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重庆隆鼻哪里最好广安去雀斑多少钱奉节县治黄褐斑多少钱 1. The Casual Vacancy is not Harry Potter: Words featured in Rowling’s post-Potter effort include “cleavage,” “balls” and “vagina.”1. 《临时空缺》不是《哈利#8226;波特》:罗琳以前形容哈利波特的努力的有特色词语包括“cleavage”、 “balls””和“vagina”。2. The original title of The Casual Vacancy was Responsible: Rowling tells The New Yorker that “this is a book about responsibility” — both in a minor and a macro sense. However, she came across the real title when she got her hands on a copy of the standard British handbook for local administrators. “I needed it to check certain abstruse points. And in there I came across the phrase ‘a casual vacancy.’ Meaning, when a seat falls vacant through death or scandal. And immediately I knew that that was the title.”2. 《临时空缺》原标题是《责任》:罗琳告诉《纽约客》不论是在微观还是宏观层面这都是一本关于责任的书。然而,当她接触到一本英国当地管理员标准手册时她想到了真正的标题,“我需要用它来检查某些深奥点。在那里,我看到了词组“临时空缺”,意为在死亡或丑闻时,职位空缺。我马上知道这就是标题。”3. In 2003, Rowling’s father auctioned off a signed copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire that he received for Father’s Day: It “Lots of love from your first born,” and featured a drawing of a hand reaching for a gnome. The edition fetched ,000. Rowling has not spoken to him since.3. 2003年,罗琳父亲拍卖了他在父亲节上收到的《哈利波特与火焰杯》的签名本:书上面写着“来自你第一个孩子的很多爱”以及一张侏儒手形的特色图片。该版本卖了4千美元。自那之后罗琳没和他说过话。4. Dudley has two children: Rowling knows a lot about the Harry Potter world that was never published in the books.4. Dudley有两个孩子:关于哈利波特的世界罗琳知道很多从来没有出版在书中的东西。5. She has no interest in her business empire: “It’s a real bore,” she tells The Guardian. ”Should I be more diplomatic? Oh, I don’t care. No, there is literally nothing on the business side that I wouldn’t sacrifice in a heartbeat to have an extra couple of hours’ writing.”5. 她对她的商业帝国没有一点兴趣:“这真烦人,”她告诉《卫报》。 “我应该更有社交策略?哦,我不在乎。生意上的事几乎没有值得我浪费生命中额外几小时的写作时间的。”6. Ian Rankin’s new novel was pushed back to avoid The Casual Vacancy: But he’s just as excited about the new Rowling book as anyone else.6. 伊恩#8226;兰金的新小说被推迟以避免和《临时空缺》冲突:但他和其他人一样兴奋罗琳的新书。7. Rowling has used a disguise in public only once: When she went to buy her wedding dress. “I just wanted to be able to get married to Neil without any rubbish happening,” she tells The Guardian. But Rowling refuses to reveal what this disguise was in case she needs to use it again.7. 罗琳只有一次在公共场合乔装过:当她去买婚纱时, “我只是想在嫁给尼尔时没有任何乱七八糟的事发生,”她告诉《卫报》。但是罗琳拒绝透露当时她乔装成什么样子以防她再次需要乔装。8. She is forbidden from ing E L James’ Fifty Shades of Grey: Rowling says she promised her editor that she wouldn’t. However, she insists that she doesn’t feel like she’s missing out.8. 她被禁止阅读EL詹姆斯的《50度灰》:罗琳说她答应了她的编辑她不会读的。不过,她坚持认为她不觉得自己错过了。9. She considered using a pseudonym to release her new book: “But in some ways I think it’s braver to do it like this,” she tells The Guardian. “And, to an extent, you know what? The worst that can happen is that everyone says, ‘Well, that was dful, she should have stuck to writing for kids’ and I can take that. So, yeah, I’ll put it out there, and if everyone says, ‘Well, that’s shockingly bad — back to wizards with you’, then obviously I won’t be throwing a party. But I will live. I will live.”9. 她考虑过用化名出版她的新书:“但是,在某些方面我认为这样做是更加勇敢的,”她告诉《卫报》。 “而且,在一定程度上,你知道是什么吗?最糟的情况是每个人都说:“嗯,那太可怕了,她应该坚持为孩子们写作”,我可以接受。