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No matter how diverse their goals or crafts, the super-achievers shared many of the same habits. How can you follow in their footsteps? These are the 10 qualities that will set you apart.不论目标或技艺多么五花八门,成功人士都有很多共同的习惯。那怎样才能像他们那样成功呢?以下十个品质就能让你脱颖而出:Dedication To A Vision为梦想全力以赴Every great success starts with inspiration, but not every inspiration leads to success. The most common thing we found was these people’s devotion to the day-to-day struggle. Glossy magazine success stories often don’t show the dark moments, the daily grind or flagging energy that super-achievers endure to realize their goals. However, that dedication is essential to their success.所有伟大的成功都从创意开始,但不是所有创意都能走向成功。我们发现,成功人士对生活中的平凡琐事也会全力以赴。杂志中光鲜亮丽的成功故事很少会表现成功人士的困顿时刻、日常琐事或他们为实现目标所付出的种种精力。但正是这种全身心的投入成就了他们的成功。Intelligent Persistence聪明地坚持One thing successful people know: Dedication and blind persistence are two very different things. You can work hard but not smart. When something’s not working, you’ve got to tweak it. Some people just keep banging their heads against the wall. Instead of doggedly using the same ineffective tactics, super-achievers pivot and try to tackle the problem from a different angle.成功人士都知道:全力以赴和盲目坚持是两码事。你可能工作很努力,却工作得不聪明。如果方法行不通,你就得想办法解决。有些人只会认死理,而成功人士却不会死守无效的方法,他们会换个角度来解决问题。Fostering A Community培养智囊团Star performers know they can’t achieve success on their own. Instead, they must galvanize a group of people around their idea or goal. Teamwork, or having an ecosystem of supporters, turns out to be critically vital for success. It doesn’t just include partners and coworkers. It might also mean employees, customers, investors, mentors, fans and social media followers. They e business guru Guy Kawasaki: “First you have to create something worthy of an ecosystem. Then pick yourevangelists.”卓越名人都知道不可能凭一己之力取得成功。相反,他们必须激励其他人一起出谋划策。团队合作或有一帮持者对成功来说至关重要。这不仅是指合伙人或同事,也可能包括员工、客户、投资者、导师、粉丝以及社会媒体人士等。引用商业大师盖伊-川崎(小编注:盖伊-川崎是苹果公司前首席宣传官、联合创始人)的话就是:“你先得建立一套有价值的系统,然后才能找到你的传道人。”Managing Emotions情绪管理We found that managing emotions is a key element to success. It’s so easy to be derailed by them, but these people are able to channel anger and frustration into their work. This was an important lesson for Jessica Watson, the Australian sailor who circumnavigated the world alone at only 16 years old. While out at sea, when loneliness or negativity set in, she would acknowledge her emotions and remind herself that she could get past them. “You can’t change conditions—just the way you deal with them,” Watson said.我们发现情绪管理对成功也很重要。人们很容易被情绪左右,但成功人士却能很好地化愤怒和抑郁为工作力量。杰西卡-沃森对此深有体会。这位澳大利亚航海员16岁时就独自环游了世界。在海上,孤独或负面情绪来袭时,她会正视它们,提醒自己可以克它们。“你无法改变环境,所以只能改变面对环境的方法。”沃森说。Constantly Evolving不断进取Successful people maintain success by consistently learning and adapting to the environment around them. Tennis champion Martina Navratilova realized this when her game suddenly started sliding. She decided to transform her training routine and diet, and soon was back on track to become an all-star athlete.成功人士通过不断学习并适应周围环境来维持成功。网球冠军玛蒂娜-纳芙拉蒂洛娃在比赛突然退步时悟出了这个道理。她决定改变训练模式和饮食,很快又恢复了自己的实力,成为一名明星运动员。