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重庆市第三人民医院看效果怎么样重庆botox注射瘦腿哪家医院好Russia and India signed a clutch of defence and energy deals on Thursday as prime minister Narendra Modi visited Moscow to reaffirm one of the world’s most valuable military relationships.俄罗斯和印度周四签订了一系列防务和能源协议,印度总理伦德拉莫迪(Narendra Modi)正访问莫斯科,再次确认全球最具价值的军事关系之一。Following a meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin, the two leaders announced deals to build Russian-designed Kamov helicopters in India and for the location of a new nuclear power plant to be built by Russian state nuclear company Rosatom.在与俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠京(Vladimir Putin)进行会晤后,两位领导人宣布达成协议,将在印度制造由俄罗斯设计的卡莫夫(Kamov)直升机,并为由俄罗斯国家原子能公司(Rosatom)建造的新核电厂选址。India, the world’s largest importer of defence equipment, is set to spend 0bn over the next decade modernising its antiquated hardware. But Mr Modi has made it a key policy to push for these new weapons systems and other equipment to be made mostly in India rather than abroad.身为全球最大军工装备进口国的印度,未来10年将出2500亿美元使其过时的装备现代化。但莫迪推动的一项关键政策是主要在印度制造这些新的武器系统和其他装备,而不是海外。Mr Modi hailed the deal for the production of helicopters as the first major defence project under his “Make in India” programme. Under the deal with Rosatom, some equipment for nuclear power plants would also be built in India.莫迪称赞生产直升机的协议是他提出“在印度制造”计划后的首个大型军工项目。根据与俄罗斯国家原子能公司的协议,核电厂的部分设备也将在印度制造。Russia and India have long been one another’s top defence partners, a relationship dating back to Soviet times. But in recent years, India has sought to broaden its diplomatic relations and has also been ordering military hardware from a more eclectic array of supplier, including the US.长期以来,俄罗斯和印度一直是对方最大防务合作伙伴,这种关系可以追溯到苏联时期。但近几年印度寻求拓宽外交关系,并向更为广泛的供应方(包括美国)订购军事装备。But Mr Modi has also indicated that he still sees Russia as one of India’s most reliable friends, and has made clear that he wishes to revive and deepen the frayed strategic ties, especially in areas such as nuclear power and defence.但莫迪表示,他仍将俄罗斯视为印度最可信赖的朋友之一,他明确表示,他希望重振并深化两国间有些裂痕的战略关系,特别是在核电和军工等领域。 /201512/419100重庆脱唇毛医院 The Chinese and Russian navies will hold joint exercises in the South China Sea in September, the Chinese defence ministry said on Thursday.中国国防部周四表示,中俄海军将于9月在南中国海举行联合军事演习。The announcement comes just two weeks after an international tribunal dismissed Beijing’s expansive claims in the region, in a ruling that the Beijing has vowed to ignore.此时距一个国际仲裁庭否决中方在南中国海“扩张性”领土主张才过去两周,对于该裁决北京方面表示拒不接受。Speaking at the Chinese defence ministry’s monthly briefing, Yang Yujun described the exercise as “routine”, adding that it was “not directed against any third parties”.中国国防部新闻发言人杨宇军在本月的例行记者会上形容此次演习为“例行性”演习,并补充称“演习不针对第三方”。The ministry did not provide any further details about the planned exercises. Last year, the Chinese and Russian navies conducted joint operations in the Sea of Japan.他没有透露有关此次演习计划的更多细节。去年,中俄海军在日本海举行了联合军事演习。The decision to hold exercises in the South China Sea is likely to exacerbate tensions in the region amid a flurry of activity by Beijing in the wake of the tribunal’s ruling on July 12.在7月12日上述仲裁庭作出裁决之后,中方进行了一系列活动,此时做出在南中国海举行军事演习的决定,可能会加剧地区紧张。Chinese diplomats successfully persuaded a meeting of Asean foreign ministers this week not to refer to the ruling in a joint statement. While Beijing is embroiled in South China Sea disputes with Asean countries, including the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia, it has been able to count on support from other members of the bloc that are heavily dependent on Chinese investment, such as Cambodia and Laos.