所以,是的,我会把它写在这,如果大家都说,#39;好吧,这是令人震惊的糟糕——精灵与你同在”,那么很明显我不会开派对庆祝。但我会挺过来。我会挺过来。”10. She doesn’t care what the critics think of The Casual Vacancy: “I just needed to write this book. I like it a lot, I’m proud of it, and that counts for me.”10. 她不在乎批评家如何评价《临时空缺》:“我只是需要去写这本书。我很喜欢它,我对它很骄傲,对我来说那才是最重要的。”11. Rowling credits her first daughter with helping her finish Harry Potter when she was depressed: “It was Jessica — I have to credit her with so much — that gave me the impetus to go and say to a doctor, ‘I think I’m not quite right, and I need some help here.’ Having done that made a massive difference.”11. 罗琳把功劳归于她的第一个女儿,因为在她抑郁时帮助她完成《哈利波特》:“是杰西卡——我不得不把功劳归于她——她给了我动力去看医生,‘我觉得我不一定对,这里我需要一些帮助’,做完心理治疗之后才会有如此大的不同。”12. Rowling is adamant that sex and unicorns don’t mix: “The thing about fantasy — there are certain things you just don’t do in fantasy. You don’t have sex near unicorns. It’s an ironclad rule. It’s tacky.” After years of fantasy, she was y for a little sex.12. 罗琳坚持性和独角兽不要混为一谈:“关于幻想——有一些确定的事情你在想象时你只是不会去做。你不会在独角兽旁边做爱。这是一个铁的规律。这很俗。”在多年的童话之后,她准备好写一点点性爱了。 /201212/211692南充去雀斑多少钱

重庆星宸电话预约The hottest tween frenzy this summer isn#39;t a boy band or an excessively priced American Girl doll accessory. It#39;s, well, weaving.今年夏天最热门的既不是哪一男子乐团,也不是价格昂贵的美国娃娃玩具,而是编织。Nine-year-old girls across the U.S. have apparently fallen head over heels for a centuries-old craft form, thing together colorful bracelets with the aid of a makeshift loom. Okay, this time, rubber bands are involved. Lots of them.全美国九岁的小女孩们都被一种几个世纪以前的工艺所深深吸引。她们在一台临时编织机的帮助下编织着七的手链。只是这一次她们要用的是橡皮筋,很多很多的橡皮筋。Michaels Stores, the huge, private arts-and-crafts retailer, began stocking the Rainbow Loom in the first week of August. The kit is now selling ten times better than the chain#39;s next kids bestseller, says Philo Pappas, Michaels#39; Executive Vice President of Category Management.从八月份的第一周开始,手工艺品零售商Michaels Stores便开始引进17美元的虹编织机(Rainbow Loom)。如今,Michaels品类管理高级副总裁费罗#8226;帕帕斯称,这款产品的热销程度是该连锁店第二畅销产品的十倍。Aly, a million or so of the rubber-band hand looms have sold through various outlets, according to Cheong-Choon Ng, the product#39;s 45-year-old inventor, who until recently was a senior crash-test engineer for Nissan Motor Co. (NSANY), in Detroit.据该产品45岁的发明者吴昌俊(音译)透露,这款橡皮筋手织机在多家零售店已经卖出了100万件左右。不久之前,吴昌俊还是底特律日产汽车公司(Nissan Motor Co.)的一名资深碰撞试验工程师。Three years ago, Ng#39;s two daughters—Teresa, then 12, and Michelle, then 9—were sitting in the family den making bracelets from rubber bands. The process reminded Ng, who grew up in Malaysia, of making jump ropes from rubber bands as a child. Hoping to impress his kids with his bracelet-weaving skills, he grabbed a few tiny elastic bands and tried to mesh them into a pattern. They were too small for his fingers, however.三年前,吴昌俊的两个女儿——12岁的特蕾莎和9岁的米歇尔——正在家里的小房间用橡皮筋做手链。这个画面让马来西亚长大的吴昌俊想起了用橡皮筋做跳绳的场景。吴昌俊希望能用编手链的水平来打动孩子们,于是他抓起一些橡皮筋,努力想把它们编织成图案。结果他的手太大,而橡皮筋又太小。So the engineer went to his garage and cobbled together a primitive loom—an old wooden board lined with rows of pushpins. With that, he began looping rubber bands into bracelets. At first his daughters weren#39;t impressed. But once they saw him weaving intricate patterns in breakneck speed, they changed their mind.于是这位工程师来到自己的车库,拼装出了一台样式古老的织机——其实就是一块旧木板上面钉了几排图钉。凭借这个简单的工具,他开始把橡皮筋缠成手链。最初,他的两个女儿并不感兴趣。