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铜梁区中心医院电话挂号重庆星宸医学美容医院可靠吗New York politics纽约政治Tarnished Silver褪去光环的西尔弗A prosecutor takes on New York states culture of corruption一个检查官呈现出纽约腐败文化The six-million-dollar-man拥有六百万美元的男人“CORRUPTIONS such an old song that we can sing along in harmony/ And nowhere is it stronger than inAlbany.” These lines from “Hamilton”, a musical about Alexander Hamilton now playing inNew York, got an especially loud laugh on January 22nd. That morning Sheldon Silver, the long-serving and powerful Speaker of theNew Yorkstate Assembly, was arrested by the FBI and indicted in a federal court on five corruption charges. Each charge could carry a sentence of 20 years.“腐败是一首如此古老的歌曲,以至于我们可以独自娓娓唱来,并且这里的腐败之风比奥尔巴尼更强。”这些句子来自于“汉密尔顿”,一个有关亚历山大·汉密尔顿的音乐剧1月22日就在在纽约上演,并反响强烈。那天早晨,长期就职于议会并且拥有强大发言权的纽约州众议院议长谢尔顿·西尔弗,被美国联邦调查局逮捕,并在联邦法庭上被指控五项腐败事实,每项罪名均面临最高20年刑期。According to the complaint, Mr Silver, a Democrat who has served in the Assembly for 38 years and has been Speaker for 21, received more than mfrom two law firms. This included 0,000 in“bribes and kickbacks” for inducing “real-estate developers with business before the state” to use a particular property-law firm; .3mfrom Weitz and Luxenberg, a law firm that handles personal-injury cases.根据投诉,在议会任职了38年并且担任发言人21年的民主党人西尔弗先生,从两个律师事务所收受了超过600万美元的资金。这其中包括,通过给一个律师事务所介绍房地产商而获得的70万美元回扣。以及从一家处理人身伤害案件的法律公司韦茨卢森格那里获得的530万美金。Among other things, he allegedly directed state grants to a doctor who then referred clients to an unsuspecting Weitz for asbestos lawsuits. Preet Bharara, the prosecutor, said that Mr Silver had amassed “a tremendous personal fortune—through the abuse of his political power”. He denies it all. The law firms are not accused of wrongdoing.在其他方面,他涉嫌直接将州资金持给予一位医生,而这位医生后来又涉及了石棉诉讼案。检察官普里特·巴拉拉说,西尔弗已经“通过滥用他的政治权利积累了巨额的个人财富。”他否认了这一切,这个律师事务所没有因为任何不法行为而受到指控。In 2011 Citizens Union, a watchdog, reported that legislators in Albanywere more likely to leave office under a cloud than in a coffin. Since 2000, 28 have left in disgrace and four have been indicted. The New York Post reported that Mr Silver regularly sent a 0 cheque to the campaign fund of a former district attorney. The story goes that if the cheque was cashed, Mr Silver would joke that he knew he was not in any trouble.在2011年,监督者公民联盟,报道说奥尔巴尼的议员活在强权政治的阴影下而不是走向垮台。自2000以来,28位立法者已经引咎辞职并且有四位已经被起诉。纽约邮报报道,西尔弗定期会向前检察官的竞选基金发送一张100美元的票。故事是这样的,如果票兑现,他会开玩笑说他知道他不会有任何的麻烦。That cavalier attitude was hardly surprising, given the power he had. Most legislators were firmly under his thumb. He could advance or kill legislation with a nod. Sensible ideas like congestion pricing did not even make it to the Assembly floor. Power inAlbanyis entrenched in the hands of the governor, the Senate majority leader (usually a Republican) and the Assembly Speaker (usually a Democrat). These “three men in a room” often give their underlings just a few hours to review bills the size of encyclopedias; lawmakers then vote as they are told, for fear of being denied money for their districts.那傲慢的态度并不奇怪,因为他有权力。大多数的议员们坚定地从于他。他可以轻松地将立法提前或者扼杀。诸如堵车费这样的明智想法是不可能进入议会议题中的。在奥尔巴尼,权力总是牢牢掌握在参议院多数党领袖(通常是共和党人)和议会议长(通常是民主党)这些执政者手中。“三个人在一个房间里“,经常只会给下属只有小时的时间来审查各式各样的票据,议员们因为担心其所在的区域失去加薪机会而不得不按照他们的指示投票。