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  • On today’s Moment of Science, we’ll be sniffing our way through a controversial culinary conundrum: the great cilantro debate.今天的《科学一刻》栏目,我们将来探讨一个有争议性的烹饪难题:关于香菜的大辩论。According to scientists working at the Monell Chemical Senses Center, the smell of cilantro usually produces a “love it” or “hate it” response.据莫来尔化学感官中心的科学家称,香菜的气味通常会让人产生“喜欢它”或者“讨厌它”这两种反应。Researching The Response关于这两种反应的研究Researchers used gas chromatography to isolate the different components of the cilantro smell. They learned that its distinct aroma comes primarily from a group of molecules called aldehydes.研究人员使用了气相色谱法分离香菜气味的不同组成部分。他们了解到,其独特的香气主要来自一组称为醛的分子。Aldehydes are one of the main by products of soap making. There are a few different aldehydes in the cilantro aroma “recipe. One emits the offensive soapy odor that makes you cringe. But, another produces the fresh, green, citrusy aroma that people like me find so appealing. Our ability to detect these different parts of the cilantro scent spectrum varies widely, and is linked to our genetics. Some people can’t smell the good part at all.醛是肥皂的主要成分之一。香菜的气味“配方”中含有几种不同的醛。其中一种会发出令人不快的肥皂水的气味而使你畏缩。但是,另外一种会产生清新的柑橘味的香气,像我就非常喜欢这种香味。人们察觉香菜中各种香味的能力差距很大,而这与我们的基因是有联系的。有些人甚至不能闻其中好闻的部分。Future Research未来研究We need more research to figure out the exact details, but the science of smells indicates that, when it comes to liking or hating cilantro, genetics matter. Thanks to our DNA, we pick up on the good and bad parts of the cilantro sensory experience in different ways.我们需要更多的研究以找出确切的信息。但气味科学表明,喜欢或讨厌香菜与我们的遗传基因有关。我们之所以能通过不同的方式来感受香菜中好闻和不好闻的部分,这都要归功于我们的DNA。。
  • The canyon has power and attraction compelling the visitor to gaze into its depth. 大峡谷有着吸引来访者们深入探究的无穷魅力。These few points to a time when rainfall here would be significantly greater and the river evermore able to cover its channel through the granite landscape. 这几个地方曾经有非常大的降雨量而且河流永远能够通过花岗岩景观冲刷这个通道。This volcanic rock would have been formed many kilometers underground and pushed to the surface by the movements of the earths crust. 数千公里地下的火山岩形成之后通过地壳运动被推到地表。In geologic terms, the weird and wonderful rock forms at the recent result of severing temperatures, shattering frosts, eroding winds and flush floods.-Hello!用地质术语来说,奇形怪状的岩石在最近似的温度,霜冻的鬼斧神工,风的侵蚀及洪水冲刷中形成,太绝妙了!201310/261994。
  • If youve ever glanced skyward on a clear evening, youve probably noticed with somewonderment the sheer numbers of stars.你是否在某个晴朗的夜晚抬头瞥见夜空后惊奇地发现满天繁星。Some are tiny, barely visible points.有些小到难以看见。Others radiate strong white light.其他一些则发出强烈的白光。And from our earthly vantage point, these points of light seem fixed.从地球这一有利视角看去,这些光点似乎总是这么亮。But, of course, stars and other celestial objects grow brighter and dimmer over time.但是,星星和其它天体当然会随着时间的推移逐渐变得明亮或是昏暗。Now, amassive new data set collected by astronomers at the California Institute of Technology and theUniversity of Arizona documents the brightening and dimming of more then 200 million heavenlybodies.而现在,加州理工学院和亚利桑那大学的天文学家已搜集了大量数据并且记录了2亿多天体变得明亮和黯淡的过程。The data come from images captured by a large telescope in Arizona looking for Near EarthObjects, or NEOs in other words, asteroids whose proximity to Earth could be cause for alarm.这些数据源自于科学家在亚利桑那州用大型望远镜探测近地天体,也就是NEOs时捕捉的卫星图片,近地天体是指那些接近地球时有可能会对地球构成威胁的小行星。Information about how celestial objects dim and brighten was a fortunate byproduct of the asteroid hunt.有关天体如何明暗变幻的信息是科学家探测小行星时意外的收获。And its now proving valuable for helping astronomers and other scientistsunderstand more about the evolution of stars, black holes, and the structure of the Milky Way.如今,这一收获在帮助天文学家和其他科学家深入了解恒星,黑洞和系的演变过程方面有重要价值。For example, the data include information about more than 1,000 exploding stars, or supernovas.例如,这些数据涵盖了1千多个爆发星体,或称为超星体的信息。Being able to observe, as it were, how supernovas play out by measuring the increasing intensityof their brightness over time, allows scientists to better understand the life and death of stars.的确,人们可以通过观测并对比日益变亮的超星体的亮度来弄清它们爆发的过程 ,从而进一步了解星辰的诞生和灭亡。And thats only one example.这只是其中的一例。As more scientists mine the data, new discoveries about how theheavens work are sure to follow.随着越来越多的科学家探测相关数据,关于苍穹演变史的新发现指日可待。 201404/285515。
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