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Identifying The Keepers In Your ClosetThese days, Ann Fitzpatrick, director of the personal-shopping team at the Saks Fifth Avenue store in Beverly Hills, cleans out her closet with surgical precision.Thirteen years ago, bee she moved into a home with smaller closets, Ms. Fitzpatrick purged her wardrobe of pieces she no longer needed, including dated dresses from Paris that she still loved but had stopped wearing.She has regretted the loss ever since. 'I am still pining those pieces I let go that are not replaceable,' says Ms. Fitzpatrick, who spent many years helping clients shop and weed through their closets and now oversees the service. 'I wake up in the middle of the night sweating.'As a result, Ms. Fitzpatrick now makes sure to hold onto beloved pieces that are in good shape, even if she no longer wears them or they're out of date. She has learned, she says, that alterations can easily update looks.She changes buttons on old cardigans and jackets to create a more modern look and has hemlines taken down or up as the style dictates; on one Calvin Klein skirt, she has let the hem out twice. (When shortening, leave your hems wide the future, she notes.) If she has a hole in a cashmere sweater, she often looks an artisan who can reweave it. And she wishes she had tweaked the big shoulders on one of her Parisian dresses instead of giving it away.Avoiding large purges, she weeds through her wardrobe every season, getting rid of items such as shoes with worn-out toes or chipped heels (shoemakers can't do their magic on them), sweaters that can't be rewoven, cotton shirts worn down by starch and trousers that have been dry-cleaned so much they shine or can't be adjusted to the right length. She also weeds out items that don't fit or have colors she no longer likes.She'll let her two daughters have first pick of the cast-offs and then will give the rest to charities. Nothing gets thrown away. 'I believe that there has got to be a home any of the things I've owned,' Ms. Fitzpatrick says.As restocking, Ms. Fitzpatrick says she's always replenishing her supply of cotton shirts, and at least annually, she'll buy more investment pieces that serve as the core of her wardrobe (such as a perfect black dress, skirts, blouses, trousers and handbags), and she uses new accessories to refresh them. instance, she recently bought a Giambattista Valli jacket with a more-structured shoulder, a new look that she thinks will have some staying power.'By adding a belt, putting a great necklace on or dropping a vest over it, you can change that core piece to have a little different look,' she says. 83681。

;Twilight; fans are heartbroken by Kristen Stewart public admission that she cheated on her boyfriend and co-star Robert Pattinson. Some on Twitter are blasting the actress with no shortage of nasty names, while others are pledging support Pattinson, calling him ;sexy; and promising theyd be faithful.《暮光之城系列影片的女主角克里斯汀#86;斯图尔特近日公开承认背叛了男友罗伯特-帕丁森,并发表公开道歉,这让众多暮光迷们伤心不已两人曾共同出演这部系列影片有些人在推特上口出秽语攻击斯图尔特,也有些人声援帕丁森,说他很“性感”,保这对情侣会忠于对方But the scandal involving the on- and off-screen couple is unlikely to affect box-office returns the final installment in the vampire-romance juggernaut due this fall, or even harm the image of the -year-old actress.斯图尔特和帕丁森这对银幕搭档在生活中也是情侣,这次劈腿丑闻不会影响今年秋季上映的吸血鬼爱情影片《暮光之城完结篇的票房成绩,甚至不会破坏岁的斯图尔特的形象;It could make her actually more alluring,; said Ian Drew, a senior editor at Us Weekly magazine, which features compromising photos of Stewart and her ;Snow White and the Huntsman; director Rupert Sanders in its latest issue, out Friday.《美国周刊杂志的高级编辑伊恩-杜鲁说:“这其实会让她更有魅力”这份杂志的最新一期于周五发行,其中刊登了斯图尔特和《白雪公主与猎人影片导演鲁伯特#86;桑德斯的亲密照Stewart, whom bes named Hollywood highest-paid actress last month, issued an apology to People magazine Wednesday, saying she is ;deeply sorry the hurt and embarrassment Ive caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected.;斯图尔特在上月当选《福布斯杂志的好莱坞吸金女王她在本周三写给《人物杂志的道歉声明中说,自己对“亲近的人以及所有受此事件影响的人受到的伤害感到抱歉”;This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob,; she said. ;I love him, I love him, Im so sorry.;她说:“这次一时的不慎,已经危及到我生命中最重要的事情罗伯特是我最爱并且最尊重的人我爱他,我爱他,我很抱歉”Stewart and Pattinson, 6, have been in a relationship several years after meeting on the set of ;Twilight,; in which they play lovers.斯图尔特和现年6岁的帕丁森已经相恋几年,他们在拍摄《暮光之城影片时相识,在片中扮演情侣Sanders, 1, who is married and has two children, followed with his own apologetic statement to People.1岁的导演桑德斯已经结婚,还有两名子女随后他自己也向《人物杂志发表了致歉信;I am utterly distraught about the pain I have caused my family,; he said. ;My beautiful wife and heavenly children are all I have in this world, I love them with all my heart. I am praying that we can get through this together.;他说:“我对带给家人的痛苦感到非常难过美丽的妻子和无与伦比的孩子是我的所有,我全心全意地爱着他们,祈祷我们可以一起经历这场磨难”A spokesman the director confirmed the statement Wednesday. Representatives Stewart and Pattinson did not respond to requests comment.桑德斯的发言人周三确认了这份声明斯图尔特和帕丁森的发言人都没有发表;Reports of infidelity could even draw more viewers to theaters Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment ;The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part . ;They might go just so they can be even more mad at Kristen.; said box-office analyst Paul Dergarabedian of Hollywood.com.好莱坞网站的票房分析师保罗-德加拉比狄恩说:“对这起偷情事件的报道甚至会吸引更多观众前去观看狮门和顶峰影业公司的这部《暮光之城:破晓(下)他们很可能会去看,这样会对斯图尔特更加恼火“ 19。