The once-obedient rank-and-file of the Assembly at first appeared to stand by their leader, but then abandoned him. On January 27th they announced that a new Speaker would be appointed in February. The Assembly is now in chaos, while lawmakers elbow each other aside for his job. Meanwhile, important budget negotiations simply have to wait.这个井然有序的议会一开始由他们的领导者建立,而领导者在后来却被议会遗弃。1月27日,他们发表声明称将在二月份选出新的发言人。议会现在一片混乱,议员们互相推诿工作。同时,重要的预算谈判也只能等待了。The affair has caused some to call for term limits for lawmakers. Such calls have been heard before, but most changes have been token. During his campaign for governor ofNew Yorkin 2010, Andrew Cuomo vowed to clean upAlbany. But his anti-corruption law and an ethics task-force did not go far enough. Later Mr Cuomo went one better, setting up the Moreland Commission to root out public corruption. But he disbanded it last March with, curiously enough, Mr Silvers enthusiastic backing.该事件也引起了一些有关对国会议员的任期进行限制的呼吁。这样的倡议在之前就已经提出来过电话已经听说过,但绝大部分的改变已经被实施。2010年,在他竞选纽约州州长的期间内,安德鲁发誓要肃清奥尔巴尼。但是他的反腐败法和道德工作推动力远远还不够。后来科莫想到了一个更好的办法,建立莫兰委员会来根除社会腐败。但奇怪的是,在三月份他就在西尔弗的大力持下将委员解散了。译者:王巍 译文属译生译世 /201502/358343西南医院祛除腋臭多少钱 Stray dogs in Chile智利的流浪犬Spray as you go想去哪就去哪The state orders a sterilisation of stray mutts国家下令给流浪犬们杀菌IT IS one of the first things that visitors to Santiago, the Chilean capital, ask: “Why are there so many dogs everywhere?” Patricia Cocas, founder of ProAnimal Chile, an animal-rights group, reckons that some 180,000 stray hounds wander the city of six million people; a further 80,000 are let out by their owners to roam as they please. The area around the presidential palace is a favoured hangout. Most mutts are harmless enough—Chile is free of rabies, which helps explain why they are tolerated. But some attack passers-by or chase cars down Santiagos main thoroughfare, the Alameda, occasionally ripping tyres with their teeth.游客们去智利首都圣地亚哥旅行时,最初会打听的问题之一是:“为什么这儿到处都是呢?”智利的动物权利小组专业动物组织发起人Patricia Cocas估计大约十八万只流浪犬逡巡于六百万城市人口之间;有超过八万只流浪犬被它们的主人遗弃,任它们流浪。总统府附近地区就是他们最喜欢闲逛的位子。大部分流浪对人无害—智利没有狂犬病。这也就是流浪犬被容忍的原因。但是一些流浪犬攻击行人或者在圣地亚哥的主干道——林荫大道上追逐车辆,它们有时会用牙齿撕咬轮胎。The government is now taking action. In her state-of-the-union speech last month, President Michelle Bachelet announced a national sterilisation programme for stray dogs (the details are still to be fleshed out). A bill on responsible pet ownership is due to come before Congress this month. It envisages tougher penalties for those who abuse or abandon their pets, and the establishment of a register of dangerous dogs.政府现在正在采取措施应对。在上个月总统米歇尔?巴切莱特的国情咨文演说中声明了一项针对流浪的国家除菌项目(细节还在补充当中)。这个月一份针对宠物所有权的法案将被交付国会。它预期针对那些虐待或遗弃宠物的人实施更重的惩罚,并且建立一家危险流浪管理处。Ms Bachelet is trying to make the pooches political, weaving them into a broader narrative about inequality. Chiles cities need affordable veterinary centres where pets can be vaccinated and sterilised, she said in her speech. “In our country wealthy people can do that, but people without money have no way of caring for their pets.” But she insists there will be no cull of strays. For now, the mongrels on the lawns outside the palace where she works can sleep in peace.巴切莱特正试图将处理流浪问题正式化,将它们同一个更宽泛意义上的不平等陈述结合到遗弃。她在演说中说智利的各个城市需要建立可付得起的收益中心,在那儿宠物们可以接种疫苗以及除菌。“我们国家富人们可以实施那项行动但是穷人们就无法照看他们的宠物。”但是她坚持否定屠杀流浪。至少现在,总统府外,她散步的草坪上的流浪们能安闲地睡觉。译者:彭威译文属译生译世 /201601/420224重庆星宸美容医院是民办还是公立医院

