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《蓝莓之夜经典台词 -- :: 来源: 《蓝莓之夜经典台词Elizabeth:I need someone to talk to. Do you think he will pick up the keys?Jeremy:I don't know. I have customers leaving keys here years. Sometimes they pick up in a few days,sometimes takes a few weeks.Elizabeth:What about most of the times?Jeremy:Most of the time the keys stay in the jar.Elizabeth :Why you keep them? You should just throw them out.Jeremy:No. No, I couldn't do that.Elizabeth :Why not?Jeremy : If I throw this keys away, and those doors will be closed ever. That should not up to me to decide.Should it?Elizabeth :I guess I just looking a reason.Jeremy:Well, from my observations', sometimes it's better of not knowing. And other times there's no reason to be found.Elizabeth: Everything has a reason.Jeremy:Just like this pies and cakes. At the end of every night, cheese cakes and the apple pies are always completely gone. The peach pies and chocolate Mousse cakes are nearly finished. But, there'salways a whole . blueberry pie left untouched.Elizabeth: So what's wrong with the blueberry pie?Jeremy: It's nothing wrong with the blueberry pie. Just people make other choices. You can't blame the blueberry pies. Just no one wants it.Elizabeth:Walt!I want a piece伊丽莎白:我而要有个人陪我说说话你觉得他会拿回他的钥匙吗?杰瑞米:我不知道有客人将钥匙寄放在这里好多年了有时候他们过几天就拿走,有时好几个星期伊口莎白:大多是什么时间来拿?杰瑞米:大多数情况下,钥匙就一直留在瓶子里伊万莎白:你为什么还留着它们呢?应该扔掉杰瑞米:不,不行.我不能那么做伊丽莎白:为什么?杰瑞米:如果我把这些钥匙扔了.那些门将永远被锁着丢不丢这可不应该由我来决定,对吗?伊丽莎白:我猜我只是在寻找一个理由杰瑞米:据我的观察,有时候一些事悄还是不知道反倒更好有时根本就没有原因的伊丽莎白:凡事都有因果杰瑞米:就像这些派和蛋糕每晚打烊时,芝士蛋糕和苹果派总是售完桃子派和巧克力蛋糕也基本上了但是总有一份蓝莓派无人问津伊而莎白:蓝莓派有什么问题吗?杰瑞米:蓝莓派没有任何问题只是人们做出了其他的选择,你不能怪蓝莓派只是因为没有人想吃蓝莓派.伊丽莎白:等等!我想要一份蓝莓派 蓝莓之夜经典台词Thank You, Mum! 谢谢您,妈妈! --5 :19:51 来源: Thank You, Mum! 谢谢您,妈妈!  During the six years in primary school, all the people around have been helpful to me. But I want to say thanks to my mother most.  When I studied late at night, she was always there, and gave me a cup of hot milk. When I got poor marks, she told me to be more careful and study harder. When I quarrelled with my classmates, she taught me to be friendly to others. I am thankful to everything she has done me!  六年的小学生活中,所有周围的人对我帮助很大可是我尤其要对妈妈说声谢谢  当我晚上学习很晚,她总陪伴着我,给我一杯热奶当我考了低分,她告诉我更认真些,更努力些当我和同学吵架时,她教育我对别人要友好我感激她为我做的一切我的班级小学英语作文范文 -- :50: 来源: 我的班级小学英语作文范文I'm Steven ,i'm in Class Grade 5. There are 50 students in my class. are boys and are girls. My classmates are active and kind. Our teachers like us very much. They feel good to have lectures in my class. In my class, we have good relationship with each other. We are y to help others. I think my classmates are lovely. I feel happy to study with them.我叫Steven,是五年级二班的学生我们班共有50名学生,个男生,个女生我们班的同学很活跃,很友善,老师都很喜欢我们他们觉得在我们班上课很好在班上,我们与每个人关系都很好,我们总是随时帮助别人我认为我的同学很可爱,和他们一起学习我觉得很开心

