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The US and Russia have agreed terms for a “cessation of hostilitiesin Syria from February 27, in a move to stem the spiralling violence in a civil war into which several foreign powers have been drawn.美国与俄罗斯已同7日起在叙利亚“停止敌对行动”,此举是为了遏制暴乱的不断升级,已经有数外国势力卷入这场内战。The ceasefire plan does not include Isis or al-Qaeda’s Syria branch, Jabhat al-Nusra, and leaves open the option for other groups to be excluded if they are deemed “terroristorganisations by the UN Security Council.此次停火计划不包括“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)以及基地组织叙利亚分“努斯拉阵线Jabhat al-Nusra),其他组织如果被联合国安理会(UN Security Council)视为“恐怖分子”组织,也可以将之排除在协议外。Moscow and Washington, who back rival sides in the conflict, called on other parties to declare their acceptance of the plan by midday, Damascus time, on Friday, February 26.俄罗斯与美国政府在叙利亚冲突中分别持对立两方,两国政府呼吁其他各方6日,本周五大马士革时间中午以前宣布接受该计划。According to the peace deal, Moscow, which backs Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president, and Washington, which backs the rebels fighting to oust him, would set up a communication hotline and, potentially, a “working groupto ensure the plan’s implementation and the honouring by their sides of the ceasefire.根据这一和平协议,持叙利亚总统巴沙尔阿萨德(Bashar al-Assad)的莫斯科,与持反政府武装的华盛顿将共同建立一个沟通热线,可能还会成立“工作组”,以确保停火协议的实施,以及停火双方执行该协议。John Kerry, US secretary of state, called on all sides to accept the deal. “If implemented and adhered to, this cessation will not only lead to a decline in violence but also continue to expand the delivery of urgently needed humanitarian supplies to besieged areas and support a political transition to a government that is responsive to the desires of the Syrian people,he said.美国国务卿约翰克John Kerry)呼吁各方接受该协议,他表示:“如果协议获得切实执行及遵守,停火不但会令暴力事件减少,还可以继续扩大向被围困的地区提供急需的人道救援,并持政治过渡到一个能够响应叙利亚人民愿望的政府。”Vladimir Putin, Russian president, said it was essential that Russia and the US, as co-chairs of the International Support Group for Syria, were y to effectively monitor implementation of the ceasefire by both the Syrian government and armed opposition groups.俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)表示,该协议对俄罗斯和美国都很关键。作为叙利亚国际持小组(International Support Group for Syria)的联合主席,两国已准备好有效地监督叙利亚政府和反对派武装力量执行停火协议。The agreement “could become an example for responsible joint action of the international community,he said, in a statement.普京在声明中表示,该协议“可能成为国际社会负责任的联合行动的示例”。Late on Monday, the High Negotiations Council, which represents the opposition in peace talks, issued a statement indicating it had accepted the terms of the cessation of hostilities.周一晚间,代表叙利亚反对派参加和平谈判的“谈判最高委员会High Negotiations Council)发声明表示接受停止敌对行动的条款。Meanwhile, Mr Assad, called a parliamentary election for April 13, according to a statement issued by the presidency on Monday. Syria’s last parliamentary election was in 2012 and they are held every four years.与此同时,叙利亚总统阿萨德在周一发表声明称将3日举行议会选举。叙利亚每四年举行一次议会选举,上一次是012年。A ceasefire is critical for Syria, whose war has killed about 300,000 people and displaced half the population. Russia and Iran have intervened military on behalf of Mr Assad while a US-led coalition has bombed Isis in the east. Most recently, Turkey has targeted Syrian Kurdish militants advancing near its border.叙利亚急需一个停火协议,这场战争已致30万人死亡,一半国民流离失所。代表阿萨德的俄罗斯和伊朗已加以军事干预,而以美国为首的联军则在东部轰炸ISIS。最近,土耳其将向其边境附近推进的叙利亚库尔德武装锁定为目标。