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南岸区微创丰胸的价格重庆激光脱毛价格Oma:Good morning, young lady. You can call me Oma. Do you see anything you like?Wei:Yes. Many things! I especially love this beautiful quilt.Oma:That quilt was passed down to me from my oma in Holland.Wei:It sounds like a special quilt. Why do you want to sell it?Oma:Well, this home is too big me now, so Im moving to an apartment that is much smaller. Theree, I need to part with a few things.Wei:Oh, I see. Umm, how much do you want the quilt?Oma:Is fifteen dollars OK?参考译文:阿嬷:早安,小姑娘妳可以叫我阿嬷有看到你喜欢的吗?小薇:有好多喔!我特别喜欢这床漂亮的被子阿嬷:那床被子是从我荷兰的阿嬷那一代传下来给我的小薇:听起来是床特别的被子你为什么要卖掉?阿嬷:嗯,这房子现在对我来说太大了我要搬进一间小很多的公寓所以我得跟某些东西说再见小薇:喔,我了解嗯,这床被子你要卖多少?阿嬷:十五元可以吗重点词汇:oma (n.)(德语)奶奶,阿妈People with Dutch heritage call their grandma, ;oma.;有荷兰传统的人都称他们祖母为Omaquilt (n.)被子A: This quilt is made of al natural materials.这件羽毛被全由天然原料制作B: It must be very comtable.一定很舒pass down遗留下来My grandmother passed down this necklace to me.我祖母留下这条项链给我Holland (n.)荷兰Dutch (a.) 荷兰的People in Holland tend to be very tall.荷兰人都很高theree (adv.)I lost my job, theree, I cant buy a new scooter.我丢了工作,我不能买机车了part with...和…离别A: Would you be willing to part with your wedding ring?你愿意跟你的结婚戒指分开吗?B: Not a million dollars.一百万都不干 367753重庆星宸整形医院时间作息 Part 1. Warming up.A. Keywords. commercial, airplane maker, merger talks.Vocabulary. flurry, hook up, Airbus, KLM, Swiss Air, Sabena Airlines, ed Airlines, US Airways, American Airlines, Delta, Northwest.A1. Youre going to hear short news items, work out the summaries.1. Boeing, the world leading commercial airplane maker, announced it has 18 billion dollars in new orders this year its new 777 jetliner.This figure puts demand the Boeing aircraft ahead of comparable models produced by rival Airbus of Europe.. British Airways and Dutch carrier KLM confirm they are in act of merger talks.Swiss Air won approval taking majority control of Belgium Sabena Airlines and there was another flurry of take-over discussions among some major American carriers.They come on the heels of Number one ed Airlines offer to buy Number Six US Airways two weeks ago.The Nation number two, American Airlines, and the country third largest, Delta, have been having what are described as preliminary discussions about a possible combination.American had reportedly been talking with Northwest about a hook up as well.The top three US airlines, ed, American and Delta currently control 56 percent of US air traffic.It the mergers go through, theyd control 85 percent.A. Listen to the second news item again, and then match column A with column B. The match will suggest the mergers between airlines. 7奉节县整容医院哪家最好

重庆市第二人民医院网上预约挂号Item nine.Vocabulary. poverty, halt, malaria.In September of 00, world leaders set eight goals bringing millions of people out of poverty.These became known as the ed Nations Millennium Development Goals.Among them, cut in half the number of people living on less than 1 dollar a day and halt the sp of AIDS and malaria.The goals also include improving survival rates pregnant women and young children and educating all children.Working equality between women and men and dealing with environmental needs like safe water also are included.The target date reaching the goals is . 3571重庆市第十人民医院几点开门 eck9#soZFsX*yodPYC,D#,!YkWkZWMF,3-i.Z0akRFevO0fr;)gBruce picked up the cat. The cat meowed. The cat didn’t like most people. The cat liked to be alone. It liked to sleep on the sofa. It liked to sleep in the fruit bowl. It liked to sleep on top of the TV. It liked to chase bugs in the front yard. It liked to chase lizards in the back yard. It liked to chase flies in the kitchen. Bruce put the cat on the floor. He rubbed the cat’s stomach. The cat liked that. The cat licked his hand. Bruce rubbed the cat’s stomach some more. The cat meowed. The cat was happy.RgvNbU~zltGx60n~js8)cd%k67AhVhi]1wxo[M+Q5Nb;]x1p,,akZG91* 38399重庆西南医院怎样预约

江津区哪家医院脱毛好Naming Rights; Famous Americans: Cesar Chavez; Why Americans have middle names; future perfect tense; American versus U.S. as an adjective Words: naming rights donation connotations deal civil rights leaders migrant farm worker charismatic to protest pesticide boycott to fast legacy middle name 568 Brave Woman Confronts Terrorists勇敢女教师对峙恐怖分子A British soldier was butchered to death in broad daylight on a street in Southwest London this week. One woman on a bus noticed the soldier on the ground and got out to see if she could perm CPR. As she approached the body, one of the attackers, who was covered in blood and still holding a weapon, told her to move away from the body. Instead of running, the brave Cub Scout leader confronted the man and asked why he had killed the soldier. The attacker said he was fed up with people killing Muslims. The mer teacher, who was worried about the nearby school children, continued to engage the attacker, hoping to buy time until the police arrived. The attackers were shot by police and captured alive several minutes later.本周在伦敦西南部,一名士兵当街遭砍杀公交车一名女子看到他躺在地上,希望对他实施心脏复苏就在她靠近尸体时,一名袭击者警告该女子不要靠近尸体,他浑身是血,手中还握有凶器这名童子军组织者没有选择逃跑,而是质问他为何杀害士兵他称对穆斯林遇害已无法无动于衷因担心附近学校学生,前女教师继续与袭击者攀谈,并希望拖延时间等警方到来几分钟后,警方将他击中并活捉译文属原创,,不得转载 3655梁平区做双眼皮修复手术费用合川区永久性脱毛多少钱



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