中国十大水镇英文介绍:同里 -- :59:39 来源: 中国十大水镇英文介绍:同里 Tongli [PhotoCFP] Tongli is seated alongside Taihu Lake, Wujiang, Jiangsu province, with a history spanning over 1,000 years since it was first established during the Song Dynasty. The town features over 0 sites that include gardens, temples, mansions and mer famous residences, with 7 small islands separated by brooks in the shape of ?Chuan(?)? and connected by 9 ancient bridges. Honored as the ?Venice of the East,? it is renowned its ?Bridge, Water and People,? featuring a rich natural and cultural atmosphere. 水镇英文介绍 同里

China 中国 -- :1: 来源: China 中国  China is my motherland. It lies in the eat of Asia. Beijing is the capital of China.  China's population is more than 1.3 billion. The population in the east is much bigger than in the west. The weather in China is wetter and warmer in the south and drier and colder in the north.  China has a long history, and there are a lot of places of interest in China, such as the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the West Lake and so on.  In the last twenty years, great changes have taken place in my motherland. I am sure China's tomorrow will be much better. I love China!    中国是我的祖国,它位于亚洲的东部北京是中国的首都  中国有亿多人口,东部的人口比西部的多得多中国的天气情况是:南部潮湿、温暖;北部干旱、寒冷  中国具有悠久的历史,这里有许多名胜,如长城、颐和园、西湖等  近二十年来,我的祖国发生了巨变我相信中国的明天会更美好我爱中国!My Birthday 我的生日 -- :0:39 来源: My Birthday 我的生日  Today is December , my birthday. I am eleven now.  This morning my parents bought me a big birthday cake in Meet All Supermarket. Then they put the cake on the table of my badroom. Oh, my name was on the cake. It said. "Happy Birthday, Qiqi!" I was so happy.  I asked Baobao, Tiantian and other little friends to come to my party.They all said to me, "Happy birthday!" And I answered with a smile, "Thank you!" Then we ate, drank, sang, talked and played games. We had a good time together!  今天是十二月十日,我的生日,我岁了  今天早晨,我的爸爸妈妈给我在美特好买了一个大的生日蛋糕,然后把它房子我卧室的桌子上Oh,上面还有我的名字呢!上面写到:“生日快乐,琪琪!”我真高兴!  我请了宝宝,甜甜和其他小朋友来参加我的生日聚会他们都对我说:“生日快乐!”我笑着回答:“谢谢!”然后我们又吃又喝,又唱又聊,还玩了游戏我们在一起很开心!世口语对话-- :7:1 1. What is the full name of Expo ? World Exposition Shanghai China.年世会的全称是什么?中国年上海世会 . Is that the Expo emblem? The Expo emblem looks like three people holding hands.那是世会的会徽吗?世会会徽看起来像三个人手挽着手  3. How long will the Expo last? The Expo will last six months.世会持续多久?世会将持续半年 . What’s the theme of Expo ? Better city, better life.世会的主题是什么?城市,让生活更美好 5. When will the Expo begin? The Expo will begin on May 1.