The Best Movie Kisses of Cute couples appeared all over the screen in !Whether it was a fun romantic comedy, some of Hollywood best-looking actors got to make out with each other.年大荧幕上可爱小情侣无数!无论是不是搞笑的爱情喜剧,好莱坞最养眼的演员们凑到了一块儿。

Anger at the practice of demanding dowries, which can lead to violence against brides, has prompted a takeoff of ;Angry Birds; called ;Angry Brides; that aims to highlight the illegal practice still prevalent in many South Asian countries.为表达对索要嫁妆的陋习的愤怒,模仿;愤怒的小鸟;而成的游戏;愤怒的新娘;在网络上走红这款游戏旨在引起人们对这一仍然在很多南亚国家盛行的非法行为的重视,这种行为可能导致新娘遭到暴力Dowries ; such as jewelry, clothes, cars and money ; are traditionally given by the bride family to the groom and his parents to ensure she is taken care of in her new home.传统上讲,新娘的娘家会向新郎及婆家赠予珠宝、衣物、汽车和金钱等嫁妆,以确保新娘在她的新家里会得到照顾The custom was outlawed more than five decades ago. But it is still widely practiced, with the groom family demanding even more money after marriage, leading to mental and physical harassment that can drive the woman to suicide.五十多年前这一风俗就被定为非法,但是如今依旧盛行有些男方家庭婚后会索要更多钱财,导致妻子受到精神和肉体折磨,甚至可能导致自杀In the worst cases, she may be murdered by her husband and his family, often in so-called ;stove burnings; where she is doused in kerosene and set on fire.在最惨痛的案例中,妻子可能会被丈夫和婆家谋杀,通常是被泼上煤油烧死,也就是所谓的;被火炉烧死;;The Angry Brides game is our way of throwing a spotlight on the nuisance of dowry,; said Ram Bhamidi, senior vice president and head of online marketing Shaadi.com, a matrimonial website with two million members.婚恋网Shaddi.com的高级副总裁兼网络营销主管拉姆bull;巴密迪说:;我们通过lsquo;愤怒的新娘rsquo;这款游戏把嫁妆这种陋习推上前台;该网站有两百万名成员;According to a study ... there is a dowry-related death every four hours in India. We condemn this menace and have consistently run campaigns on social media to help create awareness of the issue.;;年的一项调查显示,印度每四个小时就会有人因与嫁妆有关的案件而死亡我们谴责这种恶行,而且一直在社交媒体上举办活动,以便让民众认识到这个问题;The name of the app, available on the group home page (www.facebook.comshaadicom), is a spinoff from the globally popular ;Angry Birds; game. Its home page shows a red-clad, eight-armed woman resembling a powerful female Hindu goddess.这款游戏发布在该网站的Facebook主页上,名称模仿了全球知名游戏;愤怒的小鸟;主页上有一位红衣八臂女,象征着法力无边的印度教女神Underneath, there is a caption: ;A woman will give you strength, care and all the love you need ... NOT dowry!;下方的说明写道:;女人能给你力量、关心和你需要的爱,绝非嫁妆!;To play the game, users have to try and hit three dodging grooms ; a pilot, builder and doctor. There is a wide array of weapons to choose from, including a stiletto shoe, a frying pan, broomstick, tomato and loafer.玩游戏时,玩家必须击中三个闪躲的新郎,分别是飞行员、建筑工和医生玩家可挑选多种武器,包括细高跟鞋,煎锅、扫帚、西红柿和拖鞋Each groom has a price tag, starting at 1.5 million rupees (,5). Every time the player hits a groom, his value decreases and money is added to the player Anti-Dowry Fund, which is saved posted on their Facebook page. 每个新郎身上都有标价,0万卢比(95美元)起价玩家每次击中新郎,新郎的身价就会缩水,而这笔虚拟货币就会转入玩家的;反嫁妆基金;,并显示在他们的Facebook主页上;Since we launched the game last week, more than 70,000 people have liked the app. Both men and women seem to be playing it,; said Bhamidi.巴密迪说:;自从我们上周发布这款游戏以来,已经有7万多人喜欢上它玩家有男性也有女性;According to latest figures from India National Crime Records Bureau, there were 8,391 cases of dowry-related deaths in the country and 90,000 cases of torture and cruelty toward women by their husbands or family in . 印度国家犯罪统计局的最新数据显示,年因嫁妆死亡的案件有8391起,另有九万起女性遭到丈夫或婆家虐待的案件词汇点津:takeoff: 嘲弄性的模仿 86。