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星级典句:第一句: I want to change some RMB into American dollars.我想把人民币兑换成美元A: Excuse me. Do you exchange eign money?请问你们兑换外币吗?B: Yes. What kind of currency do you want?是的,你要兑换什么货币?A: I want to change some RMB into American dollars.我想把人民币兑换成美元第二句: I want to exchange my dollars pounds.我想把美元换成英镑A: What can I do you?您需要什么帮助吗?B: I want to exchange my dollars pounds.我想把美元兑换成英镑A: What the amount youd like to exchange?您想要换多少?B: Id like to exchange .我想兑换0美元其他表达法:Id like to convert the unused US dollars back into RMB.我想把没用完的美元换成人民币Id like to change some eign currency.我想换外币 3667。

询问喝点什么您想喝点什么?A:Good evening, madam. What would you like to drink?晚上好,夫人您想喝点什么?B:Gin and tonic, please.请来一杯金汤力酒同类问句:What can I offer you, ladies? 女士们,我给你们上点什么呢?What kind of beverage would you like?您想要哪类饮料?What can I prepare you?您想喝杯什么?表明说什么请来一杯加冰块的威士忌A: Good evening, sir. What can I get you?晚上好,先生您需要要喝点什么?B: Whisky on the rocks, please.请来一杯加冰块的威士忌同类问句:Vodka and fresh orange, please take plenty of ice.鲜橙伏特加,多加点冰块Brandy and Coke please.请来一杯白兰地加可乐And me, a tonic with loads of ice and lemon. 我来一杯金汤力酒,多加一点冰块和柠檬Good evening. Give me a double Whisky and soda.晚上好给我一杯双料威士忌加苏打 0618。

面试英语口语Lesson5: About Enclosure经典对话:97.I am enclosing my resume your reference.谨附上履历表一份,以作参考98.I enclose a resume and one of my publications.随函寄上简历表及作品一份99.You will find enclosed a testimonial from the Head Professor of Beijing Commercial College who has kindly offered to provide you with any further details you may require.随函附寄我在北京商学院的系主任的推荐函,从中可以了解你所需要的详细资料950.I am enclosing personal history,certificate of graduation and letter of recommendation from the president of the university.兹随函附履历表、毕业书及大学校长推荐函各一件951.As my resume indicates,I have experience in...正如所附履历表内所述,我在……方面有丰富经验95.You can see from the data sheet that is enclosed that..你可以从附上的资料表上看出……953.I enclose my resume and a sample of my works.附上履历表及一份作品95.I am enclosing my resume and a recent photo of myself.随函附上履历表及近照一张955.Enclosed you will find a letter of recommendation from my mer teacher of English.随函附上我的英文老师的推荐函956.I enclose a card addressed to myself,in the hope you will use it to tell me when to come an interview.所附写好本人地址的名片,希望您在通知我面试时能用到957.A copy of my transcript is enclosed.附寄本人成绩单一份Notes 注释:1. your reference 作为参考.publications n.出版物、发表3.recommendation n.推荐,介绍 letter of recommendation 推荐信 .sample n.样品,一份5.mer a.以前的,先前的6.transcript n.抄本,副本,成绩单 35663。

Charging 收付款S: Salesclerk 售货职员 C: Customer 顾客实用句型 Practical Key Sentences五. 催款S51: We shall perm all acts that may be deemed necessary.我们将采取一切必要的行动S5: We confirm having received your payment of May th.我们确认已收到你们5月日的货款S53: If you become insolvent, we may refuse to make delivery.若你们丧失偿付能力,我们可拒绝交货、S5: Your remains unsettled, and it is aly a month overdue.你们的账款还没结算,已经延误一个月了S55: We shipped the goods immediately after we received your money.收到你们的钱后,我们立即发运了货物S56: a settlement our of US$ 6000, please remit the proceeds by TT.请电汇货款,以清还我们的6000美元账款S57: In general, you must pay off the balance bee the tenth of this month.总之,您必须在本月日前将余额付清C1: We shall remit to you upon receipt of the goods.收到货物,我们就马上汇款C: Weve arranged payment of your invoice.我们已经安排好为你付款C3: We can pay the money within one week.