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宜城市中医院周日上班吗襄阳唐氏筛查得多少钱襄阳第一人民医院有治疗前列腺炎吗 Penguins have their own waterproof down survival suits. They replace their feathers each year in one short burst. Indeed, Kings completely replace every single feather. New feathers grow through underneath to push out the old and there is lots of them. Penguin feathers are three to four times more densely packed than those of the average flying bird. As spring takes the chill from the air, members of the colony display different stages. Some are changing feathers before they can go fishing; others are aly in their new suits and start a court. Their brassy coats advertise their availability and interest. Hungry chicks are only thinking about food, they follow any adult returning from the sea with a belly full of fish. They will soon gain the strength for their first voyage to sea. We can safely leave the Kings to meet our second penguin stars. Over the picturesque Cobblers cove, warm winds are blowing ashore. And new arrivals are pop-singing from short trips to catch fish just offshore. Gentoo penguins, there is a high-speed approach. They snatch a breath every time they are out of the water. Our second penguin personality spots triangular white patch behind the eye, a bright orange bill and a spatter of white on the back of the head. Gentoo actually means a pagan in Hindustan. It's a mystery why this word applies to a bird. Gentoos have a long climb ahead to their nesting colony. A penguin walkway stretches off into the distance. In fact, these birds make their way a whole 500 yards uphill to reach their sheltered spots.Pygoscelis is their Latin family name. It means brush-tailed. Gentoos sweep the ground with one of the longest tails of any of the 17 species of penguin. Their living nest is as far as a mile from the coast. Of the three penguins on our safari, Gentoos construct the biggest nests. They can be almost 8 inches above the ground and 18 inches across. In gentoo's society, there seems to be an awful lot of rivalry. They try to build their nests as big as possible. The hard-working birds go up into the tussock grass to bring back nesting materials. The lazy ones simply steal construction materials from their neighbors. This little thief is so house-proud, he's erected the biggest residence in this suburb. When the neighbors return, the perpetrator looks like he is pretending nothing suspicious is going on.brassy: Cheap and showy; flashy. 浮华的价廉而炫耀的picturesque: of, suggesting, or suitable for a picture 如画的pagan: One who is not a Christian, Moslem, or Jew; a heathen. 异教徒Hindustan: 印度safari: An overland expedition, especially one for hunting or exploring in eastern Africa. 探险200709/17490New Survey Says Hong Kong Has World's Highest Apartment Rents香港成为全球住房租金最昂贵城市  A new survey by one of the world's largest human resources firms says Hong Kong has the world's priciest apartment rents. Asia's growing economy and a demand for higher-end housing is to blame for a general price spike in housing throughout Asia.  一家国际人力资源公司的调查显示,香港是全球住宅租金最昂贵的城市。蓬勃发展的经济以及对高档住宅的需求令亚洲房价居高不下。 ECA International says renting a three-bedroom apartment in popular neighborhoods in Hong Kong averages more than ,700 a month. That is more than double Asia's average for executive-level housing, which ECA says was around ,800 a month in 2007. ECA国际是世界上最大的人力资源公司之一。这家公司的调查说,在香港繁华地段租用三房公寓单位的月平均租金高达9700多美元。这是亚洲主管级平均公寓房价的两倍多。ECA国际说,2007年主管级房价每个月大约为3800美元。Lee Quane, ECA International's general manager in Hong Kong, says Hong Kong rents increased by 15 percent in 2007. He says the rest of the region also saw a rise in rents for managers, executives and expatriate business people. ECA国际香港区总经理关礼廉说,香港房价2007年涨了15%,而且亚洲其他地区的外派商务人员的房价亦有上涨。"The cost of accommodation has increased at a faster rate than it has elsewhere in the world to the point that the average cost of expatriate accommodation in Asia is more expensive than the global average," he said. 