However, plenty of scepticism surrounds the plan. This month, peace talks sponsored by Washington and Moscow collapsed as Assad forces launched an offensive under Russian air cover to capture rebel strongholds in the north, forcing tens of thousands of civilians to flee.但是该停火计划受到了大量质疑。本月,由美俄两国政府发起的和平谈判未能成功,因为阿萨德部队在俄国空军的掩护下发动进攻,占领了反抗者在北部的据点,迫使数万平民逃离。Moreover, the deal does not rule out air strikes, a clause that rebels fear will be used against them. It does not prevent outside powers providing military aid to the warring parties. Mr Assad said on Sunday he would accept a ceasefire as long as “terroristsdid not use it to improve their positions, specifically pointing to a halt in weapons supplies. Damascus defines all rebel groups fighting it as terrorists.此外,该协议并不排除继续空袭,反政府武装担心这一条款将被用来针对他们。这份停火协议没有阻止外部力量向交战各方提供军事援助。阿萨德在周日表示,如果“恐怖分子”不利用停火协议获得更有利的位置,他才会接受停火,他特别指出要停止武器供应。叙利亚政府将所有反政府武装定义为恐怖分子。It is unclear how Syria’s US-backed Kurdish militants, who have been carving out an autonomous region in the north, will react to the ceasefire plan. The deal calls for all parties to stop seizing territory but the Kurds have been taking land from rebel forces in Aleppo’s countryside on the grounds that the fighters were tied to Jabhat al-Nusra. ]目前尚不清楚受美国持的叙利亚库尔德武装会对停火协议作何反应,他们在北部已获得了一个自治区。该协议要求各方停止占领土地,但库尔德人一直在抢夺反政府武装在阿勒Aleppo)农村地区的土地,理由是当地武装分子与努斯拉阵线有紧密联系。Mr Kerry made no mention of Mr Assad’s fate or Russia’s increased air strikes in recent weeks. This is likely to anger opposition groups that are aly at odds with the US after it pushed them to go to the failed negotiations in Geneva.克里没有提到阿萨德的命运和最近几个星期俄罗斯空袭的增加。这很可能会惹怒反对派团体,由于美国迫使他们去日内瓦参加那场不成功的和谈,他们与美国已产生分歧。“If there was trust this would be different but right now there is no trust not in Russia and not even in the international community,said Yasser al-Youssef, a political representative of the Nour al-Din al-Zinki brigades in Aleppo.阿勒颇Nour al-Din al-Zinki反政府武装政治代表亚西尔优素Yasser al-Youssef)表示:“如果这里面有信任,结果将会不同,但现在这里面没有信任,俄罗斯没表现出信任,甚至连国际社会也没有表现出信任。”“Before this deal, Russia said they were intervening to stop Isis and 90 per cent of the time it was us rebels or civilians who got hit,Mr Youssef said.优素福说:“在这份协议之前,俄罗斯表示他们正在施加干预以阻止ISIS,但90%时间遭受打击的是我们这些反抗者或平民。”The rebels have yet to decide on their position regarding the ceasefire, as does Mr Assad.叙利亚反政府武装尚未决定是否接受这份停火协议,阿萨德方面也一样。来 /201602/428210

Two suicide car bomb attacks in Iraqs capital have left at least 15 dead and 30 wounded Thursday morning, according to police.警方说,伊拉克首都巴格达星期四上午发生两起自杀汽车炸弹袭击,造成至少15人死亡,30人受伤。One bomb targeted a commercial street in eastern Baghdad, killing at least four. Another explosion hit one of the countrys largest military bases north of Baghdad.一次爆炸发生在巴格达东部一条商业街,至人被炸死。另一次爆炸发生在位于巴格达北部城区伊拉克最大的军事基地之一。Both attacks occured around 9am local time.两次袭击都发生在当地时间上午9点左右。A Baghdad health official warned that the casualty tolls may rise.巴格达一名卫生官员说,伤亡数字可能还会上升。No group has immediately claimed responsibility for the attacks.目前还没有任何组织宣称对爆炸袭击负责。Attacks in the Iraqi capital have not subsided as many expected, despite the Iraqi offensive against Islamic State militants in Fallujah, a military spokesman in Baghdad said Wednesday.伊拉克军方发言人星期三在巴格达说,尽管伊拉克部队对费卢杰的伊斯兰国激进分子发动进攻,但巴格达的袭击事件并没有像很多人预期的那样减少。来 /201606/448520