重庆打瘦脸针重庆三峡中心医院百安分院整形美容中心 Global accounting standards全球会计准则Closing the GAAP弥补差距America’s commitment to international standards is in doubt美国是否会如约与国际准则接轨尚未确定Like railway tracks that appear to converge but never actually intersect, the project to get the world’s big economies to use the same accounting standards cannot quite close a vital gap. America’s public companies currently release financial statements based on the country’s own “generally accepted accounting principles” (GAAP). On July 13th the staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released a long-awaited report on whether America should adopt international financial reporting standards (IFRS), which are accepted by over a hundred countries. The SEC staff declined to recommend IFRS, in a paper that was more negative than observers had expected.铁轨看似无限靠近,却永无相交之日,让世界大经济体们使用统一会计准则的方案也如铁轨一般,无法消除最重要的差距。目前,美国上市公司以美国自己的“公认会计准则”(GAAP)为基准,发布了一份财务报告。7月13日,美国券交易委员会(SEC)的工作人员就美国是否应采用国际财务汇报准则(IFRS)公布了一份备受期待的报告,国际财务汇报准则现已被一百余个国家所接受。而美国券交易委员会的员工却拒绝在这份消极程度远超观察员预期的论文里推荐IFRS。American adoption of IFRS seemed likely once. The big accounting firms, many multinational companies, the SEC’s own bosses and the G20 club of big economies all blessed the idea of global standards. A parallel project of “convergence”, whereby America’s accounting-standards body and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) issued norms together, was meant to narrow the gap, making it simpler and cheaper for America to move across.美国一度与采用国际财务汇报准则擦肩而过。大型会计事务所、众跨国公司、美国监会的顶头上司以及大经济体组成的G20俱乐部都曾对全球标准这一想法大加赞赏。这项“趋同”的平行方案旨在缩小两项准则间的差距,根据该方案,公司可采用美国会计标准和国际会计准则委员会(IASB)颁布准则进行平行记账,使美国的转换过程更平稳,耗资更少。But the convergence process—in areas like leasing, insurance and losses on financial instruments—dragged on longer than expected. Bob Herz and Sir David Tweedie, former heads of America’s Financial Accounting Standards Board and the IASB respectively, left their jobs in 2010 and 2011, further dissipating momentum. The SEC itself is distracted by the task of implementing the Dodd-Frank financial-reform law. All agree that no further decisions will occur before America’s presidential election.然而在租赁、保险、金融工具亏损等领域,趋同的进程拖的比预期更长。前美国财务会计准则委员会(FASB)主席鲍勃·赫兹(Bob Herz),以及前IASB主席大卫·特维迪爵士分别于2010年和2011年离职,进而冲淡了趋同的势头。美国券交易委员会肩负落实《多德-弗兰克金融改革法案》的重任,无暇顾忌趋同。各方都赞同,在美国总统选举前,不会就此事做近一步决定。Boosters continue to talk up IFRS. The head of the IASB, Hans Hoogervorst, called the momentum behind them “irreversible” in a statement issued after the gloomy SEC report. He points out that Japan is the only country whose future move to IFRS may be affected if America stays away. Russia and Canada are recent adopters; China may join them. But a global standard without the world’s biggest economy looks hollow. Four Americans sit on the IASB’s 16-person board in London. Should they get the boot if America rejects the international standards? “I don’t want to think about that right now. We still count on their commitment,” says Mr Hoogervorst.持者们继续大肆宣扬IFRS。在悲观美国监会报告发布后,IASB主席汉斯·胡格沃斯特发表声明称,两项准则趋同的势头“不可逆转”。他指出,如果美国选择置身事外,唯有日本会受其影响,在未来向IFRS迈进的途中犹豫不决。俄罗斯和加拿大新近成为采纳国;中国或即将加入。但是,一个没有世界最大经济体参与的全球标准看似有点浪得虚名。位于伦敦的国际会计准则理事会由16名理事组成,其中有4名美国人。倘若美国拒绝这项国际准则,他们是否会因此被解雇?胡格沃斯特先生说,“我现在不愿想这事,我们仍期望美国能遵守承诺。” 翻译:王葭苇译文属译生译世 /201607/453303渝北区二院贵不贵

