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南康市横寨卫生院联系电话章贡区医院是什么医院The moon mission is open to the public,月球任务是对大众开放的meaning anyone who has the financial capability任何人只要能负担一亿元的机位费用to afford the price of the seat,就可以参加they#39;re each priced at a hundred million dollars.抢得头香的人At the front of the queue is Greg Olsen.是葛瑞格欧森I mean who wouldn#39;t want to see the moon up哪有人会不想近距离欣赏月球close you may not want to go through the space ride去那里的旅程也许不是很舒to get there but I mean just,但试想just imagine if you could look out and there was the moon,只要看着窗外there#39;s this big moon the way we#39;re looking at the earth now.就能看到偌大的月球和地球Just, to me it would be mind boggling.我简直无法想像那样的感觉Yeah, I#39;d really like to do it.我真的很想去And the company thinks there#39;ll be no shortage of takers.该公司也认为不愁没人上门You really don#39;t have to sell a moon mission - it,我们不用大肆宣传登月任务it#39;s making history, it#39;s going where less than这是趟历史性的任务,目的地是个30 people have gone before.只有二十几个人去过的地方You really don#39;t need a sales tactic for that.光是这样就可以卖得抢抢滾In a neat twist from the cold war rivalry of the 1960#39;s,1960年代的冷战对峙,已烟消云散the company works in partnership with the Russian Space Agency.这家公司的合作伙伴是俄罗斯太空局Rich clients provide the funds and the cash strapped Russians有钱客户出钱,需款孔急的俄国人provide the hardware.则提供硬体And it#39;s technology straight并原封不动地沿用out of the 1960s the Soyuz Rocket System.60年代的联合号火箭系统The Soyuz rocket system was first designed in the 1960s联合号火箭系统for the Soviet lunar programme.是苏联在60年代为了登月计划而研发的Once the Americans landed on the moon,美国人登陆月球之后the Soviet lunar programme was almostjust abandoned.苏联的登月计划几乎全面停摆But one of the reasons why it was abandoned但其停摆的原因之一是was that the Soviet manned lunar programme of the 60s was a failure.苏联60年代的载人登月计划失败了Not only did they fail to get a man on the moon,他们不仅没能让太空人登陆月球but they also failed to even put a man into orbit around the moon连让太空人进入月球轨道都失败了despite 18 separate attempts to make the technology work.他们一连试了十八次,都没能成功They hope that the cash injection现在他们希望from the rich westerners will help them do better this time.有了富裕西方人的资金挹注,这次的表现能亮眼些Everything in life is a risk,人生不管做什么都有风险um you, you know there#39;s various degrees,风险程度当然不同the Soyuz was designed for lubar lunar orbit联合号火箭的目的就是绕月飞行so its certainly capable of doing it.它绝对做得到The Russians have a great space programme er great instruction,俄罗斯的太空计划很棒,他们有清楚的程序great cosmonauts, so I would, I would have a lot of confidence.优秀的太空人,所以我很有信心This private sector mission has a fighting chance of这个由私人业界提出的登月任务at least putting a person into orbit around the moon.至少有可能成功地将人送进月球轨道But even they could be overtaken by a new dark horse但连他们都受到一匹黑马的威胁a late entry in the new race to the moon.这名玩家很晚才加入太空竞赛China. Its economy is booming.那就是中国,经济蓬勃发展的中国It#39;s a global superpower.已经成为全球超级强权And now it#39;s turning its attention to space.现在他们把注意力转向太空In 2003 the Chinese put a man in space,2003年,中国成功地让太空人and brought him safely back to earth.安全往返太空In 2005 they did it again.并在2005年如法炮制一番Now they say they want to put a man on the moon.现在中国说要送人上月球Few would bet against them.唱衰他们的人寥寥无几Well with China coming up er we#39;ve had astronauts现在中美苏三国and then cosmonauts in Russia and then we have tokanauts in China.都有太空人Now they#39;ve had two orbits of the earth and you know,中国已经两度把人送进地球轨道,很不简单that#39;s nice and you know people say well it#39;s primitive technology.