Listening And Remaining Open倾听和开放的心态You don’t normally think of hard-charging, action-oriented leaders as being good listeners. These people’s ability to practice the art of listening helped them learn what they needed to know about the world around them.” For example, Zappos’ Hsieh asked all his employees to share their personal values so that he could incorporate them into the company’s values and culture.一般来说,作风硬派、雷厉风行的领导人会让人觉得他们不善于倾听。实际上这些人很擅长利用倾听的艺术从周围获取自己需要的信息。比如说,Zappos的创始人谢家华就要求员工分享各自的价值观,从而使他们融入企业的文化和价值观。Good Storytelling善于讲故事Stories have the ability to transport people to your world, and then they’re more likely to invest in you and your brand. Philippe Petit, famous for his high-wire walk between the Twin Towers of New York City’s World Trade Center in the 1970s, believed other wire-walkers were trying to make it look hard. But he wanted to be a poet in the sky and seem effortless. His narrative wasn’t in words, but it was a story he was communicating.故事可以带领人们进入你的世界,让他们更愿意投资你和你的品牌。菲利普-帕特是著名的走钢丝艺人。他曾在上世纪70年代在纽约世贸中心双子塔之间表演高空走钢丝。他认为其他走钢丝人一直试图将走钢丝搞得看上去很难。但他却希望成为“空中诗人”,让走钢丝看上去轻松无比。尽管没有用言语讲述,但却是在讲述一则故事。Testing Ideas In The Market用市场检验想法Everybody has a bias to think their own idea is brilliant. [Achievers] roll it out in an environment that’s as close as possible to the market. Bill Gross, serial entrepreneur, always tests before he invests. When he had an idea for an online car dealer, CarsDirect, no one was sure if people would actually buy a car from a Web site. He decided to put up a test site to see what would happen. Before they had any inventory, they’d sold four cars and had to shut down the site. On the upside, Gross then knew for a fact there was a market for the service.每个人都有私心,觉得自己的想法特棒。成功人士会在接近市场的环境中试验自己的想法。比尔-格罗斯是多家企业的创办人,他在投资前总要先进行试验。当他想在网上进行汽车直销,没人确定人们愿不愿意从网上买车。于是格罗斯决定试验一下,看看到底如何。还未存货前,他们只卖了四辆车,最后只好关闭网站。从好的方面来看,格罗斯起码知道了市场的务需求。Practicing Patience学会耐心Inaction, or stillness, can sometimes be just as useful as action. The importance of patience was a primary theme among the super-achievers–whether it’s strategically waiting for the best time to make a move or continuing to pursue a larger vision without receiving immediate rewards. Jill Tarter, a director of the SETI Institute (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), has been searching for life on other planets for the last 50 years without any guarantee of success.有时不作为或安静也和行动一样有效。耐心是成功人士第一要点——不论是有策略地等待最佳行动时机还是拒绝临时奖励而谋求更大目标。吉尔-塔尔特是SETI(外星智能搜寻)研究中心的一名主管,虽不确定成功与否,50年来却一直在搜寻外星生物。Pursuing Happiness追求快乐Success fuels happiness, and happiness in turn fuels greater success. Jennings, “the winningest game-show champion in history,” said once he became a contestant on a game show, it filled his entire life with passion. That happiness helped him win, and winning ended up giving him the confidence he needed to pursue a career he loved: writing. Seeking happiness in your life and work turns out to be a win-win.成功带来快乐,而快乐反过来也会带来更大成功。“史上最强竞赛节目冠军”詹宁斯曾说,每次参加竞赛节目,自己整个人都会澎湃。快乐使他赢得比赛,而获胜反过来也增强了他追求至爱事业的信心:写作。从生活与工作中寻找快乐吧,这样你就能获得双赢! /201301/222107