A 400-pound gorilla named Harambe who was shot dead by Cincinnati Zoo officials just one day after his 17th birthday has sparked an outcry of emotion as mourners called it a senseless death.一只叫做哈兰贝00磅重的大猩猩,在17岁生日过后的第一天,就被辛辛那提动物园的工作人员一打死了。它的死激起了人们的强烈抗议,哀悼者们说这是“无谓的死亡”。Many are placing the blame squarely on the parents of a four-year-old boy, who investigators believe crawled through a railing barrier and fell into the gorilla exhibits moat before he was dragged by Harambe in the water for about 10 minutes.很多人都把责任直接推给一个四岁小男孩的父母,调查者认为,他爬过围栏,掉入猩猩展示区的壕沟,然后被哈兰贝在水里拖拽了将近十分钟。The small child said he wanted to get in the water before the incident, to which the mother, who was also watching several other children, replied: No, youre not, no, youre not, according to one witness Kim OConnor.据目击者金#8226;奥康纳说,发生事故之前,小男孩对他妈妈说他想下水,那位母亲还看管着其他几个孩子,她回答说:“不行,不能下去,不行,不能下去”。The zoos animal response team assessed the life-threatening situation and defended their decision to shoot Harambe rather than tranquilize him, but thousands took to social media to call it a murder.园方的动物应急小组评估了“生命威胁情况”,辩解称他们决定射杀哈兰贝而不是麻醉他的决定是正确的,但是数以千计的人在社交网站说这是一场“谋杀”。OConnor told WLWT she heard the boy talking about getting into the water before she heard a splash, followed by frantic yelling once onlookers realized he was inside the enclosure.奥康纳对WLWT电视台说她听见小男孩说要下水,然后就听到落水的声音,紧跟着传来疯狂的叫喊声,因为旁观者们意识到小男孩跑到围栏里面了。A emerged on Saturday revealing some of the chilling moments Harambe was dragging the boy in the water, although more graphic portions were cut from the footage.周六发布出一个视频,展示了一些哈兰贝在水中拖拽小男孩的惊心动魄的时刻,但是较清晰骇人的片段被删减了。According to OConnor, the gorilla looked like he was trying to protect the boy from panicked bystanders who may have aggravated the tense situation.据奥康纳说,大猩猩看上去像是想保护小男孩,惊恐的旁观者们也许加剧了紧张的局势。She said: I dont know if the screaming did it or too many people hanging on the edge, if he thought we were coming in, but then he pulled the boy down away further from the big group.她说:“我不知道猩猩拖拽小男孩是因为尖叫还是太多人趴在围栏上,也不知道他是不是认为我们要进去,但是之后他把小男孩拉下来,远离人群密集的地方。”Director Thane Maynard supported the zoos dangerous animal response team for their decision to put down the gorilla.园长塞恩#8226;梅纳德持动物园危险动物应急小组射击猩猩的决定They made a tough choice and they made the right choice because they saved that little boys life, Maynard said.他说:“他们做了个艰难的决定,他们的选择是正确的,因为他们救了小男孩一呀?”But outraged animal lovers took to social media declaring the western lowland gorillas life was unnecessarily taken, and more than 1,000 have aly joined the Facebook group Justice for Harambe.但是愤怒的动物爱好者们在社交媒体上称,本不必夺走这只西部低地大猩猩的生命,已经有一千多名网友加入“给哈兰贝公平”脸书小组中。One Twitter user wrote: So a beautiful, innocent gorilla has to die because neglectful parents cant control their kids? Mankind sucks :( #Harambe #CincinnatiZoo一位推特用户写道:“如此美一?无辜的大猩猩,就因为疏忽的父母管不住孩子,就必须死去吗?人类太恶心( #哈兰#辛辛那提动物园”Another user Chris Dasauchoit tweeted: Beautiful animals sadly paying for utter human stupidity and negligence with their lives. #Harame #CincinnatiZoo.另外一个网友克里斯#8226;达萨奥库伊特发推称:“美丽的动物纯粹因为人类的愚蠢和对生命的疏忽而付出代价,令人悲痛哈兰#辛辛那提动物园。”According to Maynard, the gorilla did not appear to be attacking the child, but he called it an extremely strong animal in an agitated situation.据梅纳德说,大猩猩并没有表现出对小孩的攻击行为,但是他说它在焦躁不安的情况下是个“极其强壮”的动物。Maynard explained that tranquilizing the gorilla would not have knocked it out immediately, leaving the boy in danger.他解释说,麻醉猩猩并不会使它立即昏倒,小男孩会处在危险之中。The child was taken to Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center with serious but non-life threatening injuries following the incident, which was reported around 4pm.