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1. He's always working in his garden - come rain or shine.他总在花园里干活,风雨无阻。2. It's going to get very busy on Thursday. Today and tomorrow is just the lull before the storm.我们周四会很忙的,今天和明天只是暴风雨来临之前暂时的宁静。Lull:平静,间歇3. I don't want to spend this extra money. I'll save it up for a rainy day.我不想把这些额外收入花掉,我打算存起来以备不时之需。4. I'm going to see which way the wind blows before asking her about a raise.我打算先观察一下形势,然后再提加薪的事。5. You'll steal her thunder if you wear that dress tonight!如果你今晚穿那条裙子,你会抢了她的风头的!6. I'm feeling a bit under the weather at the moment.我觉得不太舒。7. This recession is quite serious and it's becoming difficult to weather the storm.这次经济衰退很严重,很难扛过去啊! /201106/139319一、边听边学Listen and Learntheme parks 主题乐园take a picture 拍照,照相ticket office 售票处over there 在那边tour cart 游览车no wonder 难怪二、边听边说Listen and SpeakA: Here we are at the park.我们终于到公园了。B: What gate!Could you take a picture of me?好壮观的大门啊!你能帮我照张相吗?A: Sure.当然可以。B: Thank you.Wheres the ticket office?谢谢你,请问售票处在哪儿?A: Over there.在那边。B: I think one day is too little time to see everything.我觉得一天时间太短了,看不完所有的景点。A: We can take a tour cart.我们可以坐浏览车B: Its a fascinating park.这个公园太引人入胜了。A: Shenzhen has some of the most famous theme parks in China.深圳有几个全国最著名的主题公园。B: No wonder.难怪可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园Click here gt;gt;gt; http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201201/167428罗密欧与朱丽叶之间的爱情悲剧大家耳熟能详了。导致悲剧结果的原因就是两大家族之间的宿怨。如果我们想要表达;这两个家族已经彼此敌对了好几个世代;这个句子,那么,就需要找到一个合适的表示;敌对;仇恨;的词或短语。除了hatred, hostility, 我们还可以用一个比较好记的短语来表达,就是bad blood, 字面意思为;坏血;;引申意思为;仇恨;怨恨;嫌隙;等。上面我们说到的句子就可以翻译为:There has been bad blood between those two families for several generations.小对话:A: You know, there seems something wrong between the two brothers. They donrsquo;t talk to each other, and sometimes they stares each other in a quite scary way. 他们两兄弟之间有什么不对劲儿。他们不和彼此说话。有时候看对方的眼神很吓人。B: How donrsquo;t you know that? They fell in love with the same girl, which caused bad blood between them. 你居然不知道。他们兄弟俩都爱上了同一个女孩,这使得两个人互相仇恨。本是同根生,相煎何太急。来看更多例句:After so much bad blood between us, how generous can I expect him to be? 我们之间既然仇恨那么大,他还能宽厚地待我吗?Even though the war ended years ago, theres still bad blood between those nations. 虽然战争好几年前就已经结束,那两个国家之间仍存有怨恨。All they wanted was to make bad blood between them and fish in troubled waters. 他们所要做的就是挑拨离间,混水摸鱼;All the bad blood between the groups was forgotten when they had to unite against their common enemy. 当要团结起来反抗共同的敌人的时候,两派忘掉了相互间的一切仇恨。最后一个例子听起来就正面了许多。好了,本期内容我们就介绍到这里。下期再见。 /201203/174237

Q1:May I see your passport? 我可以看下你的护照吗?A1:Sure. No problem. 好的,没问题。OK. Here you go.好的。给你。Q2:What is the purpose of your visit? 你此行来的目的是为何?A2:I’m here to visit my relatives. 我是来探亲的。I’m here on business/vacation. 我是来出差/度假的。Q3:How long will you be staying? 你会待多久?A3:I will be staying for two weeks. 我会停留两周。About one week.大约一周。Q4:Where will you be staying? 你住在哪儿?A4:I will be staying at the Orange Hostel downtown. 我会住在城内的橘子青年旅馆。I have reservations at Park 99 Hotel. 我在公园99饭店有预约订房。Here is the address. 这是饭店地址。Q5:Could I see your return ticket, please? 可以看下回程机票吗?A5:Sure. Here it is. 当然,这里就是了。I have a ticket to Hong Kong for next week. 我有下周到香港的机票。 /201410/335519

迷你对话:A :They got a divorce at last.他们最终还是离婚了。B:Its inenvitable. Their love wasbuilt on the sand, and this is why their marriage has landed on the rocks.这是不可避免的,他们的爱情缺乏坚实的基础,这就是他们是婚姻频临破裂的原因所在。A:You said it. Love buit on the sand will soon be on the rocks.你说得对,缺乏坚实基础的爱情很快就会出现裂缝。B:That give us a good lesson.这给予我们一个很好的教训。地道表达:built on the sand小编讲解:这个习语的字面意思就是“建立在沙土上”,我们知道沙土是很软的,不能撑人或重的物体,因此引申为“不切实际”或“基础不牢”。持范例:Eg.Im not surprised to learn that this company is in debt-he has very little experience of business, and the whole organization was built on sand.听到他公司亏空负债,我一点也不感到意外—他对商业不内行,整个体制的基础都不牢固。词海拾贝:1.get a divorce:离婚Eg.Now that Ive got my divorce I feel as free as a bird.由于我已经离婚,我觉得自由自在了。Eg.You never told me you got a divorce because of a dead tree.你从未提过你离婚是因为那棵死树。Eg.The couple got a divorce because they could not get along.那对夫妇离婚了,因为他们相处不好。Eg.She got a divorce from him last year.她去年和他离了婚。2.at last:最后Eg.He was pleased that at last he was extricated.他很高兴他终于获得了解脱。Eg.After a long dispute, he at last made a concession to me.经过长时间的争论,他终于对我让步。Eg.His wish to visit China has at last come true.他要访华的愿望终于实现了。Eg.At last his plan came off.他的计划最终还是成功了。3.on the rocks释义1:(婚姻)濒于破裂的Eg.Their marriage has been on the rocks for a couple of months.他们的婚姻触礁好几个月了,已经濒于破裂。释义2:身无分文的,手头拮据的Eg.Financially, you are on the rocks then?那么你的经济状况是不是很拮据呢?Eg.By the time Ive paid all the bills I owe I shall be on the rocks.等我付完了所有的欠帐,我就身无分文了。释义3:遭难的,遭殃的;破产的Eg.Did she have a hunch that my business is going on the rocks?她是不是预感到我的生意要垮台?Eg.The company is on the rocks now and quite some employees are thinking of moving to other firms.公司现在不看好,许多职员都在想着跳槽。释义4:(饮料)加冰的Eg.She liked Beam on the rocks.她喜欢喝加小冰块的比姆酒。3.give sb a good lesson:给予某人一个很好的教训Eg. If you have it in for the girl, Ill give you a good lesson.如果你对这位姑娘使坏的话,我就会好好教训你。4.You said it. 你说得对。 /201206/188223

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