新加坡《联合早报》记者:我想请问关于“十二五”规划的问题。我们留意到中国的知识界对于“十二五”规划给予了很高的评价,认为它为中国的未来指明了更好的方向。但是中国有一句话叫知易行难。转变经济增长方式这个概念从上个世纪90年代中期一直提到今天,请问温总理,您认为“十二五”规划要得到真正地实施,真正地贯彻落实,最难的地方在哪里?Lianhe Zaobao of Singapore: My question is about the 12th Five-Year Plan. We have seen that the academic community has spoken highly of this plan, holding the view that it charts the course for China#39;s future development. But we also know that as the Chinese saying goes, ;It is easy to identify a problem, but difficult to act on it;. The concept of transforming the economic development pattern has been repeatedly mentioned since the middle of the 1990s. Mr. Premier, what poses the biggest difficulty in ensuring the effective implementation of the 12th Five-Year Plan?温家宝:你提到转变发展方式知易行难,最难难在什么地方?我以为难在两个方面:一是观念,一是创新机制和干部考核的标准。所谓创新机制,就是要建立和完善鼓励科技进步、人才成长的机制,决定一个国家发展的主要在教育和科技。我一直强调,中国的振兴不单在经济总量,根本在人才和科技进步。通过改革促进产学研的结合。我以为有两个数字比GDP更为重要,一是教育经费占国内生产总值的比重;一是研发经费占国内生产总值的比重。这两条就决定了我们这个民族和国家的创新力量,这才是最有力、最持久、最可靠的发展因素。所谓观念,就是要彻底转变唯GDP的观念。推动经济社会发展,改善人民生活,需要不断地增加经济总量,但是这种总量的增加不能以过度地消耗资源、能源和污染环境为代价。那样不仅不可持续,而且会给我们子孙后代造成影响。与它相关的就是干部政绩的考核。我以为对干部政绩的考核,不仅要看一个地区的经济总量,而且要看经济与社会发展的协调,社会事业的发展和社会的进步,公平正义和人民生活的改善。如果不彻底从根本上解决这两条,我们现在制定的规划也是难以实现的.Premier Wen Jiabao: We have set the goal of transforming China#39;s economic development pattern. As you rightly put it in your question, it is easy to identify a problem, but it is difficult to act on it. You asked what poses the biggest difficulty in implementing the plan. The difficulty lies in two aspects. One is about the mindset. The other is innovation mechanism and criteria for evaluating the performance of government officials. With respect to innovation mechanisms, it is important to establish and improve mechanisms for encouraging science and technology advances and cultivating talents, as education, science and technology play an essential role in the development of a country. I have always emphasized that to achieve China#39;s revitalization, it is not just about how big the economy is. It is also, and more importantly, about the quality of our human resources and how much progress we have made in science and technology development. It is important that we carry out reform to combine the efforts of the industry, the academia and research institutions. I believe two figures are even more important than the GDP. One is the proportion of expenditure on education in GDP and the other is the proportion of research and development expenditure in GDP. Both determine the innovation capabilities of our country. They are the strongest and most reliable source of China#39;s sustained development. With respect to the mindset, it is important that we abandon the GDP worship mindset. To promote economic and social progress and improve people#39;s livelihood, it is important to grow the economy. However, our economic growth must not come at the expense of over-consumption of resources and energy and environmental pollution. That kind of development is not sustainable and will bring adverse impact to our children and grandchildren. A related aspect is the evaluation system for government officials#39; performance. We need to ensure that in evaluating their performance, we take into account not only the economic aggregates of the places where they work but also whether there is coordinated economic and social development, whether social programs have been advanced, whether social fairness and justice have been promoted, and whether the people are leading a better life. If we do not address these two aspects fundamentally, it will be difficult for us to achieve the full implementation of our plan. /201204/178584