我们能在一周内付款C: We have paid up all that owed.我们已全部付清欠款C5: Would you please put off the payment months?能否推迟两个月付款?C6: Could you wait a little longer your payment from us?可否请您延缓我们付款的时间?C7: The amount concerned was warded to your of the Cuangzhou Bank of China by telegraphic transfer today.上述的金额已于今日电汇至贵公司广州中国的账号C8: We will transmitremit the money to you within this week.我们这周内会汇款给你C9: You may rest assured that well make payment in time.请放心,我们会时付款的C: In that case, we have to defer payment.在那种情况下,我们不得不延期付款C: Well have the balance of your payment goods remitted to you these days.我们将在这几天汇上货款余额C: We will pay the invoice when our query on it has been settled.我们对发票的疑问得到解决,我们即会付款C: We shall credit the difference, totalling .000 Yuan to your .我们将把差额总数万元汇入你的账户C: We will withhold payment until we receive replacement.在收到替换物之前我们拒绝付款C: The remittance will clear off all payment goods due to you.这笔汇款将付清你们全部货款C: We will look through these bills bee we pay them.付款前,我们要审核一下这些账单C: Pay you as soon as receive the goods, promise you.答应你收到货尽快付款给你C18: I disagree with your payment schedule. I wish youd change the payment schedule.我不同意你们的付款期限,但愿你们能改改付款期限C19: The total 30.000 Yuan was remitted to you the goods we ordered in March.我们总共寄你们3万元人民币以付3月份所订购货物 7。

Theyre being called the ;Benjamin Button; brothers—a reference to ;The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,; the 2008 movie in which Brad Pitt plays a man who ages in reverse。他们被称为“本杰明·巴顿”兄弟—这样称呼的依据来自2008年的电影《返老还童》。该电影由布拉德·皮特主演,剧中男子演绎了返老还童的人生经历。Matthew Clark, 39, of Lincoln, England and his brother Michael Clark, 42, last year were reportedly given a vague diagnosis of terminal leukodystrophy. The brothers particular version of the disorder caused them to lose the ability to think and behave as adults, The Telegraph reported。每日电讯报在去年报道称9岁的马修·克拉克和2岁的哥哥迈克尔·克拉克被初步诊断为脑白质病变晚期。兄弟俩这种特殊病变会使他们失去像成人般思考和行为表现的能力。After a phase of throwing temper tantrums and watching cartoons, the brothers have gradually lost the ability to talk and walk, leaving them crawling around their parents home。他们发脾气,也看动画片。一段时间后,这对兄弟俩渐渐失去了谈话和走路的能力,只好留他们在父母亲家里任由他们四处爬行。The two men still look their age, albeit with a disarming air of innocence about them, but they are beginning to exhibit physical signs of their regression back into childhood。这对双胞胎兄弟看起来还是年纪如常,但是他们的身上却散发出明显的童真和幼稚。他们的日常行为已经有迹象表明他们的身体退化至孩童时期的状态。For their parents, Christine and Anthony Clark, it is heartbreaking. “There are no words to describe how we feel. It’s devastating,says Mr Clark, the man who watched both of his sons grow up and marry, who looked on proudly as Michael joined the RAF and Matthew became a father himself。对于他们的父母克拉克夫妇来说,这样的消息无疑令人心碎。“我无法描述我们现在的感受,太让人绝望了”。安东尼·克拉克这样说。这位父亲曾经眼看着自己的儿子长大成人成家立业,迈克尔加入英国皇家空军,马修自己也成了父亲,这些曾经都让他很自豪。“It’s a devastating disease,; the mens father, Anthony Clark, told The Telegraph. ;Both of them are very childlike now。”“这是一种可怕的疾病,现在他们俩的表现就像小孩子一样。”克拉克先生对每日电讯报如是说。Neither paper indicated which form of leukodystrophy the men have—there are about 40 known types of the largely genetic brain cell-damaging disorder—or who diagnosed the brothers。不管是媒体还是为兄弟俩诊断的人都没有指明他们患的是哪一类型的脑白质病变—可知的关于大脑细胞损伤性病变大约就0种。Is it really possible for adults to revert to a childlike state? Experts in the U.S. told The Huffington Post that it is—though it occurs very rarely。