小学英语作文:我的三餐 --9 1::57 来源: 小学英语作文:我的三餐I study in No.1 Primary School in Changsha,i'm in Grade 5.我在长沙第一小学读书,我读五年级Every morning i have an egg ,a cup of milk and some noodles.In the noon,i go home to have lunch.My mother is a good cooker,I like all her food very much. supper,we usually have something light,like vegetable and potato chips.我每天早上吃一个鸡蛋,一杯牛奶和面条中午,我回家吃饭我的妈妈厨艺很好,我喜欢妈妈做的所有饭菜晚上,我们通常吃得清淡些,像青菜,土豆丝什么的My Summer Vacation 我的暑假-小学英语作文 -- :36:9 来源: 暑假马上就要来了,小朋友是不是很开心呀?58英语网为大家整理了一些关于暑假的英语作文,希望大家在暑假的时候不要忘了学英语哦!My Summer Vacation 我的暑假  This summer vacation I'm going to Beijing with my parents. Beijing is the capital of China. There are many places of interest, such as the Great Wall, the Summer Palace and so on. I like the Great Wall best because I know an old Chinese saying-he who doesn't reach the Great Wall is not a true man. So I will visit the Great Wall. What's more, I will also visit Beijing Olympic Gymasium. Oh, what a wonderful vacation it will be!  我个暑假我将和父母一起去北京北京是中国的首都,有许多名胜,比如长城、颐和园等等我最喜欢长城,因为我知道一句古老的中国格言-不到长城非好汉所以我一定要去长城另外,我还要参观北京奥林匹克体育馆噢,这将是多么美好的假期啊!暑假计划暑假即将来临,你班同学讨论了假期计划,提出了不同看法请根据提示写一篇有关讨论安排的英语作文,并谈谈你的看法待在家中——优点:花费少,舒适缺点:不能亲身了解外界外出旅游——优点:增长见识,开阔眼界缺点:花费多,旅途不便根据提示写一篇80词左右的作文The summer holiday is coming. Our class have had a discussion about what to do during the holiday. Some are in favor of staying at home. They think it’s both convenient and comtable. What’s more, they can save money other purposes. But they will lose the chance of getting to know the outside world. However, others prefer to go out traveling since it can increase their knowledge and broaden their horizons. But they will spend more money and meet some difficulties while traveling. In my opinion, it would be much better to stay at home, I can do what I like, such as ing books, watching TV, and helping my parents with the housework. 58英语网住大家暑假快乐!《老友记的0句经典英文台词,你还记得多少? -- :01: 来源: 1、I won’t let her go without a fight! 我不会轻易放过她的、It could happen to anyone. It happens to anybody. That happens. 谁都可能会遇到这种情况3、I’m a laundry virgin.我从未洗过衣(注意virgin的用法,体会老美说话之鲜活)、I hear you. 我知道你要说什么 我懂你的意思了5、Nothing to see here!这里没什么好看的看什么看!6、Hello? Were we at the same table? 有没有搞错?(注意hello的用法,用疑问语气表示“有没有搞错?”)7、You are so sweet that’s so sweet. 你真好8、I think it works me. (work为口语中极其重要的小词)9、Rachel, you are out of my league(等级,范畴). 你跟我不是同一类人、You are so cute. 你真好真可爱、Given your situation, the options with the greatest chances success would be surrogacy. (given表示考虑到的意思;非常简洁好用)、Let’s get the exam rolling. 现在开始考试了( get……rolling的用法)、Why don’t we give this a try?我们为何不试一下呢、Bravo on the hot nanny!为那个性感的保姆喝!赞一下那个性感的保姆!(重点是brave on sthsb这个句型,表示为……喝赞叹的意思)、My way or the highway.不听我的就滚蛋!(很漂亮的习语,压后韵)、I planned to go there but something just came up.我本想去那的,但突然有点事情(注意something just came up这个搭配)、That’s not the point.这不是关键问题所在18、(If) he shows up, we stick with him. 他一出现,我们就跟着他走(着重比较书面英语和标准的口语,表条件的if可以省略)19、My life flashes bee my eyes. 