the nearest way to this address?Whats the fastest way to this address?应用:flattering address 奉承话;address in dealing with sb. 对付某人的手段; an address 致辞6. How far is it?有多远?还能这样说:How long is the journey to there?How long will it take me to get there?应用:far通常只指空间上的远距离;remote遥远的,含有不易到达的意思;distant可表示时间、空间的远距离,还可指疏远的血统关系。7. Do you know what I should do to get there?你知道我必须要乘坐哪些交通工具才能到达那里吗?还能这样说:Do you think how I can get there?Which vehicle should I take to get there?谚语:If water is noisy, there are no fish in it.咆哮的水中无鱼。(夸夸其谈者无真才实学。)8. Its only about five minutes walk.走路大约只需要5分钟。还能这样说:It will take you 5 minutes to walk there.You can walk there in 5 minutes.谚语:One minute on the stage and ten years of practice off the stage.台上一分钟,台下十年功。 /201408/317266

Todd: So, Ruth, who is your favorite actor or actress?托德:鲁斯,你最喜欢的演员是谁?Ruth: Oh, thats a good question. I think it definitely has to be Ewan McGregor.鲁斯:哦,这是个好问题。那肯定是伊万·麦格雷戈。Todd: Mm, yeah, hes pretty good.托德:嗯,好,他非常不错。Ruth: I really, really like him.鲁斯:我真的非常喜欢他。Todd: Why do you like him?托德:你为什么喜欢他呢?Ruth: Well, hes really, really good-looking. I think primarily I like him because he is so good-looking and hes just got really nice skin and really nice eyes and nice hair and so primarily I think its his looks, although from what Ive in magazines and things, he seems like he is a nice guy as well.鲁斯:嗯,他非常非常英俊。我想我最开始喜欢他是因为他很英俊,而且他皮肤很好,他有漂亮的眼睛、帅气的发型,所以我想开始时我是因为他的外表才喜欢他,不过从我在杂志上看到的报道来看,他也是个好人。Todd: What movie did you really enjoy that he made?托德:你喜欢他出演的哪部电影?Ruth: Probably Moulin Rouge. Thats probably my favorite because in Moulin Rouge he sings a song called Your song by Elton John and he sings it to this girl, and I just think, ;Wow, imagine Ewan McGregor singing that song to you. That would just be absolutely phenomenal.; I really like that, so although hes been in different things but thats probably my favorite.鲁斯:《红磨坊》。那是我最爱的电影,因为他在电影《红磨坊》里演唱了一首埃尔顿·约翰的歌曲《你的歌》,电影里他是对那个女孩唱的,我当时就想:“哇,想象一下伊万·麦格雷戈对你唱那首歌。那一定非常了不起。”我非常喜欢,虽然他演过很多电影,不过那部是我最爱的电影。Todd: Did you see him in Train Spotting?托德:你看过他出演的《猜火车》吗?Ruth: Yes, I did, yeah.鲁斯:是的,我看过。Todd: Thats the first time I saw him and I thought that that was just a really good movie.托德:那是我看的他演的第一部电影,我想那是部非常棒的电影。Ruth: Its a really good film.鲁斯:那的确是部精的电影。Todd: You know when they showed that in the States a lot of people requested that it had like transcripts.托德:你知道,电影在美国上映时,有许多人要求抄本。Ruth: No way.鲁斯:不会吧。Todd: Yeah, because the English was so difficult for American people to understand.托德:是的,因为那里面的英语对美国人来说实在是太难理解了。Ruth: Thats really funny.鲁斯:那真有趣。Todd: Isnt that funny.托德:那可并不有趣。Ruth: Yeah.鲁斯:好吧。Todd: Yeah, so, its funny though cause now Ewan McGregor is Obi-Wan.托德:嗯,其实很有趣,因为现在伊万·麦格雷戈出演了奥比旺一角。Ruth: Thats true.鲁斯:那倒是。Todd: In the Star Wars movies.托德:在《星球大战》电影里。Ruth: No, Im not a Star Wars fan, actually but I would probably watch it just for Ewan McGregor.鲁斯:我可不是《星球大战》系列电影的影迷,不过我会为了伊万·麦格雷戈而看那部电影的。Todd: Have you seen him in the other two?托德:你看过他出演的前两部《星球大战》电影吗?Ruth: I just saw him in the first one.鲁斯:我只看过他演的第一部。Todd: Oh, really. Oh, yeah, he does a pretty good job.托德:真的吗。好吧,他演的非常棒。Ruth: Yeah, hes good, hes good.鲁斯:是啊,他很棒,他很棒。 译文属 /201409/328650

1、lefty: left hander e.g: Are you a lefty ? 2、Vague: unsure and uncertain about situation e.g : Vague outline 3、Genetics: a study of hereditism e.g : Today was the first day of our unit on genetics 4、Clumsy: have two left feet or awkward e.g :You have two left feet 5、Social stigma: something bed thats associated with situation /201311/263913

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