他说:“亚洲住房费用上涨比世界其他地区快,外派人员的房租也比世界平均值要昂贵。”Quane says Asia's growing economy and increased demand for high-end housing from foreign executives in Hong Kong have driven rents up. 关礼廉说,亚洲的经济成长以及越来越多外籍主管对高级住宅需求的增加都导致了香港房价高涨。The increase is good news for landlords in Hong Kong, but for renters and real estate agents, the high costs could hurt. 这对于房东是好消息,但对于房客与房地产经理人则是伤害。Quane says that as Asia becomes more expensive some companies may find it is not cost-effective to move staff to the region. 关礼廉说,当亚洲房价越来越贵,某些公司可能会觉得将人员派驻此处并不经济实惠。However, Simon Lo, director of research for property firm Colliers International, says higher rents are not likely to hurt Hong Kong's ability to attract businesses. He says demand for higher-end apartments is good, because company officials still want the economic benefits of working near mainland China. 高力国际的研究部一位姓罗的主任表示,高房价并不一定会伤害香港吸引企业的能力。他说,对高级住宅的需求是好的,因为公司依旧想要获得与中国大陆有地利之便的经济利益。"Hong Kong is the place to be if you want to do business with China," he said. "And then the demand for these apartments or even serviced apartments is really [in] strong demand." 他说:“如果想跟中国做生意,香港是最好的地方。对高档公寓以及酒店式住宅的需求也一直十分强劲。”Other Asian cities that made ECA's top 10 global list were Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City. Lee says Singapore saw Asia's biggest year-on-year rental increase of more than 30 percent last year. 其他被ECA国际列在世界高房价前10名的亚洲城市包括了孟买、首尔、新加坡与胡志明市。关礼廉说,新加坡涨幅最高,一年内涨了30%。Globally, the average rent for executives was about ,900. Moscow ranked second in cost, followed by New York, Tokyo and London. The survey said Karachi is the cheapest city in the world for expatriate executives to rent a three-bedroom apartment. 全球平均的主管级房价约为2900美元。莫斯科位居第二高,接著是纽约、东京与伦敦。研究显示,巴基斯坦卡拉奇市是外派主管租用三房公寓单位租金最低的城市。 200804/35473枣阳市人民医院治疗宫颈肥大多少钱

宜城人民医院预约David Gregory: Clinical psychologist Dr. Judith Coche is here with some advice to keep you from dumping a bowl of punch over those bad-gift givers? Dr. Coche, good morning. Thanks for being here. Judith Coche: Good morning. My pleasure. David Gregory: So, the, the whole notion of it being the thought that counts for the holidays is, really nobody buys that anymore, coz' it's just not true, is it? Judith Coche: Well, it isn't "it isn't". I mean giving is actually part of loving. And we want to love well. So when somebody doesn't give us a gift, we very often think that if we have to ask them, it means that we don't love them. David Gregory: That they don't know us well enough, they don't know what we like, you know, what we don't like. Judith Coche: Yes, we shouldn't have to ask, and I think that's wrong, David, I think you can ask somebody what they want. (Really? ) And if I come to you and I say, David, I wanna give you a present. David Gregory: Right. Judith Coche: Is that an OK thing to ask you? David Gregory: Like for an anniversary gift, (Anything, yeah) if you say to your wife, 'if I get you a belt. Is that OK?' (Yeah) Using... Judith Coche: Or a gun rack, right. . Gun rack, Yeah. David Gregory: Yeah. A gun rack, right. Yes. There, a lot people think there , there can be a meaning behind a gift, right? (Yes, sure. ) So, if you get kind of a thoughtless gift or sometimes it doesn't really suit you, you are wondering, am I with a thoughtless person(Right. ) or whether it's your spouse, your girlfriend, boyfriend or a relative. Judith Coche: Right. Giving is actually more about the giver than the receiver and we all know challenged givers. I mean they're all challenged givers. And if somebody is a challenged giver then they are going to give the same bad gift over and over again. So everybody has a bad year. (So, ) But once is once (Right, if you'd better keep it, so ) and a series of onces is not once. Excuses. David Gregory: The question is how, how, should you pretend that you like the gift? To be polite, I guess it depends upon a