我的过往在我眼前浮现、 I have no idea what you have said不知道你在说什么(I don’t have the slightest idea……)“我不知道”不要总说I don’t know,太土了,可以说 I have no idea或者I don’t have a clue……1、Just follow my lead. 听我指挥好了、Good you!你真不错好!(老友记中极其常见的赞扬、表扬句型)3、Let me put it this way, we’re having sex whether you’re here or not. (主要是前半句中put的用法,这里put等于say;极其标准的口语说法)、The more I worried about it, the more I couldn’t sleep.(the more……the more……越什么……就什么……;多学点这样的句型举一反三不论对口语还是写作都有帮助)5、We’re more than happy to give you recommendations.(more han happy等于非常高兴)6、Rachel, Can you pass me the TV guide? 能把电视报递给我吗?(非常实用的口语句型,叫别人递东西可以引用)7、Not that it’s your business, but we did go out. (倒不是……不过……典型的绕弯子式美国思维模式)、We have to cut our trip short! 我们不得不中断旅行.(cut sth short打断话语;中断某事;)9、This party stinks sucks! (sth sucks意思是什么事情很糟糕)30、You do the math.你自己来算一下31、I’m with you 我同意你的观点3、I waswill be there you.我持(过)你!(还记得老友记主题曲最后一句吗)33、I’m all yours!我全听你的、I’ll take care of it. 我会搞定的35、I would like to propose a toast.(英美电影宴会婚礼场景经典句型;提议为什么事情举杯祝福时用:)36、Lucky me! 我真走运幸运!(诺丁山里面出现)37、Storage rooms give me creeps. 储藏室让我全身冒鸡皮疙瘩38、What is with that guy? 那个家伙到底怎么了?39、Plus, I’m gonna take you out a lot free dinner. (plus除此之外)0、we’ve talked about the relationship and stuff.(And stuff诸如此类) 1、Too bad we must return them. 很不幸,我们必须退还它们(too bad开头来描述一件糟糕的事情)、Take my word it. 相信我3、Here’s to a lousy Christmas!(here’s to……为……而干杯)、I made a fool of myself.5、To hell with that bitch! 让那婊子见鬼去吧!(咒骂别人的时候,to hell with)6、The worst part is……最糟糕的是7、I think I should give it a shotgo!我觉得应该尝试一下!8、Now you tell me she’s not a knock-out! 你该不会说她不是个美人儿吧!9、Be good!be a manbe cool! 要听话像个男人的样子冷静点50、Nice save!好扑救!打圆场避免失态(来源于足球)51、Man, you scared the shootcrap out of me!你把我吓坏了! Beat the crap out of sb(crap等于shoot,不过要稍微文雅一些;)5、You did it!你做到了!(或者还可以说I made it! 口语中要注意make, do等小词的运用)53、Let’s make a deal!我们做笔交易吧5、That was close!close one 好险55、What if I had the guts to quit my job.(have the guts有种,有勇气)56、How did it go with Ceria?和Ceria怎么样了?57、How’s it going? how are you doing?你好58、It’s not like (I did this on purpose).并不是……(又是典型的绕弯子式美国思维了!这句话还可以换成Not that I did this on purpose)59、How come you are working here? 你怎么在这里工作?(how comewhy)60、I’ll fix it! 我去搞定!61、Hats off to phoebe. I’d say that you’re a very good competitor. (hats off to向谁脱帽致敬)6、How long has it been since (you had sex with your gf)? 有多久没做……63、get it!skip it!I don’t wanna talk about this any more. 别提了6、I mean it! 我是认真的!65、I’m totally over her! 我早就忘了她了!66、I’m gonna pay it tonight. 今晚我要付出代价67、Where were we?刚才我们谈做到哪里了?68、Leave me alone! 别管我别惹我69、You have to pick your momentstiming. 你说话得选时机70、You started it!你先挑衅的(选自 The Incredibles)71、Will he know what this is in reference to?他知道是谁打来的吗?7、Make it threetwo.再来一杯份(和老外一起到酒吧,餐厅点同样东西时的经典用语,言简意赅)73、That makes two of us. 所见略同7、Two coffee to go. 两杯咖啡打包75、I was trying to reach you all night. 我找了你一晚上76、I was wonderingthinking if after work we could grab a cup of coffee?