重庆脱腋毛价格I have to say canadian,Have you seen canadian porn?我必须说加拿大A片 你看过加拿大A片吗I cant say have seen canadian porn,How is it different?我没看过加拿大A片 它有什么不同Im just going to say it right now.The canadians are the nicest people on earth.我说说在前头 加拿大人是世界上最和善的人I mean,you guys,I dont know why they are so nice.I guess because they live so much closer to santa.我的意思是 我不知道他们为什么这么和善 可能是因为他们住得离圣诞老人很近吧I have no idea.But their adult movies,not,you know,its mostly hugs and hand shakes.and我完全不知道 但是他们的A片 并不 多数情况下就是拥抱和握手you know,when somebody orgasms,they scream,goal.有谁高潮时 就叫嚷着得分Because Im old,conan.you know,it probably creeps out the crowd.因为我老了 柯南 这可能会吓坏你们But you know the older you get,you dont stop masturbating.Im masturbating,and 虽然老了 也不会停止打飞机 我在打飞机you know,I do it on my side,because of my hip.I dont want to break it.Thank you.我侧身打飞机 因为我的屁股 我不想摔坏屁股 谢谢And I you know,take an aspirin for my heart.You know,thats the way I do it.我吃了一片阿司匹林 预防心脏病 我就是这样的Say youre responsible about it.yeah,Im very responsible.你很负责 是的 我很负责And you know,tip of the hat to the ladies,because I think the ladies now are really taking care of themselves with these sex toys.我要向女士们致敬 因为我觉得女士们用性玩具 把自己照顾得很好You were talking about it in the beginning.I think every woman should have a vibrator.Thats what I think.你一开始说到了 我觉得每个女人都该有棒 我就是这么想的This side mostly.yeah,thats a responsible thing to say.大部分是这边的观众 这样说真负责yeah,I will tell you,Ill never forget the first time I saw my ex-girlfriend using vibrator.是啊 我告诉你们吧 我永远也忘不了我第一次见到我前女友用棒的景象It blew my mind,because my roommate was holding it and那让我震撼了 因为我室友拿着棒呢Even the camera guys are clapping about the one.Weve all been there.就连摄影师 都鼓掌了 我们都经历过Because,you know,lets face it.I think you konw,size is important.因为 我们面对现实吧 我觉得尺寸很重要I think thats the way it goes.It got quiet again.Size is important.我觉得就是这样 又安静了 尺寸很重要201607/455235 Turkey and the Kurds土耳其和库尔德人Hunger and thirst饥饿和干渴A hunger strike causes new tension between Turkey and its Kurds绝食抗议引发土耳其和库尔德人间新的紧张局势What happens if they start dying? The question weighs ever more heavily as hundreds of Kurds in prisons across Turkey continue the hunger strike they launched on September 12th. Human-rights activists are saying that many have reached “a critical threshold.”如果他们开始死亡会怎么样?由于关押在土耳其各地监狱的数百名库尔德人自9月12日开始绝食抗议,现在仍在继续,这个问题变得愈加严峻。人权积极分子表示,其中很多人已经到了“生死边缘”。The hunger strikers, surviving on sugar water and vitamins, vow to keep up their fast until the ruling Justice and Development (AK) party meets their demands for greater linguistic rights and better prison conditions for the leader of the separatist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), Abdullah Ocalan. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, has responded with threats to reintroduce capital punishment, to which Mr Ocalan was sentenced after his capture in 1999 (and which AK abolished when it took office in 2002, in line with European Union demands.)靠着糖水和维生素维持生命的绝食抗议者们发誓要继续绝食,直到执政的正义与发展党满足他们的要求,为分裂势力库尔德工人党领导人阿卜杜拉·奥贾兰提供更大的话语权和更好的监狱环境。而土耳其总理雷杰普·塔伊普·埃尔多安则以威胁重新启用死刑作为回应——奥贾兰在1999年被捕后被判处死刑(为了符合欧盟的要求,正义与发展党于2002年上台后废除了死刑)。Mr Erdogan has ridiculed the strikers, growling “let them continue” at a recent AK meeting. When five MPs from the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) said they would join in, a breezy prime minister noted “some of them are in serious need of dieting.” Yet the government has conceded one demand with a new bill to allow Kurds to use their mother tongue in court. The EU’s ambassador in Ankara, Jean-Maurice Ripert, said this could “create the space for political dialogue.”埃尔多安在最近一次正义与发展党的会议上嘲笑绝食抗议者,怒吼道“让他们继续”。