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Back in Iowa早在爱荷华州时my mother used to to me the writings of Martin Luther King我的母亲曾经读马丁?路德?金的著作给我听In Dr. Kings ;Letter from a Birmingham Jail;金牧师在;寄自伯明翰监狱的信;中he writes about the need to understand the urgency of the present写了他对现实紧迫性的理解的需要He writes about an experience with a white moderate --他写道与一位白人温和派人士an ally of the civil rights movement --民权运动盟友的交流who wrote to him saying that he, Dr. King was in too great a hurry此人写信给他 说他金牧师过于性急and that ;the lessons of Christ take time to come to earth;而且;基督的教义传播人世 总要花费时日;African Americans, the white moderate said这位温和派人士认为 非裔美国人would eventually -- eventually -- be granted their civil rights最终 最终会获得民权Dr. King responded, and I e金牧师回应说 我在此引用他的话;Such an attitude stems from a tragic misconception of time;这样的态度乃源自对时间的可悲误解;and a strangely irrational notion that there is something in the flow of time;源自一种不合理的奇特观念 认为在时间之流当中;that will inevitably cure all ills;会有什么东西必将疗治所有的邪恶;Actually, time itself is neutral;实际上 时间是中立的东西;It can be used destructively or constructively;它可以用于建设 也可以用于破坏;More and more I feel that the people of ill will have used time;我越发觉得 邪恶的人之利用时间;much more effectively than the people of goodwill;将会比善良的人更其有效;We will have to repent in this generation not merely;我们得在这一代进行忏悔 不仅因;for the hateful words and actions of the bad people;坏人们充满仇恨的言辞与行为;but for the appalling silence of the good people;;也因好人们骇人听闻的沉默;201502/360800吉安妇幼保健医院脱毛手术多少钱吉安祛斑大概要多少钱At all. I mean, the women should be paid as much as the men.是一点都不。我的意思是 女性该和男性薪酬平等。Everywhere I go, women tell me they ask for raises.不论走到哪里,女性们都告诉我要争取加薪。Everywhere I go, women say theyre getting better relationships with their spouses, asking for more help at home, asking for the promotions they should be getting at work,不论走到哪里,女性都说 她们的夫妻关系更好了她们在家里要求更多帮助 在公司则要求应得的升职。and importantly, believing it themselves.Even little things.而重要的是相信自己 即使是一些小事。One of the governors of one of the states told me that he didnt realize that more women were, in fact, literally sitting on the side of the room,某州州长曾经告诉我 他从没注意到更多女性确实地坐在房间角落里which they are, and now he made a rule that all the women on his staff need to sit at the table.而她们实际上真的是大多数。现在他规定团队里 所有女性必须坐在桌边。The foundation I started along with the book Lean In helps women, or men, start circles-small groups,我成立了一个基金会 跟《向前一步》在一起帮助女性或男性,成立一些小组。it can be 10, it can be however many you want, which meet once a month.人数约十人左右,也可以更多一些 每月一次聚会。I would have hoped that by now, wed have about 500 circles. That wouldve been great.我本来希望到现在已有 约五百个这样的小组,那就很不错了。You know, 500 times roughly 10.你懂的,大约是 500 乘以 10。There are over 12,000 circles in 50 countries in the world.全世界就有超过 12000 个小组,分布在五十个国家。Wow, thats amazing.哇,这真是了不起。SS: And these are people who are meeting every single month.而且每周大家都会聚会。I met one of them, I was in Beijing.我参加过其中一个,在北京。A group of women, theyre all about 29 or 30, they started the first Lean In circle in Beijing,several of them grew up in very poor, rural China.一群约 29 岁或 30 岁女性,在北京 成立了第一个向前一步小组。其中有几个成长于中国非常贫困的农村。These women are 29, they are told by their society that they are left over, because they are not yet married,她们 29 岁,被社会称为剩女。因为还没有结婚。and the process of coming together once a month at a meeting is helping them define who they are for themselves.而每月一次的聚会帮助她们定义自己的人生。