有人说他们的科技很原始And so forth but you wait ten years and see但十年后where those people are with space flights.他们绝对会有惊人的进步Whoever wins the race to get back to the moon,谁会拔得头筹抢先重返月球,仍是未定之数there#39;s little doubt that our most ancient love affair is back on.但可以确定的是,人类和月亮的感情再度加温In many ways it#39;s a relationship that#39;s finally grown up.如今这终于可说是段成熟的感情We#39;ve been through infatuation and courtship.我们已经经过了迷恋和追求阶段We#39;ve had a bit of a rocky patch.有过一段风雨飘摇的时期Now the relationship has emerged stronger than ever.如今这段经过淬炼的感情更加稳固And this time it looks like we#39;re in it for the long haul.这次看来是天长地久 Article/201505/375155赣南片区医院医院账单 A New Level of Archery丹麦神射手 Lars Andersen—这真是太疯狂了!Centuries ago, master archers were able to perform incredible feats of archery. These skills have long since been forgotten, but the Danish archer Lars Andersen is trying to reinvent what has been lost.几世纪以前,神射手们能表现出不可思议的射箭技艺。 这些技法已被遗忘许久,但丹麦弓箭手 Lars Andersen 试着重现被遗落的技法。He uses forgotten historical methods, and holds all his arrows in the same hand he shoots with. Once, this technique was widesp, and Assyrian artwork shows that the method was at least 5,000 years old.他利用被遗忘的早期技法,将他所有的箭握在他射箭的同一只手上。曾经,这技巧十分普遍,而亚述人的艺术品显示出这方法至少有五千年历史。Arab Archery, the most extensive historical book ever made about archery, states, ;This is the best type of shooting and there is nothing beyond it in power or accuracy.; Using this technique, Lars has set several speed shooting records, and shoots more than twice as fast as his closest competitors. And being able to shoot fast is just one of the benefits of the method.《阿拉伯射箭集》,史上内容最丰富的射箭史书,指出:“这是射箭的最佳样式,在威力及精准度上无可匹敌。”利用这种技巧,Lars 创下许多急速射箭记录,并比记录最接近的对手速度快超出两倍。而能够快速射箭仅是这技法的众多好处之一。But the big question is, why has it been forgotten today?但重要的问题是,为何这技法如今被遗忘了?About 10 years ago, Lars started using a bow. The arrows, he carried in a quiver on his back. Surprisingly, the quiver turned out to be useless when it came to moving fast. The back quiver is a Hollywood myth, and was not common in the past, but it is still sp all over the world.约十年前,Lars 开始使用弓。箭,他装在背上的箭筒里带着。出乎意料地,箭筒在快速移动情况下变得毫无用武之地。背式箭筒只是好莱坞迷思,在过去并不常见,但它仍在全世界普及。Why? Because modern archers do not move. They stand still, firing at a target board—something that was unknown in the past. These archers also started placing the arrow on the left side of the bow, just as archers do in movies. This is probably due to the fact that aiming at a stationary two-dimensional target makes you aim with one eye instead of two. This one-eyed aiming also led to bows with front sights and other technical gadgets, but that#39;s another story.为什么?因为现代弓箭手不移动。他们站定,射在标靶上--一个在过去是未知的物品。这些弓箭手也开始将箭置于弓的左边,就像电影里的弓箭手做的一样。这有可能是因为瞄准一个静置的平面目标使你用单眼而非双眼瞄准。这种单眼瞄准法也使配有前置瞄准器以及其他科技配备的弓出现,但那又是另一个故事了。However, placing the arrow left around the bow is not good while you#39;re in motion. By placing the arrow on the left side, your hand is on the wrong side of the string, so you need several movements before you can actually shoot.然而,将箭置于弓的左边在你移动时并不有利。将箭放在左边,你的手会在弦的错误一侧,因此在你真正发射前,你需要许多动作。From studying old pictures of archers, Lars discovered that some historical archers held their arrows on the right side of the bow. This means that the arrow can be drawn and fired in one single motion, which is both faster and better, and this was not the only problem with archery today.