来自亲库尔德的和平民主党的五名议员表示将加入绝食抗议后,埃尔多安仍旧安然自若,称“这有些人很需要节食”。但是政府已就库尔德人的要求做出让步,一项新法案将允许库尔德人在法庭上使用母语。欧盟驻土耳其代表让-莫里斯·里佩尔表示,这能“为政治对话创造空间”。The Kurds are unlikely to stop their hunger strike until Mr Ocalan is granted access to his lawyers as they demand. Mr Ocalan’s status is shrouded in mystery. He has not met the lawyers for 15 months. The government claims this is because the ferry that carries them to his island prison south of Istanbul has broken down. Nobody believes this, not least because Mr Ocalan’s younger brother visited him in September. He returned saying the PKK leader was unkempt and was upset by the escalation in PKK violence that prompted Mr Erdogan to scupper secret peace talks.但库尔德人很可能会继续绝食抗议,直到他们能够让奥贾兰能见到律师。奥贾兰的状况罕有人知晓。他已经15个月未和律师见面。政府声称这是由于轮船故障使得律师无法前往奥贾兰在押的伊斯坦布尔南面的岛上监狱。不过没人相信这种说法,因为奥贾兰的弟弟九月还看望过他。他回来后说,这位库尔德工人党的领袖衣容不整,而且因库尔德工人党的暴力活动愈演愈烈导致埃尔多安中止秘密和谈而情绪低落。Yet the younger Mr Ocalan shed no light on whether it was his brother who is shunning the lawyers or the government that is blocking their visits. Proponents of the first theory speculate that Mr Ocalan will not see the lawyers (or ask the PKK to end its violence) unless the government moves him from solitary confinement to house arrest. Backers of the second idea think the government wanted to break the links between Mr Ocalan and his fighters (the lawyers carried messages) in hopes of triggering a leadership struggle that would fracture the PKK.但奥贾兰的弟弟并未说明究竟是奥贾兰在回避律师,还是政府不允许他见律师。持前一种观点的人猜测,政府只有把奥贾兰从单独监禁转为软禁,奥贾兰才会和律师见面(或呼吁工人党停止暴力活动)。后一种观点的持者则认为政府是想割裂奥贾兰和库尔德工人党之间的联系(因为律师可以传递消息),以期在党内引发领导权争夺,从而导致党派分裂。If so, the strategy has failed. Mr Ocalan’s grip may be weaker but he continues to be revered by millions of Kurds. Giant images of the mustachioed PKK leader can be seen throughout Kurdish towns in neighbouring Syria, where an affiliate called the PYD seized control after the withdrawal of President Bashar Assad’s troops. Turkey has been lobbying America for a no-fly zone over northern Syria in hopes of squashing the PKK’s expanding influence. Wary of wading into further Middle Eastern misadventures the Americans have said no. But in a show of support NATO is expected, at Turkey’s request, to deploy Patriot missiles in the province of Kilis, which borders Syria.如果真如后一种观点所想,那土耳其政府的这一招已经失败了。奥贾兰对库尔德工人党的掌控可能有所削弱,但他仍然为广大库尔德人所崇敬。在邻国叙利亚,库尔德人聚居的城镇在阿萨德总统的军队撤出后由隶属于库尔德工人党的民主联盟党接管,在那里,这位蓄八字胡的库尔德工人党领袖的大幅肖像随处可见。土耳其一直劝说美国在叙利亚北部设立禁飞区,以图遏制库尔德工人党日益扩大的影响力。而唯恐在中东的泥潭里越陷越深的美国人没有同意。但为了表示持,在土耳其的要求下,北约将在与叙利亚交界的土耳其基利斯省部署爱国者导弹。The Turkish president, Abdullah Gul, says the missiles would defend Turkey against a possible chemical-weapon attack. Western diplomats suggest that, contrary to reports in the Turkish press, the Patriots could not create a no-fly zone for Syrian rebels and refugees, but are “mostly about making the Turks feel loved.” Turkish tanks remain on hills facing a PYD-held town this week after PKK sympathisers fired shots into the air during a funeral last month. If the stand-off with hunger strikers persists, more funerals will follow.土耳其总统阿卜杜拉·居尔表示,北约部署的爱国者导弹可使土耳其免遭化学武器的打击。而西方国家的外交官们所持看法与土耳其媒体的报道相左,他们认为,爱国者导弹并不能为叙利亚叛军和难民创造禁飞区,而“主要是让土耳其人感受到关爱”。上月,在民主联盟党控制的城镇上举行了一场葬礼,库尔德工人党的持者们在葬礼上向天鸣,此后一直到本周,土耳其的坦克部队就一直部署在那座城镇对面的山丘上。如果土耳其政府与绝食抗议者继续僵持下去,更多葬礼将接踵而至。翻译:孙齐圣译文属译生译世 /201608/462480资阳激光治疗痤疮价格重庆妇保医院地址查询




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