我在想……77、You bet!当然78、I’ve been through this!我有经验我也经历过79、Did it ever occur to you that I might be that stupid!80、You really need to hate Julie’s guts.(hate sb’’s guts 恨透……)81、What do you say I buy you a cup of coffeewe go take a walk? 我请你喝杯咖啡怎么样?(what do you say加从句,可用与征求别人意见)8、Hold it! 打住!83、Up yours! 去你的8、I don’t have a clue!我不知道85、Come on, cut it out! 别闹了~86、You are nothing like us.你一点都不象我们It’s nothing likeHobbitYou guys, this cat is nothing like my grandma’s cat.(nothing like sth表示一点都不像)87、If you want kids, then kids it is! 如果你想要孩子,那就要吧 Art it is two it is !! a hundred it is (名词加it is 表示一种不耐烦语气)88、Mind if I see some identification? 介意我看看件吗? Mind if I come downstairs with you?89、It’s between Ross and me. 是我和ross之间的事情90、I”ll give you a call if anything comes up.91、I don”t give aan damn f*k shoot ass… 表示不在乎.9、The judging stuff has taken a lot out of me.(take a lot out of sbmaking sb tired)93、I asked around. Word is, he deals primarily in arms. (Ocean Eleven)9、I bet you bucks I can get her to have breakfast with me?95、Do not rushpush me. 别催我96、Call it even. 扯平了97、Not that I know of. 据我所知没有98、Part of me thinks the kid’s right. 一方面我觉得这孩子没错but another part of me thinks...99、You fall it every time. 你每次都要上当0、Thanks, man! I’m not really into sports.! I’m really not into guys.我不太喜欢体育 老友记 英文 台词

睡眠的问题-- :5: A:Hey,what's up,Marco?  怎么样啊Marco.  B:Not much,you?  还好,你呢?  A:Nothing much,I almost didn't recognize your voice,You sound a little different.  不错,我没听出来是你,你的声音听起来有点不一样  B:I lost my voice.,well,how did you sleep last night?  我嗓子哑了,你昨晚睡得怎么样?  A:Too bad,I went to bed early,but I couldn't fall asleep,and when I did,I had a lot of nightmares,I guess I 've got the insomnia.  糟透了,我很早就上床了,但我睡不着等我睡着了,又作了很多恶梦我想我得矢眠症了  B:what does that mean?  那是什么意思  A:"Insomnia" means you can't fall asleep.My roommate Peter slept like a log and he kept snoring,,Jesus,I would kill anybody just -hour sound sleep.  就是睡不着我室友Peter睡得跟猪似的,他一直打呼天啊,要是能让我睡俩个钟头的话,干什么都行  B:{chuckles}Interesting.Well ,do you happen to know some sleeping problems?  有意思,你知道睡眠的问题吗?  A:I am not so sure about them,but I'll tell you all that I know.  我不太确定,不过我尽量  B:Okay.  好的  A;Well,you have aly known insomnia,which means the inability to sleep.  你已经知道矢眠意思是睡不着  B:Yes.  是的  A:And snoring is another sleeping problem.  打呼是另一种  B:Yes.  是的  A:Sometimes people talk while sleeping,and we call that sleep talking. There are some people who suddenly wake up at midnight,going around a while,then go back to sleep again,that's called sleep wsalking.  有时人们说梦话,或者睡觉是突然醒过来,然后又睡过去,就是梦游  B;That's scaring.  挺吓人的  A:Kind of. And some people fart,some people grind their teeth or smack their lips……,well.there're so many of them,I can't come up with them all,  一点点,有的人放屁,磨牙或是叭几嘴太多了,我一时想不起来  B:That's aly too much,speaking of those,I am kind of tired. I am sure you're sleepy too,so I better let you go sleep.  