下午四时左右有报道称,事故发生后,小孩被送进了辛辛那提儿童医院医疗中心,受伤严重但“没有生命危险”。Zoo director Maynard noted it was the first time the team had killed a zoo animal in such an emergency situation, and he called it a very sad day at the zoo.园长梅纳德提到,这是应急小组第一次在如此紧急的情况下杀死了动物园的动物,他说这是动物园“非常难过的一天”。He said in a statement: The Zoo security teams quick response saved the childs life.他在声明中说:“动物园安全小组的快速反应拯救了这个孩子的生呀?We are all devastated that this tragic accident resulted in the death of a critically-endangered gorilla. This is a huge loss for the Zoo family and the gorilla population worldwide.“这起悲剧事故导致一头被列为极危物种的大猩猩死亡,我们都十分悲痛。这对动物园大家庭和全世界的猩猩种群都是巨大的损失。”Jerry Stones, who raised the gorilla, said he was devastated by the news.把这只大猩猩养大的杰#8226;斯通斯说听到这个消息他都崩溃了He grew up to be a pretty, beautiful male. He was very intelligent. His mind was going constantly. He was just such a sharp character.“他长成了一只可爱、美丽的雄性动物。他非常聪明。他总在不断地思考。他就是一个这么机灵的家伙。”来 /201606/446880


  Turkey plans to deepen its involvement in Syria by establishing a de facto safe zone that could eventually cover some 4,000 square kilometres of territory where both Isis and Kurdish militias would be kept at bay.土耳其计划深化其在叙利亚的介入,建立一个实际上的安全区,最终可能覆盖约4000平方公里的领土,把伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国(ISIS)和库尔德武装都挡在外面。The plan involves the Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army working with rebel groups to consolidate and extend recently captured territory south of the Turkish border.该计划涉及受土耳其持的叙利亚自由Free Syrian Army)与其它反政府组织合作,巩固和扩大最近刚刚在土耳其边境以南占领的地盘。Specifically, the FSA would push from the border town of Jarabulus to join a rebel council about 40km to the south in Manbij, which was recently wrested from Isis control. 具体而言,叙利亚自由军将从边境城镇杰拉布卢斯(Jarabulus)推进,与曼比季(Manbij,最近刚刚脱离ISIS的控制)以南大约40公里处的一个反政府委员会会合。The forces would move south-west towards al-Bab, about 50km from Aleppo, a Turkish official said.一名土耳其官员表示,这些武装力量将向西南方推进,目标是距离阿勒Aleppo)0公里的巴al-Bab)。Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish president, has asked for the US-led coalition to help create a no-fly zone over this territory, which he hopes to repopulate with refugees who have fled to Turkey in the five years since the Syria conflict began.土耳其总统雷杰#8226;塔伊#8226;埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)要求以美国为首的盟军帮助在该区域建立一个禁飞区,他希望在此重新安置自叙利亚冲突爆发以来的五年间逃往土耳其的难民。Turkey is also pushing for a 48-hour ceasefire in the disputed city of Aleppo over next weekend’s Eid holiday, and wants at least one of two aid convoys one each for government-held and opposition-held quadrants of the city to depart from Turkey, the official added. 该官员补充称,土耳其还在推动在各方相持不下的城市阿勒颇在下周末的古尔邦节实施48小时停火,并希望两援助车队——一开往阿勒颇的政府控制区,一开往反对派控制区——中至少有一可以从土耳其出发。Negotiations over the convoys stalled at the recent G20 summit in China, where Mr Erdogan met Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama of the US.有关援助车队的谈判在中国举行0国集G20)峰会期间陷入停滞,埃尔多安在峰会上与俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)和美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)进行了会面。The US has been urging Turkey for some time to orchestrate a campaign to dislodge Isis from the last remaining strip of the border that it still controls.美国一直在敦促土耳其策划一场战役,将ISIS逐出其仍然控制的最后一块边境地带。However, Washington has consistently argued against proposals to set up a formal safe zone in the area, which it fears could involve a much bigger military commitment by the US-led coalition than simply providing air cover.