返老还童真的可能吗?美国专家对赫芬顿邮报的记者说,它确实存在,尽管这样的现象很罕见;Leukodystrophy is a term used for progressive disorders that causes damage or deterioration to the white matter of the brain,; Dr. Robert Marion, chief of genetics and developmental medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, told The Huffington Post。“脑白质病变是一个专业术语,它是一种引发脑白质损害和衰变的渐进式病变。”来自纽约市爱因斯坦医学院遗传学和发展医学科室的主任罗伯特·马里恩士这样对赫芬顿邮报的记者说。Dr. Marion, who said he had no specific knowledge of the brothers, added that the disorder they reportedly have is hereditary and that the mental deterioration happens gradually。马里恩士说他对兄弟俩的情况还并不完全了解,此外他还补充说,他们患有的病变是遗传性的,而且大脑智力在逐渐衰变。There are infantile, juvenile and adult forms of leukodystrophy. As for cases that apparently arise in adulthood, Dr. Marion said, ;It’s possible that nobody has really noticed it until its gotten so bad that its reached this level of detection. They reach adulthood or later adolescence and they’ve attained everything they could, then start having neurological symptoms. They can have dementia, they start losing their memory or their ability to function...they’ll lose their ability to walk, wind up wheelchair-bound.;脑白质病变分幼儿期、青少年期和成年期。对于出现在成年期的许多案例来说,马里恩士表示,“常见的情况是没人会真的留意到它的存在直到它恶化到了能被察觉的程度。病变到了成年期或是青少年期的最后时期时,影响的范围就放大了,然后开始出现神经系统方面的症状。他们中有的人会患上痴呆症,他们开始出现失忆现象,或是失去了行动能力……他们会失去走路的能力,依靠轮椅行走。”来 /201205/181461。

China plans to create a special zone to experiment with currency convertibility in Shenzhen, the city where it introduced key economic reforms three decades ago.中国计划在深圳创建一个特区,用于开展人民币可兑换的试验0年前,中国在深圳启动了关键的经济改革。The measure will enable Hong Kong banks to lend renminbi directly to companies in Qianhai Bay a new economic zone on a peninsula across the water from Hong Kong according to Chinese state media.据中国官方媒体报道,此举将使香港各能够直接向前海湾的企业发放人民币贷款。前海湾是一个新的经济区,坐落在一个半岛上,与香港隔水相望。Beijing will unveil the details today as Hu Jintao, Chinese president, visits Hong Kong for the 15th anniversary of the handover of the city from Britain.北京方面将在周五公布细节,以配合中国国家主席胡锦涛前往香港参加香港从英国回5周年纪念日。Analysts say the experiment could prove as critical to dismantling capital controls as Deng Xiaopings reforms were to opening China to the world.分析师们表示,就解除资本管制而言,这项试验的关键程度,可能不亚于邓小平当年设计的改革对中国向世界开放起到的推动作用。The Qianhai experiment follows a series of steps taken by the Chinese government to move towards making the renminbi a convertible currency that analysts believe could one day vie with the US dollar for pre-eminence.在前海启动人民币可兑换试验之前,中国政府采取了一系列步骤,推动人民币向可兑换货币的方向前进,分析师们相信,有朝一日人民币有望与美元争夺霸主地位。Over the past two years, Chinese companies have been allowed to settle most of their international trade in renminbi. This has provided a conduit for the currency to flow abroad for the first time in large volumes.过去两年期间,中国企业已获准用人民币结算多数国际贸易。这为人民币大量流向海外首次提供了一条渠道。Foreign institutions have also been given a limited but growing array of investment options for their renminbi holdings, such as Hong Kongs dim sum bond market and a programme for buying Chinese equities.持有人民币的境外机构也已得到数量有限、但不断增加的投资选择,如香港的“点心债券;市场和购买中国内地股票的一个机制。