从研究古老弓箭手图,Lars 发现一些早期的弓箭手将他们的箭握在弓的右侧。这代表箭能够以单一动作拿取并发射,那更快又更有效,而这并非现今射箭的唯一问题。Lars realized that what we thought was historical archery only works well for modern target archery and Hollywood films. If he wanted to learn the shoot like the master archers of all, he would have to unlearn what he had learned and start ing historical manuscripts today. He would have to find his way back to a time when archery was simpler and more natural, exactly like throwing a ball, an essence making archery as simple as possible.Lars 理解到,我们如今认为是早期射箭的技法,只适用在现代标靶射箭及好莱坞电影。如果他想要学像所有神射手那样的射击,他将需要忘掉他所学过的,并开始研读今日留下的早期书稿。他会需要找到他的方法回到一个射箭更为纯粹且更为自然的时期,就像丢球一样,一个尽可能让射箭变得简单的要素。It is harder to learn how to shoot this way, but it gives more options, and ultimately, it#39;s also more fun. A war archer must have total control over his bow in all situations, and must be able to handle his bow and arrows in a controlled way, under the most varied of circumstances.学会如何这样射箭是更加困难的,但它给予了更多选择,且最终,它还更有趣。一名战地弓箭手必须要在所有情况下完全掌控他的弓,且必须要能够以受控的方式掌握他的弓箭,在最多变的情况之下。The old manuscripts told Lars that master archers could shoot the bow with both hands and still hit the target, so he began practicing. It is also described that an archer in motion must be able to hit a blade so that the arrow splits in two parts, like this.古老书稿告诉 Lars,神射手可以用双手射箭,且仍能射中目标,所以他开始练习。书稿中也描述移动中的弓箭手一定要能够击中刀锋,好能让箭劈成两半,像这样。Archers could also pick up enemy arrows and shoot them back, or grab arrows while on the move and fire them rapidly. There are even myths of archers who could grab an enemy#39;s arrow and shoot it back. Lars took it a step further, and he#39;s now able to catch an arrow while jumping and fire it before he hits the ground.弓箭手还可以捡起敌人的箭并回射,或是在移动同时拿箭并迅速射出它们。。甚至有传说,有能够抓住敌人来箭并回射的弓箭手。Lars 又更上一层楼,他现在能够在跳跃同时抓住箭,并在他着地前射出。Perhaps most importantly, modern slow archery has led people to believe that war archers only shot at long distances. However, Lars found that they could shoot at any distance, even up close. This does require the ability to fire fast, though.也许最重要的是,现代不急不徐的射箭引导人们相信,战地弓箭手只能远距射箭。但是,Lars 发现他们在任何距离都能射箭,甚至近距离。然而,这确实需要快速发射的能力。In the beginning, archers probably drew arrows from quivers or belts, but since then, they started holding the arrows in the bow hand, and later in the draw hand. Taking it to this third level, that of holding arrows in the draw hand, requires immense practice and skill, and only professional archers, hunters, and so on, would have had the time for it. When gun started replacing bows, this technique was forgotten.一开始,弓箭手也许从箭筒或腰带抽箭,但自此后,他们开始以持弓手拿箭,接着再用拉弓手拿。将其带到这第三个层次,用拉弓手拿箭的层次,需要大量练习和技术,而且只有职业弓箭手、猎人等等能有时间做这件事。当开始取代弓箭时,这个技术便被遗忘。And the only reason Lars is able to do it is because he spent years practicing intensely. The hard part is not learning how to hold the arrows but learning how to handle them properly, and draw and fire in one single motion. No matter what method is used, it works in all positions, and while in motion, whether rolling, running, or on horseback.Lars 能够做到这的唯一原因,是因为他认真地花上数年练习。困难的部份不在于学习如何握箭,而是学习如何适当地拿着它们,并在单一动作内抽出并射击。无论使用哪种方式,它在所有位置都行得通,还有在移动时,无论在滚、在跑,或是在马背上都行得通。