setting. But if there is somebody that's close to you, at some point, you confront the person and say, you know, this is not getting you down. Judith Coche: Both. (Really? )So, in public, the last thing we are going to do is to say, 'oh this is a terrible gift, why did you give it to me?' (Right. Right. ) because everybody in the room is gonna be really, really uncomfortable. But later, you can go to somebody, especially if you know them well and say, let's talk calmly. Can we please talk about Christmas on the gun rack? You know, wasn't it such a good idea? David Gregory: Okey, let's go though some of you top tips here on the, (Sure. ) for the bad-gift givers to give you something good to (sort of) turn this person around. Eh, accept clumsy gift givers. We just have to accept them from time to time, that, they may not be the... Try to educate, like / you were saying, describe to them. . Judith Coche: Calmly, quietly. In the peace of after the holidays, not during the holidays.David Gregory: OK, evaluate relationships. Accept what you can't change in your gift giver and, and, and finally the holidays are about loving, right? And to give is to love. Judith Coche: Holidays are about loving, awards and all. David Gregory: Right. OK. Important advice. Thanks very much. Judith Coche: My pleasure. David Gregory: Happy holidays. (You too. ) Dr. Judith Coche.200808/46324南漳县妇幼保健中医院盆腔炎多少钱 Ex-Bosnian-Serb Leader and War Crimes Suspect Radovan Karadzic Arrested波黑前塞族领导人卡拉季奇被逮捕  Serbia says it has arrested one of the world's most wanted war crimes suspects, Radovan Karadzic, who has been linked to Europe's worst massacre since World War Two. 塞尔维亚宣布逮捕了战争罪犯嫌疑人、世界上最重要的通缉犯之一的卡拉季奇。卡拉季奇被指控对二战以来欧洲最耸人听闻的大屠杀负责。The office of Serbian President Boris Tadic says former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic was arrested late Monday in a raid by Serbian security forces.  塞尔维亚总统塔迪克的办公室表示,前波斯尼亚塞族领导人卡拉季奇星期一晚间在塞尔维亚安全部队的突袭行动中被逮捕。Officials say Karadzic was transferred to an investigative judge of Serbia's War Crimes Court in Belgrade.  有关官员说,卡拉季奇被移交到贝尔格莱德的塞尔维亚战争罪法庭。Prosecutors of The Hague-based ed Nations War Crimes Tribunal charged Karadzic with genocide and crimes against humanity during the Bosnian war. He is accused of masterminding the killing of more than 7,000 Muslims in the Bosnian town of Srebrenica. 联合国设在海牙的战争罪法庭指控卡拉季奇在波黑战争期间犯有种族灭绝罪、反人道罪和其它暴行。卡拉季奇被控策划了在波斯尼亚城镇斯雷布雷尼察屠杀超过七千名穆斯林的行动。In the ed States, the White House welcomed the arrest and said it is atribute to the victims of the war's atrocities. 美国政府欢迎逮捕卡拉季奇的行动并表示这归功于战争罪行的受害者。Karadzic's wartime military commander Ratko Mladic, who is also among the most wanted men by the war crimes court, remains at large. 卡拉季奇在战争时期的指挥官姆拉迪奇也是战争罪法庭的通缉要犯之一,目前仍然在逃。The executive director of the Belgrade-based Balkan Trust for Democracy, Ivan Vejvoda, says Karadzic's arrest was the right move for the Serbian government.  总部在贝尔格莱德的巴尔干民主基金会负责人韦沃达说,逮捕卡拉季奇是塞尔维亚政府的正确行动。The arrest "also shows very importantly that the new government in Belgrade has demonstrated in practice what it said rhetorically, that it has the political will to move forward and make the arrests of the remaining (war crimes) indictees a priority of its government." 他说:“这非常有力地表明,贝尔格莱德新政府以实际行动兑现了承诺,新政府有政治意愿,把逮捕其余的战争罪犯作为政府的一个首要任务。”The U.N. Chief Prosecutor Serge Brammertz also welcomed the arrest of Karadzic, saying it is an "important day for international justice because it clearly demonstrates that nobody is beyond the reach of the law."  联合国海牙战争罪法庭首席检察官布拉默茨也对逮捕卡拉季奇表示欢迎,说这是“显示国际正义的重要一天,因为这清楚地表明没有人可以逃脱法网”。Serbia had been under pressure from the European Union, Washington and the ed Nations to turn Karadzic and other war time suspects over to The Hague tribunal. 塞尔维亚曾一直受到欧盟、华盛顿和联合国的共同压力,要求将卡拉季奇和其他战争罪犯嫌疑人送上海牙法庭,接受审判。200807/44629襄阳支原体尿道炎治疗