然而,华盛顿方面始终反对在边境地区建立正式安全区的提议,美国担心,这会使以美国为首的盟军卷入比单纯提供空中掩护大得多的军事投入。For Mr Erdogan, a Turkey-administered safe zone with international support would position him as a leading figure in a conflict in which he has largely been frustrated.对于埃尔多安来说,在国际持下建立一个由土耳其负责的安全区,将使他成为叙利亚冲突的主导人物。在这场冲突中,他迄今基本上一直受挫。Turkish-backed rebels had, until recently, little battlefield success, prompting his US allies to depend on a Kurdish militia he despises to fight Isis.直到不久以前,土耳其持的反政府军在战场上表现欠佳,促使埃尔多安的美国盟友依赖他所蔑视的库尔德武装来打击ISIS。Meanwhile, Russian and Iranian support has propped up Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president whose ousting Mr Erdogan has long sought.与此同时,俄罗斯和伊朗的持一直撑着叙利亚总统巴沙#8226;阿萨Bashar al-Assad),而埃尔多安一直希望将阿萨德赶下台。来 /201609/465580。


  Gambia accused the International Criminal Court of ignoring “war crimesTuesday as it withdrew from the institution Tuesday, following in the footsteps of South Africa and Burundi, which withdrew from the court earlier this month.冈比亚星期二指责国际刑事法院无视“战争罪行”,因此要退出这个国际机构;成为继南非,布隆迪本月早些时候退出后,又一个退出国际刑事法院的非洲国家。Gambia’s Information Minister Sheriff Bojang accused the court system of being racist and unfairly targeting Africans for prosecution.冈比亚新闻部长江指责国际刑事法院种族歧视,以不公正的方式针对非洲人进行起诉。All but one of the 10 investigations launched so-far by the ICC have taken place in African countries, leading some in Gambia to believe it was ignoring crimes in other countries.国际刑事法院0项调项涉及非洲国家, 因此一些冈比亚人认为国际刑事法院无视其他国家发生的罪行;There are many Western countries, at least 30, that have committed heinous war crimes against independent sovereign states and their citizens since the creation of the ICC and not a single Western war criminal has been indicted,; the Gambian government said in a statement.冈比亚政府在声明中说,“自国际刑事法院成立以来,很多西方国家,至少0个,对其他独立主权国家和它们的公民犯下罪行,但是没有一个西方战争罪犯被起诉。”Earlier this week, Gambian President Yahya Jammeh asked the court to investigate African migrant deaths in the Mediterranean Sea. In its statement, Gambia said it asked the court to bring charges against the European Union over the migrant deaths, but received no response.冈比亚总统叶海#8729;贾梅本周早些时候要求国际法院调查非洲移民死于地中海的事件。冈比亚政府在声明中说,他们要求法院起诉欧洲联盟,但是未收到回复。来 /201610/475106Paris and Berlin are pressing industrialised nations to pull together a common blacklist of territories that breach transparency standards, in the toughest government responses yet to the Panama Papers affair. 法国和德国政府敦促工业化国家共同拟定一份关于违反透明度标准的地区的黑名单,这是迄今政府层面对巴拿马文Panama Papers)事件作出的最严厉回应Wolfgang Sch#228;uble, Germany’s finance minister, and Michel Sapin, his French counterpart, also emphasised the need for sharing and publishing the names of the ultimate beneficiaries of all corporate structures, including shell companies, trusts and foundations that can offer anonymity to their users. 德国财长沃尔夫冈#8226;朔伊布勒(Wolfgang Sch#228;uble,上图右)和法国财长米歇#8226;萨潘(Michel Sapin,上图左)还强调,有必要共享和公布包括壳公司、信托和基金会在内的、所有能够帮助用户隐匿身份的公司结构的最终受益者名单The German and French governments launched their plans in separate initiatives yesterday as Brussels prepares to announce proposals this week to force large EU-based companies to disclose their annual financial results on a country-by-country basis, including for offshore jurisdictions. 德法政府昨日分别推出了自己的计划,欧盟准备本周公布提案,强制总部位于欧盟的大公司按国别披露(包括单列出不同离岸司法管辖地的)年度财报“We need full transparency worldwide,Mr Sch#228;uble said as he released a plan entitled “Fighting effectively against tax cheating, tax evasion and money laundering.