  Forgot to put the lid on the blender, turned it on, and had everything fly out.忘了给搅拌器盖盖子,然后打开开关,结果里面的东西都飞出来了。Gotten your head stuck between the stair rails.头夹在楼梯栏杆之间了。Broken a chair by leaning back in it.坐在椅子上往后靠,结果把椅子给弄坏了。Had gum fall out of your mouth while you were talking.说话的时候口香糖从嘴里掉出来。Choked on your own spit while you were talking.说话时被自己的口水呛到。Have looked for something for at least 5 min then realized it was in your hand or on your head.找了一样东西至少五分钟,结果发现它就拿在手上或戴在头上。Tried to push open a pull door.试图推开一扇应该拉开的门。Tried to pull open a push door.试图拉开一扇应该推开的门。Have hit yourself in the process of trying to hit something else.想打别人的时候打到了自己。Have tripped and fallen up the stairs.上楼梯时被绊了一跤。Have actually exploded marshmallows in the microwave.棉花糖在微波炉里爆炸了。Have gotten gum stuck in your hair.口香糖粘在了头发上。Had gum fall out of your mouth while trying to blow a bubble.吹口香糖的时候糖从嘴里掉出来了。Have had the juice from a mini tomato/grapefruit squirt out and hit somebody else when you bit into it.吃小番茄或者西柚时,一口咬下去,结果汁水喷出来溅到了别人。Have had your drink come out your nose because you were laughing so hard.笑得太厉害了,喝的东西从鼻子里喷了出来。Have called one of your good friends by the wrong name.叫错了好朋友的名字。Have put a sticker on your forehead, forgot it was there, and went out in public with it on.把贴纸粘在头上,结果忘了它还在那儿,就这样出门了。Have run into a closed door.撞上了一扇关着的门。Searched for your cell phone while you were talking on it.一边打电话一边找手机。It has taken you longer than 5 min to get a joke.一个笑话过了五分钟才反应过来。Have gotten your hair stuck in a blow dryer.头发卡在吹风机里了。Have gotten your hair stuck in a fan.头发卡在电扇里了。Tripped on a crack in the sidewalk.在人行道上被路上的缝绊倒了。After someone told you that there was gum on the ground, you stepped in it.别人都告诉你地上有口香糖了你还踩上去。Have ever walked up to a stranger because you thought they were someone else.看错了人,走向一个陌生人。Touched the stove/the curling iron/a hot pan (anything that#39;s super hot) on purpose even though you knew it was hot.明明知道是烫的,还去故意去摸炉子/熨斗/热锅(或者其他超级烫的东西)。Taken off your clothes to change into something else then accidentally put the old clothes back on.想要换件别衣穿,于是把身上的衣脱掉,结果还是穿了原来的衣。Wondered why something wasn#39;t working then realized it wasn#39;t plugged in.想着为什么电器不工作,然后突然意识到原来没插电源。Walked into a pole.走路撞上电线杆。Put your shirt on backwards/inside-out without realizing it then left your house.没有意识到衣穿反了就出了门。 /201301/220271

  Cyclists are a diverse group. Some of us ride fat tires down rocky trails, some of us ride road bikes up burly hills, some of us ride for sport and some of us ride just for fun. Some ride for the adrenaline rush and some ride their bikes for basic transportation. But all of us can take advantage of the healthy benefits of cycling, even if we never ever buy a single item made from spandex.骑行者各有喜好,或骑山地车奔下崎岖的山路,抑或骑公路车冲上高高的山坡;或骑车运动,或骑车;抑或追求刺激,或只作基本交通。我们即使从未买过一样氨纶材质的运动,也依然能够从骑车中获益。Bicycling, along with being the most efficient mode of human locomotion, is also one of the best all-around activities for improving our health. From head to toes, cycling’s health benefits are hard to beat.骑车,一直以来作为人们高效率的交通工具,同样也是最有益健康的全身运动之一。从头到脚,骑车的好处是不庸置疑的。7 Health Benefits of Cycling骑车的七大益处1. Cycling is good for your heart: Cycling is associated with improved cardiovascular fitness, as well as a decrease in the risk of coronary heart disease.