宜城人民医院看前列腺炎好吗"Well, the way we look for planets is actually very easy. We can't see the planets orbiting other stars because the glare of the star is just simply too great. It wipes out the planets' light. But what we can do is look for the response of the star due to the gravitational pull by the orbiting planet. And so we watch to see if the stars wobble in space, and if they do wobble, we can infer the presence of the planet. "The work involved in discovering new planets is a real grind. "I wanted to give up several times. In fact, I've thought carefully about suicide even occasionally when things were so dismal, but the success now makes up for all of it." "This is one that we previously discovered. It's the Star 47 Ursa Majoris, and these data show the wobble of the star just within the last year, and this last point, we just got last night. And you can see it fits right in line with all the other points. So this is a confirmed planet around 47 Ursa Majoris.""And it's a good thing it is confirmed. Because we've aly announced it, we would have to kill ourselves." "Yes. "Without their unique working relationship, Marcy and Butler doubt whether they would have achieved their current success. (Oh, that is beautiful.)"Well, my working relationship with Paul Butler is really quite special. He brings attributes to this project that I certainly couldn't have brought, and vice versa, I believe. And we have a sort of symbiosis going in which we work together, we each make up for each other's failures, and because of that we have an excellent sort of dovetailed working relationship.""We have very different styles, and we complement each other very nicely. Jeff is very methodical, and he wants to absolutely understand every step and he forces me to go back and, and really work hard, and I just like to just dive forward, you know. If there's some problem, I just like to attack it twenty different ways until something works. So it's, it's a good collaboration."Marcy and Butler's double act goes on. They're constantly on the lookout for wobbles in the heavens, new planets that might upon closer inspection, cradle life. Most of the planets discovered to date are similar distances from their stars as Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are from the sun, but they are much more massive. They are at least the size of Jupiter, some, much bigger. Gas giants with powerful gravity. However, unlike Jupiter, we haven't a clue what they look like. Detecting new planets is one thing, getting snapshots of them is quite another. In fact, some astronomers think that the new planets can't truly be verified until they are imaged. On earth, scientists are building giant mirrors to construct the super ground-based telescopes of the future. Telescopes will lead the search for snapshots of distant planets. Most astronomers believe the best images of new planets will come not from earth but from the skies, from a new generation of space telescopes. Astronomer, and Hubble expert, Chris Burrows, "All of the new planets that people have found have been inferred indirectly. There've no, been no pictures of the new planet, but I'm very hopeful that in the next ten years, we are gonna get pictures of planets around other stars, direct pictures. And of course, with a picture, you can tell so much more."words and expressionswobble:to (cause something to) shake or move from side to side in a way that shows a lack of balance摇晃, 摇摆, 游移不定, 抖动grind:a difficult or boring activity which needs a lot of effort:苦差事;枯燥乏味的工作eg:Having to type up my handwritten work was a real grind.dismal:sad and without hope:阴沉的, 凄凉的, 暗的makes up for :补偿Ursa: [天]大熊星座, [天]小熊星座vice versa:used to state that what you have just said is also true in the opposite order:反之亦然symbiosis :a relationship between people or organizations that depend on each other equally合作(或互利,互依)关系attack: to deal with something quickly and in an efficient way:开始处理(某事)eg:She attacked the difficulties at once.她立即开始处理难题。