在公布名为“有效打击税务欺诈、逃税和洗钱”的计划的同时,朔伊布勒表示:“我们需要全球范围内的完全透明。Both Mr Sch#228;uble and Mr Sapin, who have led the way on previous global financial transparency projects, such as the automatic exchange of information between banks, want to seize the opportunity created by the Panama Papers leak to force through further reforms. Paris put Panama back on its own blacklist last week after removing it in 2012 and plans in the coming weeks to publish a list of ultimate beneficiaries of trusts and foundations with assets or beneficiaries in France. 朔伊布勒和萨潘是此前一些提高全球金融透明度的计划的牵头者,这些计划包括间自动信息交换计划等。这两人都希望抓住“巴拿马文件”泄露创造的机会,推行进一步的改革。上周,法国重新将巴拿马列入本国的黑名单012年它曾将巴拿马移出黑名单),并计划在未来几周公布一份有资产或受益人在法国的信托和基金会的最终受益人名单The moves come in the wake of the embarrassing revelations last week showing the broad use of offshore entities by the world’s rich and powerful. 上周令人难堪的文件曝光事件显示,全球富豪和权势阶层大量利用离岸实体Offshore jurisdictions are expected to rank high on the agenda of the twice-yearly meeting of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in Washington later this week. 国际货币基金组织(IMF)和世界银World Bank)本周晚些时候将在华盛顿召开一年两次的会议,预计离岸司法管辖地问题将被列为重要议程Martin J#228;ger, Mr Sch#228;uble’s spokesman, said that while individual countries including Germany and France aly had the right to blacklist countries, the approach would succeed only with international co-operation. “It will only work if we find an international and if possible a global solution,he said. Countries that condoned “serious criminalitycould be “cut off from cash flowsthrough the Swift international banking network, he said. 朔伊布勒的发言人马#8226;雅格(Martin J#228;ger)表示,尽管单个国家(包括德国和法国)已经拥有把一些国家列入黑名单的权利,但这种做法只有借助全球合作才能成功。他表示:“这种做法只有在我们找到国家间以及(有可能的话)全球性解决方案的情况下,才行得通。”他说,可以“切断”纵容“严重犯罪行为”的国家流经环球金融电信协会(SWIFT)这个国际业网络的“现金流”The ministry’s blunt language signals Germany’s determination in building on two earlier EU initiatives the 2014 international agreement on banks automatically exchanging information, which has been accepted by nearly 100 countries and comes into force next year; and the G20 pact on curtailing base erosion profit sharing (BEPS), which are methods used by multinational companies to cut their tax bills by switching profits to low-tax jurisdictions. 德国财政部的直白言辞表明,德国决心依托欧盟早先的两个举措,一个是2014年关于间自动信息交换的国际协议,该协议已获得00个国家接受,将于明年生效;另一个是20国集G20)就限制“侵蚀税基和转移利润BEPS)而签署的协议,“侵蚀税基和转移利润”是跨国公司将利润转移到低税收司法管辖地从而实现避税的方式In Germany, banks have given strong backing to Mr Sch#228;uble’s plans. Hans-Walter Peters, the incoming chairman of the Association of German Banks and head of Hamburg-based Berenberg Bank, said misconduct must lead to sanctions. “Money laundering and tax evasion are absolutely unacceptable,he said. 在德国,业坚决持朔伊布勒的计划。总部位于汉堡的贝伦贝格银Berenberg Bank)行长、即将出任德国协Association of German Banks)主席的汉瓦尔#8226;彼得Hans-Walter Peters)表示,不当行为必须受到惩罚。他说:“洗钱和避税绝对是不可接受的。Jürgen Fitschen, the outgoing chairman and co-chief of Deutsche Bank, welcomed the finance minister’s plans for an international blacklist of tax havens, saying this would not only be good for the authorities but also for banks. 德意志银Deutsche Bank)即将离任的董事长兼联席首席执行官于尔#8226;菲辰(Jürgen Fitschen)欢迎朔伊布勒拟定一份避税地国际黑名单的计划。他表示,这不仅有利于德国政府,还有利于Mr Fitschen added that the Panama revelations were no surprise and that Panama was not alone. In Europe too, there was “homework to be done he said, citing the example of the Isle of Man as a European tax haven. 菲辰补充称,关于巴拿马的爆料内容并不令人意外,巴拿马也并非个例。他说,在欧洲,我们同样有“事情要做”,比如马恩Isle of Man)就是欧洲的避税地。来 /201604/437344