一、骑车益心脏:骑车可以改善心血管健康,同食能够降低冠心病的危险。2. Cycling is good for your muscles: Riding a bike is great for toning and building your muscles, especially in the lower half of the body – your calves, your thighs, and your rear end. It’s also a great low-impact mode of exercise for those with joint conditions or injuries to the legs or hips, which might keep them from being active.二、骑车塑肌肉:骑车可以改善并塑造肌肉,尤其是下半身——你的小腿、大腿和臀部。骑车作为一项很好的低强度的运动方式,对有着关节疾病以及腿部或臀部有伤的人而言,可以减少这些疾病的发作。3. Cycling is good for your waistline: You can burn a lot of calories while biking, especially when you cycle faster than a leisurely pace, and cycling has been associated with helping to keep weight gain down. And cycling has the added benefit of ramping up your metabolism, even after the ride is over.三、骑车减腰围:骑车可以消耗大量卡路里,尤其是当骑速超过悠闲步调的时候,并且骑车可以帮助保持体重。另外,即使在骑车之后,仍能有利于加速新陈代谢。4. Cycling is good for your lifespan: Bicycling is a great way to increase your longevity, as cycling regularly has been associated with increased ‘life-years’, even when adjusted for risks of injury through cycling.四、骑车长寿命:骑车是长寿妙法。即便骑车的时候会增加伤害危险,有规律地定期骑车与增加寿命密切相关。5. Cycling is good for your coordination: Moving both feet around in circles while steering with both your hands and your body’s own weight is good practice for your coordination skills.五、骑车助协调:运动的时候,双脚做圆圈运动,双手和身体掌控平衡,这十分有利于练习协调性。6. Cycling is good for your mental health: Riding a bike has been linked to improved mental health.六、骑车强心智:骑车与心理健康密切相关。7. Cycling is good for your immune system: Cycling can strengthen your immune system, and could protect against certain kinds of cancers.七、骑车增免疫:骑车可以增强免疫系统,可以帮助抵御某些癌症。 /201210/206108

  Father: Oh, Jack, you have slept away the whole morning.Don#39;t you know you are wasting time?父亲:噢,杰克,你又睡了一上午。难道你不知道你这是在浪费时间吗?Jack: Yes, Dad. But I#39;ve saved you a meal, haven#39; I?杰克:我知道,爸爸。可我还给您节省了一顿饭呢,是不是? /201301/218274前两年老有新闻说80后小夫妻第一天结婚、第二天离婚的事儿,也就是所谓的“闪婚”、“闪离”。到了现在,人们对这种情况估计已经司空见惯了吧,以至于都有了“快餐式婚姻”这样的统称了。Marriages in modern society are like French fries produced on restaurant assembly lines, coming and going in the twinkle of an eye. There is flash marriage and flash divorce. Young men and women may get married soon after their first date, and then file for divorce not long after the wedding. Marriage is treated like a game. Getting married and divorced is just like having a meal in a fast-food restaurant, that’s where the term “fast-food marriage” comes from.现代人的婚姻就像快餐厅里流水线上生产出来的薯条一样,可以来去迅速。说穿了,就是我们平常所说 “闪婚”、 “闪离”。有好多青年男女认识不久就结婚,结婚没几年又离婚,把婚姻视同儿戏。结婚、离婚如吃快餐一样快,这就是我们所说的“快餐式婚姻”。With an increasing number of fast-food marriages, we may see fewer long-lasting marriages, like golden and silver weddings, in the future, but more broken families and lonely hearts.随着“快餐式婚姻”的增多,“银婚”、“金婚”之类长久的婚姻今后可能会越来越少了。“快餐式婚姻”只会导致更多破裂的家庭和孤寂的心灵。内容来自: /201206/184952