中国外交官在本周的东盟(Asean)外长会议上成功说各国在联合声明中只字不提南海仲裁案。尽管中国与多个东盟国家(包括菲律宾、越南和马来西亚)在南中国海上都有争端,但是它可以得到一些高度依赖中国投资的东盟成员国(比如柬埔寨和老挝)的持。John Kerry, US secretary of state, also attended the Asean meeting in Vientiane, the Laos capital, where he urged China and its neighbours to renew diplomatic efforts.美国国务卿约翰#8226;克里(John Kerry)也出席了于老挝首都万象召开的东盟外长会议。在会议上,克里敦促中国及其邻国恢复外交努力。In a show of force just days ahead of the July 12 ruling, the Chinese navy held exercises in the South China Sea. China’s air force later said that it would conduct regular patrols across the region.在仲裁结果出炉前几天,为了显示武力,中国海军就已经在南中国海上举行了军事演习。中国空军随后表示,将在该区域进行常态化战斗巡逻。Mr Yang declined to elaborate on the air patrols but reiterated that China had a sovereign right to establish an “air defence identification zone” over the region if it chose.杨宇军拒绝详细说明航空巡逻计划,但是重申了中国拥有自愿选择在该区域划设“防空识别区”的主权权利。In 2013, the Chinese military declared an air-defence identification zone over the East China Sea, where Beijing has overlapping maritime claims with Japan and South Korea.2013年,中国军方宣布在东中国海划设防空识别区,在该区域中方与日本及韩国存在重叠的领海主张。US navy spy planes, operating out of bases in Japan, conduct regular patrols of the Chinese coastline. Admiral John Richardson, the head of the US navy, said on a visit to Beijing last week that his ships would also continue their periodic “freedom of navigation” exercises near contested islands.美国海军侦察机从日本基地起飞,对中国海岸线进行定期巡逻。美国海军作战部长约翰#8226;理查森上将(Admiral John Richardson)在上周访问北京时称,美国军舰也将继续在争议岛屿附近进行定期的“航行自由”行动。The tribunal held that, regardless of who actually owns contested reefs, many of which have been transformed into man-made islands by China and other claimants, the features do not entitle their owners to expansive “exclusive economic zones”.上述仲裁庭认为,无论哪国实际拥有争议性岛礁——其中很多岛礁已经被中国和其他主权声索国改造为人工岛——其所有国并不因此具有主张扩张性的“专属经济区”的权利。Through its effective control of such islands, some of which are now equipped with airstrips, the tribunal ruled that China had illegally blocked the Philippines from developing fisheries and potential energy reserves in its own EEZ.凭借对此类人工岛屿的有效控制,其中一些岛屿上如今建有飞机跑道,该仲裁庭裁定,中国非法阻止了菲律宾在本国专属经济区内开发渔业和潜在能源资源。 /201608/457885大渡口区中医医院门诊怎么样

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江津区人民医院专治 BEIJING: In an interesting move, China is displaying a nuclear powered attack submarine to the public to boosts the people#39;s confidence in the country#39;s growing naval power. This is part of efforts by the Chinese authorities to enhance the image of president Xi Jinping ahead of the upcoming Plenum of the Communist Party, which will take crucial decisions which including giving Xi a second term as president. 北京:在一次有意思的举动中,中国向公众展示了核动力攻击潜艇,以提高人民对该国不断发展的海军力量的信心。这是中国当局为了在中共全会前强化习的形象而做出的努力,在这次全会上将有重大决定作出,包括让习再次连任主席一职。China also announced on Thursday that the country#39;s first domestic-built aircraft carrier is at an advanced state of development. Its hull has aly been assembled in a shipyard, a spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense said on Thursday. Design work on the vessel has been completed,while workers are currently installing equipment to the ship#39; s body. 中国周四还称中国首艘国产航母正在全力建造中。船体已经在一个造船厂进行组装,国防部发言人周四如是说。该航母的设计工作已经完成,工人现在正在船体上安装设备。No navy in the world has ever put a nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine on display in a museum, he added. Government experts said that displaying advanced ships, submarines and weapons at domestic maritime exhibitions would establish a closer connection with the public. 世界上没有国家的海军将一艘核动力弹道导弹潜艇放在物馆里展示,他补充道。政府专家称在国内的海事展览上展示先进船只,潜艇和武器可以拉近与公众的关系。 /201610/474785江津区做脱毛手术多少钱重庆哪家医院祛眼袋效果好



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