  A draft of Chinas first environmental protection tax law, submitted to the top legislative body for initial discussion, may impose heavier penalties on polluters than ever before.我国首部环境保护税法的草案日前提请最高立法机关初次审议,该草案或对排污者采取比以往更严厉的刑罚。The draft designates four taxable types of pollution - airborne and water pollutants, solid waste and noise.草案明确了四类应税污染物:大气污染物、水污染物、固体废物和噪声。Companies and individuals who directly discharge these would be subject to the tax, according to Finance Minister Lou Jiwei.据财政部部长楼继伟介绍,直接向环境排放这些污染物的企业和个人需缴纳环保税。The draft adopted the current standards for pollutant discharge fees as the lower range, and provincial level governments would have the authority to raise tax fees based on the environmental situation in their jurisdictions, Lou said.楼继伟表示,草案以现行排污费收费标准作为环保税的税额下限,省级政府将有权依据本地区环境状况上浮税额。Municipal sewage and household waste treatment plants would be exempted from the tax, as would mobile pollution sources like vehicles, vessels and airplanes.城市污水和生活垃圾处理场所以及机动车、船舶和航空器等流动污染源可免征环保税。The proposal would yield an estimated RMB22.8b to RMB45.7b in annual tax revenue, according to State Administration of Taxation analysis.依据国家税务总局的分析,征收环保税估计每年可创2857亿元的税收。Shi Zhengwen, a professor of fiscal and tax law at China University of Political Science and Law, said the proposed tax comes at a good time, considering the severe pollution in recent years and the ongoing economic reform.中国政法大学财税法教授施正文表示,考虑到近年来的严重污染和正在进行的经济改革,这项提议的税法来得正是时候;Its not an extra burden for companies, but a more standardized tax with stronger force, and easier for taxpayers to follow,; Shi said, adding it would not greatly expand the existing fees.施正文教授说道:“这对企业来说不是一个额外的负担,而是一种更规范的、具有强大效力的、对纳税人来说更易遵守的税收。”来 /201609/465116

  BEIJING: A Chinese soldier who was stuck in India for over 50 years after he crossed over the border following the 1962 war today arrived here with his Indian family members to an emotional reunx with his Chinese kin.北京:一个在1962年战争后穿越边境后滞留印度的中国士兵在今天随同他在印度的家人一同到达这里,和他在中国的亲戚激动团聚。Wang Qi 77 was received by his close Chinese relatives besides officials of the Chinas Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Indian embassy when he arrived here along with his son daughter-in-law and grand daughter from Delhi-Beijing flight.今年77岁的王琪与他的儿子儿媳孙女一同乘德里-北京的飞机到达后,受到他在中国的亲属的迎接,随同接机的有中国外交部和印度大使馆的官员。Wang became emotional as he hugged his relatives their first reunx after he crossed into Indian side over five decades ago.当他在五十年前跨越印度边界之后拥抱首次重聚的亲人时,情绪变得激动起来。来 /201702/493100

  According to ;World Journal;, South Korean President Park Geun-hye attended the opening ceremony in Seouls cultural center of Korean food on April 11.据韩囀?世界日报》报道,韩国总统朴槿1日参加了首尔韩餐文化馆的开馆仪式。During the visiting, Park Geun-hye met with the ambassador of Korea Tourism Organization—actor Song Zhongji , and she praised Song Zhongji as ;the real patriotic youth.;在此期间,她与韩国观光公社宣传大使、演员宋仲基会面,称其为;真正的爱国青;。When Park Geun-hye and actor Song Zhongji shook hands, she said: ;Descendants of the Sun had set off an upsurge in the overseas. You are in your busy schedule as a Propaganda ambassador of Korea National Tourism Organization. I think you are not only a patriotic youth in the television show, but also in real life .;朴槿惠和演员宋仲基握手问好时表示;《太阳的后裔》在海外掀起了一股热潮。