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ms of Communication交流方式Clearly if we are to participate in the society in which we live we must communicate with other people.很明显,我们要参与我们所生活的这个社会,我们就必须与其他人进行交流A great deal of communicating is permed on a person-to-person basis by the simple means of speech.大量的交流是在个人与个人的基础上通过简单的说话方式进行的If we travel in buses, buy things in shops, or eat in restaurants,we are likely to have conversations where we give inmation or opinions,receive news or comment,and very likely have our views challenged by other members of society.当我们乘车旅行,在商店购物或者是到饭店吃饭时,我们很可能与别人说话,在这个过程中,我们会提供信息,发表意见,接受一些消息或评价,而且我们的观点也极有可能会受到其他社会成员的挑战Face-to-face contact is by no means the only m of communication and during the last two hundred years the art of mass communication has become one of the dominating factors of contemporary society.面对面的接触绝不是唯一的交流方式在过去的0年里,大众传媒艺术已成为当代社会的主导方面之一Two things, above others, have caused the enormous growth of the communication industry.其中有两样最重要的东西带动了通信工业的迅速发展Firstly, inventiveness has led to advances in printing,telecommunications, photography, radio and television.首先,各种各样的发明是的印刷,通讯,图片,广播以及电视等不同行业有很大的发展;Secondly, speed has revolutionised the transmission and reception of communications so that local news often takes a back seat to national news,which itself is often almost eclipsed by international news.其次,速度的变化使得信息的传播与接收发生了革命性的变化,这使得地方新闻与国内新闻相比常常处于下风,而国际新闻常常使国内新闻黯然失色No longer is the possession of inmation confined to a privileged minority.信息已不再仅仅是被那些享有特权的少数人独占In the last century the wealthy man with his own library was indeed tunate,but today there are public libraries.在上个世纪,那些拥有私人图书馆的富人的确是幸运的,但是如今有了公共图书馆ty years ago people used to flock to the cinema,but now far more people sit at home and turn on the TV to watch a programme that is being channelled into millions of homes.0年前,人们会成群结队地去电影院看电影,但如今更多的人坐在家里打开电视机去看那些通过各种频道传播到千家万户的电视节目Communication is no longer merely concerned with the transmission of inmation.交流已不再仅仅与信息的传播有关The modern communication industry influences the way people live in society and broadens their horizons by allowing access to inmation, education and entertainment.现代通信工业使人们有更多的途径获取信息,教育,,从而影响了社会中人们的生存方式,拓宽了人们的视野The printing, broadcasting and advertising industries are all involved with inming, educating and entertaining.印刷业,广播业以及广告业都与信息,教育,有关Although a great deal of the material communicated by the mass media is very valuable to the individual and to the society of which he is a part,the vast modern network of communications is open to abuse.尽管很多通过大众媒介传播的东西,对我们个人和我们都是其中一分子的社会是十分有价值的,但现代偌大的信息通讯网络还是容易被人滥用However, the mass media are with us better, worse, and there is no turning back.但不管大众传媒是好是坏,它都将和我们在一起,这种趋势是不可逆转的 5181。

  • I came across some good advice while ing this week. If you're like me, you spend most of your time thinking about all of the things that are on your "to-do#818;" list and you try to figure out how you're going to do them all. Or, sometimes, I think about things that have aly happened. Maybe I messed up my presentation at work or had a fight with my boyfriend. People dwell on these kinds of things all of the time.The book I was ing made a very good point. If you're constantly thinking about the past or the future, how can you enjoy the present? In other words, you're making yourself unhappy by stressing out about things that you can't control. At the same time, you're missing what's happening right now. I know I do this all the time. instance, I was at the movies this past weekend. I was with my good friend and we were seeing a movie we've had our eye on weeks. I was looking ward to it and my friend and I were both in a great mood. Then, I saw someone across the theater who looked like my co- worker. It wasn't her but it got me thinking. I thought about the report I had to do on Monday and how much I hated working on it. Then, I thought about my co-worker who wasn't pulling her weight. The more I thought about it, the more angry I got. By the time the movie started, my mood had changed completely. I was stressed out. Where did all of that thinking and worrying get me? Nowhere. My new resolution is to try to stop obsessing about the past and the future so much, and to just enjoy the here and now.Script by Dr. Lucy Tse 93353。
  • Joel: Did it come?乔尔:成绩出来了吗?Susanne: No, it not in today mail. Why do I bother, anyway? I know it a egone conclusion. Ive failed.苏珊娜:没有,这不是今天的邮件为什么我要费劲去想它了?反正我也知道已成定局我考砸了Joel: That bull! I know you passed. Youre just on tenterhooks waiting around the results to arrive and youre psyching yourself out.乔尔:胡说八道!我知道你通过了只是坐在这里等结果出来,让你如坐针毡你只是在吓唬自己而已Susanne: No, Im not.苏珊娜:不,我没有Joel: Dont you remember that when you came home after taking the exam, you thought you had aced it?乔尔:你不记得了吗?你考完试回到家时,觉得考得很好Susanne: I did, but that was bee I started thinking about all of the questions I got wrong. Then, I thought it was a toss up whether I passed or not. Now that Ive had even more time to think about it, Im sure I biffed it.苏珊娜:那时是这么觉得,但之后我又开始回想我做错的题目然后估算的分数刚好在及格线上,之后我又仔细回想了许多遍,现在我敢肯定我失败了Joel: See what I mean? Youve been psyching yourself out weeks. You studied really hard and I have no doubt that you passed with flying colors. All right, youre not going to hear today, so let get your mind off of the exam, okay?乔尔:懂我的意思了吗?你这种担心已经持续了一个星期了你那么刻苦,一定会轻松通过的,对此我一点儿都不怀疑好吧,既然今天看不到成绩,那就干脆不要想了,好吗?Susanne: All right. How?苏珊娜:好吧,怎样才能不想呢?Joel: You can help me study the exam. Im taking it at the next administration. I have no intention of bombing it or even squeaking by by the skin of my teeth—like some people.乔尔:你可以帮我复习考试下一届考试,我也要参加了我虽不打算跟比人一样取得高分,但也不想以一分之差不及格Susanne: Very funny. Okay, so maybe Im psyching myself out—a little bit. Okay, Im game. Where do we begin?苏珊娜:太好笑了好的,也许我是有点庸人自扰把好吧,从哪里开始?Joel: With all of the ones you thought you got wrong.乔尔:从你觉得做错的题目开始吧Susanne: What?!苏珊娜:什么?Joel: There no sense wasting all that worrying. And if you did fail it, youll need to get y to take it again.乔尔:担忧是在浪费你的感情,也毫无意义就算你真的考砸了,就当作是在为下次的补考做准备Susanne: Gee, thanks!苏珊娜:哇!谢谢!本文译文属 18760。
  • 两个相同的发音只发一个音,但是音更靠向后一个单词The work is half finished. (half + finished)Are they going to take it with them? (with + them)Look at those black cards. (black + cards)We saw a big gap. (big + gap)Give Vicky a job. (give + Vicky) 76。
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