It also works with sharp arrows and powerful bows. And while there is no doubt that those war archers of the past were stronger and more fit than Lars is, his arrows still penetrate chainmail armor and the heavy gambeson worn beneath it. It is difficult to compare actual striking power, though. Modern archers use only one hand, but in the past, some archers allegedly used both hands to give the arrow more power.它也适用于锋利的箭及强大的弓。虽然过去那些战地弓箭手毫无疑问地都比 Lars 还有力且强健,他的箭还是能射穿锁子甲,以及穿在下方的笨重软铠甲。但很难去比较实际的攻击力道。现代弓箭手只用一手,但在过去,有些弓箭手据称使用两手好赋予箭更大威力。Old manuscripts tell us that it was common to hold three arrows in the draw hand at once while keeping more in the belt quiver. We know that some archers held more, and in a way, the bow was the ultimate weapon. Who can escape 10 arrows fired quickly after another?古老书稿告诉我们,拉弓的手一次拿三把箭是很正常的,同时更多箭留在箭筒里。我们知道某些弓箭手拿得更多,且某方面来说,弓是终极武器。谁能够逃过十快速连射的箭呢?From old texts, we know that Saracen archers were expected to be able to fire three arrows in 1.5 seconds, and very skilled archers were even faster. Lars has managed to shoot three arrows in 0.6 seconds, but while speed is important, hitting the target is essential.从古老文本中,我们知道撒拉森的弓箭手应能在 1.5 秒内射出三箭,且技艺高超的弓箭手甚至还能更快。Lars 成功做到 0.6 秒内射出三箭,但虽然速度很重要,命中目标还是必要的。To test accuracy and speed at the same time, Lars set up an experiment, where he shot incoming arrows with arrows of his own. But he took it one step further. In the 1938 movie, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Robin Hood splits an arrow down the middle. Some consider this the ultimate archery trick. They are wrong.为了要同时测试准确度和速度,Lars 设立一场实验,实验中他用自己的箭射向飞射而来的箭。但他又更上一层楼。在一部 1938 年的电影《罗宾汉历险记》中,罗宾汉从中射穿一箭。某些人认为这是终极的射箭技巧。他们错了。The ultimate archery trick is splitting an incoming arrow in two with one of your own. We do not recommend you trying this at home.终极射箭技巧是用你自己的其中一箭将飞射而来的箭劈成两半。我们不建议你在家尝试这技巧。Thank you for watching.感谢你的收看。 Article/201508/390918南康区妇科疾病哪家医院好的

江西省南康市横寨卫生院预约会昌县人民医院能做人流吗 极富个人魅力的荷塞.安东尼奥.阿布吕尔是委内瑞拉青少年乐团项目“el Systema(体系)”的创始人,这个项目改变了委内瑞拉无数孩子的生命。在这个视频里,.阿布吕留和大家分享这个神奇的故事,并揭密自己的TED大奖愿望,这个愿望对美国和美国以外的区域也将产生巨大的影响。 Article/201501/354514龙南县人民医院看妇科好不好

大余县人民医院妇科检查怎么样 As it buffets the sandstone rocks, the wind picks up grains of sand,当风吹过沙岩的时候在表面磨损出砂粒and becomes a giant scouring pad,就好像是一个巨大的刷子一样scratching away at the rock surface and etching out these lines.刷过岩石的表面塑造出这些不是很明显的曲线The Wave has formed over hundreds of thousands of years.这个地方数十万年前就形成了It may seem a long time,也许看起来是很长时间but in geological terms, that#39;s the blink of an eye.然而从地质学的角度看来这只是一眨眼的功夫Which just goes to show the raw power of the air.这只是展示了我们周围空气的原始力量It#39;s constantly at work, constantly shaping the land.它在不停地工作,不停地塑造陆地And this happens all over the planet.整个地球上都是这样The winds shape the Earth#39;s surface on a massive scale.风大规模地塑造地球表面Where the winds blow relentlessly from one direction,当风猛烈地从一个方向吹过来的时候they can carve giant ridges.它们可以塑造出巨大的山脊They#39;re called yardangs.这被称作是风蚀土脊These are in Iran,这些发生在伊朗while these are in Northwest China.而这些也发生在中国的西北But this scouring doesn#39;t just shape the land.但是风的冲刷不仅仅是塑造地形It#39;s only the first stage of a process that transports many vital ingredients这只是运送对星球上的生命来说needed for life all around the planet.很重要的过程的第一步 Article/201509/398650赣南第一附属医院有哪些医生赣州仁济男科医院割包皮




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