你在百忙之中担任韩国观光公社宣传大使,让我觉得你不仅在电视剧里是位爱国青年,在生活当中也是一位真正的爱国青年;Park Geun-hye said, I was very comfortable about you serving as a Propaganda ambassador. I wish that you will become the best Hallyu star in the future and have more excellent performances.朴槿惠说;由你来担任观光宣传大使这一角色,我心里感到特别踏实。期待你今后成为最棒的韩流明星,有更多的精表现;As a reply, Song Zhongji answered;Thank you, I will try my best to do well.;对此,宋仲基回答道:;谢谢您。我会尽我最大努力去做好它的;Park Geun-hye also visited the museum experience of Korean food, and she showed the interest in Ginseng chicken soup to be exported to China.此外,朴槿惠总统还参观了韩餐体验馆,对参鸡汤计划出口中国一事表示出了兴趣。Song Zhongji said: ; I heard that its very popular in China after chicken soup appeared in the TV. I also have heard the chicken soup in China and other countries, but I love the Korean chicken soup best.宋仲基表示:;参鸡汤在剧中出现后,听说它在中国很受欢迎。我也对中国和其他国家的参鸡汤有所耳闻,不过感觉还是韩国的参鸡汤最好吃; /201604/437643。



  While joining a panel discussion on Thursday with lawmakers from Qinghai province, where Sanjiangyuan is located, Xi said that protecting the fragile ecology there is of utmost importance. ;The ecological environment has irreplaceable value,; Xi told the deputies. ;We should treat it as our lifeline and protect it like the apple of our eye.;上周四在三江源的所在地青海省,国家主席习近平在立法委员的小组讨论会上表示,保护脆弱的生态环境至关重要。“生态环境有不可替代的价值,”习近平主席对与会代表们说。“我们应该像对待生命线和保护掌上明珠一样对待它。”The Sanjiangyuan area, known as Chinas ;Water Tower;, provides about 40 billion cubic meters of water a year for the lower reaches and supports a population of 600 million.三江源地区被成为中华水塔,每年为下游提供着400亿立方水,持着6亿人的需求。China established the 366,000-sq-km Sanjiangyuan Nature Reserve in August 2000. About 4,000 meters above sea level, the reserve covers more than 40 percent of Qinghai.2000月,中国建立了占6千平方公里的三江源自然保护区。该保护区海拔约4000米,覆盖了青海省40%以上的地区。In December, the Central Leading Group for Comprehensively Deepening Reforms, headed by Xi, passed a bill to launch a national park in Sanjiangyuan, further increasing the areas importance as a national focus of environmental protection.去年12月,以习近平为首的党中央全面深化改革小组通过了一项法案,启动三江源国家公园,进一步提高该区域作为国家生态保护重点的重要性。One of the worlds most biologically diverse nature reserves, the area is home to more than 2,200 types of wild plants, 85 animal species and over 230 kinds of birds. However, since the late 20th century, the source lakes have shrunk as a result of environmental damage caused by human activities and overgrazing.作为世界上最具生态多样性的自然保护区,该区域拥200种野生植物,85种动物物种和230种鸟类。然而,自从20世纪末,湖区由于人类活动和过度放牧造成的环境破坏而缩水。Xi told the lawmakers that the ecological system is fragile there and the glaciers, lakes, rivers and wetlands in the region should be protected to guarantee that ;rivers of clean water run eastward;.习近平主席告诉立法委员,这里的生态系统很脆弱,冰川、湖泊、河流和湿地在这里应该受到保护,以确保“一江清水向东流”。Luo Huining, a lawmaker and also a top official of Qinghai, said that Sanjiangyuan is the most sensitive place for global climate change and the ecology there is related to the water safety of China and the rest of Asia. The local government will relocate about 60,000 residents from the national park area for ecological restoration.青海省高级官员和立法委员骆惠宁表示,三江源是全球气候变化最敏感的地区,其生态和全中国以及亚洲其他地区的水安全息息相关。为了生态重建,当地政府将重新迁置国家公园区域的6万人;Our goal of establishing Sanjiangyuan national park is not to boost tourism, but to protect the ecology there,; Luo said.骆惠宁说:“我们建立三江源国家公园的目标不是为了发展旅游业,而是要保护那里的生态。”来 /201603/432259

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