但后来,她们看到他飞快地织出复杂的花纹,她们改变了之前的看法。It was Teresa who saw the potential for transforming this into a business, when other kids in their Novi, Mich., neighborhood began obsessively playing with the looms Dad was assembling. That was when Ng decided to take a leap of faith—guilt-ridden though it was—staking the , 000 he managed to save for his daughters#39; college fund on building a marketable product.特蕾莎发现了将这个小东西变成商机的可行性。当时她们邻居家的孩子们都开始迷恋爸爸组装的织机。就是在那时候,吴昌俊信心大增——虽然有一点负罪感——他决定把攒出来供女儿上大学的10,000美元拿出来,打造一款可以上市销售的产品。He spent six months refining the design. (The kit that#39;s in shops today is the 28th iteration.) Then he set about finding suppliers in Southern China, getting their first shipment in June 2011. By then, the rubber bands had aly arrived. He remembers standing with his wife, staring fearfully at the giant crate in their garage: it weighed 2, 000 pounds, as much as a small car.他花了六个月时间改进设计。(目前店铺内销售的是第28代。)然后他开始在中国南方省份寻找供应商,并于2011年6月拿到了第一批货。当时,橡皮筋早已到货。他还记得当时与妻子站在车库里,忐忑不安地看着那个巨大的板条箱:箱子有2,000磅重,相当于一辆小汽车的重量。Sales were glacially slow at first. He went to trade shows and children#39;s camps to show off the plastic loom. When Ng went to pitch store managers in person, he was often asked to leave.最初的销售非常缓慢。他去参加贸易展和儿童夏令营,推销自己的塑料编织机。那时,吴昌俊亲自去商店推销,但却经常被店铺经理轰走。That changed after a single store in The Learning Express Toys chain picked up Ng#39;s invention in July 2012. The shop, in Alpharetta, Georgia, offered bracelet-making classes to show off what could be done with the inexpensive loom. ;Suddenly, they were calling us, saying they sold out 24 products in one week, ; says Ng. ;Then they sold out 96 pieces within a week.; Then, when kids started taking their kits to school, good old network effects kicked in.2012年7月,他终于迎来了转折点。当时The Learning Express Toys连锁店的一家店铺看中了吴昌俊的发明。这家位于乔治亚州阿尔勒特的店铺专门推出了手链编织课,介绍这款廉价织机的功能。吴昌俊说:“突然,他们给我打电话说,一周卖了24件。后来,一周卖了96件。”接下来,孩子们开始带着织机来到学校,于是网络效应开始发挥作用。By October, Ng realized that something big was happening. In the run up to Christmas, demand soared. ;Lots of orders were coming and we were trying to get help left right and center,; says Ng, who was still assembling the kits at home with the help of his family.到了十月份,吴昌俊预感到即将有大事发生。随着圣诞节的来临,产品需求激增。吴昌俊说:“大批订单蜂拥而至,我们只能尽力找人帮忙。”说话的时候,他正在家人的帮助下,忙着组装产品。He#39;d taken a three-month sabbatical from Nissan, but by then it was clear he was never going back.他从日产公司请了三个月的假,但很明显,他已经不可能回去了。Newfound wealth hasn#39;t stopped him from working around the clock, he says, a bit ruefully. ;My daughters sometime miss the old days when I spent lots of time with them.; Ng still drives his 12-year-old SUV and his wife regularly clips coupons. All of their profits, meanwhile, get reinvested into the business as the family searches for the next killer rubber-band app.他有点伤心地表示,新得到的财富并没有改变他日以继夜工作的状态。“我的女儿们有时候会怀念以前的日子,那时候我有很多时间陪她们。”吴昌俊仍开着那辆陪了他12年的SUV,他的太太依然使用优惠券。他们的所有利润都投入到公司当中,全家正在寻找下一个杀手级的橡皮筋产品。Maybe maps, Ng says. Again, it was his daughter Teresa who showed him the way—after making a colorful elastic map of the island nation of Haiti.或许是地图,吴昌俊说道。这一次还是特蕾莎给了他灵感——特蕾莎用五颜六色的橡皮筋做了一幅岛国海地的地图。Hey, it might work. Map-making, after all, is an even older craft than weaving.这或许真的可行。毕竟,制作地图是比编织更古老的一门手艺。 /201308/253836重庆人民医院植发科 遂宁去红血丝手术费用

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