But China has installed measures to ensure the renminbi cannot travel freely across the border for pure financial transactions. Beijing is aware that hasty capital account openings can spark situations such as the 1997 Asian financial crisis. Allowing Hong Kong banks to lend to Chinese companies on the mainland creates a new, potentially wide channel for renminbi held overseas to flow back to China.但中国也实行各项措施,以确保人民币不能为了纯粹的金融交易而自由跨越国界。中国高层明白,仓促的资本账户开放可能引发类997年亚洲金融危机的情形。允许香港各向中国内地的企业放贷,则将创建一条潜在相当宽敞的新渠道,让海外持有的人民币回流中囀?Banks in Hong Kong are allowed to lend to Chinese clients in Hong Kong, but not in China. If the Chinese clients want to bring that money into China, they need to obtain approval from the regulator. The new rules are expected to eliminate many of those controls to make it possible for Hong Kong banks to directly lend to Chinese clients in Shenzhen.目前香港各被允许向香港的中国内地客户放贷,但不能在内地向内地客户放贷。如果中国客户想要把资金汇回中国,他们需要获得监管部门许可。预计新规则将消除许多此类管制,使香港各能够直接向深圳的中国内地客户放贷。In 1980, Shenzhen was designated the countrys first special economic zone, bringing foreign investment and free trade to China, and launching the country on its way to becoming the worlds second largest economy.1980年,深圳被指定为中国第一个经济特区,引入外资和自由贸易,进而推动中国开启高速发展时代,最终成为全球第二大经济体。Liu Ligang, an economist at ANZ, said the risks of the latest measure were greater than those attached to the 1980s opening. He said China had to ease its control of interest rates and deepen the domestic bond market before opening the capital account to lessen the risk of speculative capital rushing in and local companies accumulating dangerously big foreign debts.澳新(ANZ)经济学家刘利刚表示,最新措施的风险大于上世0年代的改革开放。他表示,中国必须先放松其对利率的控制,并提高国内债券市场的深度,再开放资本账户,以减轻投机资本蜂拥而至、本土企业积累过多外债的风险。Separately yesterday, the stock exchanges of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen said they would create a joint venture index company to give investors access to companies listed in all three cities for the first time and boost their capital markets.另外,香港、上海和深圳三地的交所昨日表示,它们将创建一家合资指数公司,使投资者能够首次投资于在所有三个城市上市的公司,促进三个城市资本市场的发展。Additional reporting by Paul#8201;J.#8201;Davies in Hong Kong保罗#8226;J#8226;戴维Paul J. Davies)香港补充报道 /201206/188682。

The presidents of Sudan and South Sudan meet again Monday after failing to reach a deal in talks Sunday on border disputes and oil sharing.苏丹和南苏丹的总统继星期天有关边界纠纷和分享石油的会谈未取得成果之后星期一再次会面。President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan and the president of South Sudan, Salva Kiir, are holding the talks in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. They met for several hours Sunday and were seen holding a friendly chat outside the hotel room after the meeting broke up.苏丹总统巴希尔和南苏丹总统基尔在埃塞俄比亚首都亚的斯亚贝巴会谈。两位总统星期天会谈了数小时,会议结束有人看到两人在下榻的酒店友好交谈。Officials from both countries expect the presidents to shortly finalize agreements on outstanding issues that nearly pushed them into war earlier this year. They include dueling claims on the oil-rich Abyei region.两国的政府官员预期两位总统很快将就尚待解决的问题达成一致。双方的争端今年早些时候几乎导致两国之间开战。这些问题包括两国都声称对有丰富石油蕴藏的阿卜耶伊地区拥有主权。Sudan also accuses the south of arming rebels in two southern regions, while South Sudan accuses the Sudanese army of bombing raids. The ed Nations gave the two Sudans until this past Saturday to reach an agreement or face possible sanctions.苏丹指称南苏丹在苏丹南部两个地区向反政府力量提供武器,南苏丹指称苏丹军队发动炸弹袭击。联合国曾要求两国在上星期六之前达成协议,否则将面临制裁。来 /201209/201474。