What they want in their careers. The kind of partners they want, if at all.想要怎样的事业 如果要结婚的话,找什么样的伴侣。I looked at them, we went around and introduced ourselves,and they all said their names and where theyre from,and I said, Im Sheryl Sandberg, and this was my dream.我看着她们,我们互相交流介绍自己。她们告诉大家自己的名字来自哪里。然后我说:我是谢乐尔?桑德伯格,这就是我的梦想。And I kind of just started crying.接着我不自觉地哭起来。Right, which, I admit, I do. Right? Ive talked about it before.是的,我承认哭起来。对吧? 我曾经说过这个故事。But the fact that a woman so far away out in the world, who grew up in a rural village,然而,一个成长在小农村里, 离我那么远的女性whos being told to marry someone she doesnt want to marry,can now go meet once a month with a group of people and refuse that,and find life on her own terms.一直被劝说嫁给自己并不想嫁的人。现在每月和其他人约一次聚会 抵制那些的劝说并且寻找自己生命的意义。Thats the kind of change we have to hope for.这正是我们所希望的改变。Have you been surprised by the global nature of the message?你是否因这个使命的 国际化而感到惊讶?Because I think when the book first came out, many people thought,well, this is a really important handbook for young women on their way up.因为当这本书出版时,很多人会想。嗯,这确实是一本重要的指南 使年轻女性向上爬。They need to look at this, anticipate the barriers, and recognize them,put them out in the open, have the dialogue about it,她们需要看看,了解和认识那些阻碍。把阻碍写出来,but that its really for women who are that. Doing that. Pursuing the corporate world.并且谈论它正是给她们而准备的 那些在企业界打拼的女性。And yet the book is being , as you say, in rural and developing countries.然而正如你说,这本书也在农村 和发展中国家传阅。What part of that has surprised you, and perhaps led to a new perspective on your part?哪部分让你感到惊讶? 或许给你带来新的视角?The book is about self-confidence, and about equality.这本书是关於自信和关於平等。201501/352537吉安市做双眼皮多少钱

吉安附乳胸部乳房乳晕价格江西吉安光子嫩肤价格I remember very clearly my own first conscious attempt at acting. I was six, placing my mothers half slip over my head in preparation to play the Virgin Mary in our living room. As I swaddled my Betsy Wetsy doll, I felt quiet, holy, actually, and my transfigured face and very changed demeanor captured on super-8 by my dad, pulled my little brother Harry to play Joseph and Dana too, a barnyard animial, into the trance. They were actually pulled into this little nativity scene by the intensity of my focus, in my usual technique for getting them to do what I want, yelling at them would never ever have achieved and I learned something on that day.我很清楚地记得自己第一次有意识地尝试演戏的情景。那时我六岁,把妈妈的半裙罩在头上,正准备在客厅里扮演圣母玛利亚。当我抱着我的洋娃娃,我感觉安静、神圣。事实上,我容光焕发的表情和不同往常的行为被父亲用八毫米的摄像机记录了下来。我还把弟弟哈利也拉进来扮演约瑟,也拉来了小动物达纳。他们被我的表演迷住了,我的专注把他们带入了耶稣诞生的场景中。这就是我想让他们帮忙时常用的小把戏,跟他们吼叫是没有用的。而且那天我还学到了一些其他经验。Later when I was nine, I remember taking my mothers eyebrow pencil and carefully drawing lines all over my face, replicating the wrinkles that I had memorized on the face of my grandmother whom I adored and made my mother take my picture and I look at it now, and, of course,I look like my grandmother then. But I really do remember in my bones how it was possible on that day to feel her age. I stooped, I felt weighted down but cheerful, you know I felt like her.之后,记得当我九岁的时候,我拿起妈妈的眉笔,仔细地照着我曾记得的外婆脸上的皱纹,在自己脸上画上了和她一样的皱纹,画了一脸,然后让我妈妈拍照留念。今天当我再看到当年拍摄的那张照片时,当然比起那时,现在的我更像那时的外婆了。但是我从骨子里记得,当时我是如何感受到了她的年纪。我的背驼了,身子也感觉到沉重而向下坠,但是我却很高兴,因为,我觉得自己模仿得很像外婆。201403/278750井岗山市中医院整形科这是第一次,,Keith Barry告诉我们的大脑如何愚弄我们的身体 ,现在这个表演可以通过podcast收看。他还邀请了观众参与令人瞠目结舌(甚至有点危险)的大脑魔术表演。201505/374953吉水县下颌角整形多少钱

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