够多的了,说起这些,我有点困了,我知道你也困了,所以我还是让你睡吧  A:You bet.well talk to you later.  当然再聊  B;Bye.  再见  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音]  [1]How did you sleep last night?你睡得好吗?问候别人睡得怎么样是一个常见的问题,类似的说法还有Did you sleep soundly last night?和,Did you sleep well last night?等  []Nightmare是一个常见病,它除了有恶梦的意思之外,还可以表示糟糕的情况,比如说The transportation in BJ is a nightmare.  [3]He slept like a log.表示他睡得跟死猪似的Log是数学中的对数它也表示木头,睡得跟木头似的,汉语的最佳解释就是睡得跟死猪似的  []常见的睡眠疾病有insomnia矢眠,,sleep talking说梦话,sleep walking梦游,wetting the bed尿床.snore打呼.nightmare作恶梦,grinding your teeth磨牙等  Related Words…相关词汇  rinckle nightperson pull an all nighter burn the midnight oil stay up late《饥饿游戏3:嘲笑鸟经典台词 --31 :50: 来源:   《饥饿游戏3:嘲笑鸟将于今日(月1日)在北美影院全线上映,小编在此为您盘点《饥饿游戏3原著中的经典语录  1. Better not to give in to it. It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart.  最好不要向它屈重整旗鼓花的时间是崩溃的十倍  . That what I need to survive is not Gale’s fire, kindled with rage and hatred. I have plenty of fire myself. What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again. And only Peeta can give ma that. So after, when he whispers, “You love me. Real or noe real?” I tell him, “Real.”  我活下去所需要的不是盖尔裹挟着愤怒和仇恨的火焰,我自己已经拥有了太多的火焰我真正需要的是春天里的蒲公英,那鲜艳的黄色意味着重生而不是毁灭,无论我们失去了多少宝贵的东西,它确保生活能够继续下去,并告诉我们生活会好起来的而只有皮塔能够给予我这一切所以,每当他在我耳边轻语:“你爱我,真的,假的?”我便告诉他:“真的”  3. But collective thinking is usually shot-lived. We’re fickle, stupid beings with poor memories and a great gift self-destruction.  但是集体思维通常都很短命人类是多变、愚蠢而健忘的动物,在自我毁灭方面倒是才智出众  . “Fire is catching!” I am shouting now, determined that he will not miss a word. “And if we burn, you burn with us!”  “着火了!”我现在大声地说道,决定每个词都让他听得一清二楚“如果我们被点燃,你们也会和我们一样葬身火海!”  5. Because something is significantly wrong with a creature that sacrifices its children’s lives to settle its differences.  因为一个物种要靠牺牲自己的孩子来解决分歧,无论以任何借口,这显然是不正常的  6. And it takes too much energy to stay angry with someone who cries so much.  总为一个爱哭鬼生气耗费太多精力了   7. Frankly, our ancestors don’t seem much to brag about. I mean, look at the state they left us in, with the wars and the broken planet. Clearly, they didn’t care about what would happen to the people who came after them.  坦白说,我们的祖先似乎没有多少好自夸的我的意思是,看看他们给我们留下的世界,一个战争不断的残破星球显然,他们并不在乎在后人身上会发生什么  8. He understands I don’t want anyone with me today. Not even him. Some walks you have to take alone.  他明白今天我不想和任何人在一起即使他也不行这是一段你需要独自行走的路  9. Panem Et Circenses translates into “b and circuses”. The writer was saying that in return full bellies and entertainment, his people had given up their political responsibilities and theree their power.  帕纳姆和瑟森斯翻译过来就是“面包和马戏”,写这个词语的人是说,平民百姓为了获得温饱和,放弃了他们的政治责任,也就放弃了他们的权力  . No, I want you to rethink it and come up with the right opinion.  不,我希望你重新考虑,然后给出正确的意见 饥饿 台词 经典你办砸了-- :5:   You messed up.  你办砸了  有不少人英语学了很多年了,很长的句子都能看懂,然而在和老外交流时却发现自己还是张不开嘴其中的一个原因就是我们忽视了很多口语里常常使用的短小精悍的句子像这句话里'mess'指的是“混乱、搞混”,比如你一进家门发现家里乱成一团,你就可以由衷的喊道,"What a mess!"

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