  Mona Lisa's Mysterious Smile—Now You See It, Now You Don't蒙娜丽莎的神秘微笑——你既看见了,又没看见 Any list of the world's top ten most famous paintings will surely include da Vinci's Mona Lisa. Part of the painting's appeal is its mystery. 在任何世界名画前十名的列表中,一定都会有达芬奇的“蒙娜丽莎”。其吸引力部分来自于它的神秘。 Those lucky enough to have an unobstructed view of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre often stare in awe, baffled by the smile that seems to flicker and fade. Gazing at a reproduction of the work produces the same effect. Now she's smiling, now she's not. 那些有幸可以在卢浮宫自由欣赏蒙娜丽莎的人们眼神中常常都充满了敬畏,他们也对蒙娜丽莎那看似一闪即逝的微笑也感到困惑。即使看它的复制品也会产生同样的效果——似笑非笑。 What's the deal with Mona Lisa's smile? 蒙娜丽莎的微笑是怎么回事呢? Harvard neuroscientist Margaret Livingstone is pretty sure she's solved the puzzle. Presuming nothing, Livingstone reasoned that the famous portrait's flickering smile is caused by the way we see. 哈佛大学的神经科学家Margaret Livingstone很确信自己已经解开了这个疑惑。其实没什么其它原因,Livingstone将蒙娜丽莎这个著名画像的如闪即逝的微笑的原因归为我们看它的方式。 Our eyes use two separate regions to see. One is the fovea, a central area used to see colors and pick out details such as fine print. The area around the fovea is better at detecting motion, shadows, and stark, black and white contrasts. 我们是用两个分隔开的眼睛看东西的。一个就是视网膜中央凹,一个用来看颜色并察觉出细节的中间地带。而这个区域周围的地方则更擅长察觉位移、影子、光亮及黑白对比。 When we look at a person's face, according to Livingstone, we usually focus centrally on the eyes. Gazing at Mona Lisa's eyes, our less accurate peripheral vision notices the mouth, picking up shadows from the cheekbones. 照Livingstone所说,当我们在注视一个人的脸时,我们经常都会集中注意在Ta的眼睛。在凝视蒙娜丽莎的眼睛时,我们并不是那么精准的视力就注意在嘴巴上了,而嘴巴上则覆有脸颊骨的阴影。 The shadows play visual tricks, hinting at the curve of a smile. But when we look directly at the mouth, our central vision doesn't see the shadows, and so the smile suddenly disappears. As our eyes scan different parts of the portrait, Mona's smile seems to fade in and out. 就是这个阴影在视觉上给我们开了玩笑,它(在嘴上)隐藏了微笑的曲线。但当我们直视她嘴巴的时候,我们的中心视力并不能看到该阴影,所以微笑就立刻消失了。随着我们眼睛看画像部位的不同,蒙娜丽莎的微笑也就时有时无。 Did da Vinci intend to create this flickering smile effect? Perhaps. In any case, he was genius enough to paint shadows subtle enough to astound viewers for half a millennium. Meanwhile, Mona Lisa will keep smiling. And not. 是达芬奇有意营造这么一个“似笑非笑”的效果吗?或许吧。反正,他的天赋好的让他将阴影画的如此微妙,细致到震惊了半个世纪的观赏者。同时,也让蒙娜丽莎的笑一直这样时有时无。生词注释:appeal n. 吸引力,魅力unobstructed adj. 一览无余的,无阻挡的baffle v. 使困惑,使受挫neuroscientist n. 神经科学家puzzle n. 谜,令人困惑的事物reason v. 推论,推理fovea n. 凹陷,窝peripheral adj. 的,边缘的portrait n. 肖像,肖像画genius adj. 天才的,有天分的astound v. 使震惊 /201110/156682。


  One day, Tim#39;s mathematics teacher looked at his homework and saw that he had got all his sums right.一天,蒂姆的数学老师看了他的作业,发现他全做对了。The teacher was very pleased-and rather surprised.老师很高兴,同时也十分惊讶。He called Tim to his desk and said to him, ;You got all your homework right this time, Tim. What happened? Did your father help you?; 他把蒂姆叫到桌前说:;蒂姆,你这次的作业全都做对了,怎么回事?你爸爸帮你做了吗?; ;No, sir. He was too busy last night, so I had to do it all myself,; said Tim.;;不,先生,我爸爸昨天很忙,我不得不全由自己做。; /201203/175802

  Who says this Fall's fabulous hairstyles can't last for multiple seasons? It's definitely not the case this year. With this season's styles paying homage to styles of the past as well as the future, there are plenty of familiar styles walking around. Most of these styles are pretty easy to accomplish on your own too. Let's have a closer look at some of the latest hair trends that are great for today, tomorrow, and the day after that! 谁说这个秋季的超美发型只是昙花一现?今年情况可绝不是这样哦。这一季的发型既是向过去的经典致敬,又表现出对未来流行的准确把握。看到这些发型你肯定会觉得一股熟悉感扑面而来。这季大部分的发型都很容易操作,我们自己就可以弄。我们一起来看看当季发型趋势,这些可是会流行很久的发型哦。 /201110/158606

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