be on the lookout for sth/sb: to search for something or someoneeg: I'm always on the lookout for interesting new recipes.to date :up to the present time:到此为止200808/46531 Experts Say Economic Downturn Could Sp to Developing Countries发达国家不景气或危及发展中国家  A new report warns the gloomy economic outlook for rich nations could sp and halt the recent boom in developing countries, if commodity prices plunge. The annual Trade and Development Report by the U.N. Conference on Trade and Development or UNCTAD, sees a great deal of uncertainly and instability in international financial markets. 一份新的报告警告说,如果大宗商品价格大幅度下跌的话,发达国家的经济不景气可能会进一步扩散并导致发展中国家的经济增长陷于停顿。联合国贸易和发展会议发表的年度贸易和发展报告指出,国际金融市场仍然面临诸多不确定和不稳定因素。By the middle of this year, the report notes some economies had gone into recession while others were on the brink of recession. UNCTAD Secretary-General, Supachai Panitchpakdi, says this depressing state of affairs comes after four years of relatively strong growth. 联合国贸易和发展会议的年度报告指出,到今年中期,一些经济体已经陷入衰退,其它国家则处于衰退边缘。联合国贸发会议秘书长素帕猜说,不景气的经济现状发生在四年的相对强劲增长过后。He says a combination of factors have conspired to create this unfortunate economic downturn.  他说,一系列因素交织,形成了目前令人遗憾的经济下行。"First, it is a slowdown from the global fall-down from the financial crisis in the U.S. Second, the bursting of housing bubbles in the U.S. and in other large economies. Third, soaring commodity prices," Supachai said. "Fourth, increasingly restrictive monetary policies in a number of countries and fifth, stock market volatility." All these factors, says Supachai, have had a hand in squelching economic growth.  他说:“首先,美国金融市场的危机诱发全球性的增长减速;其次,美国和其他经济发达国家出现了房地产泡沫破灭;第三,商品价格飞涨;第四,一系列国家采取了紧缩性货币政策;最后,股市剧烈震荡。” 素帕猜说,所有这些因素都抑制了经济增长。UNCTAD expects world output to grow by around three percent this year. That is almost one percentage point less than in 2007. In the developed countries, the report says GDP growth is likely to be around one-and-one half percent.  联合国贸发会议预计全球产出今年增长大约3%,将比2007年降低一个百分点。报告说,在发达国家,国内总产值可能增长大约1.5%。Supachai says the short-term outlook is better for the developing world, where growth could exceed six percent. This, as the result of domestic demand in some countries and because of commodity price hikes. 素帕猜说,发展中世界的短期经济展望比较乐观一些,估计增长率将会超过6%,主要原因是部分发展中国家内需强劲以及大宗商品价格上涨。He points to the Sub-Saharan economy as a particular bright spot.  素帕猜指出,非洲萨哈拉沙漠以南地区的经济增长格外引人注目。"This year, it is probably the only region that will be seeing a rising rate of economic growth which might reach seven percent," Supachai said. "This is probably one of the largest growth rates ever seen in the Sub-Saharan economies. But, the sad fact is that this is mainly attributable to the effects of the income from commodity exports, mainly oil."  他说:“今年,这里很可能成为唯一一个经济增长超过百分之7的地区。这也是萨哈拉沙漠以南地区经历的最快速的经济增长。但是,比较遗憾的是,这种增长主要是由于包括石油在内的大宗商品出口创收的结果。”Supachai cautions this healthy growth in Africa is unlikely to do much to reduce poverty. He says little of the income from oil, the mining and extractive sectors trickle down to the poor. 素帕猜警告说,非洲地区的强劲增长不太可能有效地减少贫困。他说,石油和矿产资源出口带来的收入很少惠及穷人。And, he warns fallout from the recession in rich countries and overly restrictive monetary policies in countries with high inflation could lead to a further deceleration of growth in developing nations. 素帕猜还表示,在发达国家陷入经济衰退和高通胀国家收紧货币政策的影响下,发展中国家的增长可能会被进一步抑制。UNCTAD economists say greater diversification and industrial development is the best long-term strategy for reducing vulnerability to commodity price shocks. 联合国贸发会议的经济学家指出,经济多元化和工业发展是应对大宗商品价格剧烈波动的最佳长期战略。They find speculative swings in the commodity market pose a real threat to the global economy, as has been shown in the wild fluctuation in the price of oil. They recommend stricter regulations in the system of global finance to better control speculative movements. 这些经济学家发现,跟石油价格剧烈波动造成的后果相似,商品市场的投机风潮也对全球经济构成非常现实的威胁。他们建议在全球金融系统采取更为严格的监管措施以控制投机行为。200809/47875襄阳妇保医院割包皮樊城妇幼保健院中医院做人流多少钱



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